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Week 8 Recap

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"It's all fun and games until someone calls the cops.  Then its a new game; hide and seek."
To whom it may concern,
Enter week #8. The races are in high gear.  The fun is about to begin.  Some teams have their season on the line and our fearless leader is on holiday when his team needs him most.  The going is about to get good.............
OK lets pick some games...........
DNA +13 VS TOP LINE SOLUTIONS: DNA is having a good year while TLS is struggling mightily these days.  Rumors are swirling that Chris Cole is on baby watch and there is a good chance he will be out this week.  If this is the case DNA is in big trouble.  TLS still has a solid stable of stars with a strong armed QB, decent WRS and a solid pass rush. These two teams always play each other tough but Chris Cole is usually the key to these games.  So who is playing QB is it JMOHR, Mike Ford or Tommy Emerson Hughes?  If Cole is out DNA's chances of winning go with him.    TOP LINE SOLUTIONS  BY 10
G FOR LIFE +10 VS  RAFFERTY'S:  So apparently this "super team sent from  the past errr I mean the future" has not performed as expected to date.  They have looked out of rhythm.  Rafferty's to date have looked like a well oiled machine.  Most of this can be attributed to an offense that has looked unstoppable most weeks.  Shane and Matty Mohr seem to be playing in a different league than most players each Saturday.  Does G4L finally get their whole team to the fields? Do they pull the upset? To be honest the way Raffs has been playing I don't think G4L could beat them even if they had everyone on deck this week.   RAFFERTY'S BY 7
G TOX +17 VS 123 GAWRON: Cory Turner and Co lost a pivotal flag title against the man the myth and the legend (in his own mind) Mike Ford.  Will they spin out of control and flame out like they did last year after getting shocked by G For Life in the first round of last sessions playoffs? Did I just hit a nerve with that statement?  Don't worry boys and girls if you are the 1 or 2 fans of the 123 you already know that Bobby McConell has things well under control and his offense is clicking right now.  GTOX is a hot mess on offense.  Justin Martial Law Garbacz student of the game is trying everything but some of his crew just don't get it.  I think 123 lays the smacketh downeth this week. 123 GAWRON   BY 23
MOOSEKNUCKLES VS #XTC +8: MK is a hot mess right now with all their injuries. They are 5-2 but just as easily could be 2-5.  The mere fact that they are 5-2 is  true testament to the solid depth this squad has.  #XTC has some horses.  They have a slick armed QB, they have very mobile girls that can make plays they just lack the killer instinct that MK does.  I expect a decent battle in this one.  I fear that #XTC just doesn't have the killer attitude that MK does and this will ultimately cost them by games end.  Pete for MVP kind of has a decent ring to it.......  MOOSEKNUCKLES  BY 4

SOUTH BEACH VS CATALINA WINE MIXERS +8: SB is the new flavor of the month in D2 and they are winning with offense.  They upset the kings of the mountain a few weeks ago and continue to impress.  CWM is having a typical season they score at will but struggle to stop people.  If ever there was a time to take the over its this week.  SB has beat VB and AB if they get over on CWM people might just begin to wonder if they can steal the D2 title from Varsity Blues. If CWM could pull the upset they might just get back into the title discussion.  SOUTH BEACH BY 6
ANGRY BUFFALO VS RILEY ST STATION (WITH RAMEER GREEN ON DRUMS) +10: AB took a bad beat down last week while RSS finally got up off the mat.  RSS is a better team than their record indicates.  They are having big time attendance issues and that is killing their mojo.  RSS needs Grizanti back week after week if they have a chance down the stretch.  AB has the best QBin the division and an offense that can move the ball.  RSS has a slight girl edge but the guys almost wash.  I have no clue what happens this week if both are at 100% this is a dogfight but RSS needs to prove the early season attendance issues are behind them.  ANGRY BUFFALO  BY 13

TMT +20 VS VARSITY BLUES:  When TMT gave up 51 points to RSS last week their season and hopes of competing in D2 went up in smoke.  If they think last week was bad they haven't seen anything yet.  VB is still mad after getting shocked by South Beach I see this game as a golden opportunity to send a message to D2 that VB is stil in charge.  TMT should take this time to run some solid plays and work on their zone and man schemes. They are way out classed in D2 but should settle in nicely in D3 next session. VARSITY BLUES BY 27
EBENEEZER ALE HOUSE  VS RESURRECTION +10 :   Resurrection got a very nice win over  a very over rated Dynasty last week while EAH continued to do what EAH does and that's win ball games.  Resurrection has a very solid offense that can move the ball up and down the field.  They lack deep speed and the high end girls other teams have but they play a very disciplined game.  Resurrection has no answer for Jeremy Burr as most teams really don't either.  He should run up and down the field on a every suspect secondary.  EAH hasn't looked as dominant as last session but should still win. EBENEEZER ALE HOUSE BY 8
1 TODD TOO MANY  VS COBBLESTONE FEATURING THE DARRYL METHOD PICK EM:  Both teams have their seasons literally on the line this week.  The winner might sneak into the playoffs while the loser might be in big trouble.  CS was thought to be dead last week but in their afternoon game rose from the dead and are now back in the playoff hunt.  They need to find a way to slow down Jeff Hardy and use their big tall possession WRS to beat on the smaller type defenders of their opponent.  The vet battle between Jeff Hardy and the Peoples champion Darryl Carr is worth the price of admission all in itself.  With their seasons on the line which one of these two teams answers the bell and comes up with an "effort for the ages" this week?  BTW I am a tad surprised Topper will not be playing in this game....Co-incidence?????  COBBLESTONE BY 1
BUFFALO ROADHOUSE GRILL  VS   WELLINGTON PUB: . The Pub might need a trip down to D4 ala The Bambs to clear their heads and get their game back in check.  We all know they can play offense but watching them play defense hurts my eyes.  BRG had another golden opportunity to get this writers and the leagues attention but once again dropped the ball after a big 25-8 lead over a very game Gordon's that ended in a heart breaking loss.  I see BRG bouncing back this week as they face the divisions worst defense.     BUFFALO ROADHOUSE GRILL BY  7
MERRILL LYNCH +13 VS GORDON'S: Is it me or does it seem like we haven't seen Merrill Lynch in a while?  Maybe they were out selling all their stock portfolios or something.  Gordon's under the leadership of one Johnny Dio had one of the better comebacks in recent memory when they beat BRG late last week. I know they were missing two of their biggest stars but the comeback was still impressive. ML has some size and some skill set but they will struggle big time with a team that is as balanced as Gordon.  I know I keep saying this but I see a Gordon V EAH date happening sooner rather than later.  GORDON'S BY 10 

