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Week 3 Review

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe,


Week #3 was a decent week of football and very little soap opera type storylines or angles. We really only had one small issue as someone will be hearing from the league office but Saturday was a good day of weather, football and fun.  Lets see if we can keep this up people for week #4......


So what else happened over the weekend............



1. TOPLINE SOLUTIONS: So TLS beat G for Life this week 37-35 and many folks were shocked. I would like to ask why? This team is a (2) time D1 champ.  They also beat G4L minus Pauly J and Bo.  G4L might be getting early season pub but something seems off. The team is loaded with physical skill but that won't do much for you unless you learn to run the system.  I still am literally baffled that TLS continues to go out there and win games but gets little or no respect...For shame people...For shame! (Not TLS .....the people that aren't giving them their due)

2. SWEET AND SOUR INC: SASI took the field of battle again this week and made easy work of NWO (39-13) then got a battle but beat a very game Cosa Nostra 24-21.  SASI continues to impress on both sides of the ball and are now off to a 4-0 start,  Can anyone stop these guys?

3. 1 TODD TOO MANY: Many folks were beginning to wonder if this team was a contender or pretender after a loss last week to Merrill Lynch a team that 1TTM should have beat but didn't.  A one person QB controversy was started as well in protest.  1TTM took the field of battle against  a very balanced Resurrection and walked away a winner for the 2nd time in 3 weeks this time 36-31.  After the game an anonymous source told me "GF if we had made the change to Topper we might have won 56-31 but that's OK." I of course can not reveal the name of said source.

4. MULTIPLE SCORGASMS: Started the session by getting beaten bad by SASI 66-0 but then they came alive by beating Proforma 28-7 and this week they prevailed over Gryffindor 36-14.  MS has been doing it well on both sides of the ball with a tight defense and just enough offense to get them over.  MS has things finally heading in the right direction.

5. HUNG BUFFALO: 3 games played: 113 points for 14 points against!!! NUFF SAID........



1. THE BAMBS: The Bambs dropped down to D4 and things were supposed to be different.  They were supposed to take the division over, they were supposed to get back to their wining ways, their were supposed to become the Bambs of old.  3 weeks later our good friends are now 0-3 and there's talk     they might already be out of the D4 playoff race. This team just can't stop anyone on defense.  Oh the Bambs have fallen on hard times.......Please fix this mess Greg Parrish!!!!  I cant take this anymore!!!!!!

2. COBBLESTONE: A league investigation has now begun to see if something is wrong with Cobblestone. I personally will be interviewing all their opponents to date and future opponents as I think some form of collusion might be happening to date. That's the only logical explanation for their 0-2-1 start and their (GASP) 27 points on offense to date.  What the hell is wrong with this universe????  The Bambs are 0-3, Cobblestone can't score, Toper is catching passes from Jeff Hardy, Dubey and Devon are wearing G4L jerseys, JMOHR and Miranto are wearing DNA jerseys, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE???????

3. G FOR LIFE: The whole "Green for Life" idea seemed kinda interesting on paper but this team is a hot mess right now.  They have some freak athletes on paper but as good as they are they cant run simple routes.  Tommy Hughes looks like he is ready to literally have a heart attack and die, Dubey and Devon look like they both have taken off a bit too much time and a team that should be 3-0 is 1-2.  Now I am sure in time this team will figure it out its too talented not too, but one must ask the question, what if they don't????

4. RILEY ST STATION: You know you are in trouble when the game starts and you look out into the great green yonder and you see B at safety. I said to myself once I saw this view that RSS was going to have a very long long long session.  RSS gave it everything they had and more but they were no match for a younger and more talented TMT squad. We are rumors the calvary might not be coming and RSS might have a date with D3 in the spring.

5. G TOX: Garbacz might not have admitted this publicly but he quietly had to be excited for his shot at his former boss in this one.  Unfortunately his team didn't get the memo and GTOX got a thumping 44-0 by DNA.  I was amazed that a team with so much height and so little speed kept insisting to go long on a team that can run circles around them.  Next time out boys and girls go get 10 yards a pop that's what you guys are.  When you have a bunch of guys that are 6'2" -6'4" go let them run 10 yard routes and throw the ball up its easy money.  Not having Jeremy Burr didn't do them any favors but they could have had 3 Burrs and they would still have lost.  Nice to see Randy "Im widge u" Schwab back in da house.....



