We made it to week 5, and what a week it was. We are halfway through the session, some teams are in the hunt for a playoff spot, some teams have one solidified and some know this session is a wash and they need to pack it up and try again next session, perhaps in a lower division.  The temperatures were still HOT and there were far too many sunburnt faces for mid-September. It was great to see some faces this week we haven’t seen in a while, Welcome back Trisha Esposito! It was great to see you at the bar, your presence is missed on the fields. Tommy Hughes, nice to see you back at the bar and on the fields with your relentless banter and trash talking. Great to see Matty Ditullio out supporting Robin. But my favorite part of the day was seeing Jarvis, Matty’s dog. What a monster, in such a good way. Maybe we can convince Matty to come out of retirement for the Halloween Bowl. For those who don’t know the league is seeing how much interest there would be in playing a tournament the week after playoffs, requirements are you must be in costume, and you must have fun! So, if you are interested Let someone important know so we can make this thing a reality.  Let’s talk Football…

Breakfast Club:

Amber Alert vs. Team Jennacide, 36-32. Its hard not to talk about Amber Alert week after week as they keep coming out with the W. Team Jennacide almost had them in this one until the end when QB Jeff May threw a bomb to Anthony Deak for a Td to grab the win. Amber is trying to make a statement as Bclub captain for the first fall breakfast club in this league.

Division 1:

Legends vs. Scared hitless, 50-42. This was a game full of female action. Both sides of the ball the ladies were making their Qb’s look good. Taylor Pagano had a couple catches for TD’s, Heather and Maddie Norton also shined in this one, having to adjust to poorly thrown balls by Joey Batts. On the other side of the ball both Jamie Warren and Mel Linsmair snag some catches and had a couple Tds. Legends were on fire and SH couldn’t match up to their persistent scoring.

Passed our Prime vs. Frodo Swaggins, 41-43 Cross over match D1/D2. Yes, you read that right POP lost to FS.  Frodo Swaggins…I am watching you! The league may have gotten this one wrong by putting you in D2. You are looking like a solid team in every category, even when you are short personnel you still find a way to ball out. No surprise Sean Weisansal had great plays, getting an interception or two against his former team. Amy Taylor was Jeremy Olson’s favorite target, as Ralph Finley was missing. FS is a favorite to win D2, I am sure I will be seeing you up in D1 next session to take on those teams, you were hiding in D3 for way too long…

Division 2:

Freeballers vs. No Punt intended, 29-54. Matt Newman threw for Freeballers as he is a free agent this session. He threw well and helped the Freeballers stay in it for a while but Freeballers struggled on defense. Both George Lombardo and Dave Baker were missing from the line up and their absence was felt. Amber Hay was running circles around their guys. Bryan Munro had an interception right before half which seemed to take any momentum the Freeballers were building away from them. It seemed to be the NPI show for a good majority of the game.

Division 3:

Practice Squad vs. Can’t touch this32-38.There is no doubt in my mind that Anthony Battaglia is the better Batts! He showed it today playing against PS. He came out strong on defense denying B’s receiver’s multiple times. On offense he jumped high to snag a ball in the corner of the endzone to get a score. PS had questionable defense giving up crucial yards. Covering grass instead of a person will not help you win.

Get Schwifty vs. Scott Seniors Starting29-14. GS has played 4 games and every week it seems like they have someone new try to Qb the squad. This time it looks like they may have found the best one yet, Nick Angelo found recievers, utilized his girls and made the plays he needed to win this one. Although he has never played Qb he took to it quickly and got the job. Alivia LaRue played outstanding football having at least one touchdown and a couple sacks. CJ also helped the team by being tall and catching balls only he could reach to help them get the win.

Division 4:

Travis Henry’s Kids vs. Spinelli’s, 30-54. THK’s used to be good, Spenellis is good, and they showed it today in this match. Ryan Rusin played good offense always getting open for his Qb for Spenellis but played even better defense denying Pete Walbrandt catch after catch, making John Langley have to go for long 6 down passes to try to make up yards. THK’s was HOT last session but they have been having a hard time keeping up with the new competition this fall. Maybe playing on two teams plus breakfast club is too much for Langley to handle.

Buffalo Vice vs. Cobblestone, 32-22. Cobblestone was winning before half and it looked like this was going to be the story we have seen all session for BV but they were able to find a bright spot on their squad and a weakness for cobblestone to come out with the win. Mark on BV was the difference maker for the team. He was making outstanding catches that looked like they were uncatchable, and probably would have been for other recievers. He scored at least two touchdowns for squad and ended up picking Darryl Carr off multiple times. He was everyone’s favorite target in the game. Exciting game to watch and love to see them get the win!

Division 5:

Come from Behind vs. Today’s Feast, 26-18. Although Today’s Feast is having trouble winning games, they are a fun squad to watch. They always look like they are giving it their all and the passion to make the plays comes through to the spectators. Come from behind looked more organized and made plays that TF didn’t have an answer for. I’m chalking this win up to the experienced veterans on CFB, Molly Mcdermid had a great rush and didn’t make it easy for TF qb to complete a clean pass.

Woodpeckers vs. Passing while Intoxicated, 24-24. Woodpeckers always seems to be short on players this session and Saturday was no different. They had Matt Newman rushing and the Lauren and Steve Mosier helping them as receivers which proved to be a good strategy, as they were running trick plays with Mosier throwing a couple times at Qb. PWI had Ryan Dombrowski throwing, he must take notes from his other teams QB, Jeremy Burr, as he scrambled far too much. PWI had a couple interceptions picking off both Joe and Steve but it just wasn’t enough to come out with the win.

Division 6:

Not so Sticky vs. Two Tuddies, 38-27. It was a day for the ladies as NSS was short handed with guys it was no problem for the ladies of the team. Their experience and understanding of the game helped NSS get the win. Christine Krol was calling plays and directing the squad while Jenna Blachura caught a deep pass for a Td. Even with halftime Huggies they were sober enough to come out on top.


That wraps up week 5, the session is already half over. Hard to believe it’s already been this long, good thing there is 5 more weeks to go! Short and sweet this week. See you all next week and remember I’ll be watching…