WELLINGTON PUB +4 VS 1 TODD TOO MANY: Team Turmoil has a long day this week.  The sad part is when I said that sentence you didn't know what team I was referring to.  1T2M started with so much promise and got big wins over both GBH and Resurrection but they have ben bad nay awful lately.  The loser of this game should do the right thing and follow the Bambs to D4.  One fo these squads has a poor offense and the other has a poor defense. This game should be a very interesting match up.  Its too bad Topper is MIA this week as he and the Pub have a famous history that would be an awesome story line but alas he's not.  I expect a classic war in this one.  Could this finally be the week 1T2M pulls one out.  BTW if anyone wants Hardy to throw to his girls just slap the #23 on all of them and see how many passes that start to get.    1 TODD TOO MANY BY 3

MERRILL LYNCH +11 VS RESURRECTION: Resurrection is 3-3 but has a huge opportunity to move up the D3 ladder this week with 2 very winnable games.  ML has a suspect secondary and Resurrection has an offense that can stretch the field.  They can easily hit the 12-14 yard intermediate routes and cruise up and down the field on a very soft secondary.  ML has some size they can use to their advantage but I see Resurrection getting back into the conversation this week.  They are starting to get hot down the stretch.  RESURRECTION BY 8

DYNASTY +13 VS GABBY'S BANANA HAMMOCKS: Dynasty started so nicely but has fizzled lately and it all begins and ends on offense.  They have not looked good or in rhythm for that matter on either side of the ball. They started out 4-3 but could very easily be 4-4 by days end on Saturday.  GBH was almost left for dead when they lost to Team Topper.  How do you lose to Team Topper?  Since the Topper disaster GBH has looked awesome and they are starting to creep back up in the upper echelon in D3.  GBH could be your D3 dark horse folks....... GABBY'S BANANA HAMMOCKS BY 10
GRYFFINDOR   VS COME FROM BEHIND +7:  CFB after the first month of the season looked to be heading to D5 then they got hot all of a sudden.  It appears their fate and the play of their QB go hand and hand.  They have one of the better QBs in the game and a very underrated offense.  Gryffindor is beating everyone but I would warn them not to get to cocky in this one. If ever there was an upset game on the schedule this is the game.  Gryffindor has been cruising and they are getting confident but they better make sure that confidence does not quickly turn to arrogance. If it does CFB will make them pay GRYFFINDOR BY 1
MULTIPLE SCORGASMS +4 VS COSA NOSTRA:   Both teams are a roller coaster of inconsistency.  CS started so hot but they have not looked good lately and their record has shown it.  MS is the classic .500 team.  One week they look like world beaters and the next they look like basement dwellers.  With all things being equal I always look to the leaders and the QBS and if that is the case I will take DJ Philly Phil and Co.  Dude can sling he will have the troops ready to go in this one. CS needs this win more than MS does.  COSA NOSTRA  BY 7
PROFROMA +17 VS  SENECA GREENHOUSE: With all this talk of SASI, Gryffindor and CFB's winning ways SG has been lost in the shuffle.  People seem to forget they are 4-2 and they are in good shape.  Proforma is having a tough year and it all begins and ends on defense for them.  Problem is one of the better offenses come to town next week and things could get ugly early and often.  Proforma should have a long day at the office.  The team they face has one of the better systems in the game.  They will make plays and they should score at will this week.   SENECA GREENHOUSE   BY 14

NEW WORLD ORDER +8 VS THE BAMBS: It looks like the Bambs are in a group of 4 teams that will be fighting tooth and nail the next 2 weeks to see which teams get the final (2) playoff spots.  They have won soem games after a dismal first month of the year.  The Bambs gave SASI a nice battle before the wheels came of the vehicle late.  Bambs have some weapons on both sides of the ball and face a struggling NWO that is having problems score points. THE BAMBS BY 10

THE S.H.I.T.  VS NICE TDS +27 : I could definitely see 80 points scored in this contest. I could see The S.H.I.T. scoring 68 of said points.  NTDS is a shell of the once proud franchise we have come to love and admire.  They can't score and they can't play defense. TS is 3-3 but when they have a chance to run up the score they leave no stone unturned and do what they can to show up there inferior opponents.  This game will be over by the 3rd series.  NTDS will have a long day and I for one wish them good luck and God speed as they are in for trouble.THE SHIT  BY 30
A&A +24 VS HUNG BUFFALO: .The circus known as A&A returns to the fold this week.  And that means all our favorite friends: Coach Van, Matty Ice,Mustache Guy, Dad guy, girl that doesn't really talk much and the Gatorade bucket will all be in the house.  Fun will be had by all off the field.  On the field A&A is about to get beat by a team that has them outclassed at every position.  HB is the class of D5 they are the creme of the crop.  They are vet savy they are smart and they know what needs to be done each and every week.  I am sure they will love the side show but by days end A&A is here for fun and Hung Buffalo knows Saturday is a business trip.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 28
MOLLY'S LADIES  VS ANY GIVEN SATURDAY +6 : Who plays QB this week for ML? I have heard rumors that Tommy Emerson Hughes has picked up Cole's dry cleaning, washed his car and also made him hot pockets to get him to let him QB the ladies this week.  I also heard Cole said no and Jeff May will have the keys to the car.  If Cole is in ML wins this game by 24 points so Ml better be careful as they can be upset if they don't play a disciplined and smart game.  AGS has a very suspect secondary so ML just needs to play smart and not make stupid mistakes and they should be fine.  MOLLY'S LADIES  by 4
NICE TDS +20 VS PRIME TIME PLAYERS:. Poor NTDS  are in store for a very long day.  TS will crush them but this game will not be as bad.  PTP are struggling on offense its almost like they need a new QB but who could they find in the spring that would play for them?  NTDS cant score and they cant play defense that's the cure for what ails a 3-3 football team that has looked uninspired this session.  PTP will score early and often on the slump buster known as FTDS. PRIME TIME PLAYERS BY 17

