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Week 6 thoughts, picks, and lots and lots of questions???!!!

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Wednesday, 30 May 2018 20:33
Published: Wednesday, 30 May 2018 20:33
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Enter Week #6



No Punt Intended


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out……………



NEW GODS +1 VS MARKETING MAYORS:  It is becoming a broken record find Smith avoid Smith. If New Gods follow this blue print they should have success up the middle and to the opposite side. NG are a tale of 2 Ricky’s. If good Ricky shows NG should cruise in this one as they have skill all over the field. If bad Ricky shows up……MM are a solid team but it isn’t easy when you face a team with this much talent and you are short handed. It is becoming more and more clear to this writer that Delecki easily could be the MVP of this league.  NEW GODS BY 3

MARKETING MAYORS VS PUBLIC ENEMY +3: I have little doubt in my mind that New Gods will follow the blue print to beat these guys. Public Enemy however could be anyone’s guess. Sometimes this team falls in love with how smart they “think they are” and don’t just realize football is a simple game. The game plan is simple find Smith and attack every where else. The 2’s and 3’s of MM can’t go with Osika and Pauly J. PE should feast all day with the mis-matches they have but I still wonder if they will be stubborn or if they will just play smart football this week and take the W that is literally staring them in the face.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1

#XTC +7 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: I really have no clue who will show for #XTC, I don’t think they do either. . I do know that #XTC always gets up for this game and if they are going to bring the thunder this will be the week. PE has, for years, had a tremendous ability to carve up the #XTC zone and should once again this week. If Dubey shows PE would be smart to man up #XTC as Dubey can’t beat the man. If Dubey shows and PE gets dumb and zones them they could be in for a shocker.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 6



THE REPLACEMENTS VS THE PURGE +4:  This one should be good. Both teams are heading in the right direction TP finally won but got lucky. TR are slowly starting to pick up steam. TP will struggle with TR has TR has 2 burners and speed is not something the Purge has much of. TP girls are good and will beat up on the TR girls but one would figure Burr and Doug should run all over the soft zone of TP. Everything begins and ends at BQ for TR. If their QB shows well  they win if he doesn’t they get smoked.  THE REPLACEMENTS BY 4

GRYFFINDOR VS THE PURGE +6: The loss of Scotty M could be catastrophic for the Gryff. Yes they still have your reigning and defending league MVP and normally that will be enough but can the Batman carry this team all the way to the promise land? TP is a hot mess. They got lucky last week and really haven’t shown much. They are better than this but have yet to show us what they are made of.  This is the week the stars come out as the MVP has at it with the Queen Bee. I so want to take the Purge here but they just haven’t shown me enough to do so…..yet.    GRYFFINDOR BY 7

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH VS THE REPLACEMENTS +8: HATBF are the class of D2 and seem to be on a one ticket to D1 at the rate they are going. They are crushing every single team trotted out in front of them. They are swift, quick and they can score at will. They can stop everyone they have faced. TR have started to show signs of life but I just don’t see them winning a shootout with a team of this magnitude. Last time out HATBF took a huge lead then held on did TR learn anything from that game for this week?  HATBF BY 10

N W O VS DMX +8: N W O is tanking right now. Brother Nero killed his team with a boneheaded mental lapse last week when they got shocked by the Purge. DMX is struggling on defense but a team that could be shocked comes to town this week. DMX can score points and N WO doesn’t really get into shoot outs so this game could be interesting. N W O lost their edge when Nero lost brother bowl and they lost their top girl. I see this game being a lot closer than one would think. N W O BY 1



MIXXX +1 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: Sticky gave Team Topper a beating last week and exposed some things. Mixxx comes to town and would like nothing better than to send D3 a message that they are D3 title worthy. JZ is an evil genius and will have something special cooked up this week for Topper and Co. Poor Topper can’t do this all by himself he needs help. Where is Davis? Why hasn’t Drew thrown this team on his back? Why do I ask so many questions? I see this game being a good one. There is a ton of pressure on Team Topper this week as they lost last week and if they lose again they could free fall. Mixxx will be ready for this one so TT better be ready for war.  1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 3

BULLET CLUB VS PUCKET ALL STARS +7: Puckett All Stars have settled in nicely in D3 and have shown well to date. No one likes BC since they turned heel. They should be in D2 and hiding out n D3 is kinda cheesy. BC has PAS pretty much covered all over the field. They have the better QB, the better girls and the better guys. PAS will give them a fight but I just don’t see them going toe to toe with this team this week. BULLET CLUB BY 8

SLYTHERIN THAT END ZONE +8 VS COBBLESTONE: Cobblestone is struggling but look no further as the slump buster has arrived. SITE is not playing well but they have shown up the last few weeks. Cobblestone must get things going this week and they must do it quickly as playoffs quickly approach. It pains me to say this but maybe Cobblestone is destined for D4. I can’t believe Darryl’s supporting cast has let it come to this. Darryl shows up every week and literally makes it rain out there but noooooo no one helps him. They aren’t catching his magical spirals. They aren’t playing defense. OK fine so he throws one 8 feet over someone’s head. WTF go grab a 6 foot ladder or jump higher. I’m sorry this is just hurting me too much when I watch this team it is making me cry and making me sad and I am confused and I don’t know what else I can do say or say. Cobblestone players not named Darry Carr QB super star I am calling each and every one of you out right here right now at this very moment in time. I am calling you out to help your leader and our icon win this game. You owe yourselves and more importantly Darryl more than you are giving. God speed Cobblestone supporting cast it is now time to win a football game. COBBLESTONE BY 7

A&A +6 VS STICKY BANDITS: SB looked awesome last week in 2 big wins. A&A is at a cross roads. They have not played so hot and have had attendance issues but at one point it has to stop and the ship must be righted. If A&A is going to get back on track this is the week as playoffs are getting closer. SB are a very smart and a very methodical team They will bring it each and every week and they make few mistakes so A&A better be ready to go. A&A has big sped edges in this game but I am not so sure that will translate to a win this week. If you want to know where A&A stands in this division we will know right after this game. STICKY BANDITS BY 4

64-1 MORNING WOOD +7 VS CINTAS: MW started out so well but it looks like they just beat a bad team in week #1. Cintas are a pretty solid team top to bottom. They aren’t world beaters but they will show up each and every week and they will bring it. MW has been up and down to date. MW has 2 wins but it is against the 2 bottom teams in the division. MW needs better d as you can’t give up 40 a game and compete in this division. Cintas is not an offensive juggernaut but they should have enough to take this one this week.  CINTAS BY 6



