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Ladies and gentlemen we have passed the halfway point of the season! I took a quick look at the standings to see how things would be looking if the season ended this week. With their win over Public Enemy this week, Tight Ends in Motion jumped up to that top spot. Not super surprising to see Peachy Platoon in the 1 seed of D2 but what is going on with last year’s runner-up Slytherin That End Zone? They sit at 7 with 8th place Bullet Club right on their tail. TopShot has proven themselves a top contender for D3 but Grey Hair Don’t Care is coming hard as the season progresses. D4 is all about the ladies of Cunning Stunts but the second half of the season will really prove to me where they fit in. Practice Squad is lurking in that 2nd seed spot right not and is poised to make the jump to #1. Zack Attack remains on top of D5 but all their games have been within one score. Look for any of the other teams (besides University Wealth Management) to make the mid season playoff push. In D6 it’s all about the Tater Tots. The usual suspects are right there within 3 points though. Spinelli’s Plumbing have shown improvements in spades from last year and are currently sitting pretty at #2. But let’s look at what happened this week.

The Tight Ends versus Public Enemy game was touted as a “much watch” match-up but turned out to be anything but. For those that didn’t see the game, I’m going to Tarantino this story by telling you now the final score was 35-1 in favor of TE. Yes, you read that right. PE was missing Cole and Heather so had the Battaglia’s fill in but don’t stop there and think that was the reasoning for the demolishing. Jill played great, as always. I will say, Joey did not cost them the game (although his noticeable decrease in speed resulted in MULTIPLE sacks). PE had more drops than I’ve ever seen this team make, ever. Their 1 point came from Greg Osika returning an extra point attempt. Bro and TEs played a solid game and shut them out on defense. Did Cole miss this game intentionally so TE couldn’t learn their tendencies for the playoffs? I wouldn’t put it passed him.

The Angels/WolfPack game did turn out to be among the highlights of my day to watch though. Bro filled in for Matty Ice at QB and it looked like both him and the ladies needed some time to get used to each other. Ward Blewitt played a solid game at QB, taking his advantages and what was given. The game seemed to be pretty back and forth. WP held an early lead while tensions continued to rise. A deep bomb to Katie Salisbury turned the momentum of the game in favor of the Angels. WP had a chance to steal the win with a Hail Mary. Russ Santucci took control but it fell short and The Angels stole the win.

Sticky Bandits came away with a big win in D1 against Eyes Downtown. Both teams seemed to be missing some key elements but they also both had enough there to work with. They traded leads the whole game with neither team getting up by more than 6 until the final seconds. Mike Thomas had a pick early but was the epitome of accuracy after that. Bobby McConnell celebrated his birthday early with at least 2 signature deep balls right on the money. The SBs showed what heart can really bring to a football game. Andrew Kicak, Dean Thompson, Ricky Recckio; They left it all on the line for this game. Kevin Zack had the game-sealing touchdown catch, diving to the front corner where Thomas put it so only he could get it. The perfect throw and catch. SB came away with the win 36-26.

I mentioned Spinelli’s Plumbing has shown improvements all season and the glimpse I got into their game this week proved that to be true. They took on Travis Henry’s Kids and took it to them on offense. Peyton Spinelli had a stand out performance during the game with a deep touchdown, complete with the extra point. THK QB John Langley has some serious chemistry with the Guy in the Neon Orange Shirt. They hooked up for numerous TDs, unfortunately the THK defense could not find an answer and PS came away with the win 55-24.

Passed Our Prime finally had their roster show up! This is what we have been waiting for. Finally an answer to the question of “Are they in the wrong division?” Turns out, no they are not…when everyone shows up. This week saw the return of James Celletto and a solid cast of female athletes. Andy Heftka had a highlight reel pick, high-pointing the ball over a Slytherin That End Zone defender. As I said, SITE is struggling. A seemingly constant rotation of QBs could be to blame. Despite a pick by Taylor Pagano, SITE could not slytherin-that-end-zone enough (see what I did there?) and POP took their first win, 43-21.

Lenny’s Ladies took on Juiced and handed them their 6th loss of the season. Jamie Warren made her return much to the excitement of Joe K. She didn’t look like she missed a beat, making big plays on both sides of the ball. Juiced looks like they are getting in the groove on offense, having put up a respectable 169 points on the season. QB Tom Dybas is reading the field well and even came up with a pick that he pitched back for a gender TD. Defensively though, they continue to struggle. Joe K and the ladies took full advantage and came away with a 51-41 win.

 All We Do Is Quinn has only played 4 games so far and are sitting in 5th place with a 500 record. Attendance issues have plagued them all season. Troy Boller caught my eye last season with solid hands and deceptive agility. Unfortunately for them, TopShot is on a crash course for that D3 title. Their defense is shutting teams down, allowing only 68 points over 5 games. Adrian Cannon is making a name for himself on both TopShot and New Eyes Downtown. The speed and average vertical of this team should have all the D3 teams worried.

I didn’t see a lot of the Show Me Dem TDs versus The Bambs game this week. I wanted to watch it but both teams had the same shade of blue on and I was confused. Maybe I can ask the Power Ranking Committee to make a chart of team colors so everyone can check for themselves (or just bring a contrasting color). But anyway, plenty of talent on the field during this game. Jackee Thompson was showing that solid hands is not her sole attribute. Her football IQ is up there with the best of them and Tim Zielinski would do well to listen. The Bambs are have only played 3 games this season so they still may have some rust to wear off. Derek Sekuterski is picking up right where he left off. The Bambs did come away with the win but their time away from the game showed harshly when they got to 5-2 and threw a male TD. Luckily for them, they had commanding lead and came away with the 28-16 win.

The Cunning Stunts are the current class of D4, putting up big numbers on offense. They took on Cobblestone this week in another back and forth battle. Cobblestone had victory in their grasp until Darryl Carr threw a pick to Joey Batts who then brought it down to the 10. The Stunts had 1 minute and 6 downs to score. Anyone who has seen this team play knows most every team would be hard pressed to make a stop on defense here. Sure enough, the Stunts were able to punch it in and rip the victory away. They went on to play Not So Sticky at 3:00 (and got poured on). Another great game by both teams, Ricky Recckio played his best game to date at the QB position. Brandy Clark and Kelly Liddle had huge performances, keeping the score close throughout. Karl Smith recorded approximately 6 sacks on a slower, less in shape Joey Batts. Nevertheless, Joey had enough in the tank to carry his team to their second win of the day.

Top 5 Notables from Week 5.

1. Jeff Krol- sure he lost his Breakfast Club debut BUT he had a pick AND Sticky Bandits rallied to beat Eyes Downtown which I’m positive was mostly his doing. He even made it to his wedding shower afterwards so Go Jeff!

2. Kyle Fiegel- Doesn’t get a lot of press but makes outrageous catches every game. Helped get his team 2 wins this week despite Renee Lantz’s 3 drops

3. Melissa Walters- always a solid player for WoodPeckers, she played her first game with Sloppy Seconds, adding a pick and a nice 20 YAC run to her stat line.  

4. Aaron Balcerzak- played 4 consecutive games with Topper sending him deep pretty much every play and didn’t crumble to the ground afterwards, Aaron’s endurance earned him his spot here

5. Mr. Thompson- the patriarch of the Thompson finally had a huge TD catch from Cheryl Julicher in Breakfast Club

Until next time, I’ll be watching…

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