PRIME TIME PLAYERS +10 VS SNYDER PUB T REXERS:   SPTR is right in the thick of the upper core of D5 teams.  This is a big weekend for them.  Are they for real?  We should know by days end as they have a hug test VS HB and a decent test VS PTP.  SPTR have one of the most stingy defenses in the division.  PTP until Topper officially signs in the spring will have a tough time moving the ball against a very talented secondary.  If your looking for an upset this might be your game though I have a funny feeling PTP is on the downward spiral.....until spring that is........ SPTR SNYDER PUB T REXERS BY 8

WALLY WORLD +9 VS THE TAMMY'S: The Tammy's took Hung Buffalo to the brink last week but could not finish them off.  This week they draw Wally World who should pose a nice tune up before the playoffs start in a few weeks.  The Tammy's are 4-2 and having a typical Tammy season. Solid offense stingy defense more wins than losses.  WW need this win bad as they could use some breathing room for the #8 seed in D5.  Unfortunately I don't see them shocking a vet savvy team that has their number.     THE TAMMY'S BY 8

SNYDER PUB T REXERS +6 VS HUNG BUFFALO:   This is one of the best games of the week if you like match ups of solid squads.  HB has mowed down D5 and SPTR has been wicked hot lately.  These two squads boast the two best defenses in    the division points will not come easy.  The team that wins this one could be the D5 champ...OK I am sure some ladies wearing red shirts just F bombed me there but that's OK they will have their chance to shut me up in a few weeks.  HB has a better offense but this game could come down to breaks.  HB might have taken this game lightly but I think after the Tammy scare last week HB will be ready for anything SPTR throws at them. HUNG BUFFALO BY 8

SPABAFITS +3 VS SANTORAS PARTY PACKAGE: Spabas are 2-5 and things could be worse.  They still have vet savvy and many players who have won before in this league.  They also have that girl who was unstoppable last week. I gotta find out who she is and if she's on Spabas or if she was a sub.  If she is on Spabas roster she will rock and dismantle anyone that insults her by trying to run with her.  SPP is struggling but more importantly their defense is killing them.  They need to shore it up as a team with alot of speed and a very dominant female comes to town this week this might not be good.  SPABAFITS BY 6
ACE +3 VS GO FUMBLE YOURSELF:  I really don't know who will win this as both squads are evenly matched and solid on both sides of the ball. I picked GFY because right now Blase LaDuca is reading this and hes going nuts.  To be honest I like when Blase LaDuca goes postal its good for business.  These squads have few holes, solid personal and this game could easily just come down to what teams catches a break.  Here's to a good game between two evenly matched teams and here's also to Blase LaDuca having one of his famous mid season meltdowns.  If you ask me he's waaaaaaay over due.   GO FUMBLE YOURSELF BY 1
HOPE N RUIN +7 VS TEAM SENECA:  Another potential thriller in D6.  HNR is 5-2 and TS is 5-1.  HNR has improved greatly on offense and that has helped their cause big time this session.  TS looks right at home in D6 they have the best defense in   the division.  This game should go back and forth as both teams boast solid defenses. I expect a low scoring game as the team that cashes in on more breaks should win this one late.  TS seems ready for the trophy IMO I think they will give HNR all they can handle in this one. TEAM SENECA   BY 4
CO LATERAL DAMAGE VS COLLEGIATE SOLAR +21:  CLD is off to a 5-2 start and they are for real folks.  They are doing it with solid smart football.  They have an awesome offense and can sometimes be exploited on defense.  Lucky for them the worst offense in the league comes to town.  CS are rock stars off the field but they have a long way to go on the field before they start to get wins.  In time they will get their wins but I see more suffering ahead especially this week.   CO LATERAL DAMAGE BY 17

5 STAR PRODUCTIONS +8 VS RED ZONE MAFIA:    There was a time I believed in both these squads but neither has taken the "next step to date." RZM is very inconsistent thought hey have won a few big games to date.  5SP has the same problem today they have had since their inception their offense needs to get better.  RZM is a roller coaster you never know what team will show up.  If its the good one they cruise if its the bad one we could have a dog fight on our hands ....Time will tell.....      RED ZONE MAFIA BY 6
1.The game I have my eye on this week is in D5 where the 5-0 Hung Buffalo juggernaut faces the 5-1 Snyder Pub T Rexers.  HB got a scare last week from the Tammy's but still prevailed.  SPTR are having a solid season but this is the week we get to see if they are for real and a team to be reckoned with.  We should know by days end if the D5 title race is a 3 team or 4 team race.

2. The D6 title race is still a mess.  ACE VS GFY should be an awesome battle.  The winner of this one might just move to the top of the heap.  Both squads are tough on both sides of the ball this could be a game of breaks.

3. Gryffindor is now 5-2 and they are crushing every team the TSL puts in their path.  They are solid on offense and they are starting to tighten up the defense.  One can only wonder if this is the team that can dethrone SASI.  Gryffindor has won some games against some very good teams lately and is getting wicked hot at the right time as we get ready to head down the stretch.

4. Rafferty's is a team to keep your eyes on as they finally seem to be clicking.  The kids are finally growing up and they are one team that could impress down the stretch.  I am very interested to see how they fare with G For Life.  Poor G4L has so much potential I am still waiting to see if they can circle the wagons and get things going.  So far this experiment has not worked.......But there still is time. but if you listen closely you can hear the clock.....tick tock....tick tock....tick tock......

5. It seems to me that South Beach has finally taken the next step and has a legitimate chance of taking the D2 title.  The continue to impress on offense and seem to have shored up a once suspect secondary.  They have a big game this week with an offense that can score at will.

6. FAKE TDS started out with so much promise but has faded actually right after Boccio got suspended for being a meanie.  FTDS should NOT be 2-5.  They have two awesome safeties and one of the better middle targets in the game.  With that being said why are they 2-5 then?

7. In time yours truly might formally start a grass roots campaign to attack Rafferty's management for their blatant and hurtful treatment of awesome  defender and even more awesome guy Cousin Steve Kensy.  Steve is an under rated player, a better team mate and a friend to all TSLers nation wide.  But Rafferty's management continues to let him sit on the bench and wont even let him play when they are beating teams by like 40 points. I maintain that they are so jealous of Steve's skills that they don't want him on the field showing them all up.  In time we will make our case and Rafferty's management will have no choice but to let him play.  Last week he almost got on the field but Matty "hands off me" Mohr held him on the sidelines and he couldn't get in the game.... LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY

8. A team to keep your eye on right now might just be Resurrection.  They have a very solid vertical passing game and they can score on most folks.  I don't think their girls can run with the girls of some of the better squads but lately this team looks like they could be a sleeper come playoff time. They have a decent amount of size and speed which is what you need come playoff time.  They are a tough team to match up with.

