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This was a day of upsets! It felt like on Saturday almost every team that wasn’t supposed to win came out on top. It was the first rainy day at the Rose Garden all session and I can’t help but wonder if that had anything to do with disappointments. Cold, rainy weather may have leveled the playing field for some teams and helped others to unleash their inner monster to get the victory and be able to move on to the final week of the greatest coed touch football league, not only in Western NY, but in the entire universe! The Bar had the fire pits going and it seemed like more people that normal were hanging out at the bar and inside than in previous weeks. That’s all it took was some cooler temps and a little rain to get people to cancel plans and stay and drink with their friends. Maybe pushing the session up wasn’t such a good idea as the colder weather seems to be better for the social aspect. If Topper ever returns I may suggest that to him. Now let’s talk about the good stuff, Shall we…


Breakfast Club:


Team Jennacide 28, vs. Amber Alert 20. This was the first of many upsets of the day. We all predicted for Amber’s monster roster to blow everyone out of the park and win the first ever fall Breakfast club session but Jenna and her team had something to say about it. To all of our surprise Garrett Bessing actually turned out to be the better QB in this one. He was so elusive in his play. No matter who rushed him he constantly maneuvered around them to make the throw to his wide open receivers down field. But let’s not talk too much about Garrett, don’t want his ego to get bigger than it already is. Jeff May couldn’t complete a pass and Amber Hay had many dropped passes, not the game to not play well in. Those combinations all helped bring Jenna’s team to victory, at least for this week. I wonder what their bet was… Maybe Amber is showing up this week as Cookie Monster or something?!?!?!


Division 1:

Scared Hitless 37, vs. Tight Ends 25. The next upset on the list to talk about is how the underdog of the division came into this game with something to prove. Scared Hitless must have been studying how to beat Tight ends because they came into this game and looked like the team to beat. The Mighty Cat Peters made an appearance and balled out. She seemed uncoverable. Tight Ends had Robin Makula cover her and she could not keep up. Cat had multiple catches for multiple yards and a touchdown. Cat was on fire and Robin looked like she’s been out of the game for too long.  SH had Jeff Reynolds at rush, Bro could not see over him and did not have time to run around. All around Scared Hitless had better play. Seems bringing Bro back did not make them the team they once were like we all thought.


Division 2:


Dilfs 43, vs. Untouchaballs 37.  This one did not go how I expected. Jeremy Burr, of Untouchaballs, throws a pick the first play of the game. And I thought, damn this game is over. But then they crawled their way back to winning by half. Ryan Dombrowski and Matt Helm having a major impact to bring them back from the disaster Burr created for them. They had incredible catches and were not letting Dooby make the throws he wanted to complete passes. After halftime, DILFS just seemed to click. Dooby was out of his funk and Travis Cleavenger proved to be the receiver they were missing all session when Dooby was MIA making him play QB.


Division 3:


Practice Squad 30, vs. Mountain Dew me 14. Glasses made his return to the field for the first time this session and did not play well for MDM. They would have fared better if he sat this one out. They tried to have him cover PS girls and he couldn’t keep up with any of them. On offense he had numerous drops, two drops were for touchdowns. I guess PS’s game plan of not covering him because he cannot catch and cover everyone else worked well for them. The weather clearly helped PS by slowing down the numerous blonde brothers on MDM and Brandon Ford came to win. I do not think I saw any incomplete passes from him. He hit the second best Lance, Kenny for major gains down the field and Ashtin Fiegel made a diving catch in the end zone for a td. Has PS found their way in D3 or was this a fluke? Next week is the test!


Bullet Club 29, vs Get Schwifty 15. Nick Angelo stepped up to play QB for GS a couple weeks ago and it proved to be the wrong choice. The only move he has as QB is to scramble, a lot, and throw cross body to try to complete a very hard pass for minimal yards. GS should have started in a lower division or actually get a qb to show up and play. Let’s not forget that they also have Carlton Coatsworth on  their roster who can play qb but they choose to go with the lesser option in Nick. I guess when you have Blasé Deluda as your second best receiver on the team it’s not going to win you many games especially going up against a team like Bullet Club, who is arguably a little too good for the division with the addition of Pete Walbrandt and the always solid when he’s not hurt, Anthony Deak. John Langley ended up throwing for the team which I thought was going to be bad but turned out to be a good surprise. He has good vision and a strong arm to make major plays and get the win for his squad. Surprised I said he had a strong arm, yeah me too. I blame it on him actually throwing correctly in this game and not doing the side arm pass he normally throws.


Division 4:


Zak Attack 55, vs. Vaspian 18. Vaspian has struggled all season to get things going. With a mixture of no one showing up, not having a Qb almost all session and them not having any girls they have not done well this time around. Brian O is their actual Qb and was there playing yesterday but he couldn’t complete a pass. ZA had their full roster and they were on fire. They finally looked like they are a D4 title contender in this game. Andrew Piatek on ZA provided the rush which contributed to the beat down they handed Vaspian. He had a couple Sacs which were detrimental to Vaspian’s game plan of trying to throw the ball up as high and far as possible for Twain Crosby to catch it.


Division 5:


Today’s Feast 14, vs. Woodpeckers 13.  Woodpeckers tried to bring out the big guns by inviting big wrestler Dan back to play. It did not work in their favor however as Todays feast has been showing improvement all season. Dan did not do their team any favors and should have stayed home. Bring back the Mosers to play as they seem to have the most success when they are playing for the team. Dan was slow and couldn’t cover the very fast and shifty TF bunch. I don’t even think WP got down to the red zone more than twice to take advantage of big wrestler Dan’s height. Maybe they should stack their roster with the Monstars again for a chance to win, or just get more reliable people.


Division 6:


Punt Cakes 24, vs. Superior Moser Squad 18. After so many failed games and failed sessions it looks like Punt cakes has finally figured out the game. I do have to consider this one an upset though, I was really routing for Lauren Moser to dominate in playoffs as Qb. That girl has been on fire all session. She is a force to be reckoned with and I hope she and Rylee stick around and play next session. They have figured out how to play Qb and are doing better than most men in this division. Now if that team could get better more coordinated receivers they would be all set!



Only one more week of football to go! Then Saturday’s will become boring and unenjoyable for a while, so even if you do not play you should come out to support your friends, heckle your enemies and drink lots of beers. I hear it’s supposed to be the last nice day on record for fall at a HOT 67 degrees. Wear sunscreen and expect to stay all day and night to drink at the bar, we all know the Angry Buffalo needs our business!


See you all for one last Saturday!


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