1. BUFFALO ROADHOUSE GRILL: GOOD: You are 2-1 and that's a good thing.  GOOD: The new jerseys are awesome nice work.  BAD: WTF It was there for the taking.  3-0 was soooo close all you had to do was beat Dynasty but nooooooooooo.  Ugggggggggggggg.  GOOD: At least they aren't having Cobblestones problems right now.

2. A&A: GOOD: They won and that's an awesome thing.  BAD: I don't know if it was because Coach Van was MIA this week but they didn't have their fun swagger as much as normal.  I mean they are still awesome and one my favorite squads but something seemed off this week.

3. PRIME TIME PLAYERS:  GOOD: Are 2-2 after 4 games.  I mean that isn't awful but this isn't what we are used to.  BAD: You are the PTP we expect better. The offense is making some noise but its the defense that needs to get fixed.



1. I was a bit shocked that Molly's Ladies got a big win over Snyder Pub T Rexers minus a fair amount of their ladies.  Everyone knows Chris Cole is a traditionally slow starter but he appears to be heating up.  ML against Hung Buffalo might be one of the better games on the schedule this session.


2. Welcome back Wellington Pub where ya been all session? Nice 42-6 win over Merrill Lynch this week.


3.  Gordon's continues to move along with quiet but impressive wins over decent competition.  This week they got a big win over a much improved Dynasty 31-20. 


4. I know its not the same as the old rivalry that went on forever and ever but kudos to The Tammy's who beat Nice TDS 45-0.  The Tammy's VS Fake TDS/Nice TDS is one of the better and oldest rivalries in co-ed social sports.


5. Red Dawn was missing their safeties again but they gave Mooseknuckles all they could handle and more in a tough 49-43 loss.  This team is getting better and better each week.


HE SAID SHE SAID.....................


When talking about her opinion on toughest girls in the game.....

"Mai is tough, when we used to play soccer together she got cards!!!!!   Katie Weisser in a heartfelt plea to convince people that getting cards in soccer makes you bad ass.  Now mind you Mai is bad ass but not cus of soccer cards.....


"Maybe we should add goal posts next week so Taylor Seketurski knows where the back of the end zone is"      Topper to Lenny during the DNA GTOX debacle after Taylor overthrew his WRS literally 2 plays each series


"I firmly believe that SASI has the best female, the best player and the best non Seneca Greenhouse QB in D4"        Tommy Emerson Hughes

"If this is fact the case why does TSL not have them in D3"    Anonymous 



So what did we learn this week.............

1. Catalina Wine Mixers just learned that Varsity Blues is a buzzsaw that means business!  CWM started hot and this was the week they were to see if they were ready for prime time or if they had work to do before the playoffs start.  VB made quick work of CWM and now CWM must go back to the drawing board to see if they can fix their problems especially on defense.

2. G for Life is starting to learn that stacking the deck is all well and good and reputation is nice but you still have to go out and win the games.  G4L has not looked good after 3 games and has a ton of work to before the playoffs start.  BTW  a few of the younger bucks might be wise to listen to Tommy Hughes when he says something, dude has only won like 10  D1 titles he's someone you should listen to when he's scheming up stuff.

3. The Bambs now know that every game from here on out is literally precious.  There can be no room for mistake.  They must start winning next week or the season might be over before it begins.  They have not looked good on either side of the ball. They must start with shoring up the defense.  Unfortunately Topper is not on this sessions schedule so they have some work to do to get win #1.

4. D5 better learn and learn quick that Hung Buffalo means business!!!!!   113 points for and 14 points against in 3 games is literally mind blowing.  HB has made a nice transition up to D5.

5. Buffalo Roadhouse Grill just learned that they had our attention but blew their opportunity.  We were watching boys and girls.  Looks like the road you must now travel will be a long one but you can get time.


OK that's week #3.......


Week #4 is less than a week away.....


Until then GF OUT


Welcome to Topper Sports, LLc

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Updated September 19th, 2014 



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