9. Come from Behind seems to have recovered nicely from an early season drought and are now 3-3.  Everything in this game begins and ends with the QB andCFB has one of the better ones in the game on their roster.  This could be one team that could surprise come playoff time.

10. I love when Cobblestone plays Team Topper.  But how will this awesome rivalry be this round with The Topper not in attendance?This game could have the #8 playoff seed up for grabs. 

11. I love when Wellington Pub plays Team Topper. But how will this awesome rivalry be this round with The Topper  not in attendance?This game could have the #8 playoff seed up for grabs. 

1. Will she or won't she??? The question many players on Cobblestone will be asking after "the situation" happened last week.  So does she return to the fold or is she done for the season?

2. So who is right......Rameer or Tommy Emerson Hughes???  The debate will continue this week of this I am sure.............

3. So how many points will The S.H.I.T. score this week? My gut tells me if they get the chance they will try to run it up against the very suspect defense of Nice TDS. 

4.  Will Collegiate Solar be on time for their game this week or will they once again be pulled away from their "tailgate party?"

5. I honestly wonder who would win in a game if Frizzy's played Collegiate Solar? If it was me I wouldn't even have a game clock I would just tell each squad we are playing until one team scores.  3 hr time limit.

GF OUT......

Week 7 Recap

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To whom it may concern,


Week #7 has come and gone and things are getting good.  We have issues all over the field and even more issues off the field.  The races are starting to take form.  A former league icon returned to the main stage and put on a performance of a lifetime.....until he "dropped the ball" in the grossest miscarriage of justice in league history! Two of our leagues biggest stars still might be verbally bashing each other over whether Rameer did or didn't..........

Fasten your seat belts boys and girls things are starting to get good........


So what else happened over the weekend........................




1. GORDON'S: Gordon's is off to a hot 5-1 start and was up against it VS a very game BRG as they were losing 25-8 after the first half then they took over to win the game 28-25.  Was it that Gordon's was that good or did Buffalo Roadhouse Grill fold like  a tent? It really doesn't matter as Gordon's won and BRG lost.  It really is starting to look like Gordon's and EAH is on the table and not much can stop this battle.


2. RAFFERTYS: Took the field of battle VS D1 defending champs Top Line Solutions and got a very easy 33-22 victory.  Their offense was crazy good as Matty "hands off me" Mohr, Chris Kensy and Shane took over.  Shane was almost un-coverable at different points in this game.  Trust me the score was a lot closer than the game really was.  I for one take issue with Rafferty's management for not letting "the straw that stirs the drink" Steve Kensy  take the field of battle. I will start a grass roots campaign and start a petition if I must to make sure Stevie gets to play..... LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY LET HIM PLAY......


3. RILEY ST STATION: RSS is one of the most popular and storied franchises in our game.  Lets be honest they are a walking soap opera both on and off

the fields.  Many folks were shocked that this juggernaut had fallen on hard times as they stood at 0-6 entering this weeks games.  TMT was up next after getting a big win VS the RSS weeks ago.  RSS took the field of battle and laid the smacketh downeth on their younger counterparts as they won 51-12.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.  Welcome back to the D2 playoff race Riley St Station  TOOT TOOT.........


4. D6 PLAYOFF RACE: Not a lot changed this week as Co Lateral Damage, Hope N Ruin, ACE , Go Fumble Yourself and Team Seneca all seem to be winning their games. Red Zone Mafia appears to be out of the hunt now as they took a tough loss to HNR and now appear to have entered "also ran" territory.  Its my opinion that D6 will have the best playoff chase of any division.


5. CO LATERAL DAMAGE: Team came from out of no where and now stands at 5-2.  They have wins over ACE and Go Fumble Yourself recently. This team is for real boys and girls.  It all starts on offense as they are cruising up and down the fields with relative ease these days.  Some of the other vet squads are getting the pub but I would suggest to all teams in D6 to not take your eyes off these guys as they could surprise come playoff time.





1. THE BOCC': His team didn't even play this week but few people had a worse day then The Bocc'.  Behind a lot of "behind the scenes help" The Bocc' had the attention of many young ladies this week.  Though for some reason he kept calling all the guys that introduced him to girls as "AHOLES."  Yes Boccio calling friends who help you meet girls does mean they are AHOLES(seriously...really? really? really?) . By days end one young lady was ready to hand the Bocc' her digits but she quietly walked out the door at 430 as the Bocc' did not ask.  Why Bocc' WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????????????


2. G FOR LIFE; When word came down prior to the season start the G For Life secretly was setting up a "super team" to destroy the D1 landscape many people shook their heads and knew they were in for war.  After 6 games G4L stands at 2-4 and is in a state of total disarray.  This week they went "iron man" against the Mooseknuckles B squad and lost 38-31.  I keep saying that G4L will get all the troops back and all will be well but I am beginning to wonder if this team has what it takes to do what it was set up to do.


3. DYNASTY: When Dynasty was off to their 4-0 start many wondered if they were that good or just winning their easy games.  Dynasty stands now at 4-3 and lost this week to Resurrection 42-16.  Dynasty is averaging 10 points a game on offense in their last 3 and they have given up 71 points in their last 2 losses.  If you are a Dynasty fan it might be time to hit the panic button.


4. COLLEGIATE SOLAR: CS is bad OK they are really bad but this one takes the cake.  They were scheduled to play Spabafits at 100 a game they lost 29-6.  At 115 the ref and the league commissioner were looking for them.  One of them walked over to a table outside where CS was drinking and joking around.  They were told to report to their game when one guy said "We play at 200 its  on the schedule." Once one of their players checked the schedule they found out they were wrong and the game was in fact at 100.  CS ran to the fields and got crushed.  Its bad enough they are 0-6 but now they cant even get their game times right. Kudos to them though on their "off the field" prowess.


5. G TOX: I'm sorry but you can't lose to Red Dawn by 36 and be taken seriously in D1.  Rumors are starting swirl as many wonder if Randy Schwab is the answer at QB and notTaylor Seketurski.  GOTX had a golden opportunity to get in the playoff race and give themselves some breathing room but laid a major egg in this one.





