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Week 7 -Thoughts, Picks, Predictions, and Insights

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Thursday, 19 October 2017 17:28
Published: Thursday, 19 October 2017 17:28
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Well I am tired. Exhaustion and frustration is setting in. Now is about the time I start my thoughts on retirement as football starts to burn me out.

Playoffs are heating up, the races are getting good and the season could be saved as rumors swirl the B's Brother Variety Hour will be this Wednesday Night. When in doubt trot out B's Brother.

 OK lets get to it..................

 Let's pick some games......



PUBLIC ENEMY VS THE PURGE +3: There is an old poker saying that goes something like this "If you walk up to a poker table and can't spot the sucker that usually means the sucker is you." PE is having problems but until some of their players understand and come to grips with them and try to fix them this team will not fix their problems. TP has probably the best girls in D1 a decent QB and 1 superstar. TP also has a zone that can be lit up like a Christmas tree. PE should have no problem scoring points but let's be honest nothing is as it seems right now so anything that could happen probably will happen this week.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1


MARKETING MAYORS VS #XTC +7: MM are off to a hot start mostly because they are as smart as they come. When you have a smart team with physical skill you will win more games than you will lose as MM is obviously showing us. #XTC has come back from the dead incidentally the same time Flynn came back. XTC is no push over and will come to play this week. Kedron seems a step quicker, Flynn is on fire and Shane Grffin looks right at home on XTC. MM are solid top to bottom and should take this game late.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 6


NEW GODS VS BOMBERS +13: NG should have a fairly easy time with a team that lacks the top shelf speed that New Gods have. If Bombers were smart they would stop the long ball idea and just sit back and go get 8-10 yards a play. They have some decent WRS who can run solid 8 yard routes. They get into trouble when they run bombs and fail. NG have a big edge at every position here and I don't see anything that would tell me an upset is coming. NG should roll in this one.  NEW GODS BY 11


CHAD STUFF +10 VS RACKS AND SACKS: RAS was moving right along then the wheels fell off the bus. Some would say that an upset is a bad thing but I think RAS needed that loss. It almost looked like they went from confident to almost arrogant in a way but I am guessing they come out firing this week. Last week's loss will be a reminder that on any given Saturday anything can happen. My guess is RAS will be on their game this week. Radon meet Bloomfield....Bloomfield meet Radon. This will be one of the better 1 on 1 match ups this season between 2 guys that can flat out go.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 11


BOMBERS +9 VS RACKS AND SACKS: Bombers need to slow things down and go for short modest gains. If they go long on this team they will get crushed. RAS has one of the quicker secondaries in the game and will literally just bat bombs away and laugh them off. Bombers need to be smart this week and use slants and quick hitters to move up and down the field. RAS has Bombers out gunned pretty much at every level this week. Bombers can keep this close if they play small ball this week.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 9



GRAY AND ASSOCIATES VS THE REPLACEMENTS +10: So who is playing QB for both teams? GNA is having attendance issues but easily can play D1 if everyone shows. TR are an up and down squad but they have 2 burners. The question always remains who will be in the GNA line up. TR has had some past success manning GNA I wonder if they try this trick this week. TR needs to get Burr the ball early and often to have a shot. GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 8


DMX VS WITTER'S +4:  There is not a team in this league struggling worse than Witter's. They are about to implode which is not good. They have talent. They have vet savvy, they have skill all over the field but why are they struggling. To be honest I just don't think they have a leader and no one is stepping up to take the lead. This team needs one leader who can rally the troops to victory. DMX is all offense but is terrible on defense so this could be s shoot out. I normally would say Witter's will find a way to win but I am convinced this team will literally just explode on the field one week. It's a shame because there are alot of very good people on Witter's who are just flat out better than this right now. DMX BY 3


BLITZKREIG +7 VS ANGRY BUFFALO: I knew Blitzkreig was not only better than their record indicated but that they would give TEIM all they could handle and more last week. Blitzkreig is skilled and can shock so,eone in  he right circumstance. AB went out and won another one yawn. AB should be in D1 period. This is kind of turning into a travesty because BA is just better than everyone else. This will be another week they show us that which we already know. The only question each week is by how much? Blitzkreig is no push over and continues to get better and better week after week but AB is dialed in right now. ANGRY BUFFALO BY 8


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS NWO +6: I have to be honest TEIM is one of my favorite teams. I like them because they are honest. I like them because they work hard and have earned everything they have been given. They haven't stacked their roster or hid in a division. They have continued to rise up each rung of the ladder as they get better and better week after week after week. Unlike some teams TEIM have done it the right way the way it is supposed to be done with hard work. NWO is a solid squad with talent they will give TEIM a test this week. Joey Batts is reeling these days I think this will be another week that the opponent just flat out wins. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 4



MICKEY RATS +6 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: The Topper is quietly having himself a session for the ages and could easily take home TSL MVP. Mickey Rats has been an offensive juggernaut the past few weeks. They seem to have come to life and will be a very big test for a team that was off last week. Team Topper is wicked good and very balanced and should take this game but  will all be in the hands of a defense that has bent but has yet to break.  MR could surprise some folks this week and keep it close and in doubt longer than you would guess.  1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 6


STICKY BANDITS VS COBBLESTONE +1: The Sticky Nation needs more wins and they need this game in the worst way. CS is on fire and has been killing it since the B's Brother revolution started. CS is once again the peoples champion. They have the star QB and now they have the b's brother. SB was called out a few weeks and sent the TSL a collective FU when they threw 71 points out there. SB knows playoffs start soon and they know they are better than their record shows. Now is the time to strike. SB must stake this game to get back in the race. The road will be long and windy but SB can do it.  STICKY BANDITS BY 3


GRYFFINDOR +7 VS BULLET CLUB: Oh no Uncle Joey is having enough problems now the foe of foes is upon him. Bullett Club has Gryffindor's number. Joet Batts has to be be fuming in a room somewhere not talking to anyone after being shocked by Topper and B's Brother last week. Now he must face his nemesis. This game has instant classic written all over it.  This game will be bedlam between two teams that would like nothing more than to dismantle the other. I expect hell fire and brimstone in this one. BULLET CLUB BY 6


PRI TI PLAY +3 VS A&A: A&A is  up and down but their fearless leader has been MIA though many claim they saw him in the 4 o clock game last week. PTP is a hot mess. I have never seen a team go up and up and up divisions only to go down and down and down divisions. PTP needs D4 and they need it now. A&A will prove to be a match up headache. PTP will struggle to stop Matty Ice's plate of spaghetti offense which should carry the day .  I just don't see PTP winning a shoot out with the Ice ManBTW PTP you will get the rest of the letters in your name back when you win some games.    A&A BY 4



THE BAMBS +6 VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR JZ:  SATTG are 4-2 and all is well.  The Bambs are doing OK but they are not lighting up the night sky like last session something just seems to be off. JZ always the opportunist knows this game is huge. 5-2 puts SAFTG right in the hunt with the top 3 teams and D4 becomes a 4 horse race. If SAFTG loses there is a good chance they will fall out of the race and hit also ran territory. This game is bigger than you might think.   SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 7


RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS +4 VS SHREDDERS: This is the week we finally get to truly see if RPMAS are for real or just a product of an early season easy schedule. Shredders are good really good and they will be a big test. Shredders have 2 of the better girls in the division but they can struggle at at times with a  QB who can tend to be erratic. RPMAS know better than anyone that they will be under the microscope this week as people truly want to know if they are for real or not. We will know by days end.   SHREDDERS BY 3


HK4 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +9: HK4 was shocked last week but someone had to be missing right? IE has been up and down. It appears to me that they are in the back half of squads in D4. They have a decent QB and perhaps the best player in D4 but they lack top to bottom star power. HK4 is loaded and wills core. IE is a decent squad but usually is on the wrong end of shootouts. I see that happening once again here. HK4 BY 8


HOMETECH +9 VS AARP:  AARP shocked D4 last week with a big win. Hometech is once again a fan favorite but they lost B's Brother to Cobblestone. How does one lose B's Brother to Cobblestone? AARP are a decent team top to bottom and will be a tough test for HT. HT has a few weapons but they still are grasping the game. AARP needs this game bad for playoffs so I expect them to take this one rather easily. AARP BY 8


NO PUNT INTENDED VS 3RD AND SCHLONG +8: If you ask me NPI is one of the better feel good stories of the season so far. They stay relatively quiet but each and every week they are winning more than they are losing. Team Keller is not having the success they had hoped in D4. Which is shame cus they could have been top 3 in D5. Maybe they can get Hometech to follow them to D5 then have at it down there. NPI is solid top  to bottom and should have no problems scoring on the 3rd and Schlong defense. Look for NPI to to roll. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 7




HOPE N RUIN VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN +1: Looks like we once again get a rematch of a past D6 title game. HNR is right in the thick of it as they have had a decent session with ups and downs. AWDIQ has been weird this session. They have looked hot some weeks and not some others. AWDIQ dusted Come From Behind last week and maybe they are about to get on a a roll. This game should be close and will be a good one. ALL  WE DO IS QWINN BY 4


MADISON LEE'S VS BACK THAT PASS UP +3: ML need to get things going again and a big win would help with playoffs looming. BTPU have had some good and some bad I just done see them running with an offense that is wicked fast and shifty. MTPU could get some gains with some safe jump balls but can they run with the ML rabbits? I didn't think so either.   MADISON LEE'S BY 6


ACE +3 VS HUNG BUFFALO: This is the one I have been waiting for. ACE is crushing it in D5 and Ronny K has his team believing. Hung BUffalo is 4-1-1 and they look fierce. I know one thing two very "chippy" teams will have at it this week and things should be bedlam. I expect tensions to be high I expect hell fire and brimstone. As for the winner this game it could easily go either way.   HUNG BUFFALO BY 2


UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS VS COME FROM BEHIND +7: CFB has had a decent session but what appears to be the big bad wolf of D5 is heading their way. Uncle Rico has been on fire and has been laying waste to any and all challengers. They look wicked dialed in on O and they have a very very stingy defense. This will be the etst as CFB are the savvy vets. CFB have a QB who can throw and a very decent supporting cast. If you want to watch a good football game this is the one for you.   UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 7


BACK THAT PASS UP  VS MATTY'S ANGELS +7: MA seems to have dug a hole for themselves and they need a win and need it bad this week. Enter the slump buster. BTPU is a decent team but can they run with the offensive weapons on MA? That is the question of the day. The season is literally on the line this week. If MA loses they are toast and probably miss the big dance but if they win, if they win then there is no where else to go but up. MATTY'S ANGELS BY 1


PASSLESS CHAPS +7 VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE: Both of these teams are having forgettable sessions. SNB can't seem to take the next step and PC seem destined for a trip to D6. This game wont be flashy it won't boast strong armed qb's or stingy defense. What it will boast is 2 teams that need a win and two teams that can beat the other. My guess is both miss the playoffs but one can take another step forward in their development with a big win. SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE BY 6




THE TAMMY'S +13 VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE: The Tammy's are in trouble and can't seem to get out of their own way. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter will be hopping mad after reeling from a beat down at the ends of rival Tommy Hughes. SSS will want to score early and often and show D6 that last week was a fluke and SSS can win D6. This one ought to be interesting look fro SSS to light up the sky with points Saturday. SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE BY 11


UFO VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +6: UFO is having an awesome session and it can't happen to nicer folks. UFO has looked solid on both sides of the ball and are sitting right in the middle of the D6 title hunt. PS had a great week last week as they crushed the Tammy's but these days everyone is crushing the Tammy's .  PS are a decent squad with skill but they still need time to mesh and win big games. It just looks like UFO is a season or two ahead of PS in their development.  UFO BY 3


UFO +7 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: This game should be good between 2 teams that are decent . CSR are the wild card here as they have won some games but they also have looked hapless some week.s UFO is solid top to bottom but can they run with CSR as they have a few burners. This game should be a good one as both teams are solid top to bottom. This game might come down to which team has the better QB. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 6


COLLEGIATE SOLAR +3 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: I am calling this the Dysfunctional Bowl. Both these teams are 2 if my favorites as they are awesome soap operas both on and off the field I like the fun stories. When you think McKenzie Agency you think about Brent and his awesomeness but then you think about how dysfunctional they can be and that's magical. When you think about Collegiate Solar you think about "girl on crack" and then you think about how dysfunctional they can be. I think these 2 teams should morph into super mega man and call themselves Super Dysfunctional Society Inc. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 1




#5: Taylor Seketurski and Corey Turner: Many thought when they asked for a re-schedule we would never see the game played but they shocked the world when they proclaimed together that on 10-28-17 at 9AM Marketing Mayors and The Purge will have at it. Way to go guys!!!!