BREW CREW +7 VS SHREDDERS: Shredders just can’t seem to get it going this session. They have been a solid team in the past but they just aren’t getting the job done. The offense is off and their defense has been a hot mess. BC is coming to town at the perfect time as they struggle on O and they are terrible on D. I wouldn’t read too much into this game. Shredders should win this and win it by a good amount but this game won’t solve the problems at hand. SHREDDERS BY 4

FULL THROTTLE VS BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +3: FT got a big win last week and a very winnable game is up next. BSS is in familiar territory as they are ho humming along. They aren’t awesome but they aren’t good awful. When I think of .500 football team this is the team that pops in my head. They aren’t really good or really bad. FT is starting to take steps in the right direction and another big win could give them some confidence as we head down the stretch. FULL THROTTLE BY 4

HK4 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +3: Both squads are having a solid season to date so this one should be good. IE has had some injury concerns so that could cost them this week. HK4 is a solid squad that is up there with the top teams. They are balanced and can win this division. IE is very balanced and they have talent all over the field. I expect a decent game but HK4 appears to just have a little more in the tank than IE does. Look for HK4 to take this one.  HK4 BY 3

UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS VS AXA +8: URTT lost last week and I reckon they will be hopping mad this week,. Poor AXA is up next and I fear URTT will look to make a statement this week. URTT can score at will. AXA is getting better and is leaps and bounds better than in week #1. I just don’t think AXA has enough to go toe to toe with this offensive juggernaut. Look for URTT to take this running away.  URTT BY 10

NO PUNT INTENDED +3 VS 3RD AND SCLONG: This is the one we have been waiting for. NPI is having a solid season as they boast a very decent team. We were told they will be short handed but can NPI run with 3AS who is just dismantling every team they face? They have stars all over the field. The Keller nation is atop the D4 mountain and will look to make a statement this week. They are reading and they keep hearing it too. Are they as good as they think? Are they a product of a soft schedule? Can they beat a top team? Why hasn’t Katie Keller asked 40 yr plan guy to marry her? I mean it’s the same questions each and every week. Well this week we get our answers. NPI is solid foe that will come to play. Can they run and gun with a team that can’t seem to be stopped? 3RD AND SCHLONG BY 4




PASSLESS CHAPS +7 VS HOPE N RUIN: Don’t look now but HNR is on the outside looking in if the season ended today. They are doing OK but not awesome. PC are struggling mightily so this should be the week HNR scores a ton and gets back into the race. HNR has a solid team and has one in this league before so they can get back on track. A team that struggles to score and stop people awaits them. HOPE N RUIN BY 8

COME FROM BEHIND VS HUNG BUFFALO +7: These teams know each other well. In a perfect world CFB is the better team but you really don’t know who will play and who will not play each and every week. HB struggled early especially on defense but it appears they have started to right the ship and they are playing way better these days. It just seems like CFB has a few more horses in this game but attendance is always an issue.  COME FOR BEHIND BY 6

WITTER’S +8 VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN: AWDIQ is super fast and super good. They sit atop the mountain right now. Witter’s looked D7 bound after week #1 but this team continues to get better and impress. They have a solid captain who is as smart as it gets in this league. Under his guidance this team is ever improving. Are they quick enough to run with the mini mites of AWDIQ ? I am not so sure they are ready for this test quite yet. ALL WE DO IS QWINN BY 7

MATTY’S ANGELS VS THE BAMBS +8: Matty’s Angels erupted last week as they laid the smacketh downeth on poor unsuspecting Vandalay. The Bambs are a hot mess since their QB went AWOL. These aren’t the Bambs we used to know. They have a dark cloud that follows them around wherever they go. This is a sad story that will go from bad to worse as MA have no mercy and will run the score up if they get the chance. I suspect a massacre of epic proportions is upon us.  MATTYS ANGELS BY 13

VANDALAY INDUSTRIES VS UFO +7: This one should be good. UFO are quickly becoming the “bad boys” of TSL as they continue to fight their way towards the top of the division. Their street cred has gone up 143% since they turned heel. VI was rocked last week as they looked slow and over matched. Can UFO pull the upset and shock the world? UFO has scored a ton of points and has been in their last 3 or so games this one should be good.  VANDALY INDUSTRIES BY 6



COLLEGIATE BUILDERS +11 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: TMA has been up and down this season but their offense continues to show week after week. CB is still a hot mess but they are not as hot nor as messy as in years past. TMA should make it rain this week as they have one of the better offenses in D6 today. CB will struggle to keep pace with an offense such as this.  This should be one of those “alot to a little scores” by games end. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 14

NICE TDS VS HOME TECH +7: Hometech is a hot mess. I do not even think B’s Brother can save them at this point. NTDS have shown well as they played some very good games to date. Hometech has struggled to score and that could be the reason they struggle this week. NTDS will find some holes in the HT defense and should have enough to take this one late. NICE TDS BY 6

PRACTICE SQUAD VS JABRONIES +7: Jabronies have shown well in their first session. They continue to improve and are doing a decent job moving the ball. Their D is still a work in progress. TPS is up at the top of the division as they are loaded on both sides of the ball. Look for TPS to have an easy time scoring points on the newbs in route to an easy victory.   PRACTICE SQUAD BY 11

DILLY DILLY +3 VS TIGHT END ZONES: This one should be good as each team is on fire. These 2 could easily be seeing each other again real soon. Both are solid on both sides of the ball. TEZ is offense personified while Dilly Dilly is all about the defense. As long as DD doesn’t thug things up this week we should be in store for a solid football game between 2 very good teams. TIGHT END ZONES BY 1

DARK KNIGHTS +4 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: CSR is having a decent session but I have been told the league is none too happy with their sub problems and will be watching them like a hawk the rest of the way. DK are an up and down squad that is getting better week by week. They have proven they can score in this division but they need better play from their defense. CSR is a solid methodical football team that is just balanced so DK better be ready to go this week. I expect a close one here. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 3



5 Questions for Saturday

1. What must Brother Nero be thinking right now? He lost brother bowl, then he made a huge mental lapse which caused N W O the game last week vs The Purge. I asked it a few weeks ago and will ask it again have we lost Brother Nero? As it appears he is now lost in the matrix.