1. COBBLESTONE: GOOD: Finally won and now with a few games to go is back in the playoff hunt.  Games against Merrill Lynch and arch nemesis Team Topper remain to determine the fait of our favorite friends.  BAD: An "off the field issue" occurred and CS played with one less player than normal in their afternoon game.  Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


2. THE SHIT: GOOD: Beat Wally World 72-20 and now have scored 97 and 72 in 2 of their last 3 games.  BAD: Verbally accused a very innocent man minding his own business claiming that said gentlemen was in fact the Godfather.  I am happy to report the young man is at home convalescing but is having a tough time dealing with the emotional  stress of being called out for being the Godfather To all those that know me I am from Des Moines Iowa and don't even attend games.  I have a good friend that lets me in on storylines and the news of the day. I am then sent a video feed of all games and I then write my articles.





"He just didn't make me feel special" Anonymous young lady when asked what about the Bocc she didn't like.  The Bocc took a picture with her and 2 minutes later took a picture with 2 girls then 2 minutes later took a picture with another girl


"I would give him my number.....if he asked."  Anonymous young lady when asked her feelings about The Bocc late Saturday afternoon.  Alas the Bocc did not build up enough courage to ask the fair maiden for her number.  Oh the humanity............


"Yes I like Putt and Putt and yes I would go play Putt Putt with The Bocc" Anonymous young lady when asked her feelings about Putt Putt golf and games and doing said activity with The Bocc'.  Alas there will be no Putt Putt as The Bocc did not ask the young lady to play.


"I respectfully ask this committee to get off this Bocc and ****** relationship talk.  My girl is in the running for D5 female MVP and its my view that if these two start dating she will lose her focus and that will hamper her chances at an award she deserves. " Chris Cole when word of this potential 'travesty" got over to him


"Rameer you c*c* blocked The Bocc' just admit it" ...........   "No I didn't and you know it"


The words echoed from league favorites Rameer Green and Tommy Emerson Hughes which lasted more than 20 minutes post game.  Rumors swirl the case is heading to arbitration as both steadfastly swear that the other was wrong.






1. There is a girl on Spabafits that caught my attention this week.  Girl has sick skills. I don't see a ton of Spabafit games so I don't know if she is on their roster or was a sub but girl took the game over VS Collegiate Solar.  She couldn't be covered by any woman or man wearing a CS jersey. I think I need to take another look at Spabas and watch this girl again as she caught everything thrown at her and was dominant.  We might need to find her name out.


2. I am hearing Prime Time Players might be in the market for a QB this Spring and I am also hearing a very disgruntled  high profile "benched former QB" might be ready to listen if they ask him to throw for them. I am not one to talk so you didn't hear that from me.


3. DNA vs 123 Gawron was one of the more anticipated match ups this session yet Cory Turner decided not to play.  Instead he took his flag team into  battle as they lost the flag title in another league to a team led by Mike Ford......How is that possible????????


4. South Beach got another impressive victory this week this time against Angry Buffalo.  SB is definitely a team to keep your eye on down the stretch. If Varsity Blues is to be upset this is the one team that might be able to do it.


5. If you asked me what teams were better or worse than their current records indicates after week #7 I would say:









1. Hung Buffalo learned that they are having an awesome season but it can all go away in a blink of any eye.  The beat The Tammy's 33-31 but this was their first true test of the season.  Being a 2 time champion, I don't see this team getting cocky down the stretch.


2. Sweet and Sour Inc is starting to learn that they have the D4 title in the bag. I haven't seen a team dismantle a division this bad since Touchy Ballers did a few sessions ago.  It all begins and ends at QB.  Jeff Easton can sling folks.  Looks like SASI has a date with D3 in the spring.


3. I wonder if Tommy Hasselhof Hughes is beginning to wonder if he made the right decision this off season. This team has so much talent but so much wasted potential. I for one hope G4L gets in gear as the D1 title chase would be awesome if they are firing on all cylinders. One can only wonder if they are hoping for the #8 seed and another round with 123 Gawron in the playoffs.


4. I think a certain young man learned this week that if a young lady has no problem handing you her digits you should stop what you are doing and go get the digits......Silly Boccio trix are for kids!!!!!!


5. Buffalo Roadhouse Grill learned that football is a game of (2) halves not (1).  Up 25-8 at the half VS Gordon's BRG lost 28-25.  Take the loss and learn from it boys and girls there's a good chance you might just see Gordon's again real soon.


Lastly I am well aware of the fact that I either insinuated or mentioned Mike Boccios name 24X in this weeks article.

That is all



Week #7 is now done

Week #8 is already less than a week away.....


Until then ...




Week 5 Review

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Updated October 9th, 2014

  • The Godfather Has Spoken!!  check out this week picks
  • We have a Special One on One with Coach Van from A&A below. 
  • Think you're interesing enough to talk to the Goldfather, shoot him an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • If you have a make up game from last week, I will start adding them to the schedule starting next week.


Ladies, Gentlemen, Marianos, Coppolas, Darryl, The Todd, Monish, Chet, Cookie, Elmo, The Bocc, Pauly J and to whoever else is out there reading,

It is now time to go back to another hot seat interview and boy do we have a great guest this go round..................................


Welcome to the stage the man everyone is wondering about.....Welcome Coach Van.  Coach Van is the silly, politically incorrect, football genius, picture drawing, head phone wearing son of a gun on A&A.  A&A have now become the people's champions. Winning and losing means nothing to them.  They are here to take our world over both on and off the field.


Its time to get to the questions.....


QUESTION #1: Coach Van many people who have seen your "drawings" claim that you are an artistic inspiration to us all.  Many claim you have the artistic ability of such greats as Van Gogh, DaVinci and Bob Ross.  My question is where do you draw your inspiration from before you come up with these masterpieces?

COACH VAN: Yes this is true... I am a phenomenal artist. My inspiration comes from deep within the inner workings of my soul. It's very scientific and hard to explain so I won't get into it any further. But I am always looking for a Rose to compliment my Jack, so I'll be accepting applications from now until the end of the season for women interesting in being my muse and flame of inspiration. 


QUESTION #2: Coach Van many a person in the TSL notices that A&A is a fun team that always starts so well behaved but by the end of the half and many drinks from the Gatorade bucket they literally transform into party animals.  Care to share with us what exactly is in the Gatorade bucket?


