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Hello friends! I can’t believe we are already through three weeks of the season! It always feels like the weeks between sessions drag on but once we get back to football, it just flies on by! There were a lot of interesting games out there, some teams looking to make a statement, while others fell back a little bit. Who starred, and who flopped? Let’s take a look!


Breakfast Club

BDD 40, The Dirty Dozen 18

This one was a bloodbath. BDD basically has multiple QB’s who can all play, and they used them. TDD was led by Micah, who continued to try to hit his girls deep downfield but seemed to hit on none of them. It would appear Becca put together the winning roster, again, which is pretty boring. We will see how the rest of the BC league does.



Sticky Bandits 37, Losing Streak 18

Was this a game that showed how good Sticky is, or, how LS struggles when they do not have Chris and Kai? Sticky was missing most of their weapons too, but as long as they have Mike Thomas it doesn't seem to matter. Adrian Cannon continuously made plays down the field, with great runs after catch while Drew Colosimo made a nice catch on a fade route into the endzone early on. Jordan Lawson had some struggles, but was not as far off as he may think he was, with some deep balls being just out of reach. LS had a chance to make this a close game at half, but Ralph Finney made his way out of the field, causing a “too many men on the field” penalty, nullifying a touchdown at the end of the half. From there, Sticky did what they do and cruised on, playing mistake free. 

Legends 48, Eyes Downtown 43

What a game this was, and the QB controversy was born for Legends! Sean was out there slinging the ball all over, finding his girls and guys for big chunks at a time. ED got behind early, but came clawing back as Bobby McConnell found use in Ben Stack and his ladies countless times. This was a “defense optional” type of game, but in the end, the early deficit was just a little too much for ED to overcome. I do come away from this believing that ED may have the unit this year to take the title, even in a loss. Not having a few key pieces I think impacted this one. 



Mavericks 47, Thread 20

As talented as the Mavericks are, I am not sure many saw this one coming. Thread was coming off a grueling win over untouchaballs, so that may have played an impact as they appeared a little gassed throughout the game. Jordan rebounded from his LS loss with vengeance in his eyes, repeatedly finding his ladies all over the field. Money Mike Burke could be heard from fields away with his enthusiastic positivity, which we all love to see! Manny Batcho was communicating at a high level on defense, and rallied the troops to stifle Thread. 

Can’t Touch This 47, untouchaballs 41

CTT continues to show they are the favorite in D2, taking care of business against a tough untouchaballs team. Burr was short girls, so he called in Maddie Norton who was all over the field making plays. QB Ryan for CTT was electric again, finding open guys and girls at will, and was unstoppable. CTT has much of the same guys, minus a couple and the chemistry was obvious from the jump. Neither defense played strong, but CTT made enough plays on defense to seal with win. 



Bullet Club 42, 716 39

The new-look 716 may not have a win yet, but they seem to have the pieces to make some noise. B has assumed the QB role, so that brought some stability. They still have Derek pew, although not throwing, James Cellato, and both made a ton of plays. James notched a few picks and touchdowns, and was all over the field. BC is now led by Langley at QB, and we can’t figure out if that is an upgrade over Jeff Easton or not. BC moved the ball at will on offense, and new addition George Lombardo was a monster with a ton of receptions. Back and forth the whole way, BC went down the field and Nick Buzek notched what proved to be the game-winner. 

The Family 68, Malone’s 46

Defense was clearly not a priority in this one, when you see over 100 points combined put up! The Family is in the running for best jersey’s in the TSL, and they have a ton of fun while playing. Family loves to take deep shots, led by Terrell Bolden at QB and has the speed and athleticism to do so. Whoever is number X on the team has caught a lot of attention for his noteworthy catches. There is some chatter that there may have been collusion to try to break the single-game points record scored in TSL history. 



ILF 42, TMA 22

With the addition of Boccio, the expectation was he would single-handedly turn this game into a blood bath. Early returns were not as good, as Ryan Henry overthrew Boccio a handful of times, but the overall thought is give this team a few more games, and they will be cooking with oil. ILF was carried once again by their girls who continually found open spots in the defense. Highlight of the day was Jason Neth’s pick-6 to give the Falcons a sizeable lead to cruise with. 

Puckett All-Stars 40, THK 20

PAS stayed in D4 after winning the spring championship, and they look poised for another run. Returning a lot of the same team, with a new QB (looks like TJ is back out there), while making a couple additions, they still have the speed and athleticism to make a run. PAS got out to a big early lead, and never looked. Back. Langley has struggled against PAS and continued to do so again, throwing some errant passes that stalled multiple drives. There was an ejection in this one, we will not get into but it added a bit of flare!



The BAADies 57, Spinelli’s 52

Okay, so we love to pick on Garrett in this program, but I have to say, he made some crazy plays on defense in this one! Garrett tormented Nick Hawes with by my count three interceptions that really swung the game. Spinelli’s did what they do best; not calling plays but still lighting up the scoreboard. In the end, Garrett and his girls made too many plays. Talia is a cheat code with his mix of size and hands, making a few nice grabs, especially one in the back corner of the endzone to help seal things. 

Come From Behind 20, Gucci 17

Well after so many games with no defense, we get a big change with not much offense in this one! Gucci was without Kelly Kane, and that absolutely matters. Gucci was undefeated with her, and dropped two games without her. CFB is a staple in this league, with Paul Lovullo slinging the rock like he’s 22 again. CFB has some tall guys at receiver, and dependable girls. Not sure the name of who filled in at QB for Gucci but I have to assume he will bow to Kelly Kane upon her return and tell her to never miss a week again!



Balls Deep 26, Blitzkrieg 7

Will the real Blitzkrieg please stand up? I still can’t figure this team out. Light Red hoody guy is throwing, but the offense was just inconsistent and unable to generate much. Balls Deep seems to be the Graves Bros incarnate, so they know how to play this game at that level and get wins. They will be a factor in the end. Some nice deep passes from their QB (I will need to learn his name, he throws a solid ball) and in the end, their defense held Blitzkrieg down to get the win. 

Back That Pass up 21, Two Tuddies 18

BTPU wins! BTPU wins! Remember last week when I told you they were poised to break through at some point? Man, am I good! Alex and his crew have ben taking one on the chin for a while and continued to learn, and they pulled off perhaps the upset of the season, beating what many assume to be the D6 favorite in two tuddies. It should be noted that Chris Wolcott was playing with Gucci at this time, but don’t let that take anything away from BTPU. They played tight defense and made enough plays to win on offense. I need to learn more about the players, they seem like a fun group!

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