2 Will The Purge start their climb back up the rankings this week or is this team lost for good? TP has 2 very winnable games this week. They have been a hot mess for literally the last month. They have the ability to take this division but have shown close to nothing. Can their season be saved or is this it for them? This is the week we find out.

3.  Is this the week A&A gets back on track or will they continue to ho hum in D3? This team is loaded with skill and is way better than their record indicates. They have speed to burn and are battle tested. A very smart very tough Sticky Bandits come to town this week. A&A is up against it as it is now time to kick their game up a nickel as the playoffs quickly approach.  Sticky Bandits have been playing stout defense the past few weeks.

4. Topper was rocked last week how will he recover? Last week was not good for Team Topper nor Vandalay. Will the Topper dust himself off and get back up and will his team to victory?  They say when QB’s hit the wall that is usually it. I mean with Topper it happened like 6 seasons ago but does he have enough left in the tank to bring his team back from the dead?

5. Will the Cobblestone supporting cast finally rise to the occasion and help Darryl Carr QB Superstar secure victory? Darryl is a man on an island right now. Yes it is a magical island and Darryl is still our #icon but it just isn’t fair that his team is no where close to him in either skill set or effort. I expect a big win this week vs a very beatable SITE.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D4 where it is quadruple dog on when 6-0 3rd and Schlong have at with 4-1 No Punt intended. This could be a preview of the D4 title game. 3rd and Schlong has dusted up D4 but many claim they have yet to be tested. They will be tested by a very balanced and very solid football team. The winner of this one probably takes the #1 seed heading into the dance.  Each team has continued to improve by leaps and bounds week after week.

2. Don’t look now but the reigning and defending D1 champs could be in trouble this week. Marketing Mayors must have at it with both Public Enemy and New Gods. The book is out on MM. Find Smith and go the other way. Both PE and NG have blazers all over the field so MM could struggle this week horse vs horse. The only thing that can save them from taking 2 L’s this week is Dalphonso playing like his hair is on fire.

3. Tight End Zones continue to quietly go about their business as they keep winning week after week. A tough test is heading their way with Thuggy Thuggy I mean Dilly Dilly. TEZ will get to see what they are made of this week as DD is solid across the board. This is the week good offense faces good defense.

4.  I am curious to see how a much improved Witter’s does this week with a team that looks like they are the class of D5 in All we do is Qwinn. AWDIQ is loaded with speed as they play a very smart safe football game. They hit their guys on quick hitters and let them run them out. Witter’s might need to push up a tad this week to cut off the quick slants and crosses. Witter’s was a hot mess week #1 but has continued to improve. This game should be a good one.

5. Shredder’s have been struggling but finally catch a break this week as a very beatable Brew Crew is next up. Shredders have struggled on both sides of the ball. They better take this one and take it by a bunch or the last few games could be miserable for this once mighty franchise.

6. This could be Morning Woods last chance at a W this week. Yes they beat the bottom 2 D3 clubs but MW has not looked good. To make matters worse the MVP of everything is up next and that is not AOK. Joey Batts always looks to put on a show when a weaker team comes to town. Joey Batts knows better than anyone that the MVP selection committee can show up on his side line at any time so he better be ready to go as no TSLer has ever gotten back to back league MVP.

7. I got to thinking about team names today here are my (3) favorite and worst: My (3) favorites: Hootie and the Bro Fish, 1 Topper too Many and Vandalay Industries. My (3) worst: Slytherin the End Zone, Chef Curry with the Shots and Gryffindor.

8.  I will have a watchful eye this week on Mixxx as they have at with Team Topper. JZ is an evil genius that will have his team ready to go this week. Mixxx will be ready for everything thrown at them. It all begins and ends at QB for them. Topper can be hot and cold. Can JZ pull the upset? It’s funny both teams are 3-1 but it just feels like Mixxx is the underdog this week.

9. OK let’s try this again….to be clear the only way a sub request in this league is legal is if you email a request by Friday at 10am to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Do not email Topper. Just send the email and we will respond back if your request is acceptable. Please be advised we will be checking and if you are caught breaking the sub rules the team captain and the sub in violation will both be suspended for multiple games. To those that are following the rules and continue to thank you. To those that are choosing not to….good luck you are going to need it.

10. If I had to pick breakfast club games I would say…Chef Curry 31 Angry Tailors 23. Val’s Pal’s 28 Peanut Butter Kelly Time 27. Taminator’s 31 Poppin Molly’s 24



Week 5 Thoughts, Picks and Insights

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Wednesday, 23 May 2018 16:12
Published: Wednesday, 23 May 2018 16:12
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Enter Week #5

“Make friends first, makes sales second, make love third. In no particular order.”



Things seem to be moving right along and that’s a good thing. The winners are winning the losers and losing and the break eveners are breaking even. In a week or so it will be time kick things up a notch as playoffs are quickly approaching………..

Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out……………



NEW GODS +3 VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION: This one should be interesting. TEIM seem to be the new flavor of the month. They are actually really good. The biggest thing with them is they are smart. They will figure out your weaknesses and do a very solid job to exploit your weaknesses. I really thought after last session New Gods were poised to take the next step but I have yet to see it. This is a defining moment for both teams. Will New Gods take this one and continue their development or are they over rated? Are TEIM the “next big thing” in D1 or are we reading too much into the last few games? I think we should have a better idea of each team’s fate by day’s end. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 3

MARKETING MAYORS VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +4: If you want to truly know what you are made of this is the week you find out. There will be no bigger test for TEIM than the reigning annnnnd defending D1 champs Marketing Mayors. Cory Turner is an evil genius and will be waiting. Yes I know Delecki is as good as it gets in this league and yes he is out but MM are still playing solid football. If MM was at full strength I’m taking them 10 out of 10 times but they are not so anything can happen in this one. The TEIM girls are better than many think this could be the week they go off. There is no doubt in my mind Tiger is reading this wondering to himself if he actually is as good as he thinks he is. He will be put to the test this week. He has yet to see an athletic freak of nature like Andy Smith. Smith is fast and can jump into the sky. Tiger V Smith will be one match up to watch closely this week. MARKETING MAYORS BY 6



N W O VS THE PURGE +8: I think it is almost time for someone to say The Purge is done stick a fork in them. N W O started with so much promise but injuries have struck and I am still not sure Brother Nero will ever recover from Brother Bowl a few weeks ago. If N W O doesn’t win this one they are in big trouble. TP probably has another roster issue and N W O probably survives this game late. Will Brother Nero ever emotionally recover?  N W O BY 7