COACH VAN: I would LOVE to share with you what is in the Gatorade bucket. But unfortunately I may not release to the press our secret formula. I can tell you that it is an ancient family secret passed down for generations containing all essential vitamins, minerals, and wild crafted ingredients necessary for my team. *some side effects may include: transforming into said "party animal", not caring about the score of the game, ref's may fight to be assigned to your game, everyone will love you, women's boobs will get much larger, and men will grow extremely manly beards. 


QUESTION #3: Coach Van please take this time to introduce to us the members of A&A. If you care to give us a breakdown on each player we would love to hear it.

COACH VAN:I would be honored. Welcoming to the stage: Matty Ice (main goal is making the women of the opposing team chase him around as long as possible, secondary goal being qb), Ocho Cero ( poster boy of the team. I mostly drafted him to smile and melt hearts. He also runs very fast), Deez (drafted for team protection... Everyone needs a friend that's a boxer), Sheez (team's competitive drive and every beer league needs an Irishman), t-Rex (girls are worth more points and I like to watch her run down the field), PTP ( stone hands McGee), Too Late (great receiver and I'm pretty sure she's into me), The LO Down (Always amped up to play and sees red as soon as he hits the field), Tripod( I think we know how come he made the team), Dad ( offered sexual favors to make the team... After we told him we wanted him to play), Boomer (she has asked me to marry her 7 times this season already and I don't blame her but I have to stay focused on my team so I've been trying to fend her off. Shit ain't easy)


QUESTION #4: Coach Van, last game out Matty Ice no showed and your team took a thumping from The S.H.I.T who scored 97 on you.  You were supposed to be in charge.  What happened? We hear the blame should go directly on the shoulders of one Dave Walters but what is your take?

COACH VAN: The SHIT did win, Yes. A&A let the SHIT win, also yes. They were taking the game a little too seriously and I ordered the team to throw the game to boost their spirits. We're out there for the community, not for us. Changing lives one game at a time. 


QUESTION #5: Coach Van if you got really drunk one Saturday and had to have drunken coitus with one of the chicks on your squad who would it be and why?

COACH VAN: I've actually made love to every player individually and all together as part of team orientation. Although I may allow another run if my team deserves it. I don't need alcohol to blame for my being perverted and overly sexual with my team. Although a couple more pre game stretches from those girls and Coach Van May have to tape it to his leg if you're picking up what I'm putting down. 


QUESTION #6: Coach Van many people see you each week with your head set on and they see you talking but the head set is not hooked up to anything .  So who  the heck are you speaking with?

COACH VAN: I regularly discuss the game with the big man upstairs and that head set is a direct line. I wouldn't expect commoners to see my line to heaven. And they don't make an app for that.   


QUESTION #7: Coach Van the TSL is a place where everyone is welcome to be themselves. Its this core value that in many cases makes Topper one of the greatest leaders of our generation.  Now I know there is no way he is in Cobblestone Darryl's league but Topper must be commended for helping to make the TSL universe what it is today.  Is the TSL a better place because of Topper's leadership or is it people like you that should be thanked?

COACH VAN: is this a trick question? You're welcome. 


Thanks for the answers Coach Van. Be on the lookout for Coach Van roaming the sidelines and more hot seat interviews when we have them...........................

Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe,


When Topper took a gander at his Star Trek like cell phone and looked up into the heavans above with fist clenched we all knew what was about to happen next.  Yes the afternoon games were cancelled.  A decision then had to be made:


1. Do you just go home and wait till next week.

2. Option #2: You party like it was 1999.

collegiate solar 1

 Collegiate Solar

To the brave souls who stayed all day and blew the roof off the joint kudos to you. To those of you that just went home great work you missed fun again.  Yes the weather was bad BUT that didn't stop the TSL universe from having some fun this Saturday.  And I for one can still laugh when I see fan favorite Annie of Cobblestone's face as she was serenaded by Chris Cole and Tommy Emerson Hughes.  One question does remain: Did young Annie indeed lose that loving feeling????






1. GRYFFINDOR: Gryffindor was on a cold streak they looked bad the past few weeks. After a hot start they just couldn't string together a  decent effort.  The flavor of the month was coming to town and Gryffindor knew that they had their hands full.  Mayn folks did not give this team any chance in hell of winning this week.  50 minutes later it was Gryffindor NOT Seneca Greenhouse that got the victory 47-26.  Gryffindor scored at will and played tenacious defense that kept one of the best offenses in the game off balance as they surrendered only 26 points.  It looks like Gryffindor is back in the race people!!!!


2. BUFFALO ROADHOUSE GRILL: BRG looked to have taken the next step as they were off to a hot 2-0 start.  Then BRG befell bad luck and stood 2-2.  BRG was then called out by this writer, B's brother, half of division #3, 1/3 of division #4 ,1/4 of division #5. and I am sure each other.  Was now their time? Were they the 2-0 team or the 0-2 team? Did each one of them do thier homework assignment this week and look into the mirror and figure out what they saw on the other side?  It appears BRG had a "intervention of psychological stuff" and finally got back in the race with a big 43-38 win over a very game Resurrection.  Will this game give this team the momentum they need to get back int eh race? Stay tuned.....


3. GO FUMBLE YOURSELF: Team Seneca appeared to be the favorite to take the D6 title and GFY suffered a loss so they didn't have  chance right ? WRONG!  GFY beat Team Seneca 28-27 in a classic when TS scored and on the last play went for the win and not the tie and did not get the 2 point conversion.  GFY now moved into a 3 way tie with TS and an ever improving ACE.  Looks like D6 could be a 3 horse race the rest of the way!





1. 1 TODD TOO MANY: I gotta be honest, sometimes I just get bored and simulate story lines in hopes that they actually turn into news.  I thought Jeff Hardy was the answer and that Topper didn't have the arm to play in D7.  Funny thing happened this week 1 Todd Too Many only put up 6 points and we have a full fledged controversy brewing.  Sources have confirmed to me that some players are none to happy with Hardy's inability to get his girls involved with the offense but to those I spoke with this week many laid blame on the coordinators. I heard management was a bit to "over the top' yelling at Hardy this week and that isn't good. Jeff Hardy is an umpteen time champion in this league and a 1st ballot hall of famer he deserves better.  I think the 1 Todd Too Many team needs to circle the wagon.  I also think they need a calming influence like "THE TODD" back in the fold.


