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Post Banquet Recap

2018-01-16 DJ Jimmy, Linny, Joe K and Featuring Eric from Marketing Mayors & Kelly from 1 Topper 2 Many

Pre Banquet Podcast

2018-01-09 Linny, Jimmy, Joe K, Emly, Parker and Katie Keller

Championship Saturday Review

2017-11-28 JoeK, Emily, Tj & JZ

Playoff Round 1 Review

2017-11-16 Joek, Emily, High Road Jay & Game On Jeff

Week 9 Review

2017-11-09 JoeK, Emily, Good Ricky, Bad Ricky & the legendary Joey Batts

Week 8 Review

2017-10-31 JoeK, Emily, Rollie, Garrett & The Head of Officiating aka the dirtiest player in the game...Rameer

Week 7 Review

2017-10-26 DJ Jimmy, Linny, JoeK, Val, Rachel & Parker never showed up

Week 6 Review

2017-10-18 Dj Jimmy, Linny, Emily, JoeK, Meg & The not so award winning Tommy Hughes

Week 5 Review

2017-10-10 Linny, Joek, Good Ricky, Bad Ricky stayed home, Jay & Rameer

Week 4 review

2017-10-03 Linny, Emily, Gordon, Rachel, The Award Winning Tommy Hughes & Parker

Week 3 Review

2017-09-26 DJ Jimmy, Linny, JoeK, The Val, Rachel, Parker, Molly and a special appearance from Greg!

Fall 2017 Week 2 Review

2017-09-19 Linny, DJ Jimmy, Joe K, Garrett Bessing, Mark Buscaglia

Fall 2017 Week 1 Recap

2017-09-12 Linny, DJ Jimmy, Joe K

Off season August 22nd

2017-08-23 Linny, Joek and his Title belt, The Intern & The DOVE

Off season August 17th

2017-08-21 DJ Jimmy Liinny, Joe K Others

Off season week of august 7th

2017-08-07 Linny, Emly, Joe K, Dj Jimmy, and Topper

Off season week of august 4th

2017-08-04 Linny, JoeK, Keller 1, The white assassin Katie Keller, Paulie Scinta & Bootz in the background

The Regular Show 072717

2017-07-28 Linny DJ Jimmy Joe K Kim and Kristen

The Regular Show

2017-07-21 Linny, Emly, Joe K, Dj Jimmy, molly and Blase

Finals Review

2017-07-17 DJ Jimmy Limmy, Joe K Others
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