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH VS DMX +8: It’s looking more and more like HATBF are the class of D2 and DMX are basement bound. DMX will score some points so they can make this fun but I just don’t see anyone in this division stopping this team.  HATBF are just cruising along these days. They check all the boxes and are getting stellar play all over the field from all players. They are one tough team to beat. I don’t see them taking the L this week not by a long shot. HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH BY 10

THE REPLACEMENTS +7 VS GRYFFINDOR: This one should be good. I am hearing rumors a Gryff star player might be out for a few weeks and this could sway the outcome. Yes I know Joey Batts is easily the best player in this game if not this entire league but what is he to do? One of his stars is out, his brother has gone cray cray after Brother Bowl and he is a man on an island right now. TR ae getting better. Funny thing has happened they final realized what we all already know…if you throw Burr the darn ball you will win. TR lives and dies on the right arm of their QB. This game will be closer than many think TR could be ready for them this time.  GRYFFINDOR BY 1



CINTAS VS STICKY BANDITS +4: Cintas are off to a nice start and things are good. Next up is the Sticky Nation. SB are finally starting to click. This game should be a good one. SB are a very solid and very methodical team. They will play solid mistake free football. This is a tough team to beat. Cintas reak of awesomeness as they have the people’s champion on their side. Most teams cower in intimidation when they must look across the side line and see the new “face that runs the place.” I of course am speaking of Joey Batts. Batman will come to paly but can his supporting cast pick him up? Joey is easily the best player in this game and each and every game he plays in quite frankly but one man can only do so much. I expect a close one here.  CINTAS BY 1

1 TOPPER TOO MANY VS STICKY BANDITS +7: Team Topper is on fire as they are dismantling every team they face. Their defense is fierce and their O is getting the job done. It is a shame that Drew plays in the same division as Joey Batts as he could easily be your D3 MVP but no  mere mortal can beat Joey Batts for this title. This game should be a good one. You have the systematic cerebral assassins from Sticky Bandits playing Uncle Topper and his sand lot crew with Eastern European football techniques. I still am shocked no one has had any Team Topper players checked for PED’S. This game will be a good one as these 2 teams are fierce rivals. 1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 6

CINTAS VS A&A +4: What’s wrong with A&A? First it’s play on the field, then they have some “philosophical differences”, then last week everyone bails. Matty Ice is a gamer and he will right the ship of this I am sure. The Ice man is waiting another week or so before he begins tuning up for the real season. Cintas comes to town looking good. If all things are equal I am taking A&A but I am still not sure if they all show and if they do are they all on the same page. If Joey Batts struggles with one thing in his game he struggles keeping up with girls that can flat out go. A&A might have one or two of those girls. CINTAS BY 3



UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS VS FULL THROTTLE +10: URTT lost a week #1 heart breaker but ever since they have kicked their game up a nickel. It all begins and ends on offense. Who needs defense when you can put up 35-40 points a week on O? Full Throttle just looks a click or two off. They are not yet ready for the main stage but like newer teams it usually takes a session or two before everyone just “gets it.” I look for URTT to score another 35-40 points in route to another big win.  URTT BY 9

3RD AND SCHLONG VS SHREDDERS +13: On paper this one looks like a blow out but I am still not convinced. Yes 3AS has looked awesome to date as they continue to dismantle each and every team they have faced. But who have they faced? D4 is about haves and have nots. Half the division is good and half isn’t. Well 3AS has beat all the down teams sans URTT. Shredders have been awful on defense and that is killing them. I am not ready to call the upset but I am thinking an upset is coming or this game will be way closer than many would think. It pains me to say all of this I am a big fan of the Keller Nation. On an un-related topic I think Katie Keller and 40 yr plan guy should just quit fooling themselves and profess their love for each other this week on Field #2 at 1:00. If the royal wedding has taught us anything it’s that fairy tale endings can happen….they….can …happen…..    3RD AND SCHLONG BY 4

AXA VS BREW CREW +7: Ok well one of them has to win. Both teams have been brutal as they both sit at 0-4 but there are glimmers of hope. AXA is struggling on D but they are scoring points so that is a positive. Brew Crew is struggling to score and more importantly struggling to stop anyone. If we use simple math A+B –C carry the one equals AXA will score about 30 and  Brew Crew won’t, take AXA. XA BY 3




HUNG BUFFALO VS HOPE N RUIN +3: HNR just seems to be missing something right now and they are off to a 1-2 start. We know they are notoriously slow starts it has been that way since their inception. This is a big rivalry game this week as these two teams know each other very well. HB can be beat with superfast girls but HNR doesn’t exactly have top shelf speed. I think HB gets back on track this week and takes this one late.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 1

HOPE N RUIN +3 VS THE BAMBS: Ok so The Bambs are going through some “philosophical differences” right now and that’s OK. They are still a good team but they just aren’t themselves these days.  TB still has Nick and thy have Parrish so they should be able to beat up on the shorter cover guys of HNR. Also the Bambs have some girls that can go so they should give HNR some headaches this week. If the Bambs are at 100% they roll in this game but they aren’t so it could be closer than you would think. THE BAMBS BY 3

TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE +7 VS COME FROM BEHIND: I am hearing THE is missing Tommy Hughes and this means bad news for THE. Incidentally when you miss people that doesn’t mean you can just grab anyone to play for you. That is called breaking the rules and it not allowed. CFB should take THE to task this week. They are old vets that are solid across the board. They will be wise to the THE tom foolery and should take this one rather easily.  COME FROM BEHIND BY 9

PASSLESS CHAPS +10 VS THE BAMBS: TB are getting lucky this week as the Chaps are struggling a tad. TB are the seasoned vets and they need this game very bad so I reckon they will be ready to go this week. PC still need more time for their development and quite honestly like a few other teams might be better served in D6. TB should score early and often and should take this one rather easily. PC can’t score and can’t stop people this is a recipe for disaster his league.  THE BAMBS BY 7

