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The Fall Final Picks

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Tuesday, 14 November 2017 19:44
Published: Tuesday, 14 November 2017 19:44
Written by Patrick McGovern
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2 weeks ago (54) teams invaded the Angry Buffalo at the Rose Garden to play football

1 week ago (48) teams invaded the Angry Buffalo at the Rose Garden to play football


This week (24) teams will invade the Angry Buffalo at the Rose Garden not to just play football but to inch their way closer towards social co ed football immortality. With all due respect to the (30) teams that are now gone the best 24 teams in 6 divisions still remain.   If you have 1 of the last 24 tickets left you deserve to be here. You earned your right and punched your ticket. On Saturday 24 teams will have at it one more time for 6 precious titles. You know the stories, you know the players what you do not know is who will win each title.


Will a team full of aging vets take us on one more magical ride?

Will a team come from no where to shock a division and our universe and take home their first title?

Will a star in his or her prime show the world one more time why he/she is the best at her position and take her team to the promise land?

Will this be it for a few teams as they quietly wonder if their last game will be their best game?

Will the rivalries of championships past come back better than ever?

Will a man with a closet full of hardware shock the world one more time?

Will a team sneak up on a division one last time and take home the trophy?

Is the next big thing ready to emerge?



There are alot more questions than answers right now but know this.....









PUBLIC ENEMY +3 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: This is was and will always be one of the better rivalries in the history of the game between two of the leagues best teams. Both are former D1 Champs. Both have arguably the 2 best QBs in the game today, Both are smart both are fast both are good. So what gives? Well that right there is the question. PE is as smart as it gets while ED top to bottom probably has the best roster in the league. Each knows the other well. This game will come down to execution. The key to this game will be execution and if things start not going your way will one team be stubborn or smart enough to adjust before it's too late.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 4


MARKETING MAYORS VS RACKS AND SACKS +6:  RAS looked very impressive last week in a big win. MM did what you expected them to do. MM seem to be dialed in right now on both sides of the ball. Their team boasts two of the better players in the game today and an evil genius who knows offense better than almost any person in this league. Cory Turner can read and attack a defense as good or better than almost anyone in this game today. He will see what RAS is doing very quickly and he will make sure his team is prepared. RAS have a very sold team top to bottom and will need a supreme effort against a team that looks like their time is finally now.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 4


SO WHO WINS THE D1 TITLE: I have a feeling two epic semi finals are about to go down I see MM making it through. I just don't see on what planet can a team go through both Public Enemy and Marketing Mayors on the same day. If by some miracle Eyes Downtown can do it they instantly are in the conversation for greatest teams of all time. I think that would be a great story but something tells me Marketing Mayors will be ready for the winner of PE/ED. This championship reminds me alot of Top Line Solutions 1st D1 title. Dwiers and Green and Associates played a game in which many call the greatest game ever played in the D1 semi finals. After that war a tired and spent GNA got crushed by Topline. I see Eyes Down Town surviving PE but having so much taken out of them that Marketing Mayors runs over them in the finals. I am taking Marketing Mayors to take home their first D1 title. 






ANGRY BUFFALO VS THE REPLACEMENTS +8: TR is a great story and boast 2 of the best players in the division. The problem is AB is the class of D2 which has the best player in D2 on their sideline.  I expect a very solid game here but I just don't see TR being able to go toe to toe punch for punch with AB who looks like the class of the division. Nick Sooch just looks like he's playing a different game than everyone else. And yes to answer your next question yes I think he should be in D1 not D2 just like you do. But that matters not all that matters right now is the D2 title. TR are a unique match up.  They will only go as far as their QB takes them. If he can somehow muster the game of his life TR will have a chance a small chance but still a chance. ANGRY BUFFALO BY 7


NWO +1 VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION: I smell a possible upset here. NWO has been moving along showing well week after week. TEIM are a solid team top to bottom that boast one of the best players in the division as well as one of the best girls in the division. Their problem will be can their QB make the throws when they need him most and will stoner Dave appear ? If both these things happen then TEIM will carry but if they don't no one and I mean no one is better suited to rain on a parade than Joey Batts. He's a former D1 champion you know...if you didn't just ask him he will tell you. NWO  BY 1



SO WHO WINS THE D2 TITLE:.I just have a sneaking suspicion Joey Batts is in for a big day this week. TEIM is solid but does anyone know if stoner Dave is still alive? If Dave is out TEIM will struggle to keep up. If NWO does pull the upset then it will be an interesting battle between two very good teams. I really don't think at this point anyone in D2 can go with Angry Buffalo right now. Their QB is playing like his hair is on fire and their WRS continue to be impressive. AB has an offense that really hasn't been stopped by anyone this year sans one game. Whoever makes the D2 final probably struggles as it looks like it will once again be the time of the Angry Buffalo. Win or lose your coming up to D1 Angry Buffalo so don't get any other ideas..... 






GRYFFINDOR VS MICKEY RATS +3: I know brother Nero was not in the Gryff lineup last week but I was not impressed with Gryffindor at all. They looked slow stale and they should have been beaten by PTP last week. They are catching a big break as it looks like MR will be short folks but has decided to play the game out. With that being said look for Gryffindor to beat up on a short Micky Rats and once again catch another break as they head to round #3. I think if Rats was at 100% this game would have upset written all over it. GRYFFINDOR BY 4


A&A VS COBBLESTONE +3: This game should be bedlam between two of the games biggest stars. None shines brighter than Darryl Carr QB Super Star who has Cobblestone one step from the title game. It was funny a certain Bullet Club member said Cobblestone was headed to D4 yet CS is still alive and the Club must sit back and watch. Matty Ice is money when the payoffs come kid has ice water in his veigns and this is when he kicks his game up and takes home titles. I expect a back and forth battle between two great teams but it just seems like A&A is destined to play one more game. This game shouldd be bedlam folks anything can happen.  A&A BY 1


SO WHO WINS THE D3 TITLE: I need to be honest of all the divisions this is the one that has me most perplexed. Every moral fiber in my body says take the Gryff as its the time of Joey Batts in D3. The problem is I looked at both Matty Ice and Joey Batts last Saturday. One had his trademark smile and the other had fire in his eyes. I usually do not pick A&A as I am a traditionalist. It is tough for me to understand that sand lot and plate of spaghetti can win a title. Where I come from you play to your strengths and you play the percentages. I still  am not sure but to be honest I keep going back to the 2 QB's one looked like he already won the title and the other looked like he was about to bring hell fire and brimstone with him to get that which he deserved.  I know it goes against every thing I know and every thing I think but for some reason at least to this writer A&A is about to shock the universe. Yes I am going against the perhaps the greatest player and person of modern times and I am taking A&A to win the D3 title. 





HK4 VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS +4: This is the game to keep your eye on. HK4 came out of the gates hot as hell as they crushed and dis-mantled every team TSL trotted in front of them but then something happened. They lost to Ryan Puckett and this might have damaged their confidence. JZ was born for the playoffs. When playoffs happen JZ kicks his game up a nickel and will be ready to once again shock the world. He has done it before and can do it again. I am calling for the upset. I know HK4 is the favorite and should win this whole darn division but I am going with JZ on championship Saturday.  SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 4


RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS VS NO PUNT INTEDED +3: If you want feel good stories look no further than this one. Both teams are solid top to bottom. Both teams have worked their way up the ranks. Both teams are well liked and have good people on both sides of the ball. RPMAS has had success at every level and quietly went up a division. They now sit in D4 and look right at home. NPI has had a very solid season and they have a very solid squad themselves. RPMAS have one player that can take this game over and I expect him to. This is why I think RPMAS heads to round #3.  RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS BY 3


SO WHO WINS THE D4 TITLE: I am thinking RPMAS and JZ are heading to the final dance. SAFTG have very decent females who I think will be able to take this game over. RPMAS have a burner that JZ much account for on each and every play. This game should be a good one between two very solid teams. SAFTG will need to play their best game yet as RPMAS are good, damn good. I expect a close back and forth battle that will be won by the ladies of Saturdays are for the Girls.  Look for JZ to take home the D4 title...then move to D5. 





HUNG BUFFALO +7 VS UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS:  URTT are the excellence of execution on offense. They have size speed and solid girls. They have scored pretty much at will. HB is a decent team with solid girls and are a vet savvy team top to bottom. They have decent size but sometimes their speed can hurt them. URTT have a huge speed edge which should be the key to this game. HB has won big games before I just don't know if they can hang if this game goes to the shoot out route. UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 6


COME FROM BEHIND VS ACE +7: ACE pretty much shocked the world last week. No one saw the upset coming except maybe Ronny K but he's like a genius and stuff. ACE is fast, ACE has solid girls, ACE has been there before but will it be enough? I am not sure. CFB is a vet savvy battle tested crew that checks all the boxes. They have size, they have speed they have decent girls and they have a QB or two that can just drop back and let it fly. I hate to say it but I just think for the first time all year ACE will not have the QB edge and this will cost them. I have to be honest I am cheering for ACE to take the title but about 4-5 weeks ago it just seemed like URTT and CFB were on a collision course with each other.   COME FROM BEHIND BY 8



SO WHO WINS THE D5 TITLE: CFB shocked Uncle Rico last time they played. That was then and this is now. CFB is battle tested as they have won and won big in this league before. They will be ready and will not be intimidated. URTT just seem to be dialed in right now and when a team is hot it is tough to go against them. I see a CFB/URTT final but I am not sure if CFB can go with URTT. This game should be bedlam and will be an instant classic but it just seems like URTT is the team of destiny here. I'm taking Uncle Rico's Time Travelers to win the D5 title. 






TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +7: TPS shocked SSS last week but was it really a shock? They are young and they are fast but can they think? They will need their brains this week more than their brawn. For them to win they must man THE and force Hughes to make throws. On offense they need to spread the THE zone out wide and attack  the side lines with speed. TPS has the speed edge but THE has the vet edge. If TPS uses their speed and more importantly their brains they can shock THETPS heed my words if you sit back in a soft 2 deep zone you will lose Saturday.  TOMMY HUGHES BY 4


UFO VS CELINO SEWER RATS +3: This is one of the better games on the schedule this week. CSR is very solid on offense while UFO is very solid on defense. The weather and the fields will be an advantage to UFO. Last time these 2 had at it the game ended in a draw. I expect a barn burner in this one. These teams will fight tooth and nail for this W. To be honest UFO has the better story. Who wouldn't cheer for the father/son duo who is one step away from the D6 title game? There are alot of nice folks also over on the CSR sidelines but this game could go either way. I hate to say it but when the game is on the line CSR has been there before that might come in handy as the clock ticks towards zero.   Celino Sewer Rats BY 1



SO WHO WINS THE D6 TITLE: Practice Squad can man and shut down THE but I just down know if they have the brains and the stones to try it. THE has gotten by just playing simple football against teams that are showing them way too much respect. If you want to win a title you need to get right in someones face and dare them to throw the ball over your FN head. If a team in D6 decides not to play afraid and attack THE they can win. Easier said than done. I fear TPS will back off and get picked apart. I see CSR winning over UFO after a close game then getting crushed by THE. I think the title game in D6 is being played at 2:00 between Tommy Hughes and Practice Squad to be honest.  Tommy Hughes Experience should take home the D6 title.  






1. . Why football Gods why????? ACE held up their end of the bargain but Matty's Angels couldn't. We were one step away from perhaps the most highly anticipated game in league history. The world wanted ACE Matty's Angles II but alas it appears we won't get it now. I swear Matty's Angels and ACE better both show in the Spring and Topper better have those 2 play on field #1 at noon IN WEEK #1. THIS MUST HAPPEN!!!!!!


