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Ladies and gentlemen of the TSL universe. Welcome back to the teams that have played in past sessions and a great big welcome to the newcomers; you will soon realize that this is the best social co-Ed football team in WNY. Although it has not been so long since most of you played as it was a short turnaround of about 7 weeks, for me it has been quite a bit longer as I took some time off the past year while focusing on other endeavors. Too elaborate to discuss. I am glad to be back writing and am even more excited to review new teams, old teams and interesting game day activity that may take place at the Rose Garden on each and every Saturday of this session. For those of you who are new to the league this article will be an opportunity to read about the fun things, spectacular plays, above and below average players of the week. I can’t do this alone and I need intel. 

So, people, everyone but Joey Batts and Sean Weisensal, please email the godfather  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with info about your team and your players you want me to share with the TSL universe. Exciting things are happening this fall and they need to be discussed! One of those things is that for the first time in the history of the league breakfast club is happening in the fall. New and familiar faces have taken to the fields to play for the title of best and most fun team out there. Other exciting happenings is the divisions finally look a little more even, having moved up more teams toD1 to take on and win against Eyes Downtown. Let’s get started Shall we…


Perhaps the biggest story of the week was each division looked a little light on players. Looks like many were not prepared for the season to start having real life take priority over spending the day with friends, enemies, and frenemies at the fields. Most notable-Topper was nowhere to be found, taking a Saturday off letting the league be run by the duo of JK’s- Joe K. and Jeff Krol. But they can’t do it all alone, so its also important to mention some others who make the league run week to week: Travis and Garrett, thank you for all you do! And thank you to everyone else I failed to mention. Your dedication and commitment to the greatest league in WNY doesn’t go unnoticed.


Division 1: 


Grey Hair vs. Legends, 16-44. Legends have talent but they also have players who need to tone it down. This is touch football and while we all may get heated from time to time you don’t need to have such a poor attitude on the field. Stop yelling at the refs and just play football. Everyone is going to miss a call or two but when you win a game by 28 points why get an unsportsmanlike penalty. Unnecessary. 


Grey Hair vs. Scared hitless, 34-24. Always a fun game to watch as these two teams started out as HK whatever together. GH ended up winning by using strategy putting George Lombardo at rush for Dylan Day to try and throw around. Which helped long time player of grey hair John Von get 3 interceptions to seal the victory. Amber Hay also came ready to play making spectacular catches in both games showing off her speed and skill


Division 2:


Frodo vs. Replacements, 65-18. Not much to say here, when Sean Weisensal has 4 interceptions it’s hard for any team to beat; specially a newer team still trying to figure things out. 


Dilfs vs. Replacements, 53-14. Replacements welcome to D2. Katie Keller, no surprise to anyone made great catches to help them win and had a notable interception. Replacements- Rough day for you but good news is there are plenty of weeks to figure it out.


Division 3:


Practice Squad vs. Mountain Dew me, 28-18. PS good job getting your first win in D3.


Bullet Club Vs. Cant touch this 42-35. Maybe one of the biggest stories of the day- Bullet club wins their first game in two years. They have a mix of new and familiar faces on the squad John Langley played QB and hit his targets well. Anthony Deaks was consistent and made some great catches and Jess McAndrews, Hello! I see you making some one-handed catches on the sideline. 


Bullet Club vs. Get Schwifty later in the day and wins that one too, 21-30. Hot start to the season, let’s hope it continues.


Get Schwifty also played and lost twice, playing Scott Seniors Starting, 14-40. Where was Senior though? He was missing but the Keller Clan pulled it together and played well even without him. Damian Keller, played really well and is starting to learn the game better with each game. One to watch out for, no surprise though having the Keller’s blood


Division 4:


Puckett vs. Stunts, 44-51. Puckett played well; stunts played better. Stunts added some new talent this year and these ladies are showing off in week one. Is this the session they will finally win the Division and be forced to move up?? 


Cobblestone Vs. Puckett, 40-50. Darryl and company played shorthanded almost the entire game and still only lost by 10. Excited to watch both teams next week to see if Puckett stays consistent with losing and Cobblestone gains momentum when they have their whole squad.


Division 5:


Woodpeckers vs. TMA, 6-45. Woodpeckers had a skeleton crew and couldn’t find a rhythm they even brought in a secret weapon to try to gain momentum, but not even James Hearn, in his cargo shorts and sneakers could help the team win. Meanwhile on the other side Val Testa played phenomenal for her team making catches and coming up big on defense rushing for her squad. 


Passing while intoxicated vs. Today’s Feast, 16-26. Most exciting thing to happen during this game was the ref making a questionable call that was argued by TF for way too long. Did the guy really step out of bounds? Didn’t matter they ended up winning the game regardless. PWI lives up to their name, the QB was hammered during both games played and could hardly stand. Was complaining he couldn’t see straight…. Someone needs to tell him that’s a side effect of drinking and he should probably take it easy during week 2 or his team may find a new less drunk guy to play.


Lets Get Reccked vs. Come from Behind, 24-38. Good debut for Lets get Reccked as they have new talent on the team in Saxon Weil. First game in the TSL ever and was making plays on both sides of the ball, Welcome Saxon! 


Division 6:


Punt cakes vs. Not so Sticky, 39-40. Close game, PC scores with a girl with minutes left, the one thing NSS couldn’t let happen. PC went for 2 for the win, ball was caught but short of the goal line, so NSS wins. Rags Qbed a smart game to keep them in it while Mike Thomas had some great catches. Jeff Krol and Colorado Mike were strong on D to help them pull out the win.  First good showing for PC that seem as though they are new to the game. We will see what happens later in the season once they get a couple games under their belt. This game happens again it may be a different story. 


Final thoughts:


Football is officially back! Week one is a wrap and B’s Brother is back. Make sure if you are new to the league, you go and say hi!! With the B theme the bees were terrible at the bar this week, so terrible some people ended up inside. If you are allergic or just dislike bees, please be careful around the bar. Thank you to everyone who comes out and plays every week and thank you for the readers and contributors to the articles. It makes my life so much easier if I have things to type directly from the source. Send in your comments!!!!


Happy to see everyone who made it the fields this week, looking forward to seeing more people next week.


As always, thank you and I’ll be watching… 

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