VANDALAY INDUSTRIES +1 VS MATTY’S ANGELS: I still am confused. This game was happening at 2:00 now it’s at 10. VI has looked good and has shocked a lot of folks. MA have been up and down but really haven’t been overly impressive. I keep hearing MA are suffering from attendance issues and I keep hearing Joe K is all sad he can’t play QB for VI. As for the game anything can happen. Last time MA played a super slow team like this they got crushed but THE is a different squad than VI. If I was VI I would iso the eastern block and just keep throwing jump balls as Eastern block are really tall and will have 4-6 inches on every girl that tries to cover them. VI will lack speed and could struggle keeping up with the MA wr’s. MATTY’S ANGELS BY 3

WITTERS VS UFO +8: 2 weeks ago Witter’s looked like they should be in D7 but now they are 2-2. They are starting to get it and get it rather quickly UFO got a big win last week vs a very depleted THE. Witter’s should have enough fire power to outscore UFO this week. Witter’s has gone from also ran to easily a very under rated D5 squad. I am curious to see how they do the rest of the way. UFO will come to fight I just don’t think they have the horses to keep up with Witter’s WITTERS BY 7

CUNNING STUNTS VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN no line: This one should be a good one as each team is very good. AWDIQ is awesome and their record shows that. They are fast and they can play with almost anyone. CS are a solid squad but everything begins and ends at QB for them. AWDIQ is small and fast so CS might struggle to get separation on them. If Drew is QB he will be forced to make tight window throws that I think he really isn’t able to make yet. If Joey Batts plays this game well everything changes as Joey Batts can throw a marble at your eye ball with his pinpoint accuracy. I think he is so accurate due to many many years on the bocce ball circuit. Regardless I see a very close very entertaining game played between two very decent squads this week. All we do is Qwinn BY 1



THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +7 VS TIGHT END ZONES: This one should be good. OK what do we know? We know due to tom foolery and blatant thuggery TSL tremendously liked Brian Ferger now has a hand injury. This is not good if you are a TMA fan. TEZ do not look like much but they show up each and every week play solid mistake free football and walk away most weeks with the W. TEZ are not thugs and play a classy game so this one will be good but the damage is already done. Our hero is injured and that is not kool. FOR SHAME DILLY DILLY.FORRRRRRRRRR SHHHHHHAAAAAAAAME.  TIGHT END ZONES BY 6

JABRONIES +1 VS CELNO SEWER RATS: I am beginning to think the Jabronies are the gate way to D6 awesomeness. I think there is a story to tell there and I reckon at some point we will delve further into this team and its members. CSR are an up and down roller coaster you honestly never know what to expect. Jabronies are newbs but they continue to show up and are getting better and better week after week. This one could go either way. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR SHAAAAAAAME DILLY DILLY FOOOOOOOOOOOR SHAAAAAAAAME.   CELINO SEWER RATS BY 4



5 Questions for Saturday

1. What the heck is wrong with Shredder’s? They are usually always in the hunt but this season they have looked awful especially on defense. Giving up 31 points a game will not translate in W’s.

2. Who the heck are Tight End Zones? They have literally come out of no where and are 3-1 with a huge 50-14 win over Practice Squad last week. A very grumpy bear known as the McKenzie Agency is up next. I heard Ferger is none too happy these days and will be looking to make a statement to D6 this weekend.

3. Can anyone stop 3rd and Schlong? They are now like 5-0 and have literally dismantled every squad the TSL has trotted in front of them. Next up is the walking disaster known as Shredder’s. If ever there was a chance at an upset…….

4. Will a league wide investigation begin regarding the tom foolery and basic thuggery caused by Dilly Dilly in last week’s game with TMA? Foooooooooooor shaaaaaaaaaaaame Dilly Dilly Foooooooor Shaaaaaaaaaaame.

5. Will Brother Nero ever come back to us? I’m telling you ever since Brother Bowl Anthony seems lost in the matrix. I hope this game didn’t ruin him forever. He better come back quickly as N W O could start circling the drain if he doesn’t.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D5 where Matty’s Angels and Vandalay Industries have at it. Matty’s Angels are 3-2 but I think they are a tad over rated. Vandalay Industries are the most under rated 3-1 team in the game today. VI will have the size advantage but MA will have the speed edge. This one should be good. Last time MA went at it with slow slumbering squad they got smoked will this happen once again or will they be ready this time for war?

2. Well they smoked Racks and Sacks and they had a war with Public Enemy. This week Tight Ends in Motion will get both New Gods and the D1 champs Marketing Mayors. If TEIM wants to know where they stand in the race for the title this is the week they should find out.

3. Awesome battle looming in D5 between (2) 3-1 teams in Cunning Stunts and All we do is Qwinn. AWDIQ has settled in nicely in D5 as they are one tough out in this division. CS has looked decent but things begin and end at QB for them. CS usually uses their speed to their advantage but AWDIQ is wicked fast and will be able to go toe to with them across the board.

4.  One of this leagues favorite rivalries heats back up at 2:00 on Field #2 when The Sticky Nation has at it with 1 Topper too Many. Team Topper is like 3-0 and pretty much on a collision course with Bullett Club for the D3 title. Sticky started slowly but seems to be picking up steam as the season progresses. This game is always worth the price of admission.

5. Don’t look now but Witter’s has started to get our attention. They looked dreadful in week #1 but they now stand at 2-2 after a big win over Matty’s Angels. This week a hot UFO comes to town. The team that wins this game might catch some lighting in a bottle and shoot up the ranks while the loser probably misses the D5 dance. No pressure….no…..pressure.

6. If I had to pick the all “over rated teams to date”: D1 New Gods.  D2 The Purge. D3 Sticky Bandits. D4 3rd and Schlong. D5 Matty’s Angels D6: The McKenzie Agency.

7.  If I had to pick the all “under rated teams to date”: D1 Tight Ends in Motion. D2 Gryffindor D3 A&A. D4 Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers. D5 Witter’s. D6 Tight End Zones

8. When the season first stared I felt D5 was the best division in our game today and I still feel the same way today. (8) teams are either 3-1 or 2-2 as the race for the title is getting awesome. The teams in this division all continue to fight for the 8 golden tickets. . Week after week we are getting top notch games.