2. Cosa Nostra: They were struggling after a bad loss to arch nemesis Seneca Greenhouse last week but Back That Pass Up came to town and CS had to get back to their wining ways.  They had to know a war was coming, hell I warned them and the world on Thursday.  Cosa Nostra took the field of battle and LOST to BTPU 29-27.  BTPU played solid defense and got just enough from their offense to seal the victory.  CS seems to be free falling down the rankings and BTPU appear to be the divisions dark horse......





1. Caroline Jordan: GOOD: Put on a show in the DNA Red Dawn game by scoring 2 TDS on offense a pick six on defense to start the game.  BAD: Might have outscored Red Dawn all by herself but DNA pulled Cole and went to Tommy Emerson Hughes at QB in the 2nd half.


2. Taylor Pagano: GOOD: Was the MVP of the BVB game.   BAD: Me no likey BVB.  GOOD: Taylor claims to now be #1 Pagano.   BAD: Taylor claims to now be #1 Pagano.





1. A lil birdy told me that Pauly J "might" be making his triumphant return after Oktoberfest!!!!!   YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


2. Props out to Co Lateral Damage who got  a HUUUUUUUGE 71-15 victory over Spabafits.  Spabas better fix things fast as we have no D7....unless Frizzy's comes back!


3. Kudos to Come From Behind who finally got a win against Proforma.  BTW I am beginning to wonder if this Jenny girl even exists.


 HE SAID SHE SAID.....................


When asked what DNA stands for "Why it stands for DARRYL N ANNIE!!!!"   Tommy Emerson Hughes to Cobblestone favorite Annie moments after he and Cole seranded the young lady to "you've lost that loving feeling."


"This is now their second QB in 2 years and it appears they still are struggling on offense. I saw a lot of drops out there today. I agree Hardy isn't even looking at the girls but this issue might be more the coordinators fault than the QBS."   Anonymous


On why he couldn't "get chummy"  with an anonymous young lady after a fair amount of alcohol induced silliness..... "I don't know what the heck is going on but I am getting c*ck blocked here!!!!" The BOCC'


"Cole run down to field #5 and let me know the score of the Resurrection Buffalo Roadhouse Grill game.  I have a few of the BRG players on my fantasy team" Scott Miranto to Chris Cole after Cole was pulled for the 2nd half after giving DNA a 40-7 halftime lead over Red Dawn.



So what did we learn this week.............


1.  We learned that DJ Joe Russell has the right song picked out for every moment and every emotion.  As one player put it, "Things were just getting silly late Saturday and every time the mood changed  a song came onto the juke box that just made sense.  DJ Joe Russell just knows what hes doing in these situations."  #DJ Joe Russell=Ratings.


2. D5 better learn and learn quick that Molly's Ladies means business!  50-0 win against Nice TDS was more a message to Hung Buffalo than anything else IMO.


3. D6 better learn to keep both eyes on ACE.  They are very quietly climbing the ladder and are clicking on all cylinders.  Young Blase LaDuca proclaimed they would win out after an early season loss....He might be right!!!!





As we are contractually obligated to and because if we don't mention him he pouts and his feelings get hurt, let it be known far and wide from coast to coast from North to South to East to West that 123 Gawron a team featuring Corey "Don't call me Feldman" Turner beat #XTC 51-16.  They are now 5-0....That is all....Carry on.....






Oh crap time for another apology letter.




It has recently been brought to my attention that after 5 weeks  this writer has incorrectly called Kellie "KELLY". The Kellie I speak of is none other than the new super awesome safety of Molly's Ladies and longtime #XTC player Kellie.  So in closing I am sawry Kellie.  My  And yes I do realize I have now said more words in this apology letter than I have said to you the whole time you have been in the TSL.........Oh wait not true.   We did talk Saturday for like 4-7 minutes.  


Oh crap time for another apology letter







Dear Kellie,


I would like to take this time now to apologize for incorrectly saying we really don't talk when we had a 4-7 minute conversation Saturday. I now see the error of my ways.  My







To those of you that care the singing duo of Chris Cole and Tommy Emerson Hughes will be performing this Friday night at the Holiday Inn by the airport.  They will be singing some of the favorites including:


1. You've lost that loving feeling.

2. In your eyes

3. 99 Loft Balloons

4. I got you babe.

5. Love me Tender.




OK that's week #5.......


Week #6 is less than a week away.....


Until then GF OUT

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Week 6 Recap

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe,


If you are a fan of the TSL you are not a fan of Oktoberfest.  These two things do not go hand in hand.  Week #6 was slow by our standards as many folks decided to head to Ellicottville to enjoy the weekend. We still had to play our games and our races continued to get more muddled.  Some teams flat our brought it, some fell flat on their faces, one didn't want his face to be discovered and many teams shocked both this league and their opponents.


So what else happened over the weekend.....................




1. THE BAMBS: They were in a last place. The season was over and they were heading to D5 in the spring.  They were out, toast, gonzo, screwed, etc etc etc .  Then something magical happened they won 2 in a row and now stand at 2-3 and that puts them in 6th place. The People's Champions are back!!!!!!  The Bambs got a huge win over Proforma 51-39.  The Bambs are starting to score again as their once maligned offense is scoring close to 39 a game.  They need to shore up the D but they are back and should be watched down the stretch.


2. GABBY'S BANANA HAMMOCKS: I for one thought their season was over when they lost to Team Topper. Most teams when they lose to Topper begin a free fall and never recover.  GBH beat the young upstarts BRG 44-37 and now stand at 3-2.  They could be the D3 dark horse right now.  When you think GBH you think offense as they now average 35 a game.  They too must tighten up the D to have a chance in the playoffs but things are good right now and had the potential to be 10x worse.


3. TMT: This is a team that had started out of the gate slow and has struggled to catch up to the speed of the D2 game but this was not an issue this week as they beat Catalina Wine Mixers 37-19.  That's a decent effort on both sides of the ball for a team that now improves to 2-3 and seems to be improving week after week. This is another young team that keeps getting better week after week. I would keep my eyes on them come playoff time.