2.  What must Sticky Bandits and the Topper be thinking right now? SB was 5-0-1 down the stretch then produced a clunker. Team Topper was the #2 seed and had things on cruise control before being shocked by the Micky Rats A squad. I am not one to talk so you didn't hear this from me but doesn't it almost make you "wonder" why Drew wasn't in the line up this Saturday. I mean he has threatened to leave before and he has claimed to be "disgruntled" it just kind of makes you wonder...doesn't it?


3. Will The Practice Squad have the balls to man Tommy Hughes Experience? This Ladies and Gentlemen is the question of the day in D6.


4. Can JZ shock the world one more time and take home the D4 title? If he can run through HK4 and RPMAS that would be one tremendous feat. 


5. Will stoner Dave show or is he lost for the season? I hate to say it but TEIM's fortunes this playoff hang in the balance. If he shows they can win the title. If he doesn't they could get upset early. 





1. WW3 is heading our way on field #2 at 10 am sharp when Eyes Downtown and Public Enemy renew one of the greatest rivalries in the game ever. This game should be epic between two teams that know the other well. There really isn't anything left to say. Each team can read the other like a book. This game will come down to execution. 


2. It appears A&A sent a message to this writer, Bullet Club and basically each and every soul in D3 that they are coming for the title. They literally stole Bullet Club's will to live in a 74-15 thug like beat down. Yes that score is correct they threw 74 points on the Club. It just dawned on me but name me 5 players in this league that show up in the playoffs better than Matty Ice. Dude has a room full of TSL hardware and could once again shock the world this Saturday. Gryffindor looks very beatable and Cobblestone is up and down. I am very curious to see who takes home the D3 title. 


3. It looks like alot of us took a ride on the hype train and forgot that Racks and Sacks are really good as they have now beat New Gods not once but twice. Marketing Mayors are about to have one tough battle looming Saturday morning. It was nice to see Travis return. 


4.. It's unfortunate but it turns out Santa's Secret Sauce really wasn't that good after all. They will need to circle the wagons in  the off season. The Practice Squad continues to impress as they are getting better and better week after week. I keep saying this but their time is coming. Eventually Practice makes perfect.........


5.  I know ACE and Hung Buffalo might disagree but Uncle Rico's and Come From Behind played a gem earlier in the season and if both hold serve we could have another instant classic on our hands. CFB/Uncle Rico II could be an offensive battle for the ages . Bet the over if it comes to pass. 


6. I think it sucks The Replacements have to face Angry Buffalo as I so think they could have upset TEIM or NWO but I just don't see a team beating Angry Buffalo this season. 


7. It's funny but age is just a number. Four of the oldest TSLers are still in the playoff hunt. UFO, Come From Behind, ACE and Cobblestone are still in the hunt and all have four of our oldest TSLers. Like fine whine it appears TSLers can also get better with age. Except Topper he faded down the stretch and was not good at all. He is not included on this list.


8.  Joey Battaglia gets all the pub but after watching games last week I am beginning to wonder if Anthony Battalgia might be this years most under rated player winner. Things just looked different with out Anthony playing this week. 


9. Ladies and Gentlemen make sure all sub request are in 24 hours prior to your game and make sure you follow playoff sub rules. There will be no massaging of rules on this subject. You either follow the rules or you will suffer the consequences. We have had a tremendous 9 weeks and look forward to a tremendous playoff but will not allow teams to get un-fair advantages on each other. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your sub request only. If you email Topper your request will be denied. 


10. This has been a tremendous season for all of us. I would like to take this time to thank Joe David/Scott and the staff at Angry Buffalo for being such gracious hosts. Thank you to Rameer Green who has done a tremendous job as head of our officiating. Thank you to each and every person male and female who has volunteered to be an official. Thank you to DJ Jimmy and DJ Tommy of 5 Star Productions for their time and letting us use their studio for our podcasts. Thanks to Joe K and Emily Curry for hosting said podcasts and thanks to each and every TSLer who has participated in a podcast in the past and who will into the future. 


Lastly thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of TSLers in our universe.  I can say with out a shadow of a doubt that we have as much running this league as you do playing in it.  I of course have no affiliation to this league as I am a free lance writer who lives in Des Moines Iowa but I am pretty sure that's what Topper and Lenny would say if they could.


The banquet will be coming soon we will have a firm date place etc sometime this week.............

Playoff Predictions Round 1

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Wednesday, 08 November 2017 16:30
Published: Wednesday, 08 November 2017 16:30
Written by Patrick McGovern
Hits: 312


My intros are boring so lets do something new

B's Brother got grounded for not 1 week but two


The playoffs are here and new stories will un-fold

Stars will emerge both of young folk and old


I can't help but think as we close in on the day

Game On copied our podcast and dude that was gay


Darryl is awesome and Joey Batts is all right

Matty Ice and Gordon are both prone to fight


Good Lord Topper you are doing good with your fame

But why didn't you let ACE and the Angels play in their game


The Bambs must be trembling as the playoffs draw near

They keep getting beat early of this they will fear


Bobby and Turner were once friends but now they must fight

When they parted ways which was wrong and which was right?


Ryan Puckett was so happy and HK4 was so sad 

The Kellers made the playoffs and Hometech is mad


I hope Sooch and Tiger once again will get to have fun

I love when Jay tries to convince me not to send him to D1


I feel for Frodo , pork chop, Mikey and the rest of the guys

When Scotty dropped that ball I could not believe my eyes


I know no one is talking and I think the whole thing is lame

Travis you did nothing wrong get back to your game  


Tommy Hughes XTC  is ready but don't go out hating

Stay out of the middle cus Godzilla will be waiting 


It matters not if you play corner middle or rover

Play each game like its your last, someday this all will be over


Don't be nervous or scared we still are not done

Whose gona leave yet?  This still is much fun





Its that time of the year again TSL Universe. Let's handicap the field and see where all this is going to go shall we.................









#XTC 25-1




Biggest chance of an upset: Racks and Sacks over New Gods

I don't see them losing this game: Eyes Downtown over Bombers

Dark Horse: Public Enemy

Best round #1 Match Up: Racks and Sacks vs New Gods

The Skinny: When the season started it looked like Public Enemy, Eyes Down Town and Marketing Mayors would be battling for the title. Racks and Sacks and New Gods came out of no where and crashed the party . It looks like John McGrath might be done which will hurt the New Gods chances and Franco and another RAS player might also be done so we might once again be down to 3 horses. #XTC is a battle tested crew that could shock teams. Bombers should be proud as they improved each and every week. TP just needs to get this session over with has their season has been a disaster. Public Enemy is the grumpiest 5-2-2 team I have ever seen. But to be honest they probably are the one team you do not want to see on your schedule this playoff.  MM looked very solid all year but can they get over the hump? When you talk title experience Eyes Downtown must be jumping off the page at you. 

What probably happens: The first round should hold serve for the most part. I am interested to see a depleted RAS take on a John McGrathless New Gods in round #1. You can almost see the importance of the #1 seed in the playoffs. I am interested to see if Eyes Downtown and Public Enemy survive round #1 and have to have at it for round #2 that easily would be the game of the day. Those two have a fierce rivalry that would be bedlam. Marketing Mayors have done everything right as they play solid mistake free football. It would take alot to happen not to see a Marketing Mayors Eyes Downtown finals.  









NWO   8-1



WITTER'S   100-1

DMX   200-1


Biggest chance of an upset: Blitzkrieg over Tight Ends in Motion

I don't see them losing this game: Angry Buffalo over DMX

Dark Horse:  The Replacements

Best Round #1 Match Up: Gray and Associates vs The Replacements

The Skinny: Angry Buffalo pretty much can score at will and there is a slight and I mean slight chance 1 maybe 2 teams can even run with them. We all know the side story GNA is really good but you never know who will be in the line up. If all the "regulars" return from holiday they could win but  to get them all there for 2 straight weeks is asking alot.  The Replacements are wicked hot right now and boast two of the better athletes in the division. The problem they have and will have is their QB is up and down. If he's hot they could shock people if he isn't they could lose in round #1. TEIM have been having attendance issues but have a solid team top to bottom and could have arguably the best player in the division on their team. Witter's didn't implode and they are vet savvy so if I was NWO I would beware the trap game. 

What probably happens:The Replacements have been hot but I just don't see their QB holding up for 3 games. TEIM have the horses but they need their full squad and I am not sure their QB can hold up for 3 games. I am quite sure Nick Sooch can hold up for 3 games. I still have no clue which GNA shows up this my friends will tell us where we are going. If GNA is at 100% they will see AB in the finals if not they could be upset. TEIM and AB have played some awesome games I would like to see then have at it one more time personally. I really don't see anyone derailing Angry Buffalo this time around. 










A&A   4-1



PRIME TIME PLAYERS    1,000,000-1


Biggest chance of an upset: Prime Time Players over Gryffindor

I don't see them losing this game:  ?????

Dark Horse: Sticky Bandits

Best Round #1 Match Up: Bullet Club vs A&A

The Skinny: This is the division to keep your eye on as literally any one of like 5-6 teams could take home the title. Sticky Bandits are 5-0-1 down the stretch and are wicked hot right now. Team Topper has been solid all year and quietly must be wondering to themselves if they finally can get the monkey off their backs. There might not be a better match up league wide than A&A vs Bullet Club or as I like to call it the "Gordon and Matty Ice Love Festival." I see a "bro-down coming" This game will be bedlam. Which Mickey Rats shows up the one that scored 61 on Cobblestone or the one that lost 2 straight weeks to Topper? And what of Cobblestone, they were on fire down the stretch but rumors swirl B's Brother got grounded and will not be able to attend the playoffs. How will this affect the CS offense? Bullet Club has come to the fields with all sorts of roster combos who shows up this playoffs and can they shock the world? The last and most important question.....There is no more pressure than  on the living legend Joey Batts. It looks to be Gyrffndor's time but they have been shocked in the playoffs before and they got shocked two weeks ago against PTP can he will his team to victory and shut up the nay sayers? 

What probably happens: I have no clue and that's what makes D3 the best division in this league. I could paint picture and tell you 6 different teams could win it all and it would be believable. Will Joey Batts finally break through the glass ceiling and take home his title? No one has been chasing the D3 title longer than the Topper and he is playing magical can he take the title home? Sticky Bandits are scorching hot as they are 5-0-1 in their last 6 will this propel them to victory. How cool would it be if Matty Ice on the heels of last session's D4 title takes home this sessions D3 title? And what of Bullet Club? They have so much talent but just can't circle the wagons and push through. Will their time be now? I of course saved the best for last Darryl Carr QB Superstar is easily the biggest star in this division can be throw a team on his back and take them on one more magical playoff journey? Honestly I have no clue what happens but I am excited for the ride we are all about to go on together. 






HK4     4-1





AARP    200-1  

3RD AND SCHLONG    500-1


Biggest chance of an upset: The Bambs over SAFTG

I don't see them losing this game: RPMAS vs 3rd and Schlong

Dark Horse: SAFTG

Best Round #1 Match Up: Shredders vs No Punt Intended

The Skinny: RPMAS came from no where and stole the #1 seed down the stretch. HK4 seemed to have things on cruise control but did not look very solid the last month of the season. SAFTG are quietly going about their business and people keep sleeping no them. I still don't know what to think of Shredder's are they top tier or middle of the pack? I for one am happy Team Keller gets to play one more week though I am very sad we don't get Keller/Hometech II. NPI started so well but really didn't do much the last half of the year. AARP is in familiar territory but they have been known to pull a shocker out every now and again. 