#4: .Uncle Rico's Time Travelers: Yes ACE, CFB, HNR and Hung Buffalo seem to get the pub but Unlce Rico's are killing it in D5 and easily could be the title winner come week #11. They won another big game and just keep knocking off every team the TSL trots in front of them. 


#3:  Topper: Thought he had a bye week.  Decked out in khaki shorts and with literally no stretch time Topper grabbed the rock and totally dis-mantled Gryffindor.


#2: Award Winning Tommy Hughes: Went "old school" on Racks and Sacks as he took us on a trip down memory lane. Later in the day dressed as "scooby do" Hughes went nuclear to help Team "Other" beat Team USA 43-42.


#1:  GORDON: The 4 O'Clock game is always a special time for TSL'ers but none more special than Gordon. It gives him a chance to get into his Uncle Sam gear and bring his home made pyro collection. Now when the pyro goes wrong normal people would run but not Gordon as he dove to grab the pyro and made sure it shot  gloriously into the night sky like it should. Yes others might claim there was another MVP but we all know the 4 O'Clock game is Gordon's time to shine.  




#5: DMX Defense: 103 points against in this league won't win you many games. The O can go but the D is... well its just bad.


#4: Collegiate Solar/The Tammy's: It's really hard getting blanked in a game but both these guys did it. Their defenses didn't help much either. 


#3: Joey Batts: Had a huge game with Cobblestone but he had no idea how huge. As it was said at the coin flip "Joey Batts got out starred." B's Brother and Topper both showed up and Cobblestone laid the smacketh downeth on the Gyrffindor. Following the loss Joey Batts was not spotted in the bar.


#2: The Purge: Come on guys the rule says regulation football. Really? Really? Really? 


#1: Witter's: Oh man the arguing and the in-fighting is getting crazy. Witter's is literally ready to implode. Is this it over for them or can they save their season?





1. OK I have to know....who do you think will complete more passes this week to "Bearded Lou" Jeff Easton or Joey Batts?


2.  How will Matty's Angels perform with their season literally on the line this week? BTPU is no slouch MA will need to bring it this week or they could be on the outside looking in come playoff time. 


3.  What exactly is UFO made of? We will know by days end. They are 4-1 and should get by Practice Squad but a huge test is looming when CSR comes to town. The winner of this game slides into the #2 hole in D6 if you ask me.  


4. . Will this be the week Witter's finally implodes? It could be.Witter's needs to slow things down, dumb down the play book and just go back to basics. Usually when tragedy strikes too many voices get talking (and usually the wrong voices are talking see Public Enemy). The thinkers should think the leaders should lead and the players should play. It's really kind of simple if you ask me.


5. Blitzkrieg took TEIM right to the wire last week can they do the same thing against Angry Buffalo? Good question but not likely. AB might only score "50 something this week" which for them would be a bit of a struggle. I see a good game between these 2.



10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on is in D5 when 4-2 ACE has at with the 4-1-1 Hung Buffalo. This game checks all the boxes and should offer some super awesome extra curricular stuff as both teams can tend to get a tad nasty in the morning. I can't wait for this fight on and off the field. 


2.   Shredders vs Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars should be interesting RPMAS are doing well but the people I have talked to in D4 seem to think they have had an easy schedule so far and will get run over by Shredders. Well this is the week we get to see who is for real and who is isn't. 


3.  Sticky Bandits vs Cobblestone should be bedlam. Both teams need a win in the worst way. Both teams are starting to score points in bunches but both teams need to tighten up the defense. I can't wait to see how this one pans out . I am thinking shootout his week. 


4. I can't say enough good things about Tight Ends in Motion. They just get it. Great team on and off the field. They finally seem to have hit their stride. NWO will prove to be a tough test but TEIM at least to me seem poised for bigger and better things. 


5  I am very curious to see how #XTC matches up with Marketing Mayors. MM has basically dismantled every team that has been thrown their way. #XTC looks light years ahead of where they were in week #1. Flynn has returned Hughes looks 8 years younger and Kedron looks to be gaining back his old speed. Stegemeir pretending to be injured might have been the best thing for #XTC.


6.  It's funny HK4, Shredders and Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars seem to be getting all the pub but no one is talking about Saturday's are for the Girls. That's one solid football team if you ask me. It really seems like people are sleeping on them. I wouldn't do that if I were you . Go ask Ricky Austin how sleeping on this team could end up for you.....


7.  Gryffindor V Bullet Club is always a hoot hollering good time between 2 teams that know each other well. I can't wait to see how this game turns out as Gryffindor has shown in the past and actually last week that they can be ripe for an upset. Normally the Gryff is a big favorite but I am not so sure this week.


8.   I am curious to see what Public Enemy does this week. Normally I would say this game would be a blow out but that does not look like the case this week. TP has 2 of the better girls in the game and a speedster in Kevin Zak. They also have 2 very solid possession WR'S.  If the PE defense once again folds like a tent you might as well stick a fork in them . There are rumors swirling Pauly J will be making his return maybe that will help. 


9.  I wonder if every time AWDIQ sees HNR on their schedule they get all mad because deep down in their hearts they feel they should have been crowned the D6 champion that day.a few session's ago. Well here is their chance to show the world what they are made of as Hope N Ruin once again is coming to town.  


10.  I would like to take this time to apologize for some words written last week concerning Chad Stuff and Bombers. Apparently last week some folks on Chad Stuff thought I was running them down and what not about being in D1 when they should be in like D3. Please know I understand you are struggling and that there was some confusion with your roster and players on it and I on behalf of TSL would like to thank you for playing hard and being the best team you can be. My words last week in 10 Final Thoughts however were not targeted at you rather I was trying to make a point that Angry Buffalo and Gray and Associates are completely lame for hiding out in D2 when we all know they can play and compete in D1. Yes Angry Buffalo will whine about their girls who incidentally scored multiple touch downs last week when they scored 127 points in 2 games. Gray and Associates will tell you they are old and look at their record even though they still have the best female ever to play this game, arguably the best QB and easily 2 of the top 10 guys to ever play this game. So Chad Stuff accept my apologies I did not mean to offend you rather just make a point that a few teams in D2 should stop being so lame and just move up and test their mettle against teams of their caliber because as of right now both teams are hiding out in D2......And make no mistake about it and to re-iterate both Angry Buffalo AND Gray and Associates are hiding out in D2. So with that being said if I offended you Chad Stuff or Bombers I am sorry.



If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 




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716-627-8677 (TOPP)






If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.



CYA Saturday......




Week 6 Thoughts, Insights, Picks and Questions

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Wednesday, 11 October 2017 16:05
Published: Wednesday, 11 October 2017 16:05
Written by Patrick McGovern
Hits: 59


Things are starting heat up. Races are in full swing. Fall is here. Something is happening Saturday but I just can't put my finger on it. TSL Football continues to impress and excite. People are happy playing the game that they love in the league that they love. Where do we go from here?  What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine......

 Let's pick some games......



PUBLIC ENEMY +3 VS MARKETING MAYORS: This battle is usually a very good one between two teams that know each other pretty well. PE looked light years better last week and they seem to be pulling out of their early season struggles. MM are dialed in right now and look very good on both sides of the ball. PE keeps missing people week after week will this happen again? I see a very close game that could go down to the wire. MM have 2 studs that will be very tough to cover. I still think the PE defense is a work in progress so I will take MM in this one. MARKETING MAYORS BY 4


MARKETING MAYORS +1 VS NEW GODS:  I have always said and will continue to say that there is only one way to bust a man defense and that is find the mis-match and exploit the mismatch. ED did not do that last week. Cory Turner is one of the most under rated and one of the most intelligent football people in this game. I am sure he will see it and he will attack. MM have 2 super studs so they are a totally different animal this week. NG have speed to burn but the question will remain as it always does in MM games who wins the battle of the #3's? The team that gets better play from their #3 will win this game. The QB's are close NG has the girl edge but this game will begin and end at the #3 position.  NEW GODS BY 3


#XTC +6 VS RACKS AND SACKS: You truly never know what you are gong to get with #XTC. Will Flynn be back? Who is playing QB? How much longer will Stegemeir keep faking an injury? All fair questions if you ask me. Is Franco hurt? Will he be out any significant amount of time? If he is RAS will be in a dog fight as their defense will suffer. I expect #XTC to show up big time this week and I see this game being alot closer than many would think.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 6


THE PURGE +9 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: ED was shocked last week. They were missing people but we learned a few things last week. We learned they don't like being manned and we learned that their offense can be super stubborn . TP does not have the speed to run with ED. In theory they have a huge girl edge but I don't see them winning a game with this strategy. Kevin Zak can run with anyone but  TP 2's and 3's will be get mowed over by the lightning fast ED guys. ED I reckon will want to send a message to D1 that they are fine and all is well unfortunately I think the real message was already sent last week..... EYES DOWN TOWN BY 10





DMX +7 VS THE REPLACEMENTS: TR are about where you would guess. They are 2-3 and they should take this game. TR has skill and they have one of the best players in the game (if they would use him) . TR is an up and own roller coaster as it all begins and ends at QB. When their QB is on they are tough to beat when he is off its sianara sweet heart. DMX is known to throw some points up but their defense struggles. If TR uses their brain and splits Burr one way and Doug the other they literally can go up and down the field throwing to which one that is open. Will they do this? Well that's a good question.... THE REPLACEMENTS BY 4


WITTERS +7 VS NWO: Witter's is really having a ho hum season. Yes I see talent there, yes they have won in this division, yes they are balanced and yes they can win on any given Saturday. So why aren't they? Is it the QB? Is it the defense?  I honestly thin its a variety of alot of stuff. The good news is they have 3 weeks to fix it. The bad news is NWO is up next and they need this win  bad. I still am not sure if NWO is elite or also ran. They have skill but seem too inconsistent to put them at the top of the mountain just yet. But let's be honest when the playoffs come that's when one of their players goes nuclear.  NWO BY 6


GRAY AND ASSOCIATES VS ANGRY BUFFALO NO LINE: AB seems to have been off for quite some time now. This is not good as the excellence of execution is heading thier way. If she plays will AB be able to stop her? The book on AB is that their QB is a flame thrower, their WR's are balanced but their girls can get taken to the wood shed. Well Paul FN Bunyon awaits them. This game should be bedlam between two of the top teams in this division. I see TEIM, GNA and AB as your top 3 teams and it looks to me like 2 of these 3 will be hooking up in week #11. As for the game, can Angry Buffalo stop her? I will laugh if she doesn't even play.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 1


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS BLITZKREIG +7: Beware the trap game. TEIM is on cruise control as they look elite. That's what scares me this week. On the other side line is a foe that stands at 2-2 but that foe knows this team quite well. If ever there was a week this would be it. TEIM is rolling, they are money on defense and are getting solid play from their O. Blitzkreig I am sure knows where all the bodies are buried. They know where to attack and where not to. Am I calling the upset ? NO but I think this game will give TEIM quite the scare.  TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 3




MICKEY RATS +3 VS BULLET CLUB: MR shocked the world last week as they threw 66 on Cobblestone. Will that same team show up this week? BC did not look good at all last week .  Yes they were missing stars but they still only mustered 15 points against a Topper defense that isn't very good. This game will come down to one thing..if the same Mickey Rats team shows up this week that showed up last week Bullet Club could get shocked. I have no clue who shows up but lets gamble on an upset.  MICKEY RATS BY 1


GRYFFINDOR VS COBBLESTONE +7: D3 still continues to amaze me with its star power. Last week was awesome but this week we get Darryl Carr QB Superstar against Joey Freakin Batts. This game should be bedlam. The Gryff is doing nicely as always and Cobblestone is in the hunt. CS did a great thing last week. They knew public sympathy was not with them so they decided to throw B's Brother into the game and regained their street cred. CS is once again loved by each and every one of us. As for the game. The Gryff is dialed in and the CS defense has not so look for Joey Batts and Co to light up the sky Saturday. GRYFFINDOR BY 6







SATURDAYS ARE FOR JZ VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +3: IE has been in alot of their games but their defense continues to let them down. They are scoring points but they just cant get stops on defense. JZ is up next and JZ has his team believing. SAFTG are a solid team top to bottom. They check all the boxes on both sides of the ball. I expect a shootout this week but just don't see IE keeping up with SAFTG. Bet the over take JZ and Co to roll.  SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 7


