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On what was another beautiful day out there at the rose garden on Saturday, the games were absolutely electric! I get the feeling some of the neighbors around the fields may get annoyed with all the yelling they hear, but it must not be too bad, seeing as how we get no complaints. So far the fields have held up pretty well, it must be the change in how they are aligned. I heard some early complaints about it, but it seems those have subsided since we don’t have craters causing injuries. Let’s take a look at some games!


Breakfast Club:

BDD 40, Blach-ur-anus 32

BUA had Nick Hawes stepping in at QB with Garrett out, and the game started hilariously with a pick on the first play. Micah was slinging the rock for BDD and was accurate and on point early, finding his girls easily. BUA started to make a comeback in the second half, but BDD fended them off with key plays made by Stoner Dave. 



Eyes Downtown 27, Legends 13

Legends continues to do that thing where they throw someone different out at QB, like they are just toying with the rest of D1 and aren’t taking the regular season too seriously. This time they had to as Joey Batts was not there, and ED took advantage. Bobby McConnell was ready to average previous losses, and this time had his big target Derek Bongiovanni to throw to. Nick Angelo was all over the field making play after play. ED continues to show they are a serious player to win the whole thing. 

Legends 31, Sticky Bandits 30

Coach Jay was in action for the Sticky Bandits this week and had an early pick to set the Sticky Bandits up for an early two score lead.  Andy Smigiera responded quickly though and found wide open touchdowns to Travis and Shbend to close the gap and preserve the Legends' undefeated season (for another hour at least).  Andy and Mel also had great picks in coverage for the Legends.



Freeballer 58, Can’t Touch This 18

Just when you think that CTT is unstoppable, they met their match! Well, at least for this matchup. Hogan is QBing for Freeballers now, and perhaps they found their match as he stood back there, directed the offense, and delivered strikes to his receivers. Adrian was all over the place on both sides of the ball, showing he is truly on of the top players TSL has to offer. Ryan Dougherty moved his team down the field, they just couldn’t capitalize early when given chances, and it snowballed a bit from there. Definitely see this rematch being a lot more fun!



Keller Whales 30, Bullet Club 19

Keller Whales are led by Damian Keller and boy does he have a solid arm. Early on in a tough spot on 4-1, Damian delivered a deep strike to Katie Keller to set up an early score. Langley was back at QB for BC, and we’re not quite sure if he was too amped up, but he was a bit off on some pretty open throws, mixed with a couple drops from his receivers. With the game close towards the end, the rusher for KW made an outstanding play to one hand a pick and take it for a TD. KW converted on the 2-point to ice the game. KW just knows how to play!



THK 31, Buffalo Vice 29

This was perhaps the game of the 10am time slot as this game was back and forth the entire way. THK had some momentum early but failed to score early which caused an early deficit. And then, the deep ball came out and Langley found Pistol Pete and Mike Burke on deep routes for touchdowns. Andy Clark was sharp all day, but a key pick early set THK up. One note: the tall guy from BV had the interception of a lifetime, with a SICK one-handed interception. At the end, with the game on the line, Pistol Pete came up with a goalline pick to seal the deal. 

PWI 43, Puckett All-Stars 30

I have to say, PWI might not be the most athletic team, but boy are they rock solid! Buddy Lee has continued to improve with every High Noon he drinks, and his receivers just catch the ball. Buddy had his guys and girls getting open against PAS’s tough man defense, driving the ball down the field with ease. PAS was missing a couple players but had their core, but in the end a few too many mistakes and an upstart PWI took them down and made their claim as a D4 championship contender again. 



Gucci 37, Cobblestone 20

Let me start by saying this: Darryl Carr gets the love he gets because no matter what, he is going to have his team play. What a rockstar. Cobblestone only had 4 players and played their hearts out to make this as competitive as possible. Gucci was just simply too good and took advantage of that. Gucci is just a different team when Kelly is back there, and they had their big guy Thomas Fields back too. In the end, it was a clear mismatch, but give Cobblestone their props for going out there and playing anyway. Darryl could have taken the easy way out and forfeit, but good for him for playing. 

Cobblestone 56, NSS 40

So here we REALLY give props. Cobblestone won with FOUR PLAYERS. NSS, how did that happen??  When a team has only four defenders, you should score against them every time.  Instead NSS somehow threw multiple picks.  We don't know the girl's name on Cobblestone but it feels like we will soon -- she was unstoppable on both sides of the ball.



Mighty Drunks 54, Blitzkrieg 15

Blitzkrieg is a team that always looks like they are having a great time no matter the outcome of the game. In this case, Mighty Drunks were eating up the field, scoring a bunch of points on offense and stopping Blitzkrieg in their tracks on defense. The QB of MD looked calm and comfortable, picking whatever receiver he wanted to show off in the moment. 

Blitzkrieg 49, pit Harade 36

Pit Harade had Gordon at QB who would try to go deep too often and not take advantage of the easy 10-15 yard completions he had available. The game was very back and forth and felt like neither team wanted to win. Blitzkrieg’s men would run deep routes with smiles on their faces, trying to haul in the ball over and over again. In the end, Blitzkrieg’s redzone offense was more consistent, utilizing the back line and sealed the win with a deep ball touchdown with a minute left in the game. 


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