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Well ladies and gentlemen, Week 6 is in the books. There are now only 4 teams who remain undefeated. Conversely there are also now 4 teams that have yet to win a game. I’ll let the experts over at Power Rankings get into the details about all that because I know some streaks ended because of crossover games but that’s still not many. In one month’s time we will be praying to the football gods to give us the strength we need to reign victorious in the semis and finals. How quickly the time has gone.

While we all shape up for the big dance, glimpses of greatness can be observed on any field, in any division. Take for instance Nick Angelo of Tater Tots. Drunk Meg and Boyfriend Dave get most of the press with the Tots but Nick was the shining star against Lenny’s Ladies and PC Plumbing. He’s quick, has hops and hands. Neither team had an answer for him on defense. Granted, PC Plumbing didn’t seem to have an answer at all. Every time I looked they had a new QB and in their second game of the day they played with 3 females. But I digress. The point is Nick was phenomenal. I’m not sure how this guy hasn’t been talked about before but he should be. Not to be overshadowed, Caitlin from TT was also silently showing her stuff all day. Every target was a catch and most were contested. Way to go Caitlin!

Over in D2, Peachy Platoon may be without Dean but they still have plenty of stars making plays. Now you may be expecting me to call out Leseaon or Josh and they had their moments in the win against Hofbrauhaus Buffalo but Moriah Williamson made touchdown catches in traffic look easy. Also props to their new QB Sam for trusting his females to make the difficult catches.

Speaking of HB, what’s up with Topper? He pulls himself for Jeff May to throw for HB. I saw this and thought, oh that’s nice of Topper to let Jeff play a game now that he’s back in town and reffing all day for us. But then he pulls himself again for TOX and has Non-award winning Tommy Hughes? Was there an injury I didn’t hear about? Did he get drunk early?  I was going to wait for later to call this out but this was a much better segue.

Back to the highlights though, Dave Baker had 2 picks for Lenny’s Ladies that I saw. Unfortunately the Ladies couldn’t capitalize and fell to the TT 20-9. Baker was reading the QB like a book though. Granted it was his first of 3 games for the day. I didn’t see any shining moments of greatness in his Tight Ends or Sticky game later and wonder if it could be attributed to fatigue? It’s possible but is it likely for this father of 8?

Not a team that gets much press but Pteratacos is comfortably sitting in the middle spot of D5 this session. Joe and Mark Buscaglia have rebuilt this team and their patience has been rewarded. In Saturday’s game I saw Ryan get up to make a pick on Intentional Pounding’s new QB. Scott Keller Sr was in attendance so I’m not sure who the new guy throwing was but I also saw SKS make a touchdown catch and point upward in recognition of his late father. Beautiful moment.

Buffalo Solar Solutions now stands on top of the D4 division after their win against the Angels. They proved this was not their first rodeo and did what others are, for some reason, scared to do. Continuously throw it up to the tall guy. I don’t mean to take anything away from Andy or said tall guy (I apologize for not catching your name but there was a lot going on at 1:00). Andy has always been a top tier QB and gets the ball where it needs to be. This is a division that could go in so many directions and I can’t wait to see how playoffs shape up.

Eyes Downtown was without QB Bobby in their morning game against Jabronies. Bobby apparently thought the cross over game would be a walk in the park and his attendance was not required. Mike Radon stepped in and everyone who knows Radon knows that ball is going over them mountains on the first play. Sure enough, it did. Adam made an appearance for ED and caught Radon’s deep bomb before Jabronies knew what hit ‘em. Not a great start but the Jabronies battled and what Bobby (and probably some others) thought would be an easy win, ended up being a close contest won by 1 point.  Now it may be a different outcome with Bobby there, but the Jabronies proved to everyone they are strong contenders for any competition.

In another crossover game between Slytherin That End Zone and Public Enemy, Gary Schmelzer had a nice pick against Cole that he almost ran back.  Greg Oiska however, had 2 picks against Newman and, as predicted, STEZ just couldn’t match up. For the spectators though, it was an exciting game to watch.

Not so much a highlight as an observation but it appears Kyle Conniff is still among us. He made his return to the fields this week in Tight End’s crossover game against Bullet Club. From what I saw, both teams struggled on defense though and there were few noteworthy plays meriting recognition.

Family Feud and Some Dudes suffered a loss to Uncle Ricos Time Travelers. I’m going to take this as an opportunity to drop some knowledge on FFASD. When you have a female as good as Riley, use her. Boom. You’re welcome. Seriously, she was wide open on the sideline almost every play and not even a glance in her direction. Just look at how UR uses Jackee. When you have game changing females, let them change the game!

Lastly I saw a portion of the Freeballers/ Scared Hitless game until it was too much to watch anymore. The final score was 52-0, ay dios mio! It was pick city for SH and FB could not even get a semblance of offense or defense. Now in QB George’s defense, I did hear him say that most of his team was drunk. Understandable as my minions have informed me it was 40 year plan guy’s birthday. Never a good combination but doesn’t take away from the fact that FB is one of the 4 winless teams in the league.

That’s all for today. I hope everyone enjoyed their day and the nice weather we have been having thus far this season. I must say everyone’s been doing a great job filling up those 9am slots for make ups. I commend all your determination to play and it gives me more to watch so great work. We are into the tail end of the season and things are heating up quickly. I can’t wait to see how things play out. Remember to stretch and warm up before your games. We don’t need a weekend like the NFL had on Sunday. If you’re going to do something amazing, make sure your body is ready for it and remember, I’ll be watching…

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