What probably happens: It just seems like one of two things will happen. Either HK4 and Ryan Puckett will have at it one more time or JZ will once again crash the party and bring his team back to the finals. Either story line works. D4 has basically been a 3-4 team race most of the session. The top half of D4 is loaded while the bottom half of D4 is not very good. This division will be under construction in the Spring as some need a trip to D5 and others a trip to D3. As for the finals I don't know yet who will hoist the trophy but my money is on one of HK4, Ryan Puckett or SAFTG. To answer your next question no I do not hate Shredder's. 









ACE     8-1


HOPE  N RUIN   50-1

MADISON LEE'S    100-1


Biggest chance of an upset: Matty's Angels over Hung Buffalo

I don't see them losing this game: Uncle Rico's vs Madison Lee's

Dark Horse: All we do is Qwinn

Best Round #1 Match Up: Hung Buffalo vs Matty's Angels

The Skinny: URTT and Come From Behind have looked a tad better than most in D5. Hung Buffalo looked AOK but was shocked last week can they be shocked again? Madison Lee's lost their leader and I think that sucks. Matty's Angels will get their leader back this week and will give Hung Buffalo everything they can handle and more. Ronny K is having a dream season but he must go into death valley to once again have at it with the youngsters who could be this divisions future. There is no better story than CFB who have a bunch of aging vets who could possibly be taking one more kick at the can. This could be their swan song as they will never know when it ends. It could be th s week or next or next season but make no mistake whether they admit it or not some of them are thinking it. Uncle Rico came out of no where and has taken this division by storm and they have done it with offense. 

What probably happens: In a perfect world CFB and Uncle Rico will have at it one more glorious time and it will be an offensive battle for the ages. If the football Gods had their way there is no doubt in this writer's mind that they would someone find a way to have Matty's Angels play ACE for the marbles one last time. This rivalry can't end it needs to continue we must have one more game. It has to happen, it needs to happen the universe needs it. Will it happen? Probably not but that doesn't mean we cant hope for it. With out hope what do we have? I still see CFB and Uncle Rico going at it when all the dust settles. 








UFO  25-1



THE TAMMY'S   1,000,000-1



Biggest chance of an upset: There isn't one.

I don't see them losing this game: Tommy Hughes over Collegiate Solar

Dark Horse: UFO

Best Round #1 Match Up: The  Practice Squad VS SSS

The Skinny: THE is in a class all by themselves but seriously how can't teams cover these guys?  SSS could steal the show or the whole team could no call no show. Will TMA shock the world? SSS has a ton of talent and always thinks they are better than they finish. This is the playoff I am calling them out. Either they get to the finals or this season is a disappointment. UFO quietly had themselves a solid session and easily could shock someone and find themselves in the title game. The Practice Squad has talent but I just don't think their time has come yet.  The Tammy's and Collegiate Solar both are probably happy to get one more week in but that week will not be much fun for either defense. 

What probably happens: This is the one division I am fairly certain we won't see many upsets and unless I see otherwise THE will run away with the D6 title. UFO and SSS could pose a few problems but THE seems to be in a league all by themselves. In hindsight they should have been in D5. I am very excited to see how this division would look next session with THE not in it. I can't help but think where SSS would be if they didn't have attendance issues but to be honest at what point is it not an attendance thing and SSS just isn't good enough to take home the title?






1. How will B's Brother getting grounded affect the Cobblestone offense? And will Garrett Beesing be able to over come the emotional roller coaster of not playing with his BFF this week? Cobblestone is in store for a war this week with Sticky Bandits. 


2. Can The Replacements shock Gray and Associates? They have beaten them before and boast two of the divisions best players. You truly never know who will or won't show for GNA so anything is possible. The Replacements have been scorching hot down the stretch. 


3. Can anyone stop The Tommy Hughes Experience in D6? I say NO. SSS could give them a game but they always have attendance issues. UFO has had a solid session but look to be missing one key piece. Same thing with CSR. 


4. As playoffs quickly approach, I always wonder if Ronny K is looking up into the stars wondering how much time he has left in this game. He has taken ACE on a magical ride as they have had a very decent regular season. Why wouldn't Topper let Matty's Angels play ACE? I for one think it is a travesty that ACE and Matty's Angels never got their game. I, like all of you, will be crossing my fingers that the football Gods will do right by each and every one of us and let these two teams have at it one more time.


5. What must the Bambs be thinking right now? Except for Joey Batts, no one has worse playoff luck than these guys. They have been OK this session but are capable of so much more. Will they take us on one more magical ride or are they about to make yet another early playoff exit? 





1. The game I have my eyes glued on this week will be in D3 where A&A and Bullet Club have at it. It started out as a friendly rivalry between a few good friends but the game revealed a "situation" between Matty Ice and Gordon. Tensions could be high as this game could be a tad more serious than one would think. I expect an all out war between 2 teams that want nothing more than to take home the D3 title. 


2. I keep seeing an Uncle Rico vs Come for Behind final in my head in D5. URTT are the excellence of execution on offense but CFB are the savvy vets that have a chance at a story book ending this playoffs. The universe will be with CFB as one truly never knows how time this team has left together. URTT have been literally scoring at will on teams in D5. It will be interesting to see if both teams hold serve and get their final.


3. Angry Buffalo is sitting atop the D2 mountain waiting for someone to challenge them and I just don't see that challenger emerging this playoff. Nick Sooch looks dialed in, the supporting cast of AB makes plays all over the field and the girls improve each and every week. Angry Buffalo looks poised to run the table this session. If there was silver I mean "gray" lining to this cloud, I only see one team being able to take them out but for that team to do that they must summon the ghosts of championships past and get each and every player in the line up. Easier said than done. 


4. Eyes Down Town and Marketing Mayors know each other well and played a classic last week. If everyone holds serve they could be playing again in week #11. ED will be at a disadvantage as it looks like, if everyone holds serve, they would face Public Enemy in the semi's which will mean WW3 for both squads. I am very interested to see how MM and ED would attack and defend against each other if they get round #3 of their rivalry in the final game. That's assuming both MM and ED survive the semi finals. You now can see the importance of the #1 seed in D1 . 


5. TEIM had a tremendous regular season but must be shaking their heads as they want no part of Blitzkrieg this week. Last time these 2 hooked up the game was bedlam. Both teams know each other well as they know the strengths and weaknesses of each other. TEIM must and I mean MUST have all their guys in the lineup this week or they could be in trouble. No more "no showing" by a certain speedster on TEIM. 


6. It's funny Topper has one clunker game and now the MVP talk and the Team Topper title talk has quickly died down. Its funny how Gryffindor went from an OK team to "a team full of D2 people" in like 2 weeks. Incidentally Gryffindor beat Team Topper with 5 guys in the line up. When 5 guys play for Gryfindor they are 6-0 when 6 guys do they are 0-3. You make whatever conclusion you would like with that information. 


7. The Shredder's are sitting at 8-1 odds on the big board and they have to be hopping mad as they enter the big dance. They have a decent team and decent girls but I just don't see back end speed which I think will cost them against the top tier teams. Shredder's should get past NPI but I fear the semis will not be fun for them. 


8. Mickey Rats literally have to be shaking their heads right now as they get Team Topper for a 3rd time. Mickey Rats has not fared well the first two go rounds will the 3rd time be a charm? I just don't think so. MR have a decent squad but Team Topper is balanced and have a ton of vet savvy. Yes The Topper is prone to have a clunker but I think that happened last week. This game should be an interesting one. 


9. I keep looking at the Witter's NWO game and keep thinking Witter's is about to go out in a blaze of glory. This might be it for this squad. They could have imploded but they didn't. If this is it and they are about to go out and be put down its time they all give NWO a battle for the ages one last time. God speed Witter's. 



10. Ladies and Gentlemen make sure all sub request are in 24 hours prior to your game and make sure you follow playoff sub rules. There will be no massaging of rules on this subject. You either follow the rules or you will suffer the consequences. We have had a tremendous 9 weeks and look forward to a tremendous playoff but will not allow teams to get un-fair advantages on each other. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your sub request only. If you email Topper your request will be denied. 

Week 8 Thoughts, Picks, Insults, and Insights

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The chase for social co ed football immortality is almost upon us nay rather it awaits us. Alot is happening both in front of and behind the scenes. Some teams will be taking a long look in the mirror this week wondering if their time together is almost at an end. Some teams will be looking for retribution. Others will be fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on one of the precious playoff spots. Some will be here this week wondering quietly to themselves if  their time is almost done with us while others continue to wonder if their time is now. Week #8 is upon us but it is not too late for the "next big thing to appear."  Every division has a fierce battle going for supremacy. New teams will emerge from the shadows and proverbial "torches will be passed" this season.


The time for talk is almost over.  Where we go from here is always up to you. Will Saturday October 28 in the year of our Lord 2017 be just another day or will you make sure that on this day October 28 will not be forgotten?  


Let's pick some games......



#XTC +3 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: This one should be interesting between 2 teams that know each other quite well. #XTC has been an up and down roller coaster this session. There has been good and bad on both sides of the ball. Their biggest issue has been attendance but make no mistake they should be ready to go this week. PE has not looked overly impressive to date but did look decent last week against The Purge. #XTC has been decent playing long ball and my guess is they have an idea on where to attack PE. The question will be, will this be a shoot out and if it is will the PE defense hold?  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1


BOMBERS +10 VS MARKETING MAYORS: I have been very impressed with Bombers the past few weeks. They seem to have decent balance, their girls continue to improve and they have shown well the past few weeks. MM are solid top to bottom and you will need to play disciplined mistake free football to beat them. Where as Bombers are getting better week after week they do not have the horses to go toe to toe with a team that seems to be on their way to the D1 title game.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 11


CHAD STUFF +10 VS NEW GODS: New Gods did not look overly impressive last week but they may have just coasted as they knew they had the game won. CS will be an interesting test as CS does have a few weapons that can stretch the field. I saw New Gods last week and they looked a click different probably because they had so many guys only playing 1 way or the other. This will be interesting down the stretch. This might be a weird question but do they have too may guys on their team? As for the game New Gods should have CS out gunned every where on the field and should take this one rather easily. Who knows who will and won't play but a McGrath V Bloomfield match up would be fun to watch.  NEW GODS BY 11


EYES DOWNTOWN VS RACKS AND SACKS +7:  RAS have been coasting along the past few weeks but business is about to pick up. ED is the measuring stick in D1 right now. RAS play a very solid defensive system and continue to get better and better week after week on offense. I am very excited to see all the speed that will be on display this week on both sides. ED is wicked fast and is battled tested. If RAS ever wanted to know where they stood as we head towards playoffs this is the week we will find out. Jeff Farr is an elite level player this is the week I will be watching him closely as he could have a very big week.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 6


THE PURGE VS BOMBERS +3: If this was week #1 I would say roll with the Purge big time but Bombers continue to get better and better. Bombers will struggle as TP has 2 game breaking females they will need to account for. Lets also be honest Kevin Zak should be able to run all over a slower Bombers secondary. When Bombers get the ball they should be able to score points on a very giving secondary that lacks top shelf speed on the edges. I am calling for a shoot out in this one and I have funny feeling this game will be a heck of alot closer than many people will think. Bombers could give the Purge a scare this week.  THE PURGE BY 4