HK4 VS NO PUNT INTENDED +8: NPI has looked really solid and belongs here. They have shown well on both sides of the ball and continue to impress and improve. The problem is this week the big bad wolf comes to town. HK4 is a juggernaut that is literally running over every team the TSL trots in front of them,. Impressive offense CHECK stingy defense CHECK solid QB CHECK good girls CHECK. Can anyone stop HK4? I honestly don't know. What I do know is they won't be stopped this week. PTI is learning and in time will be awesome but Saturday will not be their day.  HK4 BY 7


HOMETECH +8 VS THE BAMBS:  What a difference a day makes. Hometech was hated by all of us then in one magical moment they became America's Team. The question now is will they continue to play B's Brother or was this a one off. TB are struggling but they will win this game and win big. They have decent size speed and balance. Hometech has a few players but they don't have a system or any chemistry. The Bambs will win big. Our only hope is B's Brother shows up and throws a madden offense on them and the Bambs don't know what hit them, dare to dream. THE BAMBS BY 14


3RD AND SCHLONG +8 VS SHREDDERS: Shredders got taken to school last week and will come to town hopping mad. I expect a fire storm of points. I expect a statement will be made. Shredders must be mad, they have to be mad, they will want to show the division last week was a fluke. The only problem is Team Keller awaits them and we love them. So Shredders when you win this game please don't go nuclear cus we love us some Kellers. Win by under 10 and all will be good.  SHREDDERS BY 10


AARP +7 VS RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS: RPMAS are 5-0 but they have yet to draw HK4 or Shredders. They have to be reading this wondering if they are elite or if they just will be another team that gets run over by HK4. Heck I am thinking it so they have to be too. AARP are holding their own and they are doing OK in D4. They can score some points and they play some solid defense. I think RPMAS will go to 6-0 and we will once again wonder if they are that good or just a product of an easy schedule to date. Time will tell.   RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS BY 8




BACK THAT PASS UP +7 VS UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS: URTT looked very solid last week against the Matty's Angel B team.  Uncle Rico is 4-1 and have looked good so far especially on offense where they crush their foes. BTPU is playing decent as they sit at 3-2 but their offense has struggled and their defense is up and down. I expect Uncle Rico to come out firing in route to another impressive victory.  UNCLE RICOS BY 8


ACE VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +10: ACE is doing awesome and quiet Ronny K for D5 and D4 MVP chants have begun. Ronny K is putting on a show for the ages. ACE is in every game they are winning and always the sportsman Ronny K gives everyone else but himself credit. SNB is an up and down squad. They always have been and they always will be. I still am not sure if ACE knows how good they truly are. This could be the week we find out. ACE should beat this team by 10 but will they? ACE is loaded with speed all over the field and will be tough to match up against. As each days passes ACE gets more and more confidence.  ACE BY 7


HOPE N RUIN +3 VS HUNG BUFFALO: Both these teams are good very good. HB is a multiple time champ and is vet savvy. HNR finally won a title and look to have totally settled down in D5. This game should be good as both teams know this game well. I think HNR has not played defense as well as in seasons past and this might bite them a bit in this game. I expect HB to throw some points on the board this week. HUNG BUFFALO BY 6


COME FROM BEHIND VS ALL WE DO IS QLOSE +8:  What happened to AWDIQ? They used to be so good. They used to have lighting speed. They used to have solid players. They used to win games and win them big. Now not so much.2-3 does not cut the mustard. CFB is doing awesome they are 4-1 and look great.  Their offense is solid, they play good d and they know this game well. I used to think the young kids could take the old timers to task but I don't feel that way this week. I think CFB is due this week as they easily could be the D5 favorite right now.  COME FROM BEHIND BY 7





THE TAMMY'S +7 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: The Tammy's might never win a game ever again. On this day. Against this team. The Tammy's have a chance. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the Tammy's are bad really bad. They probably have a chance of winning one game this session. That game is Saturday that opponent is the Practice Squad. The Tammy's will be playing in their super bowl this week. Can they win? Will they win? Will they play B's Brother?  THE TAMMY'S BY 1


COLLEGIATE SOLAR +3 VS UFO: Solar is struggling as it all begins and ends on defense. UFO is off to a very impressive start as they sit at 3-1. They are winning games the right way with a stingy defense and an offense that is just doing enough to win. The hole this week will  be squarely in the middle of the field as Solar runs the weirdest zone every created. Heck lets just call it "zone on crack."  UFO is a very smart team. If they can stop the speed Solar has and attack the middle of the field they could be 4-1 by day's end. UFO BY 6


THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +3 VS CELINO SEWER RATS:  CSR had a rough day last week. They didn't play well. They almost lost to a team with 5 people. Then post game they didn't even buy their old sponsor a beer. Come on Celino DJ Jimmy was amongst us and you sat there and didn't even buy the guy a beer. FOR SHAME!!!!!   TMA is a hot mess and that's not good or is it? I love teams that are on the verge of implosion. I also love Brent and don't want TMA to implode so I am having a personal crisis. Half of me wants implosion but half of me wants Brent to be MVP and win the D6 title. As for the game TMA struggles on O and CSR have enough speed to run TMA out of the building. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 6


THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE+3: SSS was doing great until no call show show fest started They are a solid team top to bottom. They are skippered by a savvy vet, they have talent and they can win games and win them big. The other side line has THE on it. The more I think about it what was TSL thinking when they put all these people in D6 it makes no friggin sense. Even worse is the fact they have never won a title yet. This game should be good as both teams need this win and both are fun and ready for war. This game should be bedlam.  THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 7





#5: Sticky Bandits Offense: The much maligned offense was taken to task by this writer and everyone that basically has eyes the past few weeks. On this day and yes against a wounded A&A The Sticky Nation mustered 71 points. Are they back? Was a statement made? Do they have the best Ricky? All fair questions if you ask me....


#4: Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars: HK4 seems to be getting all the pub but RPMAS are off to a 5-0 start with 2 more super quiet victories. Yes they have yet to face Shredders or HK4 but 5-0 is 5-0. 


#3: Mickey Rats: (2) games 110 PF 81 PA. They had to play the #Icon and won. They had to fight the TSL Universe as B's Brother was with Cobblestone.    Yes they crushed PTP and yes everyone crushes PTP but they still threw up 44. If the team that showed up Saturday  shows up for the playoffs they could be the D3 dark horse. 


#2: "Big Paulie" Nieman: Public Enemy has looked off this session but "Big Paulie" told my associate on Friday "I will throw PE on my back if I have to this week and we will beat Bombers." Boy did he ever. Nieman had a pic, multiple touch downs and literally went "Godzilla" on an un-suspecting Tokyo as PE made quick work of Bombers. 


#1: New Gods: 3-1-1. This includes a tie with PE and a huge 44-28 victory over Eyes Downtown. They were not afraid to man them. They were not afraid to go right after them. If any person what so ever in this league still isn't sure if this team is for real you are insane and need your head checked as New Gods "arrived" on Saturday. Also found time to attend this week's podcast and were awesome guests as well. New Gods continue to hit home runs on and off the field.  




#5:  Eyes Down Town: Yes I know Chadwick was out. Yes I know Schriever was out. 2 things concerned me Saturday. 1. They got manned again and their offense panicked. 2. And most importantly, there is only 1 way to beat a man. There was a mis-match there. It was there all day every play. It was staring right at you and you didn't take it. If I was wearing an ED shirt this fact is what would concern me most going forward . 


#4: Santa's Secret Sauce:. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter no call no showed 2 weeks ago but SSS still won. This week 2 guys and 1 girl no call no showed and SSS had to take a "L" in one of their biggest games of the season. Is a new trend developing? On a brighter note SSS almost beat Celino with 5 people. 


#3: Prime Time Players: Got run out of D2 and everyone figured D3 would be their new home. It looks like they need to be sent to D4 immediately as this team is struggling. They got beat this week in thug like fashion by Uncle Joey Batts 54-14. PTP is a sieve on defense and isn't doing itself any favors on offense. How does a team with Katie Salisbury on it continue to play this bad?


#2: TSL: So it took you 13 season's to figure out that if B's Brother plays on a team this equals ratings. The ratings are in this week and TSL viewer ship is up 341% from the Saturday before. Last week was up 168% from the week prior. We got a 10.7 nation wide rating. B's Brother equals ratings people. BTW be on the look out for the B's Brother Variety Hour coming soon :)


#1: SHREDDER'S: It was supposed to be the Battle of the Un-beatens and it was supposed to be "magical." It wasn't magical not even close and I am mad. I expected an all out war. I expected hell fire and brimstone. All we got was a HK4 38-17 thug like beat down of Shredders. It looks like Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars are now our only hope. Unlessssss.......





1. How come Bombers and Chad Stuff are in D1 but Angry Buffalo, Tight Ends in Motion and Gray and Associates are in D2? I am fairly certain all (3) D2 teams could beat both D1 teams by at least 11-14 points if they played right now. 


2. Will SSS have their full team and if so are they the team that can beat Tommy Hughes Experience? That my friends is the question of the day. 


3.  Will The Tammy's finally win a game this week? Yes they are struggling and yes they don't look like they will but if they are going to win a game this will be the week. 


4. Will Joey Batts be spotted in the bar for 3 straight weeks? That all depends on how he fares with the #Icon this week. The Gryff seem to be in mid seasons form as the race for the holy grail of social co ed football is about to begin. 


5. OK so who actually has the rights to B's Brother? He played for Hometech 2 weeks ago and Cobblestone last week. What happens now? Has a bidding war ensued? Will he be playing for New Gods this week? I mean he already has a New Gods jersey. This whole situation has me confused.




10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on this week is simple. It's in D2 where Angry Buffalo has at it with Gray and Associates. Both teams are killing it in D2 right now. This could be a preview of the D2 championship. Both squads have strengths and weaknesses. We have always heard that the only thing keeping AB out of D1 is their girl play well this is the week we truly get to see if this is true or not. You will not find a better girl than the one they will see this week as the best female to EVER play this game is heading their way. 


2.   Marketing Mayors are off to a very impressive 3-0 start but we truly will get to see what they are made of this week. They have Public Enemy and New Gods on the schedule this week. Both teams are polar opposites of each other so MM will need to be on their toes this week. Is MM the class of D1 or are they about to fall down a few rungs of the ladder this week? Stay tuned.


3.  I will have my eyes on Mickey Rats this week. They shocked Cobblestone last week. Will that same team show up this week? Bullet Club didn't exact impress last week and couldn't be ripe for another beat down this week. 


4. No One including ACE (except Ronny K) thought they could compete in D5 . Yet here they stand at 3-2 with a very winnable game looming with SNB. ACE could be 4-2 by day's end and literally might be the feel good story of the session. Ronny K for D5 MVP!!!!


5 .Ladies and Gentlemen this will not be a good week for the Topper. He gets very sad when he has a bye week. So if you see the Topper have a drink with him, talk to him, invite him to your game, hug him if you must but make sure the Topper is not sad Saturday. Topper doesn't know what to do when he has a bye week and gets bored very easily. 


6. . I am very curious to see what happens in the Mckenzie Agency Celino Sewer Rats match up. Both teams are struggling a tad. Celino started so hot but looked flat last week and didn't even buy their former sponsor a beer. TMA looks like they are one step form implosion. These two teams played twice last session and CSR crushed TMA.  I am curious to see if TMA has something special cooked up this week. 


7.   #XTC vs Racks and Sacks seems like a very interesting game. #XTC seems to be starting go get things going on both sides of the ball. RAS has looked awesome so far but we keep hearing they might be missing a key piece of their line up. I am very curious to see who is playing QB for #XTC this week.


8.  I think a great story line is developing in D5 this week when Come From Behind has at it with AWDIQ. CFB are the old guard, the savvy vets they have been there and done that. AWDIQ are the new kids on the block as they are young, fast and still don't understand the gravity of the moment at hand. I am very curious to see if youth or vet savvy prevails this Saturday . I still think CFB could be the D5 favorite right now. 


9.   If you just like watching good football games then Hope N Run vs Hung Buffalo is for you. Both teams are super solid on both sides of the ball. Both teams have solid defenses, good QB's decent girls and are smart. Sometimes football just comes down to who executes better. I see this game as an old school classic that should be very entertaining. 


10.  Once again thanks to Rameer, Jay and Ricky of New Gods who were nice enough to spend some time with us on this week's podcast. Make sure to please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for sub requests. Please play and be responsible this week. OK the time for talk is over. Good luck to all CYA Saturday!!!!



If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 




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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.



CYA Saturday......




Week 4 Thoughts, Picks, Insights and Top 8 Answers to how bad Hometech Screwed B's Brother

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Written by Patrick McGovern
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Some times it's just better to let the people speak. We asked 100 TSL'ers for their answers the top 8 answers are on the board. So how did you feel when you heard Home Tech F'D over B's Brother and did not let him play one single play in their 44-18 thug like beat down at the hands of Ryan Puckett and Co........

