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Boy was Saturday fun! The fields were hopping with intensity as the greatest playoffs in co-ed touch football in WNY began, and you can bet the games delivered! The weather was beautiful, and after some much-needed rain throughout the week, the ground wasn’t concrete! First things first, great job for the most part not yelling at refs too badly Saturday. We have to remember that these refs volunteer to do this, and while we do pay them, they don’t deserve the get screamed at, insulted, or any other forms of abuse. So let’s keep that energy! Okay, enough of that, let’s recap these games!


Breakfast Club:

BDSM 31, The ASS 14

This was a lot closer and competitive than the final score might suggest, but BDSM is rolling and may have always been Steph Infections biggest competition. Sean was slinging it, and routinely found Talia all over the field and for a couple scores. Langley slung it for the ASS, and in what was a common theme all year, they were short-handed. They moved the ball down the field well, highlighted by Terrell Bolden who makes a lot of plays. In the end, BDSM and Sean converted on more scoring drives. 



Eyes Downtown 33, TEIM 32

Game of the day alert! At least in D1 that is. TEIM looked poised and ready to go, with Andy Smigiera finding open receivers all day. Katie Salisbury was a monster, as always, and tough to defend. ED got down early, and Bobby McConnell threw an uncharacteristic pick as ED got down two scores. Then the second half happened, and ED moved the ball at will and got right back into things. TEIM picked Bobby off towards the end, and had a chance to stop short of the goalline, and run time, but instead pitched to Margo for the gender TD. After not converting, ED moved the ball down the field and had Emily throw for a TD, and converted the 2-point conversion. What a win!

Legends 44, Grey Hair 29

The score is a little misleading, as GH was in pole position for a while in this game. Amber Hay had a nice long TD and George Lombardo sealed a pick to take all momentum. Then, Joey and his crew woke up and just kept scoring. Mel was tough to cover, to no ones surprise and Sean and Shbend were all over the field on both sides of the ball. This was expected to get chippy a bit, and while it did, things calmed down and Legends dominated in the end. 



Practice Squad 39, Freeballers 0

What the heck is with Practice Squad and not winning much (at all this session) in the regular season, but coming through in the playoffs? B, I see you, I guess you just like the bright lights of the playoffs more! PS dominated this game, and Freeballers had no answers. The offense really struggled to finish off drives, while B moved his team up and down the field at will. When you have girls as good as B does, it makes life so much easier. Not much to say here, this was a beat down. 



Bullet Club 29, LGR 22

Jeff Easton started this game, but John Langley ended up finishing it, so we all thought we would know how that would turn out! After the game was tied early, BC asserted themselves and went down to score the next few drives consecutively. Man coverage against Pistol Pete and Deak was a bit of a bold strategy, but the story was Nick Buzek turning back the clock and dominating all over the field. Alex Buchlis and his crew mounted a late comeback, but it was too late as all BC needed to do the last drive was dirt a few balls and take the win. 

Can’t Tough This 47, Degeneration SeXy 20

It is well known by now CTT QB Ryan Dougherty has the best arm in the league hands down, and that has Travis thinking “how can I replace Joey’s arm with his to make Legends even better?” DGSexy threw way too many deep picks and they got behind from the jump. CTT was putting up points on every drive, despite their receivers stepping out of bounds all the time. You know they are good seeing as how they had to score a touchdown twice on multiple drives. In the end, DGSexy just couldn’t get it going early enough, and fell too far behind. 



Puckett All-Stars 40, THK 34

This was the game of the day in D4, and was back and forth the entire way. Vince Taverna took advantage of his athleticism and bought a lot of time scrambling to make plays down the field. It goes without saying, it is incredibly difficult to match PAS speed and athleticism. THK had Pete out there, and the question was who could stay with him. The answer was nobody, as he made play after play. THK got a pick late by Pete and he returned it to about the 5 with 1 second left, the PAS stood tall and made the play to move on to the semis. 

Buffalo Vice 50, Creekers 30

We all know BV is a force in D4, and Andy Clark has an embarrassment of riches on his team. They are filled with athletes, and Caitlyn Mason may be one of the best girls in the league. She was routinely getting open and making plays. However, I want to give the Creekers some love here. They competed the entire game, and their QB looks like a promising find. For a new team that got thrown into a tough D4, they competed the whole game and found the endzone the most they had all season. Not a bad time to start finding your stride and maybe with a bump down in division, they can be a force. 



ILF 45, Goatsack! 35

This was an offensive battle, as the score can clearly tell you, as both teams utilized their ladies to perfection, scoring multiple touchdowns. Defense was purely optional, as both offenses just chewed up chunks of yards at will. Jason Neth stepped up and swatted three passes away as Goatsack! Attempted to get a last ditch female touchdown to close the gap. 

NSS 33, CFB14

I’d call NSS the sandbaggers of the century, but that title belongs to B and practice squad. All jokes aside, NSS is talented and imposed their will for an upset special in the first round. An early pick set the tone and the already shorthanded Come From Behind defense was no match for the veteran play calling of Not So Sticky who kept finding blown coverages to move the ball down the field.  Rags deserves lots of credit for keeping his team believing despite being heavy underdogs.



Sausage McMuffins 22, Blitzkrieg 6

Offense optional anyone? A tight low-scoring affair as neither team looked interested in scoring until hero Alex of SM decided he was ready to win. Alex threw to his girls early and often while SM’s defense wanted the style points of grabbing a one-handed interception off of Blitzkrieg. SM seemed happy to be there, while the crowd was chanting for a Blitzkrieg win, but left disappointed as SM stakes their claim. 

Two Tuddies 34, Pit Harade 14

Pit Harade ends a disappointing first season scrambling for a QB again, as Nick Hawes goes ghost and Dave Walter steps up and says “I can lead this team!” Dave was awesome, and was finding his receivers open, but just couldn’t cash in. Tall guy with glasses for Pit Harade looks like a hidden gem. Two Tuddies used their experience and chemistry and moved the ball down the field, and the defense stepped up for a couple picks. Will be watching how the Tud Squad does next week!

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