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Updated July 29th, 2014 


The Spring 2014 Season Banquest will be held at the Rosegarden on Friday August 22nd, 2014.  More details to follow. Please save the date.

Fall football registration will open up shortly, please check back and get your team registered asap.

  • Fall Football will start Saturday September 6th, play a 9 week regular season,
  • playoffs would start Saturday November 8th
  • Finals on Saturday November 15th..Obviously, weather gets more tricky, we'll have Saturday November 22nd as a fall back date.



The Godfathers Final Wrap Up of the Season!!

TSL season #6 has now come and gone.  We had good and we had bad let's congratulate the winners, gossip a bit then lets go take a 6-7 week break.......

First off congrats to the champions:



BTW to those counting at home I got 5 out of 6...........Thanks a lot Varsity Blues......Thanks a lot.......:(



1. TOP LINE SOLUTIONS: Played (3) very solid games and walked away with their 2nd D1 title.  Some folks may not like it but who really cares Top Line won and that's just the way it is.  I keep hearing "Apex was short handed in the playoffs"  "Andy Smith was hurt" "Rafferty's didn't play a game for a month" "Tommy Hughes didn't play QB in the finals." Well a case can be made for each statement but at the end of the day TLS earned their title.  They played good football.  They did enough on both offense and defense to beat (3) decent foes and in my view they should be commended on their accomplishment. To anyone that disagrees with their win by all means enter a team in D1 and you can play them and see if you have what it takes to win the D1 title.


2. RED DAWN: I think they should change their name next session to Team Balance.  RD is an awesome squad with few holes. They have a very heady solid QB, very athletic girls, two awesome safeties and an awesome supporting cast. I thought that Varsity Blues was the team that had the balance but I was wrong it was Red Dawn all along.  Are they ready to move up to D1? That's a darn good question.  Right now it matters not.  They showed up each and every week and pretty much dismantled D2 all session.  By sessions end there was little doubt that Red Dawn was the king of the mountain.


3. EBENEEZER ALE HOUSE FEATURING JAT MONEY KOCH: Jay Koch and Co put on a show for the gases in an epic playoff where they beat everyone TSL trotted in front of them.  EAH did it with awesome and to be honest they might boast one of the best players league wide.  EAH led by Jay Koch just kept scoring at will in a big game VS Magruder's.  The girls and the guys ran right over a very game opponent.  For years EAH has had an awesome team but befell bad late season luck.  This time they put it all together for one of the more impressive title runs in recent memory.


4. SWEET AND SOUR INC: 75 Points in two games is the way to put a final exclamation point on an awesome year.  SASI had a great year.  They have an awesome QB, solid girls and a decent supporting cast.  Wally World got a bad beat down in round #2 then a very game Seneca Greenhouse who everyone thought was destined to win got run over by SASI.  Looks like SASI might be heading to Division #3 in the Fall.  SASI is another squad who got it done with offense.


5. HUNG BUFFALO:I told you not to sleep on Hung Buffalo and they once again are the D5 champs.  HB ran over The S.H.I.T. in round #2 and beat a punch less Hope N Ruin in the finals.  Like each division it appears balance is the word of the day.  HB is another squad with a talented QB, solid girls and very solid guys.  HB scored 77 in two games including 40 on some folks pre-season favorite in The S.H.I.T.  HB might finally be on their way up to D4 there is very little left for them to accomplish in D5.


6. TEAM NEWMAN:  TN faced Tommy Hughes minus both Zach Newberry and Sean Fitzgerald and walked away with a big 28-13 win.  TN had a full crew this go round and looked very solid on offenseTN had a very up and down session but when it mattered most Newman played a decent game at QB, the offense did enough to seal the deal and the defense made some timely plays to help them hoist the trophy.Its kinda funny but going into the BLCUB draft the "top players" were Joe Russell, Scott Miranto, Paul Johnson and Mike Boccio.  Shockingly the two teams that made the finals didn't have any of the "top tier players" on their squad.  I forgot to mention Taylor Seketurksi who is the back to back to back BCLUB MVP but I assumed it was understood that he is by far the best player in BCLUB so I didn't mention him with the other group.



1. As I have now done every season I do not dwell on the bad in championship week.  If you don't like it too damn bad......




1. I commend Riley St Station on a hard fought battle against Red Dawn but I now truly believe each and every player in a tuxedo T-Shirt now finally knows what the problem, is, was and always will be.  RSS has very solid players and I hear rumors more solid players are on their way this fall but the team internally will have a very difficult decision to make this off season.  I have been there before and I know what they are about to face I wish them well with a very difficult off season decision.......


2. I was impressed with Magruder's in the finals but they still have work to do.  They physically are more talented than most teams they face.  I would even say they were more "physically gifted" then EAH.  The problem was EAH was a better "team" and had a better game plan than Magruder's.  The Magruder's QB did a decent job making some nice throws to his play makers but he's got to stop bitching when things don't go his way and be more of a leader. I was astonished when his defense made a bad play instead of being the leader their QB yelled at the culprits.  Magruder's and more importantly the QB need to do a better job of laying out "game plans" and playing as a "team." Eventually people in higher divisions will be wise to the bomb every play and you guys will need more than that to win......


