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Welcome back TSLers, and sorry for the wait! It was a windy one out there Saturday, but the sun was shining and the games were fantastic this week. The season is winding down, and I cannot believe we are already heading into the final week of the regular season. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I hope everybody has had a blast this season. As a reminder, Lenny and Rameer day is coming up, and I highly recommend people stick around as this is a very special day for the league. With that said, let’s get into it!


Breakfast club:

Komosexuals 21, The Ash Slinging Slashers 9

This was a battle of the ironman game, with both teams having just enough to play while needing some subs. Garrett continues to be a great BC QB, and was moving his team down the field. He seems to have a knack for hail mary throws, as he completed another to Joe Z to finish off the first half. The ASS was playing three ladies the whole time, and battled but Langley couldn’t finish off a couple of the drives. 



Sticky Bandits 30, Eyes Downtown 28

ED was short-handed this week, but you would not have known it by the way they started. Bobby McConnell drove his team down the field and scored at will in the first half, racing out to a big lead. Blase was instructing newish girl Sam that when she rushes, she should tackle the QB but fortunately for Mike Thomas, she chose to just tip some passes and sack him normally. Then, the script flipped and SB came back led by Drew Colosimo and Brian Stevens, who provided crucial interceptions and catches. SB pulled ahead by two and the game ended on a pick. 

Frodo Swaggins 60, Losing Streak 45

This game may have been the shocker of the day, as Losing Streak came in with a loaded roster and seemingly everybody there, while Frodo was a heavy underdog. Garrett moved the ball at will all day, and LS seemingly great defense got torched all game. Jordan Lawson was sharp, but some drops here and there stalled things a bit. Frodo seems to be catching on up in D1 now, so that could add a nice layer to the mix. 



The Untouchaballs 24, Mavericks 16

A battle of top ten quarterbacks, and Burr got the edge in this one. The popular target was of course Mel Linsmair, who was working the crossing routes as well as she always does. The Mavericks were competitive, made a few nice stop on defense, but a few plays here and there fell the wrong way and they ended up falling short. Big Money Mike was kicking himself when he short-armed a deep ball that was beautifully thrown by Jordan. 



Degeneration SeXy 42, Vaspian 34

A high-scoring affair in this one! Vaspian has always been known for a pretty strong defense, but Brian O has made good use of his quicker receivers this season, and looked sharp throwing intermediate passes on target one after another. DGS came out firing immediately, and Sean (subbing for Scotty) was on fire. Katie Keller caught everything, which is no surprise. Could the Keller Clan be getting it in the right direction at the right time? Seems that way!

Jabronies 54, Bullet Club 8

Well, this was a complete and utter ass-kicking. Jabronies were led by the smart Joe Miano who didn’t seem to miss a throw all day. The Klecklers and co were aggressive on defense, and made every play needed on offense, routinely getting behind the BC defense. Jeff Easton struggled mightily after being off a few weeks, and it resulted in a ton of interceptions. BC will want to forget about this one, while it looks like Jabronies are continuing to get hotter as the season goes. 



Buffalo Vice 28, Travis Henry’s Kids 26

Given the way both teams were trending heading into this matchup, one would have thought this would not be competitive, but what a game! Andy Clark was sharp and routinely found his weapons, especially Caitlyn Mason who shook two guys out of their cleats and scored late to put Vice up. THK’s ladies were great again, and came up with a ton of catches to keep drives moving. At the end, tall Aaron caught a laser thrown by Langley from midfield to get within 2, but a dropped two point conversion ended things. 

Cunning Stunts 44, Passing While Intoxicated 20

It would appear the Stunts took their slow start personally, and have been taking it out on the competition. Joey Batts continues to play like one of, if not the smartest QB’s in the league. Taylor Pagano was tough out there defensively, and Renee Lantz made a ton of catches to keep the offense moving. PWI was a bit off, and had struggles getting stops while Buddy Lee and the offense wasn’t able to score every drive, like you need to against these ladies teams. CS looks to be a real threat as things wind down here. 



Not so Sticky 21, TMA 20

TMA jumped out to an early lead as Dorene made a nice catch for a score, and NSS continued their recent trend of struggling to move the ball.  The second half was a different story though as Rags seemingly remembered his form from last season and hit Carly Reeb on a nice deep ball for a touchdown to close the gap.  The game came down to the final seconds and NSS was able to seal the win with a score to tie and an extra point to win

Gucci 26, Tater Tots 24

The Tots came in with a sub QB, while Gucci was missing the large Thomas Fields, so that evened things out a bit. Gucci got off to a strong start and took a two score lead into halftime led by the arm of the infamous Kelly Kane. Then, the Tots started to get rolling, led by underrated receiver Mark Harzynski who caught a couple deep bombs. The ladies for the tots were incredible, but in the end, Gucci continues to roll and stake their claim in D5. 



Two Tuddies 42, Pit Harade 0

Two Tuddies continues to show they have learned a thing or two since their first season, while Pit Harade continues to learn on the fly. Chris Wolcott appears to be way too good for D6 (may need to do something about that) while the QB continues to look swaggy, and drop dimes. Pit Harade has some talent but Nick Hawes was missing and Joe K had to step in to throw, so, well, we know how that went. I will be watching Two Tuddies closely, I get the feeling they are Southside’s biggest competition. 


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