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Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are post-Week 7 following another beautiful day for some football. Who would have thought I would get sunburned in late September but here we are. Only 2 weeks of the regular season remain until it’s time to prove your true worth. It was pretty quiet at the fields this week due to some extra precautions the powers at be chose to take to protect our league. Nonetheless, there was enough excitement going around to keep me busy. I saw quite a bit of veteran leadership proving that experience still counts for something in several games across all divisions.

Slytherin That Endzone (STEZ, fight me Godfather), had a make up against Morning Wood first thing in the morning. Despite last minute roster issues, they managed to pull off the win with a rookie QB making his debut. Newman’s absence was expected so Rookie, I didn’t catch his name, had time to prepare. Could be a factor in putting up 45 points. Probably more importantly, Taylor Pagano was out leaving STEZ in need of a female. I’m not sure who they brought in but she made some pretty solid catches on offense. MW was also without QB1 and their replacement seemed to be having trouble connecting with his receivers. Rachel Parker did have a phenomenal deep catch but MW could not get a stop on defense.

The Dilfs started their back-to-back double header against a Peachy Platoon team with a much-depleted roster. Derrick was back at QB but PP could only scrounge up 2 other guys to play in the game. While it is possible to win playing with 3 guys/3 ladies (I’ve seen it happen) it was not the case today. Not saying that the females held them back though. Moriah Williamson, who I have noticed before, continued to show off her speed and hands. Sam played WR for this game and also had some impressive catches, even pulled down a one-handed grab. Unfortunately for PP, the Dilfs seem to be getting into a rhythm at the right time. Dubey played spot on, throwing the deep ball when it’s there and taking the yards defense gives him.

STEZ and Dilfs met up immediately following both their 9:00 games. What I noticed most in this game was that both QBs spread the ball around to all their receivers. Both teams had some big offensive weapons and both the youthful rookie and savvy vet used them all well. Val Bernal had a big game for the Dilfs with some nice sideline catches and TDs. Sal Gondolfo showed off his speed and height both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. This was a close match up with 2 teams I wouldn’t be surprised to see make it far come playoff time.

Topper won a game!!! I repeat, Topper won a game!!! Despite being short handed in the female department, Topper looked Jeff May in the eye as he was walking over to take the reins for Hofbrauhaus and said “I got this”. Okay, so that may not be exactly what happened but it should have been. Peachy Platoon came back after the earlier loss and remained short handed as well. Marissa Thompson was in attendance for this game which helped PP by giving them another steadfast target and a rest. HB had the opposite problem; they had a strong cast of guys but no females. Topper was able to use Aaron’s height, Drew’s speed and Salvati’s smarts to pull out their first win on the season.

D1 was upset city it seemed and not for the attendance issues we saw in the lower divisions. There were a number of cancelations due to the safety measures being implemented but the games that did happen were both exciting and somewhat unexpected. Marketing Mayors did beat Gryffindor which isn’t totally surprising. Joey Batts has been having some trouble in the female attendance department all season and this week was no exception. This week, he brought in an unknown female who looked pretty solid but missing Jill definitely was a struggle. He did have his guys there, albeit some showed up late. MM have been having a season of ups and downs. Late games seem to be very problematic for fielding a team but this week’s early double header proved favorable. Not only did they put up a solid 49 points on Gryffindor and hold them to 15, they also went on to beat Public Enemy. Yes, you read that right. I don’t know what the win streak was but it has come to an end at the hands of Corey Turner and Co. An anonymous source reported that PE just “couldn’t get their offense going”. Dalfonso must really be making a last end-of-the-season push to climb that Top 10 chart and this is certainly the day he needed to make it out of that #3 spot he has been stuck in for so long.

Gryffindor did get a win later in the day against Tight Ends in Motion. I believe it was Ray, one of the new youthful receivers Joey brought on, who put on a dazzling display of athleticism.  Joey also had Travis Clev playing in this game who had a big game defensively. Unfortunately for TEIM, Alex Bucalis was hurt during the game and had to be driven off the field. I haven’t heard official word of the extent of his injury but our thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery. Despite losing Alex, TEIM hung in there and kept the game close. Gryffindor ended up stealing the win by scoring a TD with under a minute left. TIEM tried for the Hail Mary to tie it back up but the attempt failed and Gryffindor moved into 3rd place in the division. 

I have to take this moment to highlight someone who I find to be highly underrated. When you hear TMA, you generally think of Ferger, Ron Webber or Prim. Rarely is Nick Smith recognized and given the credit I believe he is due. For those who don’t know him, Nick is approximately 7 feet tall (not really, but he’s up there). This in and of itself should be exploited every game. I’m going to piggy back on my accolades for Nick and give props to QB Ryan who seems to be understanding more and more how this game is played and taking the advantages given to him. He is using Nick how he should be used: jump ball in the end zone. I saw this happen on two occasions and it was executed perfectly both times.

Last but certainly not least I want to call out B for answering the call and stepping off the sidelines to take the rock for Practice Squad. An underutilized QB on the Universal Sub list, B stepped in when he was needed and showed the world he’s still got it. The TOX defense couldn’t stop him and the rest of PS. B put up 45 points, more than PS has scored so far this season.

That’s all for this week. I want to remind everyone that with cold and flu season coming to be extra cautious both at the fields and off. There’s only 4 more weeks left of the season and we want to be able to finish strong and find out who among us are true champions. Remember to keep your masks on in the playing area up until your game is starting. Also to keep them on at the bar any time you are not seated. You all have been great so far and we are all appreciative of how seriously everyone is taking these precautions. A lot of seeding games are happening for the last 2 weeks of the regular season so I’m excited how teams are matching up against so far. I’ll be watching…

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