3.  Orange Iguanas had a nice season but they still have work to do.  They had a decent regular season but they no showed in the playoffs.  People can go on and on about the round #1 "issue" but both games were not good enough to take home a D5 title. I get that your QB was out but OI needs to get back to basics if they want to be champions.  I think they are a solid bunch and in time they will get better but they should be commended for a decent session #1.  They still have a lot of work to do but the future looks bright for the boys and girls in bright orange.


4. Hope N Ruin are fan favorites and we love them but this off season they have to do something about the offense.  Their defense is awesome but they have to fix the O. I don't know if they need a new QB, a better play book or another WR but this team needs to find a way to score more points.


5. 2 Toddz and The Bambs have both been D3 main stays for years now but I think each team needs to take a good look in the mirror and decide if the move down to D4 is the right move to make.  Both squads have been fighting for some time now but it just appears that each team won't win a D3 title so why be an also ran? I think each team would be better served in D4 IMO. I know The Bambs are having a team vote on the matter but will Team Topper do the same or will Topper be stubborn and send his friends out to the lions to be eaten yet again? Stay Tuned......


6. It appears DWIERS was none to happy with their season and I am hearing rumors "big" changes could be coming..........That is if a team is even fielded this session.......


7. I was very impressed with the Red Dawn QB when I asked him post game if he thought it was time for Red Dawn to go up to 'the show." He didn't even blink and said he's ready to see what happens in D1.  A few of his team mates were not as confident but I for one was impressed with the young QBS confidence. I see why RD was so solid. Their QB is the kind of leader you need to be successful.


8. I am hearing rumors that #XTC is frantically trying to get re-inforcements so they can avoid the drop down to D2.  #XTC had an awful year and would probably need 2 players with some speed and 2 current members might need to be "shown the door" for them to be D1 competitive.  BTW I heard a very interesting Jeff May rumor, if he does go to the team I heard he's talking to I for one would cheer it but said team still needs "to get some F'N SPEED."


9. I am still hearing the same rumors that a D1 main stay might have played their last game as a team together last week. If that was their last game I wish them all the best of luck wherever they all might go.  They were one tough team in this league for years and should be commended on their franchises success.


10. I wonder if JMOHR is writing his retirement speech this week? I wonder if JMOHR will be writing his UNRETIREMENT speech the week after?


11. I had a nice talk with Topper and Lenny Saturday and both told me that all the BS, swearing and possible scuffling stops NOW. Both told me if the crap that went down this session happens again in the fall they will suspend and it will be swift, extensive and there will be no appeals.  Moral of the story is this is a social co ed football league for fun, people need to quit acting so stupid.  To give an example they told me if the issue that happened between Red Dawn and Varsity Blues happens in the fall both players will be suspended a minimum of 5 games.  Berating of officials and scuffling with opponents will NOT be tolerated in the fall not even a little.........


12. I am very interested to see what Angry Buffalo does in the off season. They had a very solid season and they have a very solid bunch. I think they are one more solid girl and one fast guy away from making some waves in D2 next session.


13. So I sat down with Scott Miranto to get to the bottom of the "pick accusations" that many folks were complaining about.  Scott among other Winter Jewelry folks believe this issue is more of sour grapes. WJ had a fine season and things finally started to click in season #3 for them. They gave EAH one hell of a fight minus Dan Fritz,  Expect big things form Winter Jewelry come fall season.  Scott gave me a 'behind the scenes" look at his play book and showed me one play where 4 WJ wrs run by the same opponent but in no way shape or form does the play call for contact or a "pick." Hopefully this cures "pick gate."


14. I am very curious to see how Fake TDS does next session.  It appears they just have some minor holes to fill then this team is ready to go as a "serious contender" for a D1 title.  Lets see if they fix the holes or just stick with the same squad.


15. I am hearing rumors Justin "Martial Law" Garbacz has been talking to a lot of people this off season and plans on giving it a go in D1.  Ironically Randy Schwab was in attendance this week.  Co-Incidence?


16. How pissed are Prime Time Players right now?


17. I think a future rivalry could be brewing between Cosa Nostra and Seneca Greenhouse.  This league needs more "true rivalries."  I was hearing SG was none too happy with the "extra curriculars" and the yapping by CS.  CS was none to happy with the liberties SG seemed to be taking after plays.


18. I am hearing there will be "off season talks" by the powers that be to see how the fall divisions will shake out. There have been some talks of going to 6 divisions. I also hear some form of overtime system might also be tried in the fall.


19. With some luck a "major" field improvement project has already started.  Fields are always a major concern and a plan has been hatched to give the fields as much off season care, fertilizer and seed as possible.  Pray for rain people!!! Pray for rain!!!!


20. As always stay tuned for league news, etc. We will forward news as we get it. I am not sure what the status of a banquet is at this time but should know soon.



As always thanks to all for playing we hope to see you in the fall......................................OK I am now done I need to meditate on whether I am going to do this anymore........





All games are at the Rosegarden, aka as The Angry Buffalo at The RoseGarden.  The address(for the newbies) is 2753 Wehrle Drive Williamsville, NY 14221 (across the street from the Wehrle golf dome. Their website is

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