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Well TSL, we have made it to the last week of the regular season. I took a look at the standings as they are now to see if there were any “sure things” for the upcoming playoffs and, honestly, I’m going to say no. Sure, TopShot is the odds on favorite in D3 but that’s easy to do when you stack a team and insist on playing in a lower division. Every other division can go a number of ways. D1 has had some shake ups to make things interesting but it’s ultimately still down to the Big 3. D2 could see any of the Top 5 making a playoff run and I’m not counting out XTC despite a sub .500 record. Itches and Ohs took over the number one spot in D4 after handing Cunning Stunts their first loss of the season. It’s hard to count anyone out that makes the playoffs in this division. Everyone makes the playoffs in D5 but Zack Attack looks to be the talk of the town. Breast Friends sit at second but they have 2 forfeit wins and rumors around the water cooler are that they will be getting another one this week. In my eyes, D5 is open to (almost) anyone. Spinelli’s Plumbing came out of no where to become a D6 power house this year. Tater Tots, Travis Henry’s Kids and TMA are all right in it, but Spinelli and Co have the momentum. Lenny and Rameer Day was a roaring success both on and off the fields. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Puckett All Stars took on Wasted Potential early in the day. I missed the first half but was told it was quiet. WP took an early lead while the cast of PAS took their time getting to the fields. PAS’s Kyle Printup had some big defensive plays while both TJ Ferguson and Jay Jaskier played solid at QB, not hesitating to throw the deep ball. PAS has been on since week 4, putting up 30+ points a game, makes you wonder why Ferguson is not on the Power Rankings?? It came right down to the end when a PI called gave WP the ball at the 3. A potential game winning gender TD pass is dropped in the endzone but Jaskier is able to find a guy to bring them within 1. WP goes for the win but Printup breaks up the pass and PAS holds on to take the win, 34-33.

Wolfpack pulled off an upset over All We Do is Quinn, 31-20. Ward Blewitt has made leaps and bounds improvements since his debut this season. He is reading the field, spreading looks around and trusting his receivers to come down with the ball. “Jay” had a couple deep contested catches over a defender and was real good at getting lost behind the defense. AWDIQ had plenty of big plays on defense and offense but Vince Taverna is not playing up to his usual standard. Joe Schwab and Bryan Quinn both had some highlight reel catches, including a pick by Schwab that was pitched to Max Wittig for 2 points on the conversion. Wittig also had a couple big defensive plays but Jake Dunne’s rushing must have threw Taverna for a loop as they could not punch it in the endzone.

I mostly watched the aforementioned game so I didn’t see a lot of Bullet Club versus Peachy Platoon but it looked like Peachy had control throughout the game. I did see Marissa Thompson make a phenomenal catch from across the back line of the endzone for a gender TD. Barring their shaky start to the season, PP has been the class of D2 while Bullet Club has been underwhelming considering their free agent signings in the off season. BC currently holds the 8th spot for playoffs but unless they can pull off a win against Mountain Dew Me, their fate rests in the hands of A&A beating Scared Hitless this coming Saturday.

The Sticky Bandits/Why So Serious game was not great television to be honest. Chadwick started at QB and proceeded to throw 2 picks. Terrell Bolden went back in but continued to have difficulty finding his females. Pete Nyugen put himself at QB for the rest of the game. WSS looked like anything but a cohesive unit. SB had a rough first half on offense but were able to right the ship. Defensively, they came up with a pick on pretty much every drive and walked away with a 51-16 win.

I said in my intro that D5 is the hands of Zack Attack but open to almost anyone. I don’t know if you picked up on it but the “almost” was referring to Show Me Dem TDs and University Wealth Management as neither team has shown me they can run in this division. BUT WAIT! UWM pummeled ZA, 37-8.  This is why we play the game, ladies and gentlemen. Because any given Saturday an 0-7 team can absolutely embarrass the 7-0 juggernaut. Sure, ZA looked off at pretty much every position but guess what, come playoff time, all that matters is the scoreboard. UWM’s QB played his heart out, putting up big points against a historically stingy defense while his defense shut down Zack Elphick and Co’s offense.

In my perusal of the standings, I had to double check that I read it right when I saw Buffalo Vice sitting in 6th place. Seasons passed, at this point, we are usually talking about them, The Angels and Cunning Stunts fighting it out for the number one spot, with maybe one other team lurking in the shadows. They slipped following a loss to Jabronies this week, 32-23. Jabronies is on the upward trend of late, but finishing the season against Freeballers and Cunning Stunts will be a nice glimpse of where they belong. Also with a double header in the last week, BV is going to need to go 2-0 if they want to prove to the rest of us that they deserve a look in the playoffs. 

BiPolar Express versus Lenny’s Ladies is always a fun game to report on with Gordon Kus going against Joe K, especially when they are neck and neck in the standings. Despite BPX coming off a hard-fought loss against Travis Henry’s Kids, they had enough left in the tank to take the win in the gender team match up, 19-16. It was a close game that came down to the wire and ended with some controversy. LL were up 16-10, BPX has 6-0 with the ball on the 10. Elisha Reimers of LL rushes in on Gordon, we hear a whistle blow, game over, right? Wrong. The whistle was from the next field over. Gordon starts arguing that he did not get sacked, the ref states he did not, in fact, blow the whistle so BPX gets another shot at it that they capitalize on. LL gets the ball with enough time to march down and steal the win back. Joe K throws a pass to Katie Swanson but doesn’t put enough on it to slice through the gale force winds and BPX’s Emily Belfield gets the pick to end the game. Ya hate/love to see (dependent on if you are Team Joe K or Team Gordon because you can’t be both).

That’s all for this week. Can’t believe we are already approaching the last week of the regular season. Where does the time go? Seems like a good number of double headers for this week and based on the early weather reports, it’s going to be another beautiful day. Good luck to all of you in the hunt! I’ll leave you with my Top 5 Notables for Week 7:

1. University Wealth Management- I try to save the Top 5 for people who didn’t get a shout out in the article but to have your first win be that decisive and against the 1st place team deserves double recognition.

2. Kacey Thur- saw her catch a TD for AWDIQ but what got her on this list is being bribed $100 to go in the dunk tank then donating the money to support Garrett Beesing’s MS fundraiser. Great job Kacey!

3. Sean Weisansal- took over for George Lombardo at QB this week and put up 36 points on TOX. Not a bad day at the office.

4. Cookie Monster and Elmo (and the other celebrity guest appearances this week)- finally got to see them back out shaking hands and kissing babies (figuratively of course) and the wheel came back! It occurred to me the Godfather nonchalantly said he would be in town this week and there were a good amount of notable alumnus at the fields…interesting…

5. Angry Buffalo- I haven’t acknowledged the bar recently for allowing us to spend 12+ hours with them and not throwing us out. This week, they let us have a dunk tank which was awesome too!

Honorable Mention: everyone who went in the dunk tank. Honestly I was going to just make that my list this week but 1) there were more than 5 and 2) I was drinking and don’t remember/know everyone who did. So here’s a shout out to all I did see/remember: Topper, Dave Walters, Hearn, Travis Cleavenger, Drunk Meg, Ricky Recckio, Kacey Thur, Megan Mallon, Cookie, and Topper’s niece Quinn.

And remember, I’ll be watching…

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