GRAY AND ASSOCIATES VS BLITZKRIEG +6: Blitzkreig has shown signs of life the past few weeks, I do see talent on the field,. I see speed I see decent girls what I do not see is a QB that is read for D2. The QB I saw last week still has a ways to go in his development. GNA when everyone is in tow is as good a team as you will see in D2. They are balanced, fast, sure handed, battled tested and just a solid football team. Blitzkreig could make some plays and get some gains but I just don't see them upsetting a team this solid. The only way GNA loses ids if they are missing tons of players which is always possible.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 7


WITTERS +13 VS ANGRY BUFFALO: Witter's is literally at the "fork in the road" as they say. I am convinced one of two things is about to happen Saturday. Either Witter's will play the game of their lives and either upset or play AB to the wire or Witter's will get run over and that will be that. I honestly don't know which way this is going to go. Witter's has talent, they have intelligence, they have speed and they have skill. They should not be struggling like they are but here we are. AB is a juggernaut that is rolling over everyone. AB should win this game as they are flat out loaded. But like I said this will go one of two ways....I am curious to see which way it goes.   ANGRY BUFFALO BY 11


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS DMX +7:  TEIM was upset last week but they were missing easily their best player. DMX got a huge win last week over Witter's. These two teams should match up well. DMX is sandlot and just lets it fly while TEIM is the excellence of execution and just does things the right way. TEIM has a solid battled tested system and can win games and win them big in this league. DMX will score some points but I just don't see them stopping the TEIM offense this week. This game might be closer than many would think as DMX seems to be kicking their game up a nickel as we get closer and closer to the big dance. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 8


NWO VS THE REPLACEMENTS +7: Joey Batts and Co were awesome last week. They made it rain on offense and played super stingy defense. TR is a very balanced very solid team in this league. TR has Doug and Burr and both can fly so NWO better make sure they are ready to run. TR needs to get their play makers the ball this week. NWO has a very solid girl who seems to be getting better and better each and every week. TR is about where you would expect them but could get some big momentum if they take this game. Joey Batts is in full MVP mode I am not sure he will let anyone steal his spotlight this week.   NWO BY 6



MICKEY RATS +3 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: Wait didn't they just play? OK lets do it again then. MR took Team Topper to the wire last week but the refs kept letting Team Topper try until they got it right. MR has been hot down the stretch and is scoring a ton these days. TT needs to shore up a defense that is letting up to many points. This will not bring them home a D3 title. MR is due for payback but wouldn't it be kinda funny if the same darn thing that happened last week happens again this week?  1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 1


GRYYFINDOR VS PRI TI PLAS +10:  Oh how the marginally average have fallen. Poor PTP is struggling which is not good for business. I like them better when they are winning and calling their shots and being cocky and brash and the team you love to hate. This team that keeps getting crushed is no fun and really is bad for ratings. WTF PTP we took your letters away until you win a game. PTP will be on the grandest of stages against the grandest of teams. So yeah maybe I am calling you out PTP what are you going to do? Are you going to take back that which is rightfully yours and once again become a ratings darling? Or will you become an also ran whose name is forgotten?  GRYYFINDOR BY 10


BULLET CLUB VS COBBLESTONE +3: We all know what happened last time. BC had the lead and all was well then they claim they got Doved. They claim the clock was wrong and that the Doveman did them in. Now we get round #2. My guess is BC comes to town hopping mad and does everything they can to make things right. B's Brother knows better than anyone the importance of this game. He probably gets to the fields at 543 am and starts his stretching and headphone listening. This game will be bedlam as it might just be Redemption Bowl.  BULLET CLUB BY 4


A&A VS STICKY BANDITS +1: This game should be war. Both squads are playing well and need a big win this week. SB have been rolling as of late and are the system squad that are heady and very solid. When you think A&A you think offense and you think plate o spaghetti. These two teams are polar opposites of each other. Make no mistake these teams will both bring their A game and I expect an instant classic. This game should go down to the wire then anything can happen. A&A BY 1



AARP +7 VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR JZ: AARP is having a decent season which was highlighted with a huge win over Hometech last week. Everyone continues to sleep on SAFTG. This team checks all the boxes and continues to very quietly go about their bidness. AARP will bring the fight as they always come to play but top to bottom man to man girl to girl I just think SAFTG have one more club int he bag than AARP does. Look for SAFTG to roll in this one.    SAFTG BY 8


HOMETECH +13 VS SHREDDERS: Shredders were shocked last week and I fear a tornado is coming. Hometech seems to have totally implode after the decision to sit B's Brother was made last week. Only B's Brother astute knowledge of the game and immense physical skill can propel Hometech to victory. A very angry Shredders team awaits the Tech. They will be hopping mad and trust me I have seen some of their tempers. This game could get out of control early and often. Hometech just will not be able to go tote to toe with an offense that is due for a break out week. SHREDDERS BY 11


THE BAMBS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +8: TB are not having a typical Bambs session. They still have speed and decent balance but the game is a tad quicker up in the D4 pond. IE looks to be one player away from doing damage in this division. They have solid girls and probably one of the best guys int he division but they lack a solid male supporting cast which seems to be their down fall from week to week. They need more production form their 2-4 guys. Once they achieve this sky is the limit. TB need a big bounce back victory so they can get back into the race. TB are lacking on offense and need to score more points. THE BAMBS BY 7


NO PUNT INTENDED +7 VS RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS:  NPI got shocked last week and now must go into the valley of death to face a team that seems to be right in the middle of the D4 title chase. Is NPI for real or not? That seems to be a question we asked about RPMAS last week but they answered our question loud and clear. This week its NPI's turn but I am not so sure the answer will be the same. RPMAS are fast they are solid and they seem poised to challenge for a D4 title.  RPMAS BY 6


3RD AND SCHLONG +8 VS HK4: 3rd and Schlong shocked NPI last week can they now shock the D4 favorite? That is one good question. 3AS has a very intelligent QB, decent girls and a very solid supporting cast. Even Kevin Keller got into the mix last week as he scored multiple times. HK4 is an offensive juggernaut and will bring all kinds of match up head aches to this game. Their offense is fierce, their team is solid and 3AS will need to be on their A game. Can 3AS shock us one more time? I don't think so but they can make this closer than you would think.   HK4 BY 7



UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN +3: AWDIQ is on fire right now as they are the winners of their last 2 and they have their faithful believing. Uncle Rico took a tough last minute loss to CFB last week. One stands at 5-2 the other at 4-3. This game should be bedlam folks. Uncle Rico's has an impressive offense that can score almost at will. AWDIQ is very fast and surprises many folks. UR will bring the fight and is loaded top to bottom as they are very balanced. I expect a great game here between 2 teams that might be seeing each other again real soon.   UNCLE RICO'S BY 3


ACE VS HOPE N RUIN +1: 2 former foes re-kindle an old rivalry this week when ACE and HNR have at it. These two teams know each other well and I expect some hostility and nastiness in this one. ACE is having a solid session while HNR has been up and down. None of that matters this week as these two teams will be ready for war. Bragging rights are on the line. Playoff seeding is on the line this week. This game should be good between two teams that know each other well. I am very curious to see which on e blinks first. ACE BY 1


MADISON LEE'S +3 VS COME FROM BEHIND: This one ought to be interesting.  Both teams are high up the D5 mountain. CFB has a huge height advantage this week. I don't see why they wouldn't or couldn't just put a tall guy wide and throw him jump balls over DB's that are a foot shorter than him. Plus CFB has some huge speed mismatches. ML has solid girls top to bottom but will they be able to go toe to toe with a team of this caliber? CFB has a solid QB, vet savvy girls and a big size edge. But you know the saying....any given Saturday....COME FROM BEHIND BY 4


SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +7 VS MATTY'S ANGELS:  MA is still in the thick of things when it comes to playoffs. With a huge grudge match looming at 3:00 with their new nemesis Madison Lee's will Matty's Angels look ahead and not stay focused on the task at hand? I doubt it they are still D6 champs you know. MA should be firing on all cylinders and I expect them to score early and often in route a big victory this week. The SNB defense may be very busy this week as football will be flying through the air early and often to MA WR'S  all over the field this week.  MATTY'S ANGELS BY 6


PASSLESS CHAPS +10 VS HUNG BUFFALO: HB is just cruising right now and PC are not. HB is awesome and they are are scoring well and playing super stingy defense. PC aren't the best offense in the world and have been known to give up huge chunks of yards. I expect a quick game here as HB is ready for the playoffs right now. Uncle Rico and ACE and CFB are getting the pub but Hung Buffalo is quietly going about their business week after week.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 13


SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +8 VS COME FROM BEHIND: CFB looked very impressive last week in a very good game with Uncle Rico's. Their offense seemed to be playoff ready. SNB is struggling as usual and might need  a trip down to D6 next session. It did wonders for UFO and might do wonders for them as well. CFB is an extremely intelligent, disciplined, balanced and talented team on both sides of the ball. As the saying goes looks like the savvy vets about to take the kids to school this week.   COME FROM BEHIND BY 10


MATTY'S ANGELS +3 VS MADISON LEE'S: Oh it is so on this week. We all know the story so who wins the game? It's hard to figure this one out but one has to think ML has the edge as Travis is wicked fast and can cover more ground on defense than the Iceman can. ML has an offense that is light years ahead of ML but I am not sure that the Angels can out last the Lee's in this one. I expect a great game between two teams that will give it everything they have but until I see other wise I just think ML has a little more than MA do. Regardless this game should be well played and a great game between two teams that know this game and know it well . MADISON LEE'S BY 4



THE PRACTICE SQUAD +3 VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE: This game should be a good one. PS has struggled but they are starting to show signs of life and looked awesome last week in a big win vs UFO. SSS started off so hot but they have not been as dominant as in weeks past. PS will probably only score in the low to mid 20's so SSS should have no issues going toe to toe with them PS have some solid players I am telling you their time is coming. I just am not sure if that time is now.   SSS BY 4


UFO VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +7: TMA got a big win last week but it was against Solar. UFO struggled last week but will look to get back up off the mat. TMA is capable fo scoring points but they can be exposed on defense. UFO struggles to score sometimes but they are stingy on defense. This game is a very interesting match up. I see TMA bringing the fight I am not sure they can go round for round with UFO in this one. I expect a very close game that might not be decided until ltae.   UFO BY 3


CELINO SEWER RATS VS COLLEGIATE SOLAR +7:  Solar got a big game from their O last week but their D continues to kill them. CSR played a very tough UFO team to a 28-28- tie. I am guessing CSR comes to town this week and lays the smacketh downeth on CS. Solar can score and Solar can make some plays but they just have not figured out how to stop people. Until they do I see choppy waters out there on the lake for the Solar defense.  CELINO SEWER ARTS BY 8


THE TAMMY'S +14 VS THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE:  So it looks like the Tammy's are taking on the Tommy's this week. The Tammy's gave SSS a scare as they fought them tooth and nail before falling 21-20. THE is rolling right now and might be coming in cold. It would be the greatest upset in TSL history if the Tammy's beat the Tommy's this week but that will never happen. I for one just hope the game stays kinda close. THE will score some points but I fear the Tammy's offense will not be able to keep pace. THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 10



#5: BATT MAN: I mean Uncle Joey Battaglia. The Batt Man came, he saw and he conquered. Bullet Club his arch enemy came to town and he dismantled them quickly. In the night cap NWO beat down a Tiger and Bro Less TEIM 39-14. My favorite line of the day was when he caught a bomb and as the ball was still in the air Joey Batts told the guy covering him he had no chance in hell of stopping him. My 2nd favorite line of the day is when Brother Nero told us "My brother couldn't throw the ball 10 yards in the air if he tried."  I think it's almost time to call Brother Anthony into a podcast as I am sure he might have a few things to tell us.....


