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Updated 11/22/15

So the Fall 2015 season has come to an end, for teams like 1 Todd 2 Many, Collegiate Solar, and Jaeger Bombs, they’ve already adjusted to Saturday’s without football, now the reality has just sunk in for the rest of the league, no more Saturday football til April, ugh!!  This has been a long season for TSL’s management, we’re going to take a little break, plan for the banquet and then believe it or not, start planning for the Spring 2016 season!! Some of us might plan for St. Patrick’s day in between now and then but I digress..let’s do a quick recap of championship Saturday..

Congrats to our champions and runners up, Saturday wasn’t without its usual controversies, but all in all, the games got played, upsets (at least according to the Godfathers apprentice predictions) occurred, and for the second week in a row, the bar was hopping.

D1 Champs  -123 Gawron, Runner Ups-  Varsity Blues

123 gawron

SDA Champs – The Replacements,  Runner Ups – AK, Inc.

the replacements

SDB Champs –Southbeach, Runner Ups –Catalina Wine Mixers


D4 Champs –DMX, Runner Ups –Hoosier Daddy


D5 Champs - Hung Buffalo, Runner Ups –Why So Serious

hung buffalo

D6 Champs -Go Fumble Yourself, Runner ups – Santoras Pizza

go fumble yourself

The Godfathers Apprentice went 2-4 in his or her championship predictions, but really, who woulda thought any team with Greg Moscicki on their squad would win one championship, nevermind two in the same day. I mean seriously, if you had placed money on that happening, you’d be Richie rich rich today.  Focus on this for a minute, we had the Godfathers bookies check on the action and the odds of this happening were so astronomical that not one casino could take the action in the event that they would have to pay out this wager, they would risk bankruptcy.    And the Replacements proved they could win without Jay “Money” Koch, which is looking like addition by subtraction!!

Varsity Blues continue to look right at home in D1, speaking of D1, maybe it’s time for SouthBeach to come and join the party..  They score at will, and went through Catalina and everyone else in SDB, and rumor had it the aforementioned Greg wanted to keep his perfect record intact and not face them in the SDA-SDB overall SD championship match!  Both teams thoroughly enjoyed their respected SD championship champagne in the bar afterwards.

123 Gawron did what 123 Gawron does, rise to the occasion, and they felt the need to give the rest of D1 a chance and rest Delecki in the process, Bobby was overheard saying "That leaves us with no other option but Cory, I don't know what we're doing" but what ever it was, it worked.  and more importly, Delecki led the rest of the team into the bar..congrats!!

DMX proved they could win using a big boy ball.  Hoosier Daddy made a good run, and unfortunately, that run included out of the parking lot after their championship loss, not cool!! 

Why So Serious, wtf happened?? Could it be karma, putting the CEO of TSL on your jersey curse?  Ask JMohr, you don’t win with Toppers face on your jersey!! Don’t get me wrong, you may look better, but you don’t win, plus Greg was simply on fire yesterday, again, who woulda thought..

And then there is D6 – Go Fumble yourself FINALLY came in the bar after their game, maybe we should just let them win every week, they are a fun bunch and should come back in the spring to defend their championship.  Santoras had a nice run and now hold the longest record of not showing up to the bar, previously held by Go Fumble Yourself!!

The Banquet –save the date, Friday Night January 8th.  Time and place to be determined, more details will be sent out asap!!  Thank you for helping us make the TSL the best co-ed social football league in Buffalo

Topper Sports




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Topper Sports LLC
Cell  716.861.1012
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