"I mean who does that. I saw that poor guy walking around the fields for 3.5 hours with his magical head phones on singing to himself watching and waiting for his life changing moment to un-fold but it never did"

" LOL We beat Home Tech in week #2 32-8!!!!!! Mic Drop. BTW if we said we were going to play B's Brother we would have played B's Brother."

" I think you should have all of them take turns being Cookie Monster and Elmo every week for the rest of the season. For shame Home Tech for shame!!!!!"

"I don't understand this TSL Universe fascination with B's Brother.  I have a story too. Why won't anyone give me more attention."

" Wait am I talking to Rachel right now or am I talking to Parker?"

" I would just like to say I am the best player in the league and will win D2, D3 and over all league MVP. I have Gryffindor on fire, NWO is killing it and I am really really good. Who cares about B's Brother let's talk about me and my chase towards TSL history. BTW after last week I am also now the best Ricky in D3 as well."

" Jeffrey it's time for you to leave TSL you are to good to and for them. Please come home so we can play Madden 18 again. I miss you, sincerely Tesla Punk 69."

" Hey guys this is Greg, Greg from upstairs. The door was just open so I just walked right in. I always wanted to know what you guys did here so here I am."


Let's pick some games......




NEW GODS +3 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: New Gods have been up and down. You can see that they have talent. I still wonder how far they will go if their QB stays stubborn and just launches balls into the air and gambles with jump balls. PE has been a hot mess so far this session. They have not looked good. It just seems like something is off. New Gods have skill all over the field and better not be taken lightly. They have speed to burn and can kill you with just one throw. This game could go one of two ways. Either Pubic Enemy will come out and play like their hair is on fire and all will be forgotten or they could be ripe for the upset.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1

RACKS AND SACKS VS THE PURGE +7: RAS has been a very pleasant surprise to date. I am hearing rumors Radon will be out this week and Travis will be throwing. Normally all in I would go with RAS but hey could have a tough time this week. TP will have their nice new unis on so that's a good thing. TP is an easy team to figure out. Make sure you keep your eyes on Shari, Russ will run solid 8-10 yard routes and Kevin will be the guy that can kill you if you do not account for him. RAS will have a tough time keeping up with the speed demon Kevin. If Taylor doesn't go all Taylor and throw pics and just launch the ball everywhere TP has a chance in this one. I expect a close game that could go down to hew wire.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 4

MARKETING MAYORS +3 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: OK this is what I am talking about. We could finally be getting a half way decent game worth watching in D1. ED has been crushing every team TSL trots in front of them. MM have looked damn sharp so far and they know ED better than anyone. Turner will be cooking something special up this week. Unlike some teams in D1 Turner knows what I now and that is you have to have the balls to man up ED to have a shot. Turner will come right after them. Turner won't play defense afraid he will attack. ED is a super solid team top to bottom. Their QB is dialed in and they are loaded. This game should be good boys and girls.  I love attacking but can the MM #3 run with the ED #3 that my friends is the question.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 7

CHAD STUFF +8 VS #XTC:  I would like to see a world where Joey Montesanti and Darrick Blomfield are in the same line up together. Obviously award winning Tommy Hughes does not. I mean there are questions all over this game. Who attends? Will Topper play QB again? Who is Zak Kedron? When will Stegemier stop this charade that he is injured when we all now he is faking? If both studs are not in the lineup Chad Stuff loses big but what if...what if the planets align and for one moment in time everything comes together for Chad Stuff. If I was #XTC I would have a very un-easy feeling in my stomach this week.  #XTC BY 7

BOMBERS +10 S EYES DOWNTOWN: ED probably wins this game and wins it big. Bombers have a few guys that can go but I just don't see any scenario where they can run with the speedsters of ED. Even if by some miracle they do then they have account for Matty Mohr who is silky smooth and has solid size. This game has blow out written all over it. ED is the fastest team in the game and they will use that speed to their advantage as I see a big win for them this week. Bombers will get some yards but there is no way they are winning a shoot out with Eyes Down Town.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 13



THE REPLACEMENTS +7 VS ANGRY BUFFALO:  TR looked awful last week against Toppers in Motion but now its Rivalry Week. Angry Buffalo is in a  very interesting spot right now. They got beat last week and the team that gives them fits is up next . TR knows how to beat AB they have beat them before and can beat them again. AB does not match up well with TR. For some reason they never come at them with 100%. They always seem to struggle on offense. I expect a barn burner in this one. The TR QB must step up and deliver this week as the weight of the franchise rests clearly on his shoulders. TR can beat AB butt it will take a Herculean effort? I so want to pick the upset I just don't see AB losing 2 in a row.  ANGRY BUFFALO BY 7

BLITZKREIG +6 VS WITTERS: Blitzkrieg has not looked good and they just cant seem to get anything going. Life is no fun when you struggle. Witter's internally had to have fears the season was lost when news struck that their QB was inured but then something magical happened. From the ashes Matty Ice appeared riding a white stallion. He grabbed his football and a plate of spaghetti and the rest as they say was history. Witters will be ready for war Saturday but they better be ready as Blitzkrieg will be playing for their season this week. If they lose they are toast but if they win then they can climb out of the hole and get back in the race. This game will be worth watching. WITTERS BY 3

NWO VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES +1: This game should be interesting. In one corner sits arguably bits and pieces of the greatest team that ever lived. In the other corner is arguably the 2nd greatest TSLer that ever lived. This one should be good. Youth and greatness sits on one side while vet savvy, intelligence and history sit on the other. This game should be crazy good between 2 teams that are very very talented. GNA is the excellence of execution that have been there an done that and play a system to perfection. NWO are the new kids on the block. I expect a close one.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 3

DMX +8 VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION: DMX has not looked overly impressive since they made the jump to D2. TEIM are an awesome squad but did the Topper inadvertently start a QB controversy? TEIM went after it last week and threw it down the field. They chucked the safe plan and just want after it. DMX will throw all over the field but do not have the speed to cover TEIM hat on a hat. TEIM should win this game but many onlookers will be watching and wondering by how much and I am sure the Topper will be watching afar waiting for his phone to ring once again when he is needed. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 6



BULLET CLUB VS COBBLESTONE +3: Cobblestone was left for dead. They couldn't win any more games. D4 was in sight. Hope was lost. Then a hero emerged from the ashes wearing sun glasses sporting his magical hair and a smile that can light up a room. Darryl Carr QB Super Star knew better than anyone that the season was on the line and he decided to take his game over. Darryl made it rain and to be honest his play made me cry. I cried tears of joy and thought of better times in my life. I thought of family and growing up and my first puppy. I thought of the first time I fell in love. My first sun set my first ball game with my father. You see only Darryl Carr QB Super Star can bring memories like this out of each and every one of us. That's why he is an icon and we are just mere mortals who are lucky enough to watch him take 5-7 seven steps back and let the ball fly like the hero that he is. Who will win this game? Who cares. Enjoy these games while you can people because you never know when stars like Darryl Carr QB Super Star will no longer be with us....Carpe Diem....BULLET CLUB BY 4

STICKY BANDITS +7 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: Looks like Team Topper was spending too much time reading my article and not enough playing solid football last week. Topper looked meh, their defense continued to look meh and Team Topper realized they may be good but you must earn your victories. Nothing comes easy in this world. Sticky Bandits will not just show up and hand u a W. You will need to earn it. Dove will need to quit telling us how good his play calling is and show us. Drew will need to stop thinking he's the best player ever and show us. The supporting cast needs to remember that they are just as important as your stars. Team Topper is at a cross roads. Are they the best team in D3? If you ask me each and every member needs to stop thinking about it and just go show us. 1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 6

MICKEY RATS +3 VS STICKY BANDITS: Poor Mickey Rats. They were the only team to try the sub list QB thing and not win a game last week. Here it is in a nut shell. Both teams have not looked so good so far. Both teams are 0-2 and need a win in the worst way. Yes all 8 teams make the playoffs but lets be honest the loser of this game is done like dinner. MR are notoriously slow starters and Sticky Bandits have won big games in this league. This may be the the game with the most on the line. The winner will get up off the mat and get back in the race the loser is basically toast.  STICKY BANDITS BY 8

A&A VS BULLET CLUB NO LINE: This storm has been brewing for like 3 years. Two of the games biggest stars will finally have at it once and for all. In one corner is the peoples champion. A man who has all the hardware. He is unlike any other. He just shows up and lets it fly. The other corner has the man that came out of no here. He is the cerebral assassin and has formed a team with only one mission in mind D3 annihilation. 2 friends will meet at the 50 around 1:00. All eyes will be on this field. When it starts friends will be become foes as bragging rights will be on the line. Who wins.....well that's anyone's guess if you ask me.  

A&A +7 VS GRYFFINDOR:  Good Lord Matty Ice has a long day planned. It's bad enough he must go heads up with Joe K at 1:00 but at 2:00 the legend awaits him. Joey Batts is basically in a different stratosphere right now. He is the odds on favorite to take home any award that matters including the D3 trophy. Battalgia covets this as this is the one that keeps slipping through his fingers. Gryffindor will be ready to go. A&A are a team unlike any seen before. They will bring interesting match up headaches to this game. Can Joey Batts continue to bring his A+ game? Can he continue to entertain us with magical moments that we will not soon forget? I say Joey Batts is due and his time is now. GRYFFINDOR BY 6



NO PUNT INTENDED +8 VS SHREDDERS: NPI is off to a decent 1-1 start they seem to be moving the ball on offense but their defense could be tweeked a  tad. Shredders are 2-0 and things are moving nicely for them. If Shredders survive both NPI and the Bambs this week we pretty much should know who our top 3 teams are. It's looking like RPMAS, Shredders and HK4 could be the teams to beat. Shredders are a very balanced team on both sides of the ball. I expect a game in the low 30's. NPI should be able to score points but can they go punch for punch with this teams? That right there is the question.  SHREDDERS BY 7

SHREDDERS VS THE BAMBS +1: Shredders did not look so hot in week #1 but they laid the smacketh downeth in week #2. The Bambs are holding  their own so far in D4. They are not running over defenses like last year. They are a very balanced team so this game should be awesome. The Bambs must account for the Shredder ladies at all time. Shredders must make sure they can account for Parrish as he is tall and he can catch. I like the way these two match up and expect a very solid football game. These teams might be seeing each other again real soon.....SHREDDERS BY 3

HOMETECH +1,234,550 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE: Home Tech is now TSL Public Enemy #1. There is no turning back once you have turned to the dark side of the force. There is only 1 way to solve this issue. You know it, I know it and the TSL universe knows it. You must play B's Brother. Play B's Brother and all will be forgiven. Bench B's Brother and you may never turn back. The entire TSL universe will be waiting to see how this story line unfolds. Let him play...let him play.....let him play...let him play.  INDECENT EXPOSURE BY 100

AARP +13 VS HK4: HK4 is the class of D4  right now. They are playing solid defense and they are literally impossible to stop on offense. AARP had a very solid session last year but this year they are up and down. After all this time I have figured it out. AARP are the definition of .500 football team. They will play some solid games and then they will have some clunkers. They will beat the teams they should beat but will struggle with the top tier teams. There is no team higher up the mountain than HK4. HK4 will win this game as they await RPMAS. HK4 BY 10



MADISON LEE'S VS ACE +7: This game should be interesting As you all know Matty's Angels and ACE will not have at it and the league is sad.  Ronny K and Co could send a message to D5 and the whole universe if they steal the show in this one. I expect bedlam this week as ACE will come to play they must win this game they need this game nay they cant live without winning this game. ACE will be consumed with fits of rage as though their foes will be wearing Madison Lee jerseys to ACE each and every player will be wearing a Matty's Angels jersey. I expect hell fire and brimstone. Expect WW3 in this one.  MADISON LEE'S BY 6

MATTY'S ANGELS VS HUNG BUFFALO +1:  I so wish we could trick Madison Lees into playing Hung Buffalo so the Angels can have at it with ACE. HB is not having a super awesome season so far as it all begins and ends on defense. MA are 1-1 but they never really have their whole team with them from week to week. Who shows up this week? Who doesn't? This will be an interesting game as the HB girls can go and will negate the usual 5th girl vs 2nd girl edge gender teams usually have. MA will have speed mismatches they will need to capitalize on to win his one.  MATTY'S ANGELS BY 3