#4: The Tammy's: Yes they have not won. Yes they are not playing good ball. Yes the fact they are MVP's this week makes no sense. It makes so little sense that it makes perfect sense. The fact remains that SSS is a damn good football team and The Tammy's took them to the wire and lost 21-20 but their effort should be commended.


#3: Matty's Angels: The season was on the line and the much maligned Angel's took the field of battle against a very game Back that Pass Up. 50 Minutes later Matty's Angels saved their season with a huge 52-26 victory. Oh it is soooooo on ladies night style next week when Madison Lee's come to town. 


#2: Kevin Keller: The much maligned "other Keller" was Patrick Stewart money this week in a huge 51-12 thug like beat down of No Punt Intended. BTW can someone stop Katie rhymes with Heller  from sending us drunken snap chat "messages" after 7PM.  Kevin Keller scored 2 TDS and was shockingly really good on defense in a big win. 


#1: Val and Ferger: Took the lead and walked around the fields to gather donations and flowers for Officer Craig Lehner. On behalf of the TSL Universe it goes without saying that ours prayers are with the friends and family members of Officer Craig Lehner during this most difficult time. 



#5: Witter's: It never gets better before it gets worse. Witter's got smoked by the previously struggling DMX 58-31. Yes they have officially hit rock bottom :(

#4: Shredder's: There are those that thought Ryan Puckett and Co were not for real. Oh were they wrong!!!!  RPMAS made it rain early and often in a tremendous 30-22 victory. Shredders are a decent squad but lack 2 things. 1. Top end speed in the secondary. 2. A consistent QB. 

#3: Hope N Ruin: Yes I know it appears they were not at 100% but this is the game that will make them ask the question...did we deserve to win the D6 title? AWDIQ was missing a girl that day and HNR took the title. Did HNR deserve the win? Was AWDIQ hosed? Why do I ask so many questions? I know it was a meaning less game in the grand scheme of things but one must still wonder...... 

#2: UFO: I was expecting so much more. Yes I know D6 is tough. Yes I know anything can happen on any given Saturday but I was quietly wondering if UFO was the team that could give Tommy Hughes a game. They lost to Practice Squad and tied CSR 28-28. UFO is still a solid team but I am now convinced they are not the threat THE is looking for. 

#1: Hometech: They were the people's champion. They were America's team then they failed to play B's Brother and suffered a beat down of epic proportions 53-7 to AARP. B's Brother was so distraught he couldn't even formulate sentences when asked about the loss. Then 3rd and Schlong went out and smoked PTI. The day couldn't get any worse for these poor guys. B's Brother claims that he did not receive a "post game " massage later that night because as he put it "no woman is coming to the house of a guy that just lost 53-7 to give him a post game massage."



1. Joe K asked a very fair question on this weeks podcast. Can we trace Witter's collapse to the time they got rid of B's Brother? I think its a very fair question. BTW if any TSL'er wants to be a podcast guest feel free to join us all you have to do is email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would love to have you on. 

2.  So who wins the system squad or the sand lot players? That is one good question but all I know is Sticky Bandits V A&A ought to be a game you don't want to miss. Both teams need this one big time. 

3.  Can 3rd and Schlong shock the world one more time and beat HK4? Easier said than done. Last week was a very impressive win but HK4 seems to have things on cruise control. 

4. . Is Uncle Rico about to lose 2 games in a row? It doesn't seem likely though AWDIQ seems to be the new flavor of the week as they have shocked CFB and HNR in back to back weeks. I am very excited to see how these two match up this week. 

5. I'm guessing #XTC has a plan in place and will attack specific places in the Public Enemy defense this week. My question is will Public Enemy be smart enough to see this coming and adjust to it so it doesn't cost them the game? That right there might just be the question of the day. 


10 final thoughts before game day

1. The game I have my eye on is in D5 where a grudge match is brewing. Ladies night will be at 3:00 this Saturday when Matty's Angels has at it with Madison Lee's.  We all know the side story. Travis was on the Angel's but got Toppered so he had to start his own squad due to rule changes. This one out to be a good one. 

2.  I so can not wait for Bullet Club/Cobblestone II. I expect hell fire and brimstone. I expect BC to come out and want nothing more than to send Cobblestone a message that last game out was a fluke. BC is still reeling from "Stopwatchgate." Oh it will be sooooo on in this one.  

3.  I have been very impressed with the Bombers the past few weeks and this week I see a game they can win on the schedule. This game wont be easy but the Bombers can use their size and speed to the outside and get some big gains on offense against a Purge secondary that has struggled to date. 

4. We should know by days end if Madison Lee's are contenders or pretenders. The stand at 5-2 but have 2 huge games this week with The Angels and CFB. If they take both look out.....But if they don't :(

5.  Ryan Puckett and NPI should be a decent game. They were saying RPMAS were not for real but RPMAS threw their figurative "middle fingers in the air." Now the same questions are being asked about NPI. How will they react? Are the nay sayers right or mis-informed? 

6. The Practice Squad/SSS keeps popping off the page for me. Can PS shock another team this week? They are a solid team that continues to take baby steps. SSS are a decent squad and I still think when the dust settles they will be the team to face THE in the finals but SSS have been known to have lapses from time to time. This game might be closer than people think. I still think in time PS will be a very solid team in this league but they are still slowly learning this game. 

7.  NWO is getting hot at the right time but The Replacements come in rested and ready to roll. TR have two barn burners that can run with anyone. NWO will need to be ready for anything this week as the Replacements can shock them.

8.   The Bambs vs Indecent Exposure will be a game where two teams are both dying for a win and more will be on the line than you would think. Playoffs are coming soon and both teams need to get up off the mat and get back into the race. These two teams match up well and should put on a good show this week. 

9.  RAS have had some success so far in D1. They beat New Gods, lost to Marketing Mayors and tied Public Enemy but this is the week they will get to see how far they have truly come. Eyes Downtown is the measuring stick and I am sure many eyes will be on this game this week. ED has not looked as impressive as in seasons past but they have been missing key personnel week after week. 

10.  Mickey Rats vs Team Topper was an instant classic last week and this week should not disappoint. MR has looked awesome since about the Cobblestone game a few weeks ago. Their offense is scoring at will but they need to find a way to shore up the defense a tad. The Topper is rolling and continues to put in MVP type performances. D3 is easily the best division in TSL and the one division where anyone of like 5 teams could win it all. 

11. Great news everybody. B's Brother finally has "pre-sale" tickets for November 26,2017. The screening of the rise and fall of Tephlon will be that night. Tickets are only $8 and can be purchased as early as Saturday. Jeffy will be walking around the fields. He is the magical man with the Cobblestone, Bullet Club, Hometech, 1 Topper Too Many, Mayhem, Edge Black, Inches Short, GNA, DKK, Eyes Downtown, Riley St Station, Public Enemy, and Frizzy's jersey on.



If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 


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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.


CYA Saturday......




Week 9 Finally..I mean Week 9 thoughts, picks, insights and stuff

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The time for talk is over. For some of you I am sorry but your season ends Saturday. For others you get to live another week. For  a handful of teams your future is not so clear as you must win one more game. There are those that have yet to punch their ticket to the dance next week. All eyes will be on the hotly contested playoff battles looming this Saturday.


Thank you to all on a great 8 weeks lets hope week #9 is as good as all the others....

 Let's pick some games......



MARKETING MAYORS VS EYES DOWNTOWN +1: MM is undefeated and continue to play solid football. Disciplined mistake free football has sort of become their motto now. ED are still a multiple time champ though MM seems to have their number. For ED to win they need use Matty Mohr better this week. Some times when someone mans you, you just have to trot out your 3 best players and tell your opponent "OK stop me I dare you." If ED trots Chadwick, Farr and Mohr out they will cause headaches for the MM defense. MM are solid top to bottom so this game should be a great one to watch.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 1


NEW GODS VS PUBLIC ENEMY: These two hooked up earlier this season and played a barn burner that ended 46-46. Alot was learned that week. For one it was the John McGrath coming out party as dude was money on both sides of the ball. NG were dialed in and got great games from Ricky and their girls. PE looked a tad confused on defense but scored at the end when they needed to. I expect another barn burner in this one as both teams can score points in bunches. I am interested to see what each team took away from the last game and how each team plans to adjust. I think another tightly contested battle is coming Saturday.  I PREDICT ANOTHER TIE


RACKS AND SACKS VS #XTC +7: #XTC is a solid team but they did not look so solid last week as their QB had a tough day at the office. RAS struggled themselves as they got beat by the ED back up QB. This game is more important than it looks. Both squads are capable of shocking someone in round #1 of the playoffs but they need their confidence back. Both have looked good at times and very average other times. This is the week one must separate itself from the other. Last time out I think #XTC won and Tommy Hughes was dialed in. Tommy Hughes needs to summon the ghosts of Christmas past as #XTC needs better  QB play. I expect a very close game in this one.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 4


THE PURGE +7 VS BOMBERS: Last week Bombers took TP to school but that was then and this is now. TP was missing like half their squad but they gave it a go. Neither of these teams is going to the finals so on this day on this field each can take another step and treat this game as their super bowl. For the Purge its a chance to show D1 and the Bombers that they can compete and that last week was a fluke. For Bombers it's a chance to show the world that you can improve and with hard work comes rich reward. I expect a better game than last week and wonder to myself how much fight the Purge has left in them The Purge by 1



ANGRY BUFFALO VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +4: This game should be a good one. These could be the 2 best teams in D2 and if they both are at 100% this game could be one for the ages. Nick Sooch is playing out of his mind right now. I can't even begin to think where this team would be if Delano actually played this session. Tiger is also playing lights out and TEIM is playing awesome as well. These two teams match up so well. AB is dialed in on O and are solid. TEIM are the disciplined system squad that get all 6 players always pulling in the same direction. I expect a back and forth classic in this one that might not be decided until late. Though GNA might disagree we could be getting a preview of the D2 title game. If you want to watch a game between 2 teams that just play good football this is the game for you.   ANGRY BUFFALO BY 3:


GRAY AND ASSOCIATES VS NWO +3: So last time out these two hooked up NWO met the greatest female player in the history of the game. It's week #9 that usually mean Dubey and Patterson and all the rest of them re-appear from hibernation and get a game in before playoffs start up. NWO has been up and down but can play with anyone. If everyone shows for GNA they win but if they don't anything can happen.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 3


REPLACEMENTS VS BLITZKRIEG +7: TR is a team D2 better keep their eyes on the next few weeks. They are capable of shocking the world. Blitzkrieg just seems a click off in D2 right now and probably needs another season or so to gel before they become a legitimate threat. TR check all the boxes but it all begins and ends at QB for them. When their QB is on they can beat anyone when he is off they are about to have a long day. I see too much big game talent on the TR side line this week and that talent should carry them Saturday.  REPLACEMENTS BY 6


DMX VS WITTERS +8: DMX might be 1-7 but they have looked very good the past 3 or so weeks including a big win over Witter's recently. Witter's is a hot mess at 1-7 but they showed signs of life last week. I expect Witters to show signs of life this week. They might be down, they might be struggling but there are alot of seasoned vets on that sideline that will figure a way to circle the wagons if at least for this week. DMX should win this game but my guess is Witter's comes to pay this week with their best effort of the season. DMX BY 3