9. OK We got some clarification on do’s and don’ts moving forward. It is OK to have fun “allegedly”. Unfortunately please don’t have fun past 5:30. That structure you see outside with all the alcohol and stuff on the shelves is a piece of art and should be viewed, revered and marveled at for its magnificent nay extraordinary nay omnipotent nay breath taking beauty but in no way, shape or form should it be used “allegedly” I mean “apparently”.  Having sex is a good thing and should be enjoyed in a bed or on a counter or in an elevator or in an airplane bathroom but in no uncertain terms should sex happen in the Angry Buffalo Bathroom. OK this is where things get tricky….singing is a nice thing. Try to do it in your shower or in your car or on your way to the fields. If you really feel the urge during the day go to your car and just start singing away.(obviously put up your windows) (unless you bring your dog with you then we would like you to drive .73 miles crack the window open for your dog ,obviously, then sing away) Don’t sing inside the bar. Don’t sing inside the bar past 5 or 530. If you really don’t like this please call us and we will get you and like 30 other people together. Then we will put you all on a platform and we will record the TSL’s version of “we are the world.” OK  “good news” we have been told that you are allowed to breath as most humans need to do this to survive but please keep your breathing to a minimum after 5:30 if you still are at the bar. Everyone at 5:30 should hand in their cell phones as snap stories are now strictly prohibited. This wasn’t a formal request (by anyone but me) or complaint I just am sick of seeing dumb snap stories seriously people try and be more original if you could. Incidentally I am not a Dr., nor do I play one on TV, but when you throw up there is usually a reason for it. You either are super stupid and you didn’t eat, you are super stupid and didn’t stay hydrated or you are just flat out super stupid. If you are female and you threw up there is like a 1-3 percent chance you could be pregnant so get that checked out. Then go see a shrink because drinking while pregnant and throwing up is totally super stupid. So remember don’t over drink and throw up that’s super stupid. Remember if you are going to drink, eat lunch and/or dinner and drink plenty of water. If tom foolery continues we will assign each and very TSLer an official “safety buddy” and we will then make you all send us essays each week on your progress post football until your behavior gets better.  If you already have an official “safety buddy” you will be exempt from this process but still will be required to submit weekly essays.  So in closing singing, and being loud after 5:00 is no longer acceptable, however we have been told breathing is OK (for now) (“allegedly) (I mean “apparently”) and obviously you may buy a drink and they will gladly take your money at any time during the day or night. Thank you that is all.

10. If I had to pick breakfast club games I would say…Chef Curry 31 Angry Tailors 23. Val’s Pal’s 28 Peanut Butter Kelly Time 27. Taminator’s 31 Poppin Molly’s 24



Week 3 Thoughts, Picks, Insights and stuff

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Walter Elliot once said," Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other."  Enter Race #3. Right about now you are starting to know if you are part of something special or if you are in store for a long season. If you play on 3rd and Schlong you are killing it as you sit at 2-0 and are beginning to wonder if you in fact will be hoisting the D4 trophy come week #11. If you are a QB on Eyes Downtown you are starting realize that you can in fact best a man defense and your team might be heading back to victory circle at seasons end. If you play for the Replacements you must be shaking your head. You have talent and you have a star that shines brighter than many but for some reason the planets are just not aligning in your favor. If you play for Mixxx you still aren't sure if you are a contender or pretender yet. However you must be happy that you are not on SITE as they are really bad right now.  If you are the reigning and defending TSL MVP of everything you must be wondering if you just handed your title over to a brother. Not your brother mind you but a brother none the less. And if you are the "CEO, CFO and innovator of the product that is" you must look into that gorgeous blue sky every Saturday morning and ask yourself this one simple question," After all these years is my time finally now?"


Life is full of questions but we don't always get our answers. Sometimes we get our answer and it is exactly what we thought it was. Other times we are shocked and surprised. In (8) more weeks (56) teams will have the answer to the only question that matters...."Am I good enough to add my name to the list of the immortals of this game now and forever?


And don't forget for the love of all that is decent and holy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday at 10am


Let's pick some games shall we......




PUBLIC ENEMY VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +3: This one should be good. This has the makings of a very decent rivalry. There are questions all over the place. Can TEIM cover Tommy Emerson Hughes? Can the TEIM QB stand tall against D1 cover guys? What exactly is the name again of that QB on Public Enemy? This one should be fun as let’s be honest these teams really don’t like each other much. I still am not sure if TEIM will be able to roll through D1 like they did D2. I see a lot of similarities here. TEIM has a Tommy Hughes in Dave Baker. TEIM has a Pauly J in Tiger. TEIM has a Boccio in stoner Dave. Here’s the problem. There is, was and will ever only be one Chris Cole. I don’t see where TEIM has a Chris Cole and that’s why I’m taking Public Enemy.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 4


XTC +6 VS NEW GODS:  #XTC is going to surprise people this season. I heard Dubey and Patterson made their triumphant returns last week. New Gods did not look good as Bad Ricky made his return. We all need to make sure Bad Ricky never comes back. If you are #XTC you want Bad Ricky to come back but I digress. NG have athletes all over the field but they will be facing a team that will be one step ahead of them most of the day (assuming Dubey and Patterson show up). Who wins this one the team with more talent or some of the best system players in this leagues history? NEW GODS BY 3


RACKS AND SACKS +3 VS MARKETING MAYORS: MM has been squeaking by but you can see this team is in trouble without Delecki. Yes they will beat the small fish but when the bright lights are shining on them prime time MM just won’t have the horses. Is RAS Prime Time or just part of the under card? We will find out this Saturday. RAS have talent all over the field but they need to know if they are ready to take the next step or not. This is the week they find out. The plan is simple stay away from Andy Smith and attack the other side. If RAS does this they could win if not they will be shaking their heads by days end.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 4


ANGRY BUFFALO +10 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: I have a feeling AB will be coming to play this week. I am hearing rumors ED might be a tad short handed this week. If AB is going to shock the world this could be the week. AB has looked good on offense and Nick Sooch has been as good as advertised. AB needs to circle the wagons and install Coach Jay Eastern European training methods. It worked for the brunettes it could for AB. ED have been rolling along and down some stars will be put to the test this week. This game will be closer than you think.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 4


ANGRY BUFFALO +6 VS RACKS AND SACKS: I will have a watchful eye on RAS this week. If they are to take the next step and become a D1 power house they must go 2-0 this week. If they don’t then questions will start to emerge. RAS is balanced and they have talent and they should carry against an opponent they should out score. I still am not sold on Radon on the intermediate routes yet. He needs to work on his touch on these passes. AB will score some points and I think they will be ready to play so RAS better not take them lightly this week. RACKS AND SACKS BY 3