1. SOUTH BEACH: I have seen a lot in my days around this game.  Hell just this year I've seen "push up guy", a guy wearing a ski mask because he didn't want anyone in the league to know it was him and a guy wearing a head set and talking to himself "we think".  SB quite honestly hasn't really been that good so now they appear to be winning some games.  Maybe they haven't been there before and they "don't know how to win" and that's why they pulled off this weeks "douche bag of the week award."  SB in the end beat Riley St Station 63-22. I don't remember exactly at which point this happened but it was around 14 or so minutes left in the 2nd half.  SB scored and was up like 49-14 at which point the ref looked at South Beach and said "are you going for 1 or 1" SB then said "we will go for two."  After a minute everyone not wearing an orange shirt just looked at these clowns in disgust.  The best part was when they were razzed one guy said and I quote "Hey we need to practice our 2 point conversions." Way to go South Beach way to act like you've been there before!!!!! Its kind of a shame they did what they did SB had a big win VS VB recently and after this win I for one almost was in their corner.....almost


2. DYNASTY: This was to be the week we were to see if Dynasty was for real or the product of a very easy early schedule.  Dynasty went at it with EAH and lost 29-0.  EAH scored very easily and played stifling defense against an offense that did not look prepared.  Dynasty now appears ready to fall back into the middle of the back come playoff time.  4-2 still is a very respectable start to their season lets see if they can get back into the race next week.


3. THE TAMMY'S: This is a team that is technically sound and always brings a great effort. I assume they had attendance issues but how does one who is 3-1 and cruising through D5 lose to a team that was 0-4 and scoring like 10 a game? This is not good.  When the playoff seeds come out in a month or so and The Tammy's look back on their session this could be the game that haunts them.  Giving up 26 to one of the worst offenses in the game let alone D5 would be cause for concern if I was a Tammy's fan.





1. Tommy Emerson Hughes: GOOD: He's still got his health.  BAD: Had a case of the dropsies in a tough loss to Rafferty's.  BAD: Almost got traded for Steve Kensy.  DNA also had to throw in 4 wine coolers, 1 treasure troll, a left twix but not a right twix and a half a shot of fireball.  DNA balked and would not concede the left twix to Rafferty's so the deal fell through  . GOOD: We are hearing the Hughes to Top Line Solutions rumors starting to pick up again.





1. It appears that D3 is once again becoming a warm up for Gordon's VS Ebeneezer Ale House? But will we finally get this final or will a surprise team come out of no where to shock the world?

2. FAKE TDS started out so good but then Boccio gets suspended and the wheels have fallen off the cart as they are now 2-5.  How do you lose to a team that had both Tommy Hughes and "un named ski mask guy who hasn't played in a real long time" going iron man against you? 

3. Gryffindor has gotten themselves right back in the race with some very impressive victories. I mean it appears SASI will run away with D4 but maybe just maybe Gryffidnor can give them a battle down the stretch.

4. I hate to say this but I think this week might have been the end of an era.  I think our good friends at Cobblestone if they don't win 3 of their next 4 might have a date with D4 in the spring.....Oh wait they play Topper still don't they???? OMG they still have a chance!!!!!!

 5. There is not a more in-consistent team in the TSL right now than Multiple Scorgasms.  They beat Seneca Greenhouse this week 37-34. I honestly have no FN clue what team will show up each week. I do know this though, if round #1 of the D4 playoffs started tomorrow I would not want to draw this team in round #1.


 HE SAID SHE SAID.....................


After being questioned for going for 2 up by 36 points in a rout of RSS "We need to practice our 2 point conversion"   Anonymous South Beach player. I mean I could find out his name but I don't care enough for a person that runs up the score to care about who he is to be honest.


"If you are using this league and this game to measure who I am as a player then I feel very sorry for you!!!"  Anonymous D1 player early Saturday morning.


"Cobblestone will win by 21 points." Garrett Beesing in a pre-game press released sent to yours truly 24 hours before the big game with Gordon's that they lost 20-8.  Beesing is now 0-456,789,768 in his TSL football predictions.  In other news he also missed the game as he was out of town but we heard the even he had to attend had awesome cake!!!! I wonder if they had a fudgy the whale, a cookie puss or some kind of awesome ice cream cake I've never even heard of.


"Wait how does GTOX have 2 wins they have only scored 90 points this season" Me like 30 seconds ago when I looked at their record.  It appears Justin Martial Law Garbacz is indeed a student of the game.  BTW he's my vote for the guy in the ski mask for G For Life. But I am not one to talk so you didn't hear that from me.


So what did we learn this week.............


1. I learned that just when you think you have D6 figured out something FD up happens and it becomes a colossal clusterF**K!!!  It was looking like a 3 horse race but Red Zone Mafia and Co Lateral Damage had something to say about that this week.  One team 5-1 one team 4-1 and four teams 4-2 means we are going to have an awesome finish in D6.

2. I know Molly's Ladies might think other wise but Hung Buffalo is playing a different game than the rest of D5 right now.  They are crushing folks left and right.  Can anyone stop this juggernaut?

3. A&A needs to learn how to play defense.  They will also learn next Saturday afternoon that you don't make a bar tab bet with Molly's Ladies....Oh lord help us all for what is about to happen next.

4. We learned that on ANY GIVEN SATURDAY any team can beat another.  AGS beat The Tammy's 26-20 and I for one commend them on a great victory!!!!!!

5. D1 better learn that resolve and heart can go a long way in determining your football future.  Left for dead after having Andy Smith on IR and franchise player Pete playing with one arm for much of the session MK rocked both TLS and GTOX this week and now stands at 4-2.  I know it all started out as a joke, not because of his talent but because of MK's slow start,  but seriously after the efforts he continues to put in does Pete deserve to be D1 MVP if the voting ended today???? And yes I know Cory Turner just spit out his sandwich and F bombed me when I asked that question..........



As we are still contractually obligated to do so let it be known far and wide, 123 Gawron featuring Cory "Don't call me Feldman" Turner beat Red Dawn 52-36 they are now 6-0.



We have begun a league investigation to figure out who "guy in ski mask who didn't want to be spotted was for G For Life."


We have it narrowed down to:



-Pauly J

-Topper- Only way he could back on a D1 field.



-Justin Martial Law Garbacz Student of the Game


-Mike Ford



OK that's week #6.......


Week #7 is less than a week away.....


Until then GF OUT



Welcome to Topper Sports, LLc

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Updated October 2nd, 2014 


Heavy rain in coming therefore we are cancelling the 1, 2 and 3pm games for today 10/4




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