BATTINDOR +3 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY:  46-44. That was the score of the game the last time these 2 hooked up and the game was magical. Offenses were making it rain , the QB's were MVP-esque and the game was one of the better we have seen all year. What happens now? I think Gryfindor might not recover from the events of last week. They had the come back then BOOM they didn't. The only saving grace for Gyffindor is they have perhaps the 2nd greatest leader of modern times on their sidelines. Joey Batts understands the gravity of the moment at hand and he will not let Gyrfindor come to town and not be ready. Team Topper wants the #1 seed and they deserve it but to get it they must do something they have not done this season. They must beat the Batman.Topper has been "super" so far this season.  Last time I checked Super Man > Bat Man.   1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 3


BULLET CLUB VS STICKY BANDITS +3: This is a game I will be watching with keen interest this week. SB are 4-0-1 in their last 5 and are scorching hot heading down the stretch. BC got a huge win over new arch nemesis Cobblestone and look awesome with the addition of Gordon's Brother. Ok here's the tricky part. I need everyone in the TSL universe to not tell Gordon how good his brother is because we all know Gordon gets "aggitated" sometimes and we don't want him to get angry. As for the game this thing should be bedlam between 2 teams that easily could be seeing each other again real soon. I expect an instant classic. If this was a fight it would be Ali/Frazier, Tyson/Holyfield, Ric Flair /Hulk Hogan B's Brother/Rameer. . Fasten your seat belts boys and girls this should be a good one.  BULLET CLUB BY 1 


A&A +7 VS COBBLESTONE :Let me start by saying the Iceman will not be in attendance this wEek as he will be away on league bidness so the line shifts dramatically in Cobblestones favor. CS had a rough week last week. Was it Darryl? LOL NO it wasn't. Was it the WRS? Maybe. The question I keep hearing is why didn't CS listen to Mr Brother as he tried to shout out plays. As he put it "I know what defense they are running and only I know the secret formula to beat these guys but they aren't listening to me." Of course Mr Brother's plan was to put himself in at QB and let's be honest THAT AIN'T HAPPENING. As for the game CS will win as A&A will not have their leader this week.  COBBLESTONE BY 8


MICKEY RATS VS PRIME TIME PLAYERS +4: PTP shocked the world last week as they upset Gryffindor. PTP is a very solid team with very solid players. They are better than their record indicates. They have speed, size and very talented girls. MR have been an up and down roller coaster . All their problems and success begins and ends at QB. When the starts is there they can play with anyone when he isn't turn out the lights the party is over. Both teams need this win badly so this game should be a good one.  MICKEY RATS BY 3



SHREDDERS +3 VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR JZ: SAFTG look solid on both sides of the ball. They play solid disciplined football and win more games than they lose. They are anchored by a very smart skipper who always puts them in positions to maximize their strengths. I am not sold yet on Shredders. I do see talent. I see very talented girls on this quad but I am not sold at QB and I am not sure they have the top shelf speed in the secondary that some of the other top tier teams have. This is the week Shredders finds out if they will make waves in the payoffs or are bound for an early exit.   SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 1


NO PUNT INTENDED VS HOMETECH +10: Hometech is struggling make no mistake about it. They struggle to score and they have trouble playing any from of defense. The only silver lining is obviously B's Brother . Its so hard believe this is the same team that shocked the world with a deep run in last sessions playoffs. NPI has been up and down but they should handle this quad easily. better days are coming for NPI while HT needs a trip to D5. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 9


AARP +3 VS THE BAMBS: Both teams are in the mix but they just aren't really scaring anyone. No one gets more petrified as playoffs get closer than the Bambs. No one can fold like a tent come playoff time better than the Bambs. AARP are ho humming along but look meh right now,. I don't think either has a shot at D4 gold this session but I really hope the Bambs implode come playoff time because its really fun when they do cus they get all mad and stuff and it just makes me laugh for some reason. . THE BAMBS BY 4


INDECENT EXPOSURE +1 VS 3RD AND SCHLONG: This easily is the match up of the day as it's win and your in. Both teams will be fighting tooth and nail for the final ticket to the D4 dace. IE. has struggled on both sides of the ball   recently while 3rd and Schlong has looked very impressive the past 2-3 weeks. In games like this you must go to your play makers early and often. IE has a play maker that can easily take this game over if used correctly. 3rd and Schlong use a full team mentality . This game should be close and wont be decided until late. Who will be this weeks hero?  3RD AND SCHLONG BY 1


 HK4 VS RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS +3: This one ought to be good. RPMAS have proven that they are for real now they need to know how good they actually are. HK4 seems to be the club house leader right ow so the winner of this game easily enters the D4 dance as the title favorite. Both teams have solid speed, decent QB play and can score some points. HK4 has been an offensive juggernaut most of the season and will look to score early and often in this one. RPMAS are very balanced and will be a very interesting test this week. I expect an instant classic in this one.    HK4 BY 4



 UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS VS  MADISON LEE'S +10: URTT are hot Madison Lee's are not. ML took 2 tough beats last week and need to get up off the mat. URTT are the excellence of execution on offense and continue to play well. They do however have no clue to my true identity as they keep thinking an associate of mine is me when he is not. ML needs to find a way to score early and often as they will be in a track meet. The worst thing a gender team can do is get in a shoot out with tall WRS. They will have this problem Saturday and it might cost them dearly.   UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 8


ACE VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN +1: ACE is awesome and Ronny K could be this years D5 MVP. He has ACE believing these days. When ACE got the initial D5 call their whole team was in an uproar but not Ronny K. He became the general, leader and visionary we have all come to love. He led and his players followed. Now they must face the young upstarts. AWDIQ isa very good team they are fast and they are talented. Are they so young that they do not understand the gravity of the moment at hand? Will they not be intimidated by Ronny K's greatness this week? This game should be bedlam.  ALL WE DO IS QWINN BY 1


MATTY'S ANGELS +7 VS HUNG BUFFALO:Hung Buffalo is sitting atop the mountain high at 7-1 and life is good. Matty's Angels played very well last week and got two big wins. The problem is Matty Ice is not playing Saturday and I am not too sure the back up has the arm strength or the field generalness Matty Ice does. Who is the Matty Ice back up BTW does anyone know? HB is an awesome squad that looks poised to perhaps take another title. They are battle tested and they can run the table. I expect an all out war shootout style this week. HUNG BUFFALO BY 7


BACK THAT PASS UP VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +3: BTPU still has slim playoff hopes alive but SNB really needs a trip down to D6. BTPU must win this game and needs help but lets be honest Passless Chaps aren't beating HNR Saturday. But here's hoping. If you are a BTPU fan you must win and hope HNR loses. If you are a SNB fan you want this season over and you want the call to D6.   BACK THAT PASS UP BY 3


PASSLESS CHAPS +8 HOPE N RUIN:HNR needs this game and they need it bad. They have looked like world beaters some weeks and other weeks not so much. PC are not having a very good season and they too might need a trip down to D6 to cure that which ails them. Like BTPU will be score board watching but unlike BTPU if HNR wins they are in.  HNR will need to bring thunder this week so they can extend their season into week #10.  HOPE N RUIN BY 7




MCKENZIE AGENCY +8 VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE  I don't know what to think of SSS. When they are in full attendance they are capable of great things in D6 but they are getting very bad attendance and it makes you wonder if someone is about to shock them come playoff time. TMA are a decent squad that just is flat out struggling. The have a decent offense but they just can't stop anyone. SSS have a few burners so they should be able to run on the TMA defense. That is if the SSS players actually show up.  SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE BY 10


TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS CELINO SEWER RATS +8:  CSR is really the last hope. I just don't see anyone stopping THE. I still don't understand how THE is even a team in D6 but that is a conversation for another day. CSR have won some games in this league and they can pull the upset. They do have some speed and they do have some talent and if the planets align correctly they can pull the upset. Will that day be Saturday? I doubt it. THE has got it on cruise control right now and look destined to be hoisting the hardware come December 8.Of course that's assuming they don't get Topper'd...  .  TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE  BY 8


UFO VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +7:  TPS has been very hot down the stretch and seem to be gaining steam each and every week. TPS has talent it's there you can see it but they just need to learn how to utilize it. UFO got a great game from their offense lats week though it was against one of the worst defenses in D6. UFO will look to make a statement this week as playoffs quickly approach. UFO is in a group of about 2-3 teams that might be able to give THE a scare. In time TPS will be the best team in D6 unfortunately that day is not today......but its coming  UFO BY 6


COLLEGIATE SOLAR VS THE TAMMY'S +7:  Ok someone has to win this game that is the good news. The bad news is the loser will be the worst team in TSL this session. TT have been really bad and that's OK because they have played alot better the past few weeks. CS can score and they can make plays in this league. Their problem is was and will always be stopping people. TT have a very inconsistent offense so CS might finally have a week where they come in favored and walk out winners: COLLEGIATE SOLAR BY 6



#5. COME FROM BEHIND: This time with the back up QB playing, CFB beat Madison Lee's by 17 and Shake n Bake Stampede by 20. CFB now sits at 7-2 and looks ready for the playoffs right now  Time will tell if they enter the dance as the #1 or #2 seed. 


#4: THE REPLACEMENTS:  NWO was quickly becoming the new flavor of the week in D2 then BOOM TR beats them upset special style 29-28. The Replacements are one team I would keep my eyes on as playoffs quickly approach as they are capable of shocking people. Just ask NWO.


#3: MATTY'S ANGELS:  Started off the day 2-4 and there were those quietly wondering if they would in fact miss the D5 dance.  They had an easy one to start the day but many  wondered if ML would beat them and knock them down the ladder. Well Matty's Angels took the field of battle at 3 o'clock  and basically told all of D5 to stick it as they laid the smacketh downeth on Madison Lee's 36-34. They now stand at 4-4 with a very tough game with Hung Buffalo looming


#2: PRIME TIME PLAYERS:  Things were getting bleak for Frodo, really tall guy, guy whose name I don't know, scowling looks blonde chick, Jimmy Football and pork chop. To make matters worse Gryffindor and TSL MVP candidate Joey Batts were heading to town. Things were so dire we took away alot of their letters until they won a game. Well guess what? PTP did win a game. There are those that will blame the stone hands of a Gryffindor WR but regardless PTP scored when it mattered most and their D held as they shocked Gryffindor. 


#1: GODZILLA:  Paul Nieman came to pay Saturday setting a TSL record with 4 interceptions in one game. I also think he had a TD as well. Godzilla crushed poor #XTC in route to a big 34-8 victory.



#5: B's Brother:  Yes he scored a TD for Hometech and it was magical, but post Cobblestone game you can't walk around the fields claiming you had some secret formula for winning the Cobblestone game that your team didn't listen to. You haven't thrown a pass in this league like ever and you are most definitely NOT  better than the #ICON Darryl Carr QB Superstar so shut your pie hole with that drivel little padwan. Post game B's Brother refused to shake the hand of Bullet Club skipper Joe K who graciously walked to the 50 to shake hands. Booooo B'S Brother Boooooooooo


4: Santa's Secret Sauce:  Really? Really? Really?


4: THE PURGE:  TP is struggling. Minus half their normal crew TP lost to the Bombers by like 19. To make matters worse one of their players gets ejected for being mean. You know it's a tough day when your best player is a sub named Topper.


#2:  "A CERTAIN WR" ON GRYFFINDOR:  This guy has done too much in this league over the years to name him by name but on 4th down with the game in doubt Joey Batts dropped back and threw a magical spiral through the air. Standing all alone in the middle of the field on the 5 was our LVP and then BOOM ball bounces off both hands DROP. 2 plays later Gryffindor can't recover game over Gryffindor loses :(


.#1 AWARD WINNING TOMMY HUGHES. I know he's the good one but you cant escape this list if you throw 6 interceptions. Even worse than that he has a magical Scooby Doo outfit and didn't even wear it to the #XTC football costume party Saturday.





