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Welcome to Week 4 in the greatest co-ed football league of all time. Although the week may have been light on players due to everyone traveling to LA to support the greatest football team of all time, GO BILLS!!!, there was no shortage of football being played and fun at the fields and at the bar with some amazing people. There were even some faces we didn’t expect to see at the fields…Scotty Dro welcome back. Seems like an eternity that we haven’t heard your infectious laugh and trash talking on the fields. Scott Keller Senior also made it out to support the Keller Squad.  After his amazing performance at the wine tournament, he decided to let his kids take the stage this week and just watch the games. Hopefully he will dust off his cleats this session and come out and play. Now that I have talked enough nonsense let's get into the games, Shall we…..

Breakfast club:

 The Special Kays vs. Team Jennacide,28-75. Steve Moser was missing at Qb so Derek Pew stepped in to play. It was no match for Garrett Bessing and his receivers as they took the game early and ran with it. He was making the plays he needed to make, utilizing his females, and having his receivers in the right spot to come up with the win. SK didn’t have an answer for them on offense or defense as they weren’t connecting passes and they didn’t have an answer for them on defense.

Division 1/ Division2:

Eyes Downtown vs. Scared Hitless, 36-26. Bobby McConnell seemed to have a handle on his offense and got the win over SH. He understands the game and how to win but one area he is lacking is utilizing and trusting his girls to make plays. It was painful watching this game having Mackenzie be wide open in the endzone and he chose to hit Cody S instead. Why make things easier for yourself and get 8 points when you can grab 6? Am I right?!?!?! In the great words of Bobby McConnell himself - Be Better.

Tight Ends vs. Untouchaballs, 49-25. Crossover game. Robin Makula made her return to the TSL. But is she legal to play is the question? At this point I still think it's up for debate. I hope the debate is settled by playoffs. She played well and made an impact in the game making great catches and having a strong defensive presence. Welcome back Robin! I hope you are legal, and I hope we will continue to see you week to week.

Gray Hair Don’t care vs. DILFs, 51-35. Crossover game. The DILFs have been short handed all session and Saturday was no exception. They had enough to field but played iron man for the game. Travis Cleavenger played Qb again this week. Kelly and Katie Keller were on fire catching passes for major gains, but the team came up short losing to GH.

Division 3:

Itches and Ohs vs. Scott Seniors Starting, 39-36. Welcome back Scott Seniors Starting, haven’t seen you since week 1 and it's good to see you back and playing. Scotty Dro looked a little rusty even with receivers as good as the Kellers. Kaite Keller and Nicole Keller both had to adjust to his throws and make the catches even though they were way off their frame and nowhere near their body. Good job ladies making Dro look like a good Qb. Overthrowing his receivers in the endzone, missing out on the extra points proved costly as this was a close match

Division 4:

Cunning Stunts vs. Spinelli’s Plumbing, 44-40.  Looks like the Stunts organized offense was no match for Spinelli’s as the ladies made the plays they needed to grab the win. Jill Battaglia stood out in this game scoring multiple touchdowns. It didn’t matter who was covering her she dusted them and made the catches she needed. SP could score but had a hard time scoring with their females. Getting guy touchdowns won’t win you a game against a gender team. Good try Fellas, maybe next time you will have a better game plan playing a gender team

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons vs. Spinelli’s Plumbing, 24-38. Looks like Spinelli’s was fired up from losing to the ladies, in their second game of the day they were able to pull out the win. They were more organized and called better plays during this match, they even decided to use their ladies more effectively. Good job figuring it out and not losing your cool playing ILF.

Division 5:

Woodpeckers vs. Today’s feast, 22-51. Today’s Feast looks like they are starting to figure out how to win. This match was a fun one to watch if you were routing for TF, Which I was. Such a good group of people and to see them succeed is fun. The guys really took over on defense, not letting WP make the plays they wanted by breaking up their passes, time after time. I hope they keep the momentum going for the rest of the session!

Division 6:

Lennie’s Ladies vs. Punt Cakes, 34-22 Punt cakes did not have a great game plan for this one by putting their best receiver,  young kid with awesome Mullet, at Qb… He had NO ONE to throw to and the drops were infectious, dropping the ball numerous times. When you have a squad of Ladies who can play and A Qb who is experienced its not going to end well for you. Nice try PC, bring back your Qb so you have the receiver you need on the field!

Lennie’s Ladies vs. Blitzkrieg, 41-30. It didn’t matter who was throwing for Lennie’s Ladies this week, they were on fire! Grabbing two big wins against teams that looked like favorites in the division. Light Red Hoodie guy on Blitzkrieg has been slinging all session, getting the wins but today he just couldn’t get it done. Perhaps it was because Alex seemed to be missing this week cheering his squad on.

With that, that ends week 4. Hard to believe we are almost halfway through the session. At this point teams should have already figured out what it takes for their team to win, or know you are not that team and just go out and have the best time on the field with your friends. I look forward to watching you all next week. The weather looks like it will be a perfect football day, 76 and partly cloudy. Stay hydrated and get some rest, Week 5 is approaching, and it should be a good one! Until next time…

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