NWO vs GRYFFINDOR +3: This game will be epic. It's going to be a war. In one corner is Brother Nero who is chomping at the bit as he wants his pub and he wants his brother's love. In the other corner is the TSL MVP of everything. He is the franchise player and won’t give his brother his love unless he earns it. These 2 teams will fight tooth and nail for all the marbles. NWO is loaded all over the field and boasts super solid girls who everyone keeps talking about. The Gryff is battle tested but could be on tilt after a last second loss last week that Joey Batts is still irked over. Life isn't easy for Joey Batts right now. No one really understands how much pressure he has to be carrying this whole friggin league on his back. Joey got hosed last week and now his own brother is coming for his title......his own brother. I mean how does Joey Batts do it? Gryffindor by 21


THE REPLACEMENTS +6 VS DMX TR are in trouble right now. Most of their issues are self-inflicted. OK grab a pencil TR its time to go to school. You have Doug and you have Burr. There are 2 sides of the field. Put Doug on one side and put Burr on the other. Put everyone else in the middle. When you get in trouble and you must get yards look left and look right. I am telling you with 100% certainty every single friggin play one of those 2 guys will be open. Mix in a few over the middle every now and again and you will be shocked by days end when you have scored like 30-34 points. Spread Burr and Doug out and give them grass to run and you will get yards and you will get gains. You will need those 30-34 points because whether you know this or not you are heading into a track meet this week with an offense that can score in bunches.  DMX BY 3


HOOTIE AND THE BRO FISH VS THE PURGE +7:Here we go again. Bro has looked awesome to date. HATBF continue to impress. I keep hearing about a certain young lady who continues to shock and awe this division. TP usually has a huge girl edge but I am not so sure anymore. TP first off will need their team to show assuming that happens they will need to make some plays. HATBF have been scoring at will and playing tough defense. Seketurski is so hot and cold you just never know which QB will be showing up. HATBF have been very consistent and that is the reason I think they take this one. TP needs to show more before we get back on their side. Right now they are a rudderless ship just floating away at sea.  HATBF BY 6





50-1 MORNING WOOD +7 VS MIXXX:  The chance was there. If MW won last week we would have kicked them to like 38-1 but noooooo Bullett Club sacked them like a lunch. Mixxx comes to town next. Mixxx is an interesting squad. JZ is an evil genius that nobody ever gives any credit to. I mean he has MIxxx at 1-1 while SITE is 0-2. Which team would you rather be on right now? MW needs to stop reading GF articles and get on that field and make some plays. There is an old saying in this world “actions speak louder than words.” God Speed Morning Wood.    MIXXX BY 6


BULLETT CLUB VS COBBLESTONE +3: This is one of the best rivalries in the game today. I love when CS beats BC and Joe K goes all bonkers cus he hates the super star Darryl Trots to the field on purpose that only seems to play against BC. The Club is revamped and should be in D2 with team PEDS I mean Team Topper. BC should carry in this one as Cobblestone is struggling right now. Obviously 100% of the blame for the Cobblestone woes lay squarely on every single solitary player not named Darryl Carr QB Super Star. Come on CS lets go you are hurting me and more importantly Darryl right now. LFG!!!    BULLET CLUB BY 4


CINTAS +4 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: I read an article recently that Mark Ingram just got banned for 4 games for PEDS. I wonder if any Team Topper people read that article as well. Cintas and Team Topper are both 2-0 but they have yet to be truly tested. They both will be tested this week at 11:00 on Field #2. Topper is rolling and throwing farther and faster and crisper than he ever has. It’s true what they say steroids do work. Cintas continue to impress on both sides of the ball. I hear they have some girls that could hurt them. The Topper triangle of female starlets should come up big this week as they have a huge girl edge. I also wonder if anyone on Cintas can run with Drew (booo)? I also wonder if Drew (booo) is still super depressed from getting crushed last week in his girl game. As you know Drew (booo) can get very very moody. If regular Drew shows up Team Toper carries but if Moody Drew (booo) shows up an upset is possible. 1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 4


SLYTHERIN IN THE END ZONE +78 VS STICKY BANDITS: A slump buster is coming to town just in the nick of time for the Sticky Nation. Sticky is better than this what the heck is going on? When the season started I had Sticky in the top 4 of D3 now I am not so sure. They aren’t scoring a ton they are playing bad defense and they just seem to be off a click. SITE is a hot mess. If you listen you can hear it…..can you hear? SITE …..SIIIIITTTTTEEEEEE.  It’s you good friend D4 please join us where you belong. Sticky better win this one or I am just throwing my hands up and losing all hope.  STICKY BANDITS BY 8


A&A +3 VS PUCKETT ALL STARS: Ok I don’t get it what’s wrong with A&A? Know what I think it’s time to unleash the beast. I request nay demand on the 1st play  that Matty Ice put everybody on one side and Casey Oliphant on the other side. I then request nay demand that girl just runs a fly and Matty Ice just heaves that shit at her as far as he can throw. It’s time for A&A to get up off the mat. Deontre you are a great athlete and all but there is only one Matty Ice. Leaders lead and followers follow. If you follow Matty Ice he will take you to the promise land…if you let him. Now that I think about it, I so miss Coach Van and his pictures I wonder how that silly bastard is doing right now. A&A B



Uncle Rico's Time Travelers +4 vs Indecent Exposure: IE looked rock solid in two big wins last week. Their offense was solid and their defense was stout. Could IE be the “next big thing in D4?” URTT lost to the Keller Nation but showed well last week when they crushed Brew Crew. They are known for their offense so this will be a big test for IE. I have always said that IE is a very balanced squad. I wonder if they finally will take the next step this season. We will know by days end what this team is made of. Indecent Exposure by 4


BREW CREW +8 VS BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS: BSS changed their name but they didn’t help them much last week. Their offense forgot to show up last week and that is not good. The only good news this week is Brew Crew comes to town and they aren’t so good. BS does not have a very good defense. For a team that is struggling on offense this is music to their ears. BSS gets up off the mat this week and gets back in the race.  BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS BY 6


3RD AND SCHLONG VS FULL THROTTLE +8:  FT struggled last week as they got goose egged. The news goes from bad to worse as the Keller Nation quickly approaches. 3AS is on fire right now. They are scoring at will and they are just playing solid football. 3AS is a solid team top to bottom. Their QB makes throws, their defense is tough and their girls can flat out make plays. FT could be in store for another long week on both sides of the ball. 3RD AND SCHLONG BY 7