1. Is there a hotter team heading down the stretch than Sticky Bandits? They are 4-0-1 in their last 5 and have a very tough game looming this week with Bullet Club. This will be the game that will tell us if the Sticky Nation is in contender or pretender territory. 


2. What must Eyes Downtown be thinking right now? They started the season easily as the D1 favorite. If they lose and New Gods/Public Enemy don't tie they could be the #3 seed by days end. Cory Turner seems to have Bobby's number. Will ED bounce back and take the Mayors to school or will Turner cook up something special again and shock them? This game should be bedlam folks. 


3. So who is the worst team in TSL is it The Tammy's or Collegiate Solar? We will know by days end. Though each team is struggling I for one would like to thank and congratulate both squads on showing up each and every week and giving it everything they have. I am looking forward to a very solid battle between  these 2 squads. Their Super Bowl will be this Saturday. 


.4. Can CSR give Tommy Hughes a game or is THE destined to go undefeated and take D6? I for one am cheering for Celino Sewer Rats this week. I so hope THE gets Topper'd.


 5. Who is the best team in D2 heading into Saturday Angry Buffalo or Tight Ends in Motion? Both squads are solid on both sides of the ball and could be heading into a barn burner this week. I expect hell fire and brimstone in this game. 


10 final thoughts before game day

1. The game I have my eye on is in D4 this week when 2 teams have at it for all the marbles. 2-6 3rd and Schlong has at it with the 1-6-1 Indecent Exposure. . The winner heads to the dance the loser goes home with no playoff dreams. This game should be bedlam. Simply put WIN and your IN.


2. A lil birdie told my associate an interesting fact Saturday. Gryffindor is 5-0 when they have (5) male players in the line up and 0-3 when they have (6) players in the line up. Interesting..... BTW kudos to Anthony "Brother Nero" Battaglia for "laying down the law" and throwing a Purge player out of a game this week. Way to take control of the game Anthony. BTW Joey has never done that.....I'm just sayin. 


 3. I am excited for the TEIM/Angry Buffalo game at 10:00 this week. I will be even even more excited when this game takes place in D1 like it should next Spring. I think both teams are ready for the main stage.


4. Madison Lee's were ho humming along a few weeks ago but now they are losers in 3 of their last 4. Uncle Rico's come to town and this could be another L for the Lee's. When you think URTT you think crazy good offense so ML better be ready to run and play stingy defense or they could be in trouble. 


 5. I am interested to see what Shredder's are made of this week. I see talent on their side of the field but I am not convinced they have enough speed to go with the top tier teams in D4. A very solid very decent SAFTG come to town this week. If ever there was a measuring stick this is the one. Shredder's will know by day's end if they have a shot at the title this week. 


 6. I am super stoked for HK4 vs Ryan Puckett and Co as this game should be bedlam. Both squads are loaded on both sides of the ball and this game should be a good one. HK4 has pretty much dismantled everyone they have faced but RPMAS have quietly gone about their business and looked solid doing so. This could be a preview of the D4 title game. 


 7. I am very interested to see who survives the ACE AWDIQ game. Not too long ago both squads were fighting in D6. Now they continue that fight in D5. AWDIQ are awesome and most definitely the young upstarts ACE has a field general that is having a solid session and has his team firmly in the middle of the D5 title picture. This game should be a good one.


8. #XTC and RAS played an awesome game a few weeks ago. Both squads have not showed well since that game and both need a victory in the worst way as playoffs quickly approach. #XTC has to be quitley wondering which QB will they be getting Saturday has Tommy Hughes has been a roller coaster. I mean they couldn't call in the Topper....Could they?


9. Bullet Club Sticky Bandits should be fun. I am hearing grumbles that a Sticky Bandits player notified Topper of a schedule snafu and almost insinuated SB would rather play Bullet Club than A&A. This might have made Bullet Club a tad irked. Both squads are getting hot at the right time and I expect a decent ball game in this one. 


10. Special thanks to Rameer, Garrett Beesing and Rollie Hayes for participating in this week's podcast as fun was had by all. If you ever want to be a podcast guest just contact TSL talent coordinator Joe K or email us at podcast we would love to talk with you. 


If you want a sub please email the request to before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.



CYA Saturday......




Week 7 -Thoughts, Picks, Predictions, and Insights

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Well I am tired. Exhaustion and frustration is setting in. Now is about the time I start my thoughts on retirement as football starts to burn me out.

Playoffs are heating up, the races are getting good and the season could be saved as rumors swirl the B's Brother Variety Hour will be this Wednesday Night. When in doubt trot out B's Brother.

 OK lets get to it..................

 Let's pick some games......



PUBLIC ENEMY VS THE PURGE +3: There is an old poker saying that goes something like this "If you walk up to a poker table and can't spot the sucker that usually means the sucker is you." PE is having problems but until some of their players understand and come to grips with them and try to fix them this team will not fix their problems. TP has probably the best girls in D1 a decent QB and 1 superstar. TP also has a zone that can be lit up like a Christmas tree. PE should have no problem scoring points but let's be honest nothing is as it seems right now so anything that could happen probably will happen this week.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1


MARKETING MAYORS VS #XTC +7: MM are off to a hot start mostly because they are as smart as they come. When you have a smart team with physical skill you will win more games than you will lose as MM is obviously showing us. #XTC has come back from the dead incidentally the same time Flynn came back. XTC is no push over and will come to play this week. Kedron seems a step quicker, Flynn is on fire and Shane Grffin looks right at home on XTC. MM are solid top to bottom and should take this game late.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 6


NEW GODS VS BOMBERS +13: NG should have a fairly easy time with a team that lacks the top shelf speed that New Gods have. If Bombers were smart they would stop the long ball idea and just sit back and go get 8-10 yards a play. They have some decent WRS who can run solid 8 yard routes. They get into trouble when they run bombs and fail. NG have a big edge at every position here and I don't see anything that would tell me an upset is coming. NG should roll in this one.  NEW GODS BY 11


CHAD STUFF +10 VS RACKS AND SACKS: RAS was moving right along then the wheels fell off the bus. Some would say that an upset is a bad thing but I think RAS needed that loss. It almost looked like they went from confident to almost arrogant in a way but I am guessing they come out firing this week. Last week's loss will be a reminder that on any given Saturday anything can happen. My guess is RAS will be on their game this week. Radon meet Bloomfield....Bloomfield meet Radon. This will be one of the better 1 on 1 match ups this season between 2 guys that can flat out go.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 11


BOMBERS +9 VS RACKS AND SACKS: Bombers need to slow things down and go for short modest gains. If they go long on this team they will get crushed. RAS has one of the quicker secondaries in the game and will literally just bat bombs away and laugh them off. Bombers need to be smart this week and use slants and quick hitters to move up and down the field. RAS has Bombers out gunned pretty much at every level this week. Bombers can keep this close if they play small ball this week.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 9



GRAY AND ASSOCIATES VS THE REPLACEMENTS +10: So who is playing QB for both teams? GNA is having attendance issues but easily can play D1 if everyone shows. TR are an up and down squad but they have 2 burners. The question always remains who will be in the GNA line up. TR has had some past success manning GNA I wonder if they try this trick this week. TR needs to get Burr the ball early and often to have a shot. GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 8


DMX VS WITTER'S +4:  There is not a team in this league struggling worse than Witter's. They are about to implode which is not good. They have talent. They have vet savvy, they have skill all over the field but why are they struggling. To be honest I just don't think they have a leader and no one is stepping up to take the lead. This team needs one leader who can rally the troops to victory. DMX is all offense but is terrible on defense so this could be s shoot out. I normally would say Witter's will find a way to win but I am convinced this team will literally just explode on the field one week. It's a shame because there are alot of very good people on Witter's who are just flat out better than this right now. DMX BY 3


BLITZKREIG +7 VS ANGRY BUFFALO: I knew Blitzkreig was not only better than their record indicated but that they would give TEIM all they could handle and more last week. Blitzkreig is skilled and can shock so,eone in  he right circumstance. AB went out and won another one yawn. AB should be in D1 period. This is kind of turning into a travesty because BA is just better than everyone else. This will be another week they show us that which we already know. The only question each week is by how much? Blitzkreig is no push over and continues to get better and better week after week but AB is dialed in right now. ANGRY BUFFALO BY 8


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS NWO +6: I have to be honest TEIM is one of my favorite teams. I like them because they are honest. I like them because they work hard and have earned everything they have been given. They haven't stacked their roster or hid in a division. They have continued to rise up each rung of the ladder as they get better and better week after week after week. Unlike some teams TEIM have done it the right way the way it is supposed to be done with hard work. NWO is a solid squad with talent they will give TEIM a test this week. Joey Batts is reeling these days I think this will be another week that the opponent just flat out wins. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 4



MICKEY RATS +6 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: The Topper is quietly having himself a session for the ages and could easily take home TSL MVP. Mickey Rats has been an offensive juggernaut the past few weeks. They seem to have come to life and will be a very big test for a team that was off last week. Team Topper is wicked good and very balanced and should take this game but  will all be in the hands of a defense that has bent but has yet to break.  MR could surprise some folks this week and keep it close and in doubt longer than you would guess.  1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 6


STICKY BANDITS VS COBBLESTONE +1: The Sticky Nation needs more wins and they need this game in the worst way. CS is on fire and has been killing it since the B's Brother revolution started. CS is once again the peoples champion. They have the star QB and now they have the b's brother. SB was called out a few weeks and sent the TSL a collective FU when they threw 71 points out there. SB knows playoffs start soon and they know they are better than their record shows. Now is the time to strike. SB must stake this game to get back in the race. The road will be long and windy but SB can do it.  STICKY BANDITS BY 3


GRYFFINDOR +7 VS BULLET CLUB: Oh no Uncle Joey is having enough problems now the foe of foes is upon him. Bullett Club has Gryffindor's number. Joet Batts has to be be fuming in a room somewhere not talking to anyone after being shocked by Topper and B's Brother last week. Now he must face his nemesis. This game has instant classic written all over it.  This game will be bedlam between two teams that would like nothing more than to dismantle the other. I expect hell fire and brimstone in this one. BULLET CLUB BY 6


PRI TI PLAY +3 VS A&A: A&A is  up and down but their fearless leader has been MIA though many claim they saw him in the 4 o clock game last week. PTP is a hot mess. I have never seen a team go up and up and up divisions only to go down and down and down divisions. PTP needs D4 and they need it now. A&A will prove to be a match up headache. PTP will struggle to stop Matty Ice's plate of spaghetti offense which should carry the day .  I just don't see PTP winning a shoot out with the Ice ManBTW PTP you will get the rest of the letters in your name back when you win some games.    A&A BY 4



THE BAMBS +6 VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR JZ:  SATTG are 4-2 and all is well.  The Bambs are doing OK but they are not lighting up the night sky like last session something just seems to be off. JZ always the opportunist knows this game is huge. 5-2 puts SAFTG right in the hunt with the top 3 teams and D4 becomes a 4 horse race. If SAFTG loses there is a good chance they will fall out of the race and hit also ran territory. This game is bigger than you might think.   SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 7


RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS +4 VS SHREDDERS: This is the week we finally get to truly see if RPMAS are for real or just a product of an early season easy schedule. Shredders are good really good and they will be a big test. Shredders have 2 of the better girls in the division but they can struggle at at times with a  QB who can tend to be erratic. RPMAS know better than anyone that they will be under the microscope this week as people truly want to know if they are for real or not. We will know by days end.   SHREDDERS BY 3


