Many games were played at the Rose Garden on a beautiful weather weekend. Partly sunny skies and mid 60’s kept everyone from getting overly sunburnt, which is always a win. Although it was a beautiful day here in WNY many were missing Saturday. Most were traveling to Miami to cheer on our beloved Buffalo Bills. Even though attendance was light at the Angry Buffalo there was still plenty of action and games played and the best part is that B’s Brother is back, which always makes football feel right. Let’s get into the games, Shall we…


Breakfast Club


Special Kay’s 54 vs. Messy Jessies 45. This was an offensive showdown as neither team had an answer on how to stop the other. New Guy Nate showed for the first time for MJ and it showed to be a big pick me up for the squad. Jeff Easton was continually hitting Nate and George Lombardo to gain yards and get down the field. Steve Moser continued to show his intelligence, finding and exploiting the weak spot in MJ’s defense, scoring on every drive. SK’s scored on the last drive of the game having the first round draft pick for SK’s finally show up, Jeremy Streit, catch the game winning touchdown 


Division 1:


Tight Ends 44, vs. Scared Hitless 14. Tight ends are back and ready to take the title as D1 Champs. You may be wondering what happened to TEIM to have them get back to what seems to be their old dominating team… They made necessary cuts, Ben Stack, who takes the fun out of playing football, and they got a QB who can actually complete passes, David Kleckler. That mixed with what seems to be a weaker D1 than in past sessions will make your team look really good. When Emily Curry returns from IR they will be unstoppable making their solid stacked roster even better. 


Eyes Downtown 52, vs. Passed Our Prime 17. Do not let this score fool you. No, Bobby and company are not that good even though they want to believe they are. POP was missing a bunch of key players in their lineup this week. Jeremy Olson was out along with Ralph Finley and others. This match was not a fair fight. Derek Pew threw an awful game, missing his targets and unable to connect passes to anyone on his team. 


Division 2:


No Punt Intended 38, vs. Frodo Swaggins 12.  What happened to FS? Better question, how did NPT pull this one off? They were missing more than a couple of their better players Amber Hay, Jamie Warren, Carlton Coatworth all MIA for this one and they still managed to grab the win. One thing that they were consistent on was sending Schbend Betsa on that go route and NEVER throwing the ball to him. Dude can run but Kyle Coniff doesn't have the arm to get the ball that far. For anyone reading - you do not have to cover the deep ball, Kyle will only throw it underneath. Maybe someone should have told FS that before this game and they might still have an undefeated record. 


Division 3:


Can't touch this 30 vs. Itches and Ohs 24. Can’t touch this looks good every week, and now that they added Anthony Battaglia their offense and defense looks even better but the real story here is the brunette girl on their roster. I am not sure what her name is but week after week I watch her and she is quietly good, always open and catching passes and making plays for her team. This week was no exception, Laura Streeter was trying to cover her and couldn't keep up. She had multiple yards and even 2 Td’s on Laura. By the end of the game CTT had the Moser squad imploding, yelling at each other, and of course yelling at the refs. Here’s an idea for Itches- Instead of yelling at everyone, try changing the defense to cover the good girl to prevent the Td’s she's scoring.


716, 29 vs. Mountain Dew Me, 28. MDM looked like they were going to take this one easy, having the score at 28-7 by half. Everyone on this team is fast, blonde, and super athletic. There was no shortage of action by MDM. But 716 had an answer for them by Derek Pew once again benching himself. Dylan Jaloza comes in and takes over the game, finding his receivers and making the plays to help the team come back and win the game. Qb controversy for 716? Should Derek bench himself for the season to give his team a chance to win?…Probably


Division 4:


Spinelli’s Plumbing 62, vs. Cobblestone 34. Darryl Carr is a machine. He was not only slinging it and making plays on offense, but he made his debut this week on defense. Cobblestone called on him knowing what a presence he brings to the field, and I think they wanted to see his luscious hair flow in the wind for more than half the game. SP did not care who was on the field, after last week's beat down, they had a point to prove. Their QB was yelling and swearing the entire game at everyone on cobblestone but especially directing his anger and frustration at Darryl. Why was he so angry when he led his team to win by 30? I heard it was because Darryl has such better hair than he does. Even Though SP won this one I’m calling it a win for Cobblestone for having Darryl Carr play the entire match.


Puckett All Stars 50, vs. Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 35. PAS is a solid squad full of smart players who play hard and with passion. They have added DeMario Roads back to the squad after a couple years off from playing. His presence didn’t go unnoticed on the field. He was PAS biggest target on offense. He is fast and can jump really high. Andrew Kicak’s worst nightmare. He got beat hard playing safety and instead of trying to recover and make a play he threw his hat in the air to knock the ball down to prevent DeMario from catching the ball. Weird way to stop a pass, especially in a game that wasn't even close. DeMario Roads handled business in this one.


Buffalo Vice, 31 vs. Zak Attack 0. Yes, this game was actually played, no that score is not a typo. ZA was missing arguably their best receiver, Sam Lattuca, which hurt the squad and the score reflects it. They got down to the endline multiple times but couldn't convert to get a single point. When you are missing a girl who can throw far, hard, and accurately to get girl Td’s you have to find a way, and Zak Attack just couldn't. Only a couple weeks left to adjust your offensive strategy, or just hope Sam shows up the remainder of the season. Caitlin Mason, on BV, had so many uncharacteristic drops during this game but it doesn't matter when you have really tall Mark on your squad to throw the ball up to. He also had multiple picks again this week to help them win. 


Division 5:


Woodpeckers 35, vs. TMA 24. Although the Woodpeckers still looked a little short handed it did appear that they had almost everyone on their roster this week. WP’s were utilizing their girls really well in this game and Joe was on fire! TMA on the other had looked off, Their Qb couldn't connect passes, throwing awkward passes even the solid Ron Webber couldn't hang on to. Their defense looked shaking, Prim was covering grass and couldn't keep up with Lauren Moser, who was subbing for Woodpeckers. Everyone has off weeks, hopefully what has overcome TMA they can shake by next week and not lose the momentum they were building all season.


Today’s Feast 29 vs. Passing While Intoxicated 16.  Colorado Mike was throwing for PWI this week, and he was throwing to the other team…a lot. Today's Feast made them pay for the missed passes, running one of the many interceptions into the endzone almost full field for a Td. Stanley Szumigala on PWI tried to dive a couple of times to adjust to the low throws Mike was slinging and couldn't come up with the ball. He even hurt his shoulder on one of the plays and had to pull himself from the game, giving PWI absolutely no chance to come back and win this one. 


Division 6:


Punt Cakes 56, vs. Two Tuddies 20. Punt cakes has a great offense when the young kid with the Mullet shows up. I hate to see when he doesn’t. I think he had every touchdown and every catch for Punt cakes during this game. Two Tuddie’s Qb loves the deep ball, every play he was trying to go for the entire field instead using his receivers underneath. This game was painful to watch, both of these teams need Lenny’s football school for dummies to help them improve asap.


That’s a wrap, Until Next week…