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How about that comeback in Baltimore, huh?  GO BILLS!  That said, some games were played last weekend in Lancaster too:




Sticky Bandits 36 vs. Eyes Downtown 24: The Sticky Bandits must have been fired up from getting killed by Bobby just a couple weeks ago because the rematch was a completely different game.  Both teams traded leads throughout and Mike Thomas looked like the quarterback that led his team to a D1 championship game just a few months ago.  Although Bobby was his usual sharp self his team was just a bit off in big moments such as Nick Angelo catching a sixth down ball just inches shy of the goal-line.  Andrew Kicak finished the game with a pick for the Bandits who locked up their first win of the year against a top D1 opponent.




Frodo Swaggins 51 vs. No Punt Intended 12: Frodo Swaggins and No Punt Intended had an immediate rematch after NPI took the W last week. Both teams were missing key clientele which mad this game less than watch-worthy. Garrett Beesing did show off some spot-on deep balls that were nonexistent last week. Josh Schneider, in the words of the opposition, “comes outta nowhere” on several occasions to give Derek Pew headaches as he subbed in for Kyle Conniff. NPI had 3 people from their regular squad and while Amber Hay tried to put the team on her back, they got off to too much of a deficit to make it a game.


Buffalo Vice Retro 37 vs. Untouchaballs 36: Buffalo Vice Retro needs some serious help in the offense department, coming into the playoff stretch 3rd last in Points For. This week they put up some numbers but with a sub QB. Dave Baker is known for his intelligence on the field and they need him to take more of a commanding role. The Untouchaballs haven’t been the untouchable force they have been in seasons passed but they were able to make this a back-and-forth battle. Untouchaballs defense needs work and the other ladies need to step up when Melanie Linsmair is out. The Untouchaballs went for 2 in the closing minutes to take a 1-point lead on an out-route but the BVR defense was able to come up big.


Freeballers 34 vs. DILFS 32: Watching the DILFS versus Freeballers game was another assortment of substitute players. Both teams exchanged picks on their first series. Eric Stegmier made a phenomenal diving interception, looking 20 years younger, to give his team the ball only to pop it up on the next drive resulting in a pick the other way. Freeballers took an early lead before the DILFS were able to adjust. Freeballers took a double digit lead going into the second half when the DILFs failed to score in the waning seconds before halftime. Second half adjustments allowed the DILFS to get back into the game. Both teams continue to battle, leading to a last-minute drive for the win. The DILFs scored with seconds left, but from his own 5 yard line, Dylan Jaloza sailed a Hail Mary downfield. The DILFs defenders were in position but could not win the jump ball. FBs receiver tipped the ball up and came away with it to walk into the endzone for the win.




Bullet Club 39 vs. Can't Touch This 26: Can’t Touch This came into the day 3-2 and left 3-4. Needless to say, things did not go their way. Their rematch against Division Leader Bullet Club went about as well as the first game. Bullet Club scored early followed by a Zach Newberry pick that took the wind out of CTTs’ sails early. Jeff Easton had himself a day and his receiving core made it look easy. Pete Walbrandt was a stud on both sides of the ball while all the BC ladies held their own no matter who tried to cover them. Ryan Dougherty wasn’t afraid to use that arm of his. Unfortunately, they had no answers on defense and BC walked away with an easy win. Easily the play of the game goes to John Langley with a 1 handed leaping catch. Unfortunately, the game was all but over by then so don’t get too big a head, Langley. Can’t Touch This went on to play Get Schwifty where they suffered their second loss of the day, only putting up 8 points.




Woodpeckers 45 vs. Today's Feast 8: Woodpeckers beat Todays Feast by utilizing their ladies effectively in the short field situations and Joe Buscaglia proved he still has some left in the tank with 2 deep balls to his uber-athlete receivers. This gave WP an early lead. TF threw a couple early picks. They fell victim to relying on straight athleticism instead of making the smart plays and using their ladies effectively.


Passing While Intoxicated 24 vs. TMA 14: TMA took their second loss against Passing While Intoxicated. TMAs men had a case of the dropsies this past weekend with multiple should-have-been touchdowns ending up in the dirt. This team should have no problem winning games if they just played smart. Get those extra five yards to get close to the end zone instead of going for gold from the 15 four times in a row. Make adjustments on defense if what you are doing isn’t working. Have a girl throw it up to Nick or Rob for an easy 8 points. They have the talent and what seems like some of the best comradery in the league, don’t let football IQ be your Achilles heel. PWI took full advantage of the mistakes, despite a QB living up to their namesake. They are 1-1 against TMA this season, making the D5 race that much more intriguing.




Not So Sticky 27 vs. Punt Cakes 26: This may have been a battle between the top seed and one of the lowest seeds in D6 but you wouldn't have known from watching the game.  Punt Cakes looked great and led by 9 in the final minutes before Christine Krol threw a gender TD to Mike Thomas followed by a two point conversion to take the lead.  Punt Cakes couldn't score in the final minute and Not So Sticky pulled off another last minute win.


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