HK4 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +9: HK4 was shocked last week but someone had to be missing right? IE has been up and down. It appears to me that they are in the back half of squads in D4. They have a decent QB and perhaps the best player in D4 but they lack top to bottom star power. HK4 is loaded and wills core. IE is a decent squad but usually is on the wrong end of shootouts. I see that happening once again here. HK4 BY 8


HOMETECH +9 VS AARP:  AARP shocked D4 last week with a big win. Hometech is once again a fan favorite but they lost B's Brother to Cobblestone. How does one lose B's Brother to Cobblestone? AARP are a decent team top to bottom and will be a tough test for HT. HT has a few weapons but they still are grasping the game. AARP needs this game bad for playoffs so I expect them to take this one rather easily. AARP BY 8


NO PUNT INTENDED VS 3RD AND SCHLONG +8: If you ask me NPI is one of the better feel good stories of the season so far. They stay relatively quiet but each and every week they are winning more than they are losing. Team Keller is not having the success they had hoped in D4. Which is shame cus they could have been top 3 in D5. Maybe they can get Hometech to follow them to D5 then have at it down there. NPI is solid top  to bottom and should have no problems scoring on the 3rd and Schlong defense. Look for NPI to to roll. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 7




HOPE N RUIN VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN +1: Looks like we once again get a rematch of a past D6 title game. HNR is right in the thick of it as they have had a decent session with ups and downs. AWDIQ has been weird this session. They have looked hot some weeks and not some others. AWDIQ dusted Come From Behind last week and maybe they are about to get on a a roll. This game should be close and will be a good one. ALL  WE DO IS QWINN BY 4


MADISON LEE'S VS BACK THAT PASS UP +3: ML need to get things going again and a big win would help with playoffs looming. BTPU have had some good and some bad I just done see them running with an offense that is wicked fast and shifty. MTPU could get some gains with some safe jump balls but can they run with the ML rabbits? I didn't think so either.   MADISON LEE'S BY 6


ACE +3 VS HUNG BUFFALO: This is the one I have been waiting for. ACE is crushing it in D5 and Ronny K has his team believing. Hung BUffalo is 4-1-1 and they look fierce. I know one thing two very "chippy" teams will have at it this week and things should be bedlam. I expect tensions to be high I expect hell fire and brimstone. As for the winner this game it could easily go either way.   HUNG BUFFALO BY 2


UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS VS COME FROM BEHIND +7: CFB has had a decent session but what appears to be the big bad wolf of D5 is heading their way. Uncle Rico has been on fire and has been laying waste to any and all challengers. They look wicked dialed in on O and they have a very very stingy defense. This will be the etst as CFB are the savvy vets. CFB have a QB who can throw and a very decent supporting cast. If you want to watch a good football game this is the one for you.   UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 7


BACK THAT PASS UP  VS MATTY'S ANGELS +7: MA seems to have dug a hole for themselves and they need a win and need it bad this week. Enter the slump buster. BTPU is a decent team but can they run with the offensive weapons on MA? That is the question of the day. The season is literally on the line this week. If MA loses they are toast and probably miss the big dance but if they win, if they win then there is no where else to go but up. MATTY'S ANGELS BY 1


PASSLESS CHAPS +7 VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE: Both of these teams are having forgettable sessions. SNB can't seem to take the next step and PC seem destined for a trip to D6. This game wont be flashy it won't boast strong armed qb's or stingy defense. What it will boast is 2 teams that need a win and two teams that can beat the other. My guess is both miss the playoffs but one can take another step forward in their development with a big win. SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE BY 6




THE TAMMY'S +13 VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE: The Tammy's are in trouble and can't seem to get out of their own way. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter will be hopping mad after reeling from a beat down at the ends of rival Tommy Hughes. SSS will want to score early and often and show D6 that last week was a fluke and SSS can win D6. This one ought to be interesting look fro SSS to light up the sky with points Saturday. SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE BY 11


UFO VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +6: UFO is having an awesome session and it can't happen to nicer folks. UFO has looked solid on both sides of the ball and are sitting right in the middle of the D6 title hunt. PS had a great week last week as they crushed the Tammy's but these days everyone is crushing the Tammy's .  PS are a decent squad with skill but they still need time to mesh and win big games. It just looks like UFO is a season or two ahead of PS in their development.  UFO BY 3


UFO +7 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: This game should be good between 2 teams that are decent . CSR are the wild card here as they have won some games but they also have looked hapless some week.s UFO is solid top to bottom but can they run with CSR as they have a few burners. This game should be a good one as both teams are solid top to bottom. This game might come down to which team has the better QB. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 6


COLLEGIATE SOLAR +3 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: I am calling this the Dysfunctional Bowl. Both these teams are 2 if my favorites as they are awesome soap operas both on and off the field I like the fun stories. When you think McKenzie Agency you think about Brent and his awesomeness but then you think about how dysfunctional they can be and that's magical. When you think about Collegiate Solar you think about "girl on crack" and then you think about how dysfunctional they can be. I think these 2 teams should morph into super mega man and call themselves Super Dysfunctional Society Inc. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 1




#5: Taylor Seketurski and Corey Turner: Many thought when they asked for a re-schedule we would never see the game played but they shocked the world when they proclaimed together that on 10-28-17 at 9AM Marketing Mayors and The Purge will have at it. Way to go guys!!!!


#4: .Uncle Rico's Time Travelers: Yes ACE, CFB, HNR and Hung Buffalo seem to get the pub but Unlce Rico's are killing it in D5 and easily could be the title winner come week #11. They won another big game and just keep knocking off every team the TSL trots in front of them. 


#3:  Topper: Thought he had a bye week.  Decked out in khaki shorts and with literally no stretch time Topper grabbed the rock and totally dis-mantled Gryffindor.


#2: Award Winning Tommy Hughes: Went "old school" on Racks and Sacks as he took us on a trip down memory lane. Later in the day dressed as "scooby do" Hughes went nuclear to help Team "Other" beat Team USA 43-42.


#1:  GORDON: The 4 O'Clock game is always a special time for TSL'ers but none more special than Gordon. It gives him a chance to get into his Uncle Sam gear and bring his home made pyro collection. Now when the pyro goes wrong normal people would run but not Gordon as he dove to grab the pyro and made sure it shot  gloriously into the night sky like it should. Yes others might claim there was another MVP but we all know the 4 O'Clock game is Gordon's time to shine.  




#5: DMX Defense: 103 points against in this league won't win you many games. The O can go but the D is... well its just bad.


#4: Collegiate Solar/The Tammy's: It's really hard getting blanked in a game but both these guys did it. Their defenses didn't help much either. 


#3: Joey Batts: Had a huge game with Cobblestone but he had no idea how huge. As it was said at the coin flip "Joey Batts got out starred." B's Brother and Topper both showed up and Cobblestone laid the smacketh downeth on the Gyrffindor. Following the loss Joey Batts was not spotted in the bar.


#2: The Purge: Come on guys the rule says regulation football. Really? Really? Really? 


#1: Witter's: Oh man the arguing and the in-fighting is getting crazy. Witter's is literally ready to implode. Is this it over for them or can they save their season?





1. OK I have to know....who do you think will complete more passes this week to "Bearded Lou" Jeff Easton or Joey Batts?


2.  How will Matty's Angels perform with their season literally on the line this week? BTPU is no slouch MA will need to bring it this week or they could be on the outside looking in come playoff time. 


3.  What exactly is UFO made of? We will know by days end. They are 4-1 and should get by Practice Squad but a huge test is looming when CSR comes to town. The winner of this game slides into the #2 hole in D6 if you ask me.  


4. . Will this be the week Witter's finally implodes? It could be.Witter's needs to slow things down, dumb down the play book and just go back to basics. Usually when tragedy strikes too many voices get talking (and usually the wrong voices are talking see Public Enemy). The thinkers should think the leaders should lead and the players should play. It's really kind of simple if you ask me.


5. Blitzkrieg took TEIM right to the wire last week can they do the same thing against Angry Buffalo? Good question but not likely. AB might only score "50 something this week" which for them would be a bit of a struggle. I see a good game between these 2.



10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on is in D5 when 4-2 ACE has at with the 4-1-1 Hung Buffalo. This game checks all the boxes and should offer some super awesome extra curricular stuff as both teams can tend to get a tad nasty in the morning. I can't wait for this fight on and off the field. 


2.   Shredders vs Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars should be interesting RPMAS are doing well but the people I have talked to in D4 seem to think they have had an easy schedule so far and will get run over by Shredders. Well this is the week we get to see who is for real and who is isn't. 


3.  Sticky Bandits vs Cobblestone should be bedlam. Both teams need a win in the worst way. Both teams are starting to score points in bunches but both teams need to tighten up the defense. I can't wait to see how this one pans out . I am thinking shootout his week. 


4. I can't say enough good things about Tight Ends in Motion. They just get it. Great team on and off the field. They finally seem to have hit their stride. NWO will prove to be a tough test but TEIM at least to me seem poised for bigger and better things. 


5  I am very curious to see how #XTC matches up with Marketing Mayors. MM has basically dismantled every team that has been thrown their way. #XTC looks light years ahead of where they were in week #1. Flynn has returned Hughes looks 8 years younger and Kedron looks to be gaining back his old speed. Stegemeir pretending to be injured might have been the best thing for #XTC.


6.  It's funny HK4, Shredders and Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars seem to be getting all the pub but no one is talking about Saturday's are for the Girls. That's one solid football team if you ask me. It really seems like people are sleeping on them. I wouldn't do that if I were you . Go ask Ricky Austin how sleeping on this team could end up for you.....


7.  Gryffindor V Bullet Club is always a hoot hollering good time between 2 teams that know each other well. I can't wait to see how this game turns out as Gryffindor has shown in the past and actually last week that they can be ripe for an upset. Normally the Gryff is a big favorite but I am not so sure this week.


8.   I am curious to see what Public Enemy does this week. Normally I would say this game would be a blow out but that does not look like the case this week. TP has 2 of the better girls in the game and a speedster in Kevin Zak. They also have 2 very solid possession WR'S.  If the PE defense once again folds like a tent you might as well stick a fork in them . There are rumors swirling Pauly J will be making his return maybe that will help. 


9.  I wonder if every time AWDIQ sees HNR on their schedule they get all mad because deep down in their hearts they feel they should have been crowned the D6 champion that day.a few session's ago. Well here is their chance to show the world what they are made of as Hope N Ruin once again is coming to town.  


10.  I would like to take this time to apologize for some words written last week concerning Chad Stuff and Bombers. Apparently last week some folks on Chad Stuff thought I was running them down and what not about being in D1 when they should be in like D3. Please know I understand you are struggling and that there was some confusion with your roster and players on it and I on behalf of TSL would like to thank you for playing hard and being the best team you can be. My words last week in 10 Final Thoughts however were not targeted at you rather I was trying to make a point that Angry Buffalo and Gray and Associates are completely lame for hiding out in D2 when we all know they can play and compete in D1. Yes Angry Buffalo will whine about their girls who incidentally scored multiple touch downs last week when they scored 127 points in 2 games. Gray and Associates will tell you they are old and look at their record even though they still have the best female ever to play this game, arguably the best QB and easily 2 of the top 10 guys to ever play this game. So Chad Stuff accept my apologies I did not mean to offend you rather just make a point that a few teams in D2 should stop being so lame and just move up and test their mettle against teams of their caliber because as of right now both teams are hiding out in D2......And make no mistake about it and to re-iterate both Angry Buffalo AND Gray and Associates are hiding out in D2. So with that being said if I offended you Chad Stuff or Bombers I am sorry.



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CYA Saturday......




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