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Championship Saturday Review

2022-10-27 Joe K, Jeff K, Emily 2.0, B, Garbacz, Jay Elphick, Andrew Piatek

Championship Week

2022-10-20 Joe K, Jeff Krol, Emily 2.0, Colorado Mike & Playoff Langley

Week 8 Review

2022-10-12 Joe K, Emily 2.0, Best Bernal, Boccio, Kory, George, Derek, Donte

Week 7 Review

2022-10-04 Joe K, Jeff Krol, Deak, Taylor P, Becca

Week 6 Review

2022-09-28 joe k, emily 2.0, jeff krol, B, and george

Week 5 Review

2022-09-22 Joe K, Emily 2.0, Jenna, Carlton, Shbend

Week 4 Review

2022-09-15 Joe K, Emily 2.0, George (As Krol), Langley, Nina, Amber

Week 3 Recap and Review

2022-09-07 Joe K, Jeff Krol, Emily 2.0, Kyle Conniff & Jessie Kieta

Fall 2022 Week 2 Recap

2022-08-30 Joe K, Emily 2.0, George, and the Return of Sarah Hunt since Lenny ruined her life with the Bachelorette

Fall 2022 Week 1 Wrap Up

2022-08-25 Joe K, Jeff Krol, Emily 2.0, and Garrett

Spring 2022 Final Podcast

2022-06-30 Joe K, Topper, Krol and 47 Other People Throughout the Day

Spring 2022 Playoffs Round 1 Wrap up

2022-06-19 Joe K, Topper, Krol, 1/2 of Jenna, Stephanie, Colorado Mike, Colorado Emma

Spring 2022 Week 9 Review

2022-06-13 Joe K, Topper, Krol, Kayla & Jenna

Week 8 Recap

2022-06-08 Joe K, Dave Walter, Brent, Topper, and Mel Linsmair

TSL Spring Week 7 Review

2022-06-02 Joe K, Topper, Iced Jeff, Adrian, Mr. Kicak, Catched Becca;

Week 6 Review

2022-05-25 Joe K, Krol, Deak, George, Emily 2.0, Secret Courtney

Week 5 Review

2022-05-15 Joe K, Topper, Jeff Kroll. Trish, Laura, Amber & Sean

Week 4 Review

2022-05-09 Joe k, Trish, Kroll, Mr. Langley, Topper, Drunk Meg

Spring 2022 Week 3 Review

2022-05-03 Joe K, Lord Topper, Trish, Krol, George, Emily 2.0, Kelly

Spring 2022 Week 2 Review

2022-04-26 Joe K, Hogan, Jeff Krol, Bad Luck Topper, Talia, and Trish
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