COME FROM BEHIND VS MATTY'S ANGELS +1: CFB is having a decent season as they are balanced and have been in big games before. MA are young and will test CFB all day long. CFB will struggle with Matty Ice and his serpentine offensive maneuvers. CFB will get some gains on offense but can they hold on defense? CFB will come to play and will be able to cover the 5th girl on MA the question remains though who wins this one the young legs or the older legs? That's a darn good question. COME FORM BEHIND BY 3

UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS VS PASSLESS CHAPS +14: PC are bad really bad right now as they just cant score and they just cant stop anyone. URTT are dialed in on both s sides of the ball. URTT will dial things up on O and should play strong D on a team that will struggle on both sides of the ball. This is one of those games that should be over before it begins.   UNCLE RICO BY 13




THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +8 VS THE TAMMY'S: TMA is a hot mess and needs their emotional, inspirational and life leader Brent back. Only Brent can fix this mess. His intelligence, knowledge of the game and over all awesomeness is the only thing that can keep the TMA ship from sinking. TT have been a hot mess and are thanking the good Lord in the heavens above for sending TMA their way this week. Their is no doubt at least in my mind that we are playing for 54th place this week. Both teams are struggling and anything can happen this week. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls this one should be interesting.  TAMMY'S BY 7

COLLEGIATE SOLAR +13 VS THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE: CS has won a game and that is good news. They have looked like a typical Solar team they have had some good and some bad but hey have been an up and down roller coaster. THE is having a lovely session. Everyone is getting along, new stars emerge every week and they should win big this week. I don't see any scenario where Solar comes to town and shocks the world. THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 10

SANTAS SECRET SAUCE VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +11: SSS is dialed in right now as they continue to crush their opponents week after week. TPS has been up and down. I see the skill I just don't see as system yet or a solid fundamental plan week to week. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter will want to send a message this week that SSS is dialed in and ready for war. I have SSS scoring 40 + again and winning big. SSS BY 14




#5: "Award Winning Tommy Hughes": I love this guy there is no one and I mean no one who tells it like it is better than award winning Tommy Hughes. Glowacki makes his return to TSL with Bombers, walks up to Hughes and gives him some lame excuse about #XTC defense and some other load of bunk about leaving 2 weeks before the season starts. Hughes tells him to stick it pre-game, grabs Topper off the sidelines to play QB and beats a Glowacki led Bombers 26-23. 

#4: "Bearded" Lou: Lou made his triumphant return to the Bullet Club and looked like he hasn't missed a beat as he helped propel them to a big 35-26 win. Many on lookers claimed Lou looked a step faster as he looked un-coverable almost all day.

#3:  "Greg from Upstairs:" Made his triumphant TSL debut out of no where on this weeks podcast. Many claim this weeks podcast was knocked out of the park. Will "Greg from upstairs" become the TSL's "next big thing?"

#2: Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars: Took D5 faster than Grant took Richmond and now seem to be cruising through D4 at light speed. Got 2 more big wins and now stand at 3-0 and could be the only thing standing in the way of HK4 division dominance. 

#1: Topper: Never before in league history has a CFO CEO and innovator of the product that is QB'd not just a D2 but a D1 team to victory but the Topper did it. He even did his BFF Darryl a favor and let Cobblestone win on purpose so they could get back in the playoff race. Topper could be the first man in TSL history to receive the D1, D2, D3 and overall league MVP all in the same season. Topper was also instrumental in securing the dunk tank and Neville Francis this week. I am also proud to report he did not lose any money in silly races against girls that were way faster than him this week. 



#5: Angry Buffalo: Really? So they lost to Witter's who just dialed up Matty Ice who came saw and conquered. AB did not look overly impressive on offense. Their most hated rival heads to town this week. 

#4: Blitzkrieg: Are off to a 1-2 start. Have looked OK on defense but have looked terrible on offense. Have talent but just don't seem to know how to use it. They need to find a way to score more.

#3: Ref crew in the Tommy Hughes McKenzie Agency Game: OK guys which one of you forgot to keep score? How funny must it have been halfway during the game to find out both refs thought the other was keeping score and neither was keeping score. That must have been a hoot hollering good time. Thank God you weren't reffing an ACE game. 

#2: Public Enemy: Nobody thought you would win last week and you didn't. That's not the issue. Something seems off. PE for the past 3 seasons has an unbelievable win loss record but for the first time in a long while they are facing adversity though mostly self inflicted Will they recover or are harder times ahead? They say in times of trouble that's when you need your leaders most or in some cases find out who your leaders truly are. I am curious to see who leads this team out of the woods and gets them back on track.   

#1: HOMETECH: B's Brother got to the fields at 932 AM. He was ready to suit up and play at 933 am. He walked the fields for over 3.5 hours with his magical head phones on thinking of plays, route combinations, throws he would make, throws he wouldn't and most importantly he couldn't wait to see his new friends Home Tech who promised him he would play in their game. They looked us all straight in the eyes and told us he would play. Home Tech lost to RPMAS 44-18 and B's Brother did not get one snap. At what point in your infinite wisdom did anyone in a Home Tech jersey think maybe it would be a good PR move to let him play one series, hell one play. Now Home Tech is TSL Public Enemy #1. How could you Home Tech? How do you guys sleep at night? You made B's Brother sad. For shame Home Tech!!!! For...shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame



1. Are starting QB's in this league starting to get worried? The new thing seems to be to dial up a universal QB sub and have said sub lead you to glory. This is a copy cat league. Will Topper be facing Matty Ice this week when Public Enemy and New Gods have at it? Will Tommy Hughes be facing Brian Ferger when Eyes Down Town and Marketing Mayors go to war? And why has not one team yet contacted the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter to let it fly as dude is on fire scoring over 40 a game two weeks in a row including knocking two girls in the dunk tank on his first throw.

2.  Will Darryl Carr QB Super Star pull another upset and shock Bullet Club? Joe K and Co might be looking ahead to A&A later in the day. Beware the trap game..... 

3. Does Tight Ends in Motion have a QB controversy? If you heard the podcast or saw the score last week this question actually might be a fair one. I heard many a TSLer tell me this week that Topper looks 10 years younger and is throwing gas right now. 

4. What does the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter have planned for his encore? SSS is crushing folks right now and Dave is throwing gas. BTW has anyone seen "The Dancing Bear" Pauly Scinta recently?

5. So who wins the old vets or the new kids on the block? NWO s Gray and Associates should be a good one as these teams match up well. 


10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on this week is at 1:00 on Field #3 when A&A has at it with Bullet Club. Two of the games biggest names and good friends Matty Ice and Joe K do battle for bragging rights this week.  D3 has a star studded lineup of great games this week as A&A has at it later in the day with the living legend Joey Batts and Gryffidnor. Then Team Topper takes on the Sticky Nation. D3 is easily the most star filled in the game today. . 

2.  All eyes will be on field #3 at 2:00 this week when Indecent Exposure has at it with Hometech. I hope Hometech feels shame and lets B's Brother play. They are literally a one million point + under dog this week what do they have to lose?  We will be watching Home Tech.....we............

3.  I don't get it . The Replacements have been down for a few seasons now. They sign Jeremy Burr who is one of the better players in the game then they decide to basically not throw to him. Franchisee players get ridden into the ground. If you have an issue throw to him If you need yards throw to him. If you want to win a game throw to him. You are not throwing to him.  Think of this like math. If you throw the ball to Burr + he will always catch it= TOUCHDOWN AND YOU WIN. See its a very easy formula when you do the math! Wake up Replacements !!!!!

4.  I for one am so excited to see ACE and Madison Lee's have at it this week. Yes ML are not the Angels but this one still should be awesome. ACE will be looking to send a message of this I am sure. They will be heading into hostile territory this week as ACE will want to win this game and win big. I am curious to see how these two teams match up.  

5. We could be seeing a preview of the D1 championship this week when Eyes Down Town have at it with Marketing Mayors. I am very interested to see if MM say F it and try to man ED up. I have seen the ED offense struggle against man but many teams don't have the stones to try it. MM could be the only thing standing in the way of ED running the table this session. 

6. I know we always get excited for big games but can we  get excited for clunkers as well? There will be no bigger clunker this week that The Tammy's VS The McKenzie Agency. Both teams are struggling mightily and each team needs a win in the worst way. This game will not be good but the winner will get some needed confidence as they will need it heading down the stretch. 

7. Sticky Bandits are 0-2 and have 2 huge games up this week. They must face the dreaded Team topper and also have at it with Mickey Rats. Yes I know all 8 teams make it but SB must show up this week and win a game or two. If they lose out this weekend you mine as well stick a fork in them. I am very curious to see what they are made of this week.  

8.  I will be watching the Shredders vs The Bambs this week. D4 is starting to look like a 3 horse race but The Bambs might have something to say about that. We will know by days end if The Bambs will be a part of the race or an also ran. 

9.  Matty's Angels have 2 tough games this week as they must face CFB and Hung Buffalo. We should know by the end of the day what the Angels are made of this week. Looks like Matty Ice will be a very tired camper by about 3:00 on Saturday.   

10. RAS vs the Purge should be a good game. I am hearing that Radon might be out so Travis might be in. It will be interesting to see if the Purge finally get to unveil their new shiny uniforms this week. I can't wait to see the female battles in this one. 

If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 




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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.


CYA Saturday......




Week 5 Thoughts, Picks, Insights, Predictions and DREW

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Written by Patrick McGovern
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D etermined

R elevant

E nergetic

W innnnnning


We see Drew each and every week but what do we really know about him. It's like he pulled a Joe K and just appeared out of no where.


So what do we know.......

-We know he started out in the TSL as an "official" sideline reporter intern.  He was funny and beloved by all.

-He was signed by Frizzy's many moons ago before finally being seen by The Topper when he went all "dementia" and took a wrong turn and walked toward Field #5 instead of the bar.

-Every year threatens to start his own team and leave only to return.

-Started his own wine tourney team that turned out to be one of the biggest fiasco's in TSL history.

-Laughed really really hard when "GEOFFREY" was knitted on Todd Nixon's 2017 1 Topper too Many Jersey

-Get's really mad at us when we threaten to tell anyone he once thought Nicole from Blitzkreig was really cute but we promised we would never tell. 

-Plays drums.

-Once got mad at the GF for accusing him of thinking he was good. Drew claims he never thought he was good, never once.

-Will once again be one of the most "sought after free agents on the market" come Fall.

-Pro B's Brother which means he is pro Rachel Parker

-Don't Call Him Andrew


Let's pick some games......





PUBLIC ENEMY VS BOMBERS +8: Bombers are struggling on offense. Public Enemy is struggling on defense. Will Glowacki be yanked for a  3rd straight game? PE needs to get back on track. This game is very interesting. If PE blows out Bombers then it is safe to say they will get back on track. But what if Bombers hang 30 ish on them and stay in the game? That is the question of the day now isn't it?  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 9


THE PURGE VS CHAD STUFF +8: CS stuff is a hot mess and things are not going their way. It was awesome to see Montesanti and Bloomfield last week but it was not awesome watching the QB try to throw passes to them. I literally think one pass went out end over end. TP do have shiny jerseys this is the good news. The bad news is Neutz is hurt, Shari missed last week and Seketurski looks lost. I still am amazed at how good of a ball player Kevin Zak is. He just shows up week after week and makes plays. TP better keep all eyes on Bloomfield and Montesanti. They are the only concerns. THE PURGE BY 7


NEW GODS +6 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: This game should be interesting. ED took a bad beat last week. They will have a host of match up nightmares for a NG defense that did not look overly impressive last week. NG have Jon McGrath and watching him go heads up with Chadwick or Farr should be awesome. NG is solid but I don't see their 3 hanging with the ED 3 as this should cause headaches on both sides of the ball. ED usually mans but this is the week they might want to consider a zone as Ricky throws alot of jump balls and sometimes just lets it fly. If New Gods really wants to know what they are made of this is the week they will find out.    EYES DOWNTOWN BY 7


NEW GODS VS THE PURGE +8: TP has not had a very good start to this season. They do have some size and some speed but they really don't match up very well with most D1 squads. NG have started out very well. They have talent on both sides of the ball. Top to bottom NG is more loaded than TP. NG should be able to get modest gains with their 2s and 3s as TP is basically a one trick pony. The girl battle should be fun in this game. I think New Gods should take care of the Purge rather easily in this one. NEW GODS BY 10





THE REPLACEMENTS +3 VS WITTER'S:The Replacements can't score and Witters can't stop anyone. So its the movable object against the resistible force I guess. Witters has been up and down but they are smart and vet savvy. TR has Burr and Burr is good. So who wins this one? Well that's a good question. I just think Witters is due. WITTERS BY 1


