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Here we are! The final week of the regular season has come and gone, and the playoffs are set to take center stage with teams battling for that glory of a championship! The final week went as expected, competitive through and through as teams looked to lock up their seeding, so let’s dive right in!


Breakfast Club:

Komosexuals over Liddle Dubs

I don’t recall the exact score, but it was a great game! The game started rough for Komosexuals as Garrett threw a couple of picks that went off the hands of his receivers and right into the hands of Frank Laudico. Everybody who was there could hear Garrett yelling and cursing. Frank started off hot, hitting Kelly Liddle and Maddie Norton in the soft spots of the Komosexuals zone. Maddie seemed completely uncoverable. However, Garrett and sub from his Frodo team Al forged a comeback, utilizing their great chemistry on offense. 



Sticky Bandit 42, Frodo Swaggin 34

This game featured two QB’s who apparently didn’t want to throw the ball to their receivers early, and chose to throw interceptions. Mike Thomas and Garrett were playing a game of hot potato with the ball. This game has the distinction of every score being by the ladies, except for one. Katie Swanson hit Brandy Clarke with a triple move, which is quite a feat, and shook her out of her cleats. Brandy got them back though later, joining in the action with a nice toe-tap interception. In the end Sticky prevailed by playing just slightly better defense. 

Losing Streak 55, Legends 29

This game will go down to most as one where Legends was playing very short handed and missing two of their best players in Sean and Mel, however credit where it is due, Jordan and LS showed up to play after a tough loss the previous week. Jordan was on target all day, finding his plethora of weapons. ralph finney, known more for his lockdown defense, was strong on offense finding openings while chris nelson and kye ridgeway shook the defense with their moves. joey batts and co will want a another shot at this one. 



Mavericks 39, Practice Squad 25

Mavericks came into this game looking to solidify their standing, while practice squad was looking to get into the win column. B and his squad have come close a lot this year, but have come up just short. jordan and his crew took advantage of their team chemistry, moving the ball down the field at will. mike was loud and excited all game, flashing play after play. b found his players and moved the ball, especially renee lantz, but just could cash in when needed a couple times. ps may be a sneaky pick again in the first round. could they go from the bottom to the top again?



Bullet club 36, Wanderers 30

Another close game between these two, and jeff easton responded after a tough game a week ago. wanderers were a little shorthanded, but frank and co were smart as always an methodically moved the ball down the field. easton used his wily vet tommy hughes well, and also found langley open many times over the middle. in the end, it came down to bc making one key stop late in the game and going down to score. 

Itches and ohs 42, Jabronies 41

jabronies were shorthanded, but this was a high scoring affair. steve moser let it be known that he isn’t afraid of the kleckler clan, and targeted jeremy streit countless times. the game came down to the wireand the claims of a poorly reffed game by the disgruntled ilf member alex baker cost joe miano the game. 



Buffalo vice 51, Puckett all-stars 22

what a turn this season has taken! pas was crowned the team to beat in d4 and BV came right in and showed them they are the team to beat. andy clark was slinging it all over the field, finding his tall guy countless times. bv has great athletes, especially caitlyn mason who continued to get open at will with her shifty moves. vince taverna struggled a bit, a little errant on some passes, to they will be looking to improve on that come playoffs. 

Baadies 62, Travis Henry’s Kids 46

this was a back and forth affair for the vast majority of this game. garrett took his frustration out from his earlier loss with frodo (and perhaps his frustration with being there late, we all know he wanted to be in east aurora). the ladies made easy work, getting open at will and catching everything. thk was scoring on every single drive and keeping up, until langley threw an ill-timed interception to garrett, killing any momentum they had. 



Come From Behind 34, Long Balls 14

d5 may just run through cfb and they are letting everybody know it each week. long balls is a newer team, led by buddy lee but as experienced as buddy is, he was no match for the wily vet paul lovullo. paul found his fast guys time after time and moved the ball right down the field. cfb defense threw some curveballs to buddy, and they struggled to punch it in enough times. there were taunts from the sideline, telling buddy had he had just one more busch peach, he may have played better!

ILF 32, Long Balls 18

ilf came in riding high since the switch at qb, and it is paying huge dividends. the game started with both offensive drives stalling for each team. buddy was throwing again, and he makes very few mistakes. on a deep hail mary he threw this his blonde hair girl and she caught it, and shocked the ilf defenders as they couldn’t tag her. ilf came back thanks to tom mullen and rebecca dominesey, as she got open time after time and held on. 



Southside 42, Pit Harade 16

let it be known that no matter what, southside is going to have to move up after this season as they once again dominated. southside has too many athletes for d6, and they showed it as they picked off dave walter multiple times and ran it back. pit harade moved the ball well overall, but just couldn’t finish off a few drives. the team is learning and growing as they go, so i hope to see them in the future. 

Grass Eaters 38, Blitzkrieg 20

grass eaters are basically itches and ohs incarnate, with some newer faces learning the game. who better to learn from than the moser gang, who have a collective 300 years experience! ge continues to play well since steve returned from a sabbatical (we are going to call it that) and rylee is one of the best females in d6 and got open time and time again. she also never drops passes, i swear. blitzkrieg had high expectations, but some disconnect on offense with some drops and air mailed passes from qb alex. in the end, the experience won out with ge. 

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