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It feels good to be back. Week 2 of the greatest football league in WNY felt like football should. There were many more faces on the fields this week; everyone looked happy to be at football; except for a few who never look excited to be playing the greatest sport of all time. And burnt, everyone looked crisped and sunkissed on Saturday after a long and hot day in the sun with very little breeze. No time to complain though because in a few short weeks, or days (since it is WNY and we can have all 4 seasons in a matter of minutes), everyone will be wishing they were sweating instead of shivering. With that short introduction let’s start with what you are really here for; to read about yourself, your team, and hopefully your victory, or demise. Shall we….


Breakfast club:

The Messy Jessies vs. Amber Alert, 16-48. Topper made his great return this week as he subbed for Messy Jessie at QB. Unfortunately, Amber Hay drafted a team that was too unbeatable for the great Topper and the rest of the team to handle. Hopefully we will see more appearances from Topper this session as he has taken on a lesser role in the day-to-day operations of the league.


Division 1:

Sticky Bandits vs. Scared Hitless, 29-22. The notable, Mel Linsmair, was missing Saturday and her absence was surely felt for Scared hitless as they came up a little short of the seasoned veterans in Sticky. They ran a strategic and calculated offense to make the plays they needed and pull out the win.

Sticky Bandits vs. Gray hair, 48-32. Gray hair was playing with just enough players to field while Sticky brough their army of bodies. George Lombardo drops an interception at the end which would have helped them come back for a chance to tie the game, but he couldn’t hold on to it. Sticky comes out on top for the day with two wins. Sticky was showing off their veteran abilities playing 2, what were D2 teams, to get the wins.

Eyes downtown vs. Tight Ends, 26-31. Tight ends looked a little more prepared this session as they actually had players ready to play and win as they went 2-0 on the day. Was Bro coming back at QB what the team was missing? Or did their girls just steal the show? Katie Salisbury is always on my radar and Amber Hay subbed for the team and made some good plays. She is one to watch out for as every week she looks better and better. Eyes downtown looked like they added a few new faces, unless my eyes deceived me, I thought I saw Ben Stack on the field trying to catch a ball thrown ridiculously hard by Bobby McConnell to make a play.


Division 2:

DILFS vs. Frodo, 32-49. Frodo moves up and is dominating D2. Yes, it is only week 2 but it doesn’t look like this team is slowing down any. The girls were the bright spots for the team yesterday as Val Clevenger made a great catch to get them close to the endzone. Sarah Hunt had a falling, gut corralling touchdown and what I think was the next drive, Kristen Daniels got lost in the back of the endzone to catch another TD. Well done ladies.

Buffalo Vice Retro vs. Untouchaballs, 19-37.  Burr sure knows how to scramble to keep plays alive. Matt Helm made some good catches and a couple good plays on defense to help them win.


Division 3:

Mountain Dew Me vs. Practice Squad, 33-32. As the score would reflect this was a very back and forth game. Ashtin Fiegel was coming up big for PS and Jen Mertz was making big catches for MDM. MDM is fast, very fast and luckily for PS they were able to contain them long enough to win by 1. Who knows what would have happened if they would have had a couple more drives to utilize their speed.

716 vs. Itches, 35-9. Dylan Jaloza was on fire at QB for 716. That combined with Jessie Kieta at rush was hard for Steve Moser and company to handle.

Practice Squad vs. Itches, 28-28. What a day for PS. They were showing that they were made for D3. B gets hurt at the end of this one but continues to play to help his team tie a D3 veteran team. Rylee Moser was bodying guys off to make the catches she needed, great tactic. I think this is the match up to watch out for in the finals.


Division 4:

Buffalo Vice vs. Spinelli’s, 54-54. Vice has Andy Clark back at QB and he still has chemistry with his team after leaving for a couple sessions just to return to play with them again. Makes you wonder why he left in the first place. Grass isn’t always greener I assume... Oh well, on to talking about the really Tall guy making a catch in the endzone over Katie Swanson for a TD, she had no chance. Well played on that one vice. Vice showed their strategy and skill. Shame they didn’t come out with a W. But I guess a tie is the next best thing.

Cobblestone vs. TOX, 36-45. Darryl Carr repeatedly targeted the guy in gray football pants for long balls for this one. TOX obviously noticed as they must have adjusted their defense to stop him coming out with the win. Adrian Cannon was slinging for the squad and was using girls for quick passes and TOX receivers were getting open for him. 

TOX vs. Interdimensional Lightning Falcons, 13-21. As TOX clearly made the adjustments they needed to defeat cobblestone but were unsuccessful against ILF as Joe Miano was using his no-look pass to hit Karl Smith in the endzone for a victory. Aaron Balcerzak for TOX had a couple dropped balls in this game and Adrian overthrew him as well. I do not know how you overthrow someone so tall but Aaron has been overthrown now by not only Adrian but also Topper when they played together. Come on guys, you don’t have to put it that high to get it out of other players reach.

Cobblestone vs. ILF, 14-26. This game seemed promising for Cobble stone until it didn’t. They had the lead for about half of the first half then couldn’t match ILF’s strategic plan of letting them drop passes and not make plays. Darryl tried to force a couple balls to what seems to be his favorite receiver, gray football pants guy, instead of using his open targets. Would really like to learn your name- please email the godfather, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to let me know who you are so I can give you a proper shoutout.


Division 5:

Let’s Get Reccked vs. Passing while intoxicated, 19-30. PWI’s QB didn’t come so intoxicated he couldn’t stand Saturday. Great work! PWI made some great offensive plays, they had a girl QB who lofted up to a tall guy in the endzone for a TD helping solidify the victory.


Division 6:

Blitzkrieg vs. Superior Moser Squad, 37-33. SMS has an interesting and cool concept, a girl QB. This game was a fun one to watch as Rylee Moser QB’d most of the game. She hit Steve on what looked like a stop and go on the outside for a TD. Lauren Moser took over at the end of the game and was showing she could also make plays throwing the ball up to Mike for a TD. Blitz was showing a little stronger game as they picked off the girl Qb’s a couple times and New/old Qb Andy was playing a strong game in old Qb, Alex’s absence.

Not So Sticky vs. Superior Moser Squad, 34-26. SMS had Rylee Moser at QB so NSS accepted the challenge and Christine chose to throw for their team. This game was very back and forth and for a lack of a better word, messy. Everytime I looked someone had just fallen over someone else on the other squad. Christine Krol did a great job calling plays and throwing the ball to the open guy to help them come out with the win.

Lennies Ladies vs. Two Tuddies, 20-12. Maddie Norton on Lennies Ladies was showing what she was made of on this one. She had two interceptions and made some great catches. Two Tuddies is still learning the rules and figuring things out and was no match for Maddie and other Girls.


A Big thank you to everyone who came out to play and everyone who helped yesterday. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Angry Buffalo did a wonderful job with containing the bees and the bar was bumping most of the day. Thank you to the readers and the contributors.  Please keep your comments coming to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I look forward to reading what others have to say about how they think their team played, their all-star players, etc. Until next week…

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