DMX +13 VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES: DMX can score but they are struggling to stop folks. GNA has things on cruise control. They are throwing 50 on folks with back up QBs they should have a very easy time with a team that is still finding its way.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 10


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +1 VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES: This is the game I have been waiting for. TEIM is very very good. Tiger is killing it and easily could be in the discussion for D2 MVP. GNA is just crushing folks right now. TEIM better find a way to account for Devon at all times if she is playing as girl is good very good. TEIM will face a team that is disciplined and plays solid fundamental football. Alex will be tested early and often and GNA is the excellence of execution. This could be a classic GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 1


NWO VS BLITZKRIEG +4: Blitzkreig won a game yaaaaay. They do have talent they do have speed and they should be doing better than they are. NWO is a hot mess. They have Joey Batts who is struggling right now. When Joey Batts is struggling that is bad for business. These two teams match u very well. You would have to think the the Batts brothers will get NWO heading in the right direction. ...right? NWO BY 3





BULLET CLUB VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY +1: This one should be good. Welcome to Tim Dove Vendetta Bowl. I am sure Joe K, Easton and Gordon will want to bring hell fire and brimstone with them as they are certain they got Doved last week in their game VS Cobblestone. Team Topper is as balanced as they come but they must find a way to stop "bearded Lou" who is literally un-coverable this session. If Chad Griffin shows and that's a big if Bullet Club will be tough to beat.  BULLET CLUB BY 3


MICKEY RATS +7 VS PRIME TIME PLAYERS: MR is not exactly having a stellar season. Their offense is meh and their defense is Ok but nothing special. PTP are a very beatable team but PTP should have enough horses to take this one. PTP will have a big girl edge and PTP should have enough size and speed to basically run all over MR. The PTP QB looks solid some times and awful some others. In time he could be a player in this league. PTP needs to take the next step and this is a team that they should beat.  PRIME TIME PLAYERS BY 6


A&A VS STICKY BANDITS +7:  A&A seem to be right at home in D3 as they sit at 3-2. They continue to score points but need more from their defense. The Sticky Nation is not off to a very good start as they sit at 1-3. Their woes begin and end on offense as they struggle to score. When you play A&A you have to think a shoot out is looming but how can you have a shoot out if you cant score? A&A A&A BY 6


PRIME TIME PLAYERS +7 VS GRYFFINDOR: The Gryff usually doesn't lose too many games but man did they have a bad day at the office last week. PTP is a decent squad that in time could be a very decent team. They have size they have speed and they have tremendous balance. I think the only thing they need more of is time. Joey Batts will come tot town hopping mad and I assume PTPT will literally be in awe of his play which will cause them to crumble     quickly like a house of cards. The Gryff can't lose 2 in a can't happen.  GRYFFINDOR BY 6





NO PUNT INTENDED +1 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE: Both teams are quietly having very solid sessions. NPI is off to a very decent 2-2 start. They seem to be jelling well and can make plays on both sides of the ball. IE looks to be back in mid season form and seems to be light years ahead of last year as they don't seem to have the injuries they once had. I expect a very solid very decent game here between 2 teams that just play good football. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 3


HK4 VS SHREDDERS +1: This game should be bedlam as both teams are as good as it gets in D4. HK4 is mowing teams down with a solid offense and the stingiest defense in D4. Shredders are super awesome on offense and have probably the divisions best ladies. The key here will be the Shredder defense which has been prone to collapses from time ti time. I think these two should get a really good look at each other as they could be seeing each other again real soon.  HK4 BY 3


RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +8: IE have solid girls and they also have a few play makers  but RPMAS are loaded all over the field This game could come down to the 3s and if that is the case the over all depth of RPMAS should carry. People keep talking about Shredders and HK4 but RPMAS are good very very good.  RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS BY 7


THE BAMBS +6 VS RPMAS:  The Bambs have been having attendance issues now the big D5 bully is up next. TB thought D5 crown was theirs but then nooooo RPMAS had to take it from them and ruin Parrish's off season :(. RPMAS look to be very solid on both sides of the ball they check all the boxes.Yes the Bambs could shock the world but its more fun when they lose and Parrish gets all pissed off.    RPMAS BY 7


AARP VS 3RD AND SCHLONG +3: AARP is having a decent season by their standards. 3rd and Schlong already had their Super Bowl. Nothing else matters anymore. Yes any win from here on out is icing on the cake but 3rd and Schlong dismantled Hometech and that's all they wanted. AARP have a few decent athletes who could make some plays if they put them in position to do so. 3rd and Schlong can be beat by teams with speed so AARP might want to try that route.   AARP BY 4




HOPE N RUIN VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +7:  Hope N Ruin literally gives thug like beat downs to girl teams but has struggled with the other squads. SNB is not a very good team. Yes they have some players and yes they can scare some one every now and again but I don't see them upsetting a very solid very stable football team on both sides of the ball. HOPE N RUIN BY 6


PASSLESS CHAPS +8 VS ACE FEATURING "GENERAL" RONNY K:  Ronny K has to be sitting in his office grinning from ear to ear. Yes he didn't get Matty's Angels but he got the next best thing. ACE has been in every game they have played and they do belong in D5. I maintain they belong in D4 actually as ACE can play. Passless Chaps have not been overly impressive to date. A buzz saw will be waiting on them this week. ACE knows now is the time to strike and get back into the race. Beware ACE could be making a statement this week. ACE BY 14


HUNG BUFFALO  VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN +4: HB is off to a decent 2-1-1 start as they are solid on both sides of the ball. AWDIQ is still finding their way in D5. HB has decent balance and should be able to do enough on offense to keep the quicker AWDIQ off balance. AWDIQ could find some real estate down the side lines.  HOPE N RUIN BY 6


MATTY'S ANGELS +6 VS UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS: Rumors are swirling that Matty Ice will not be in the line up this week which means bad news for MA. They were already struggling on defense and now they lose their emotional leader. URTT have been a decent bunch on both sides of the ball and they should have enough to keep MA off balance and take this game late.   UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 7




SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE +1 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: Is the prophet the most honorable David Walter alive? We don't know as he no show no called last week. When he is around SSS is good very good but are they good enough to beat CSR who is on fire right now? I don't know because I don't know if the prophet will once again no show. If he shows SSS could win this but if he doesn't, look out SSS.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 3


THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +10: PS is bad and just cant seem to score points. Their time is coming but that time is not today, probably not tomorrow either. THE is ho humming along. They score points they play solid D but they can be exploited on defense form time to time. It was nice to see Axel return last week as he brought instant street cred to a team that seemed to be lacking an identity up until last week. PS is in over their heads and probably don't show well in this one. THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 11


COLLEGIATE SOLAR VS THE TAMMY'S +10: TT lost to TMA at this point the season is over. When you lose to TMA you are scuuuuuhreeeewed. TT cant score and they cant play D. Solar has been in alot of games. Where art thaw girl on crack? I so want girl on crack to catch a TD then run right into he tree line and then she keeps running and running and running until she ends up in ....Toledo.  COLLEGIATE SOLAR BY 8


THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE +3 VS CELINO SEWER RATS:  CSR is up against it this week. Are they good or are they just benefiting from an early season easy schedule? We will know by days end. They have speed and speed kills slow teams and THE is a slow very slow team. I so am waiting for Tommy Hughes and Gordon to go at it once and for alI think that would be awesome. As for the game the winner of this one a could be the leader in the club house as we head towards the back nine.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 4




#5: ALEX FROM TIGHT  ENDS IN MOTION: Alex had to be hearing the voices talking quietly wondering if his time had passed. TEIM was winning and was a solid team but questions remained if the offense could hang with the big boys. Alex came to town guns a blazing and made it rain as TEIM threw 51 up on DMX. Question asked question answered.


#4:  5 STAR PRODUCTIONS: Saturdays are just better when DJ Jimmy and DJ Tommy enter the fray as fun is always had by all. 5 Star Productions made their glorious return as many a TSLer said it was nice to have them back as football isn't the same without them. 


#3:  THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: Things looked bleak. TMA was not winning. Turmoil was all around them and The Tammy's were heading to town. The loser of this game would become the worst team in TSL. 50 fateful minutes later TMA took The Tammy's to the wood shed and got back on their winning ways. Brent made his glorious return and TMA found a way to win. 


#2:  HOMETECH: Went from Public Enemy #1 to America's Team in literally 50 minutes. We asked them if B's Brother would play and he did. Matter of fact QB and leader Austin gave B's Brother the shirt off his back as Hometech did right in a great game vs Indecent Exposure. The on lookers erupted with glee as B's Brother finally caught a pass in a game. 


#1: RACHEL PARKER: You may never know how close football was to being canceled this week. A text came in at 740 am. B's Brother had no ride and couldn't make it. No one would answer the call then boom....a young lady finally answered. That woman's name is Rachel Parker. Many folks claim she was 90 seconds from football and turned her vehicle around as she knew more than anyone the gravity of the moment at hand. Rachel Parker dropped B's Brother off and saved football Saturday!!!




#5:  MADISON LEE'S: They are off to a nice 4-2 start but they have lost 2 of their last 3 games. OMG they lost to Ronny K and ACE nooooooooo. Madison Lee's struggled on offense and couldn't over come ACE. Are they the best or worst 4-2 team in football right now?


#4:. THE TAMMY'S: Being in a 54 team league is really kinda neat as it makes life very fun as things always are changing. Being the worst team in a 54 team is  not fun but that's where the Tammy's are right now as they just cant score and their defense is terrible. The clock is starting to tick if TT doesn't fix what ails them soon they will be on the outside looking in. 


#3: MATTY'S ANGELS DEFENSE: 2 games last week 0-2 record. Points for 58 points against 104. Giving up 52 points a game will not win you many games. Curse my tongue for saying this but right now Matty's Angels does not look like a playoff team.


#2: REF CREW IN THE BULLET CLUB COBBLESTONE GAME: So apparently we received our first league appeal this week. Bullet Club and Cobblestone still don't understand neither do we. What will happen? Will the decision be over turned? Where do we go from here? Stay tuned.


#1: JOEY BATTS: Started out the season as perennial D2, D3 and overall TSL MVP then it happened. He went 0-2 Saturday and all hope is now lost. There really isn't much more to be said. Joey Batts had a shot at infamy but that shot appears to be over. The window is now closed. The door has been slammed shut. :(





1.  Who is Jon McGrath? If you ask me he has "next big thing" potential written all over him. McGrath is an awesome player on both sides of the ball and seems to be very grounded and not overly cocky. His play has been awesome to date. Seeing McGrath go heads up with Greg Chadwick or Jeffy Farr should be an awesome battle to behold this week.  I do have one question though.....Pete likes being the media darling is he OK with once again playing 2nd fiddle to a bona fide super star in the making?


2. Will the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter no call no show 2 weeks in a row? SSS was on fire literally scoring at will then the prophet just disappeared. SSS won but only scored 15. SSS has a HUGE game with CSR this week. 


3. Are Celino Sewer Rats for real or are they the product of an early season easy schedule? We will know by days end as 2 of the toughest teams in D6 await them this week.


4. So who you got Joe K or Topper? 2 of the games biggest stars have at it this week. This game should be bedlam. Will there be any Tim Dove hatred carry over from last weeks BC/Cobblestone game?


5. What must Public Enemy be thinking right now? 1-1-2 is not what they are used to. A very lack luster Bombers team comes to town this week but this easily could go one of two ways. PE shuts them down and gets back on the horse or their shaky defense gets run all over and all hell breaks loose. This game should be interesting....




10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on this week is simple. It is triple dog on this week at 1:00 when a revamped Tight Ends in Motion has at it with Gray and Associates. Though Angry Buffalo may have something to say about this we could be viewing the D2 championship match up this week. TEIM is solid across the board and GNA is well GNA. They are a solid stable football team that makes plays each and every week. I am very curious to see how this one turns out. 


2.  There is an awesome battle brewing in D4 this week when HK4 has at it with the Shredders. HK4 has basically dismantled every team put in front of it this session on both sides of the ball. Shredders have a high scoring offense but have been prone to defensive lapses. This game should be bedlam. 


3.  I am very curious to see how Celino Sewer Rats do this week with the Tommy Hughes Experience. THE has looked very impressive lately but speed is always an issue for them.  CSR have looked solid on both sides of the ball and do have some speed that THE will need to account for. This game should be good. 


4. Matty's Angels have their backs against the wall this week. They are 1-3 and losers of their last 3. This week they must face the 3-1 Uncle Rico Time Travelers. This game is huge as Matty's Angels have fallen down the ladder and need a big win. A loss could really put them in a whole heap of trouble. All MA issues begin and end on defense. 


