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The number of body parts in the list shorts, monkey, head, brain, heart and stomach is?
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  • Joe K, Becca, and Garrett are joined by many champions this week as Kory from Two Tuddies (D6), Dan Gonzalez from Buffalo Vice (D4), and Blase LaDuca from Eyes Downtown (D1) join us to talk about their Championship Victories for the Fall 2023 season!
    Created on 2023-10-26 03:33:04

  • Come on and listen as Joe K, Becca, and Garrett are joined this week by Rhace Colon of The Malones! Let's discuss where The Malones came from, and the games that happened this last weekend!
    Created on 2023-10-17 21:24:38

  • Joe K, Garrett, and Becca are joined this week by Colorado Mike and Addison from PWI as we discuss Week 8 and make some playoff predictions!
    Created on 2023-10-11 21:33:18

  • Come join Joe K, Becca, and Garrett as they're joined this week by Dri Lozier and Misty Himes!
    Created on 2023-10-03 20:18:51

  • Joe K and Garrett are joined this week by Bobby McConnell and Sal Gandolfo (playing the part of Becca!)
    Created on 2023-09-28 13:14:49
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