5 D3 is where the stars come to play. We have a huge game brewing this week when Team Topper has at it with Bullet Club.  I am sure Gordon, Joe K and Co will want to send a message to Tim Dove and Team Topper this week. There are awesome battles looming this week. Will Chad Griffin show and if so can Drew cover him? Will the Team Topper defense have any answers for "bearded' Lou? How awesome will the JJ vs a rejuvenated Kelly Lidddle match up be? Jeff Easton flat out throws gas but Topper seems to be having his best season to date. This game has classic written all over it. 


6. I can't wait for last session's D5 title game to be replayed in D4 this week. RPMAS will have at it with the Bambs in round #2. Both teams are solid on both sides of the ball. Each team knows the other quite well. The Bambs need a win badly this week and will look to make a statement Saturday. I still am not sure if D4 is a 3 or 4 team race this season. We should know by day's end. 


7.   Blitzkrieg finally got up off the mat last week with a big victory but now must face an up and down NWO. NWO is reeling after being taken to school by non award winning Tommy Hughes last week. NWO will need to make a statement. Joey Batts must be flat out magical or his MVP hopes will be done like dinner. 


8.  I think the 1-1-1 Indecent Exposure vs 2-2 No Punt Intended game should be a good one. IE has easily one of the best players in the division that no one has ever heard of. IE looks to be back in mid season form. This game should be a good one.  


9.  Sticky Bandits need to make a statement and they need to do it fast as their season is starting to spin out of control. They are not playing good football on offense and this is hurting them. We are hearing late rumors that Matty Ice may not be in this week's A&A line up so Sticky Bandit's just might be getting the break they are looking for. If they drop this game they are done like dinner. 


10. If you are the 1 or 2 ACE fans still left you have to be feeling really good right now. The 0-5 Passless Chaps are up next. ACE is 2-2 and has been in every game they have played. I'll say it once and will say it again the schedule Gods got it all wrong as ACE and Matty's Angels should be playing each other. 


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As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.



CYA Saturday......




Week 3 Thoughts, Picks, Insights and Conspiracy Theories

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Written by Patrick McGovern
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So an associate of mine had dinner with some friends last weekend and the question was asked of my true identity. My associate made sure to keep me anonymous but it got those folks and many of you to thinking who exactly am I? Well I can't tell you but what I can do is throw out some ideas on my true identity. To be honest I am a man that lives in Des Monies Iowa. I am given football reports that are sent to me via fax every Sunday. I have been to Buffalo 5x and have walked amongst you twice. I will never reveal my true identity but if we must go through this exercise here are some ideas on who I might actually be:


Topper 3-1: OK TSL is a 2 headed monster. One of them is crazy and you can hear him coming from a mile away. The other is very calm and very to himself. It's always the quiet ones. I mean Topper is always there, he's always at the bar, he's always at TSL functions. He has a fax machine. He has a profound love for B's Brother. He claims he doesn't listen to his own podcasts which literally makes no sense. Does it make so little sense that it makes perfect sense?   He knows most of you. It would make sense....or not make sense.  I am confused.


Joe K: 5-1:: Joe K came from obscurity and is now one of the most easily recognizable people in the game today. I mean could a 10 season plan have been in place to have Joe K start on Sweet and Sour in obscurity and be super quiet as he wrote articles and got to know each and every one of you. Then when the moment presented itself re-package his character and shine the spotlight on him? It would be a perfect plan. He has like 47 job titles but does he have 48 but the last title is anonymous? Does any one even know where Joe K came from? It's like the TSL just planted him there and he appeared one day.......hmmmmm


Matty Ice 7-1: Everyone who knows Matty knows he loves comics and stuff. Could this be his Oliver Queen moment? To those of you that don't know, Oliver Queen is a playboy bazillionaire during the day then Green Arrow at night. Could Matty Ice be QB on the field rock star off it during the day and God Father at night? That's a great question.


Stegemeir 10-1: Something seemed off last week as I heard Stegemeier showed up at football with a limp. Why would some one be injured but show up at football any ways? Why wouldn't some one just stay home? Then it dawned on me. If Stegemeir was the GF he would have wanted to show up so he could watch games and get the vibe in the room so he could write his article. It makes sense. Stegemeir has been around since day #1. He flies under the radar. Plus it would so be a Stegemier thing to do. 


DJ Jimmy 15-1: This is the wild card. DJ Jimmy is every where. He does podcasts even though he doesn't always see the games. Could he be the secret connection to all of this? DJ Jimmy and the TSL just happened to come together one day but was it an accident or was it done on purpose? Is DJ Jimmy so brilliant that he had us all believe that his first love is 5 Star but it all is a front when he actually is the Godfather?



Let's pick some games......




RACKS AND SACKS +3 VS NEW GODS: RAS gave Public Enemy quite the scare last week. They looked solid on both sides of the ball. New Gods beat #XTC in week #1 but they beat the JV squad this should be a better test for them. NG have alot of skill but they will need to be alot smarter on offense this week. Its easy throwing lollipops against safeties that can't run but Radon, Travis and Franco will close alot quicker than #XTC did in week #1. Ricky might need to dial it back and go more 8-12 yard routes in this one. Radon threw a decent deep ball himself last week but was flat on the intermediate routes. I think the QB that makes better intermediate throws should take this one late.  NEW GODS BY 4

PUBLIC ENEMY +13 VS EYES DOWTOWN: This usually is the game every one waits for but alas this game will not be good. Rumors swirl Chris Cole is MIA this week so Tommy Hughes will be playing QB. PE will struggle to score on a team that pretty much is the class of D1. ED will score their points and their defense should have a relatively easy day as Hughes is no Cole not even close. Look for Eyes Downtown to take this game early and the route will be on.   EYES DOWNTOWN BY 14

BOMBERS +7 VS #XTC: #XTC is not having a very good season. They are struggling to score and they are struggling even more to stop teams on defense. The good news is they all still have their health. Don't believe that Stegemier is hurt I maintain it is all an elaborate ploy not to play anymore because he thinks he is washed up. I have no clue who is on Bombers or what they can or will do. I think Glowacki is playing with them. Glowacki really isn't so good but it would be really funny if he played this week and made it rain in a big Bombers win. I mean that could happen right? Right?  #XTC BY 8

CHAD STUFF +13 VS MARKETING MAYORS: MM is really good CS is not so good. Well the league tried to call CS and get them a QB to help make the pain go away but they have yet to answer our VM. MM will score early and often. Bloomfield is really good but as good as he is he can not carry an entire team on his shoulders. MM will have the edge all over the field and they are the one team that actually can jump into the sky when Bloomfield goes astronaut on everyone. It wont matter though. Chad Stuff please call us we cant help you if you don't call us back.   MARKETING MAYORS BY 14



ANGRY BUFFALO VS WITTERS +11:  Angry Buffalo is the class of D2. They did not fare very well last week against a very solid TEIM but they once again came away with the W. Witters are off to a 0-2 start. They are a solid team but I fear they won't have the horses in this one. Nick Sooch is a wizard at breaking zones down and taking what he is given. Witter's does not have the tightest zone out there so I fear AB will get alot of 8-12 yard routes in this one. Witters will bring the fight but I fear their defense just won't hold. ANGRY BUFFALO BY 10

BLITZKRIEG +9 VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES: GNA hit the ground running last week in a big win. Blitzkrieg looked awful in week #1 but looked vastly improved in week #2. I see this game starting out fairly tight but the vet savvy on    the GNA sideline should take over after a while with GNA pulling away late. Blitkrieg have some play makers and some speed to account for but the guys on the other side line know this game better than almost anyone.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 8

TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS THE REPLACEMENTS +7: TEIM was fierce on D last week and gave Angry Buffalo all they could handle and more. TR had an up and down week #1 and was on holiday week #2. They have 2 speedsters that TEIM will have to worry about at all times. TR will bring some match up headaches but everything will fall on the right arm of their QB. If he is on TR will give TEIM all they can handle if he is off this one could get away quick. TEIM are a very smart very solid very methodical team that should just churn out yards and make enough plays to carry by days end. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 8



COBBLESTONE +11 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: This is usually one of the most heated rivalries in the game but Cobblestone has lost their luster. They are struggling and curse my tongue but it might be time to drop down to D4. I can't believe I am about to say this but Topper looks really solid on offense right now. He is making solid throws as his weapons are vast and very talented. His girls look light years better than in years past. Team Topper still needs to clean up the defense. If it was me I'd move the zone up 4 or so yards and force Darryl to beat them long that is the only shot he has. If Topper continues to deal on offense this game has blow out written all over it. Darryl literally must play like his magical hair is on fire to have any chance in this one. 1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 13

PRIME TIME PLAYERS +6 VS BULLET CLUB: BC is back and the soap opera hopefully will be with them. PTP won last week that's the good news the bad news is they still have holes all over the field. They have tremendous balance but something just seems to be missing. BC has a very solid QB, Chad Griffin and a cast of girls that are all very good. PTP meet JJ Bullet Club meet Katie Salisbury. Oh this lady battle will be magical. PTP will give BC a fight but I just don't see anyone on the PTP side of the field that can run with Griifin.  BULLET CLUB BY 7

A&A VS MICKEY RATS +3: A&A took their first loss in a very long time. I am curious to see how they react this week. Mickey Rats is a roller coaster as you really never know who which team shows up. The good Rats can score 40 on anyone in this league the bad Rats will score 20. A&A v Mickey Rats could be a good one if the good Rats squad show up. I expect a back and forth slug fest in this one. By days end will know if A&A is either a top tier or lower tier D3 team. They should win this game by 6-7 points anything less would be a  concern..... A&A BY 6

STICKY BANDITS +8 VS GRYFFINDOR:  The Joey Batts MVP Tour continues on this week Sticky Bandits are up next . Joey Batts is in a different stratosphere than everyone else. He is making it rain at QB as he scores points at will. Sticky is a decent squad with solid players all over the field but can all 6 starters match the skill of Joey Batts? I didn't think so either. SB will come to town and will play smart and methodical . They must weather the early storm and hope the QB does not go off on them. Problem is Joey Batts is trying for the trifecta of MVP's right now and he knows better than anyone that he must once again put on a show for the ages GRYFFINDOR BY 7



SHREDDERS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +3: I was expecting Shredders to crush AARP last week but they didn't. Their offense still looks very solid but their defense did not look as top shelf as in years past. IE is a tough team to figure out,. They will not kill you on offense but they are always in their games as they are a very smart very balanced team. I am very curious to see how IE does now that their team should be at 100% this week. Shredders look good but they didn't look great which should be a sigh of relief for D4 as a handful of teams could be in line for the hardware come week #11.  SHREDDERS BY 4

 THE BAMBS +1 VS HK4: HK4 looks like they have returned from the dead and right now they are the class of D4 as they are crushing folks on offense. Last week they scored 41 points and looked like an offensive juggernaut on a very very solid SAFTG.  The Bambs will be a tough test as they are battled tested, have a very solid QB and they are as balanced as they come. They have size, they have speed and they have decent girls. I think this game will be close though HK4 just looks dialed in right now.  HK4 BY 3

RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS +3: Seriously what is up with both of you? If either of you think I am going to type those names over and over you are both kidding yourselves. Ever hear of calling yourselves the Bears or the Jets. Jeesh 11 words between 2 teams I mean c'mon man WTF this isn't in my contract Topper no where does it say I have to write a 500 word essay because these two squads can't call themselves something simple like Tigers and Lions. Who wins this game ? Who cares I am not picking a winner because both names are too long. If you don't like it Topper I am going on strike.   

AARP VS NO PUNT INTENDED +4: NPI is 0-1 but they didn't look half bad in their first game. They scored 30 and that's a plus. AARP is in an interesting position this week. They are getting to the point where they are becoming a team that needs to beat teams like this but will they? AARP is battle tested and really seemed to take the next step last session but they must find a way to take this game so they do not regress. I expect a very close back and forth battle that could go down to the wire.  AARP BY 1


3RD AND SCHLONG +7 VS SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS: 3rd and Schlong had their Super Bowl last week when they totally dismantled Hometech. SAFTG thought they had to just show up and they could win the D4 title but now they know they have work to do. I fear Team Keller might be a bit over matched this week as SAFTG are a very balanced team that have solid size and speed 3rd and Schlong will need to account for. Now I am not one to talk so you didn't hear this from me but if I was wearing a SAFTG jersey in no way shape or form would I direct my passes at Kevin Keller because he is a stand out player who is solid on defense. He is the guy in the "stud" jersey that will be sweating bullets if he is on defense hoping nay praying nay looking into the heavens above and looking out at the stars asking God "God this is your good friend Kevin Keller you know I struggle on defense so does the Godfather and every TSLer with 2 eyes. Please oh please do let SAFTG throw on me.  Because if they do Jr will make fun of me all day and that will make me sad."  But I am not one to talk so you didn't hear that from me.....SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 8


RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS VS HOMETECH +30: Hometech could not have had a worse week than they did last week as they had their wills to live stolen by 3rd and Schlong. That of course is the bad news the good news is rumors are swirling that B's Brother will be in this weeks line up. If this is the case Hometech instantly becomes the D4 favorite, my favoritest team of all time and every thing I ever said about them is rescinded as I now love them. Don't tease us Hometech B's Brother better be in this weeks line up or I will be writing a massive letter and sending it to you and you wont be happy. As for the game Hometech is totally screwed but the good news is they have B's Brother now so nothing else matters. RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS BY 34



UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS VS ACE +1: ACE has looked very impressive to date as they stand at 1-1 but gave CFB a game last week. Uncle Rico looked very bad in week #1 but was awesome in week #2. These two teams should match up well. Uncle Rico should have the size advantage but ACE has the speed advantage. Ronny K is the key like he is most weeks. If he is hot ACE should roll but if he is not ACE could be staring 1-2 in the face by days end.  UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 4


HOPE N RUIN +8 VS MADISON LEE'S: Madison Lee's are looking very solid these days especially on offense. while HNR isn't exactly lighting the score board up. HNR is a notoriously slow starter its kind of their thing. ML are a very solid very deep team that have weapons all over the field. The key to any gender game is the 5th WR of the gender team VS the 2nd girl of the opposing defense this is where most gender teams make their money. I am very interested to see how ML do against a pretty stout defense. This game could be a good one as HNR will bring some interesting match up headaches. MADISON LEE'S BY 7


SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +10 VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN: AWDIQ got a huge win over Matty's Angels last week . They have speed to burn and could easily be the D5 dark horse right now. SNB is having another ho hum season. They are once again struggling to score points and they are struggling on defense giving up more than 30 a game. I expect Qwinn to come up and use their speed to their advantage hitting quick slants and easy fly routes on a secondary that is ready to give up big chunks of yards. AWDIQ should take this one rather easily. ALL WE DO IS QWINN BY 9


3RD AND SCHLONG +9 VS THE BAMBS: 3rd and Schlong won their Super Bowl last week and all is good for them. The Bambs reluctantly have moved up to D4. They don't like D4 they want tog o back down to D5 but Topper wont let them. TB have size they have speed and they have a very good QB. I fear 3rd and Schlong will still be on the high of beating their bitter rival and might not be able to focus on the team coming to town this week. The Bambs will bring some speed and size headaches that 3rd and Schlong haven't seen yet in D4. THE BAMBS BY 10


BACK THAT PASS UP +8 VS HUNG BUFFALO: BTPU is the quietest 2-1 team in the game right now. Matter of fact I just looked at the standings and was shocked they were 2-1. Hung Buffalo is a vet savvy battle tested crew but they can be up and down. They can be beat by speedy teams. BTPU will need to bring it this week as HB wants to make a statement and get back tot he top of the standings. I think BTPU will get some gains on offense but HB usually covers with a solid QB, a decent supporting cast and some girls that can flat out go.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 6


PASSLESS CHAPS +7 VS COME FROM BEHIND:    CFB is looking good right now as they sit at 2-1. They have size, they have vet savvy they have a QB that can throw gas and they have a franchise girl player.  Passless Chaps have had some high and low moments to date. I think they will need more time to find their way in this league. CFB should pretty much control this game from the get go with their ability to make smart solid gains on offense and should do enough on defense to win this game and climb one more step up the ladder. CFB could surprise some teams when the bullets start flying for real in week #10. COME FROM BEHIND BY 8



THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +6 VS UFO: TMA is struggling and rumors are swirling Brent will not be in attendance this week. TMA literally has no TV value with Brent not in the line up. I hope he enjoys his s'mores this weekend. UFO looked solid in week #1 but ran into the offensive juggernaut known as SSS. UFO could be 3-1 for the first time in like forever this week if they play their cards right. They need to stay on top of a team that is ready to collapse like a house of cards.   UFO BY 7

COLLEGIATE SOLAR +8 VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE: When the Prophet the Most Honorable Dave Walter speaks ye shall listen. I have been told (via fax) that SSS will debut their new QB this week and the hope is global thermal nuclear war on all those that oppose them. SSS has been dying for a QB they need him they must have him. CS won last week and things are good. I also heard rumors crack girl was in attendance. I hate to rain on their parade but SSS will score early and often as SSS will now stake their claim for they believe is rightfully theirs.  That of course is the D6 title. SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE BY 10

UFO VS THE TAMMY'S +7: The Tammy;s are struggling and when The Tammy's are struggling TSL is not a better place. They just can't seem to score on offense. UFO is off to a decent 1-1 start and has a very solid shot at begin 3-1 by days end. They will need to stay smart and methodical and not do anything wild or crazy. Two very winnable games are set this week all UFO has to do is go out there and play solid smart football and they should quickly climb up the D6 ladder. The Tammy's need to cure their offensive woes as they must find a way to score more points,. UFO BY 6

THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +10 VS THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE: TMA is struggling right now as they will be missing their and our inspirational leader. THE is not struggling but this week they probably will have to play a game with both Tommy and Gordon in the line up. TMA is struggling on defense while THE has Hearn and Hearn is good at beating up on defenses. THE has a big girl edge this week. TMA needs to make a stand at one point or this season will get out of hand very quickly. They must find a way to win a game or they could end up 0-9. I.m farily certain THE will score early and often on a very giving secondary. Christmas might be coming early for the THE offense.  THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 13




#5: COLLEGIATE SOLAR: Holy smokes it is only week #2 but Solar won a game. I am hearing rumors one of our female favorite players was also in attendance. Solar beat The Practice Squad 25-21 and is not 0 for . They are now not the worst team in TSL. Yay Solar!!! 

#4: THE PROPHET THE MOST HONORABLE DAVE WALTER: Made his glorious return and helped SSS beat The McKenize Agency 48-38. Apparently the prophet did climb the mountain high and he found his QB.  Football is just more fun when Dave Walter is in attendance. 

#3: JOEY FREAKING BATTS: Has his eyes on D2, D3 and over all MVP. Literally "made it rain out there" in a big 46-44 win over Team Topper which culminated with a last second TD to his brother Anthony. Yes Anthony caught the ball but it was 100% throw and 0% catch.  Joey Batts is wicked dialed in right now and might be the best QB in the entire league not just D3. I maintain before this season ends that he will be the first QB in league history to figure out a way to throw passes to himself.

#2: JAMES TIBERIUS HEARN/SUPER SARAH: TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE: Hearn came to play as he re-enacted his inner Wes Welker as he ran all over an unsuspecting UFO defense in route to a huge 46-26 victory. Sarah had a great day too as she scored  a TD and  played great on offense. I am also proud to report she did not lose her cell phone or have it stolen this week.  

#1: 3RD AND SCHLONG: 3rd and Schlong is not going to win the D4 title but their Super Bowl was Saturday as they faced their bitter rival Hometech and crushed them 32-8. Later that night 3RD and Schlong literally closed the Rose Garden as they were on fire. They called their shot and beat Hometech just like they said they would. Mic drop........



#5: DARRYL CARR QB SUPERSTAR: Yes you are an icon. Yes you are a legend. Yes you usually accomplish more in 3 games than most mere mortals do in 3 seasons but you can't drop a line to Jimmy Breur at 952 AM saying you won't be there for a 10 am game.  You owe Beesing an apology and a Cookiepuss.

#4: MATTY ICE: No it wasn't anything he did off the field as kid is flat out rock star but for the first time in what seems like forever Matty Ice lost 2 games, had to reschedule his ladies game and lost a bet to Drew from the dreaded Team Topper.

#3: SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS: Looked so good in week #1 and many were saying they could be the D4 favorite then BOOM HK4 comes to town and lays the smaecketh downeth on them 41-19. Not good...not good at all.

#2: A CERTAIN QB WHO WEARS AN ORANGE JERSEY: Dude it's time to take a step back and slow things down a little bit...don't ya think?????

#1: HOMETECH: 3rd and Schlong came up an entire division for one reason and one reason only. They wanted to dismantle you guys and take your will to live. 50 minutes later they beat you 32-8 in one of the biggest games of the year. 8 points? You scored 8 points......



1. Is Stegemeier hurt or is this all an elaborate plan that was set into motion 4 months ago? He even had the limp down pat. I for one think the TSL medical staff should investigate as shenanigans are upon us. 

2.  Will UFO be 3-1 by days end? They have (2) very winnable games on this week's schedule. UFO has struggled for a few seasons now but there is no more important week than this week for them. 

3. Is the McKenzie Agency about to implode? I say yes but one of their players says no. They have struggled on both sides of the ball. Brent is now away on a magical camping trip. They must face the red hot Tommy Hughes Experience. This could be the week they unravel and collapse like a house of cards. 

4. OK the rumors can't be true. Is B's Brother about to start in his first official football game this week? I am hearing rumors he will be in the Hometech line up. B's Brother played a couple of times. Come to think of it remember that one time B's Brother was supposed to catch a TD but Tammy cut him off caught the ball and ran in for a TD and vultured him. That was awesome....unless you were B's Brother. It was not awesome for him that day. BTW if B's Brother does play in  this game Hometech instantly becomes my favorite team of all time!!!!!

5. So who is on the Bombers and what will they do in D1? Now that Bloomfield has headed for Chad Stuff will this team just go quietly into that good night or will they bring the fight? 


10 final thoughts before game day

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D1 when Racks and Sacks has at it with New Gods. When the season started I thought  D1 would  be a 3 horse race between Eyes Downtown, Public Enemy and Marketing Mayors. I am very curious to see if either of these teams are poised to break out and take the next step. New Gods beat a patsie in week #1 and RAS tied a team that was covered in rust last week. This is the week I am curious to see what each team brings to the table.  By games end we will know if D1 will be a 3 horse race or if a few more horses will be heading for the starting gate. 

2.  I am excited to see how HK4 vs The Bambs unfolds. The Bambs are the definition of balance as they have all the boxes checked. HK4 seems to have come from no where as they have dismantled their first few tests. This game should be a good one as these two teams might be seeing each other again real soon. 

3.  TEIM vs The Replacements should be a barn burner as each team has stars all over the field. This game will absolutely come down to the QB position. Whichever QB comes to play will take this one. TR have 2 burners while TEIM is a solid methodical bunch that just play good football. This game should be a good one. 

4.  Hope N Ruin finds themselves in an early season 0-2 hole and the schedule is doing them no favors as a hot Madison Lee's is up next. Only 8 teams make the playoffs so if HNR goes 0-3 they will have a ton of work to do. Their strength is their D but that D will be put to the test this week. 

5.  I was expecting Shredders to crush D4 but that wasn't the case last week. An injury free Indecent Exposure finally gets their team back this week. I am curious to see how this game unfolds. IE is a solid methodical bunch that usually is always in all games that they play. 

6.  I keep hearing all this pub and that the new SSS QB can go. I am curious to see if he is as good as advertised. If so SSS could enter the conversation and could finally be in the hunt for a D6 title. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter is usually spot on when he proclaims something so I cant wait to see who they bring this week. 

7. A&A took their first loss last week and a very up and down Mickey Rats is up next. Is A&A a top tier D3 team or are tough times ahead? This will be a good week to see what they are made of. MR are an up and down roller coaster. Some weeks they are as good as it gets in D3 then other weeks they are really bad. You just never know what to expect. 

8. Cobblestone is struggling and things look bleak. They cant score and they aren't playing good defense. Team Topper awaits them as they are hot to trot right now. If ever there was a time to call the upset this would have to be the week. D3 would be in dead shock if Darryl could pull Cobblestone from the ashes and shock the Topper one last time. Beware the trap game.

9.  Bullet Club looked solid in week #1 but another stiff test is heading their way. Is the club in the hunt for a D3 title or will PTP shock them? I for one can't wait to see JJ and Katie Salisbury have at it as both girls could be the best D3 has to offer. Though I am sure Kelly Liddle might just have something to say about that......

10. GNA looked very solid in their first victory, a very up and down Bitzkrieg heads to town next. This will be a very solid test for GNA as Blitzkrieg has young legs that can flat out fly. GNA is ever the methodical team that believes that slow and steady wins the race. This game should be a good one.  



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CYA Saturday......




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