HK4 VS AXA +8: HK4 showed up last week and looked very impressive on both O and D. AXA has not looked good so far. Apparently from what we are told Cody is making plays but his wr’s can’t catch a cold. HK4 is one of the better teams in this division so it could be a long day for AXA.  HK4 BY 13 





VANDALAY INDUSTRIES +1 VS HOPE N RUIN: VI shocked the world last week. They looked awesome as they scored at will. Scinta and or the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter could easily be your D5 MVP right now. They went bombs away on a slow Hung Buffalo secondary. Can they do it again? HNR is usually pretty tough on defense. VI better be careful. VI is lucky as HNR isn’t overly fast but they are very solid. I think the magical ride for VI comes crashing back to earth this week. Topper has notoriously struggled with HNR in the past. HOPE N RUIN BY 3


ALL WE DO IS QWINN +7 VS COME FROM BEHIND: CFB is in a different league right now that most of D5. CFB has looked solid on both sides of the ball and should continue to win big. This will be an interesting test. The reason it will be is AWDIQ is young and fast. CFB will struggle with young and fast teams as well they are older. AWDIQ are quick and will pose some problems. CFB will have a huge vet advantage, a girl advantage and a height advantage so they can use this to their advantage. I think this one could be closer than you would think.  I just noticed I said advantage 5x that’s a new record. COME FROM BEHIND BY 3


CUNNING STUNTS +10 VS THE BAMBS: The Drew era has not exactly gotten off to such a hot start. TB are a different team than in years past. Parrish could have big day as he is like ten feet tall and most CS defenders are like a lot shorter. Drew has to be sitting in his home right now stewing as he wanted more, he needed more, he expected more. If I was the Bambs I would split Nick and Parrish on opposite sides of the field. Drew can only cover one which leave the other wide open. Drew in theory has to go to Nick cus he’s the blazer which leaves ten foot Parrish on a shorter DB. Game, set, match Bambs. Drew must make throws this week or it will be a long day for CS. THE BAMBS BY 8


UFO +8 VS CUNNING STUNTS: UFO is struggling so CS has a shot in this one. I don’t see them matching up well vs the Bambs but they should match up well with UFO. It pains me to say this constantly but UFO IMO should have stayed in D6. UFO will have a chance this week as CS has talent but I am not sold on their QB yet. UFO can make some throws and make some gains. UFO should have simple plan extend their plays out laterally spreading out the CS zone. Once they find out where Drew is avoid him at all costs and go anywhere else but where he is. If they are smart and use this trick they will score points. CS have a ton of quick rabbits so they should throw easy 4-5 yard slants and let their girls run them out another r4-6 yards. Don’t go long Drew it won’t work. CUNNING STUNTS BY 4


HUNG BUFFALO +8 VS THE BAMBS: Hung Buffalo was crushed last week and I for one wonder if they come town on tilt hopping mad. TB are a very solid very balanced team. HB is good but they do not have speed. Nick of the Bambs can fly and he should have a field day with a slower secondary. VI went long ball last week against the Buff and got huge gains let’s see if TB plays copy cat and does the same. HB better fight the ship last week. If they take 2 big losses back to back things could go from bad to worse. THE BAMBS BY 6





COLLEGIATE BUILDERS +4 VS JABRONIES: Jabronies gave up 34 to a team that doesn't exactly light things up last week. The good news is Collegiate Builders well are up next. I am sure there will come a time when CS will turn things around and maybe someday they will become a D6 power house but that day is not today nor will it be tomorrow. I know Jabronies are new and will take time to catch up but this should be the week they do well and get a win. CS is a hot mess on both sides of the ball. Yes they are rock stars off the field but they need to work on the on the field stuff as well. JABRONIES BY 4


NICE TDS +8 VS TIGHT END ZONES: TEZ honestly doesn't look like much but they have showed very well the past few weeks. They aren't overly fast or overly skilled but they seem to be smart and play a very safe very methodical game that translates into success. NTDS had attendance issues last week and didn't exactly look overly impressive in week #1. I see TEZ once again coming to town and walking away with another W by games end.   TIGHT END ZONES BY 7


THE MCKENZIE AGENCY VS DARK KNIGHTS +3: TMA looked awesome last week and from what I was told Ferger threw better than he ever has before. TMA are all business. They don’t kill you with speed but they are a very solid football team. DK looked lost week #1 but came back to life last week. They have skill all over the field but they still need to learn how to use it properly. If this was a track meet DK would win but this is a football game where experience matters. I see DK being in the hunt by week #9 but I still think they need a few more weeks to “get it.”  THE MCKZENI AGENCY BY 3


CELINO SEWER RATS +7 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD:  What a difference a week makes. If this was last week I would have told you this game easily could be a D6 title game preview but that was then and this is now. TPS has held up their end of the bargain as they have looked impressive CSR looked great week #1 but looked bad week #2. If each team wants to know here they stand it this division this is the game that will tell them. The winner of this game IMO takes the #1 seed the rest of the way.  THE PRACTICE SQUAD BY 6






1. Is Angry Buffalo ready to break out? They played New Gods and Public Enemy tough. It usually takes a few weeks to settle in with the speed of the D1 game. I have a feeling their roster could look a tad different this week. This team could be ready to really compete this week.  There is a chance Eyes Down Town or Racks and Sacks gets shocked this week.


2. What's going on with A&A? They are like 0-2 and have not looked good to date. They have only scored 42 in 2 games and have let up a whopping 75 points. A surprising RPAS are up next and they are capable of the upset. A&A better right the ship and right it quick as we are not used to this perennial power house sitting near the basement of the division. 


3. How does one hand out a best Bernal award if we have no Bernal's at football? Seriously Bernal's it's time to circle the wagons and figure out what is going on here or we are so cancelling this show and moving on with another story line. 


4. Was last week a fluke or is Indecent Exposure for real? I mean they literally smacked around 2 solid teams last week. I would like to see how IE stacks up with a very solid and very balanced URTT this week before I say they could be D4 title material. Though Shredders and BSS are no slouches so this is one team we will keep our eyes on. 


5. Who wins the battle this week the young fast rabbits on AWDIQ or the older vets on CFB? I love this match up. These two teams should be a great match up. CFB should be able to just throw the ball up and AWDIQ should be running 5-7 yard slants all day long. This game could be a good one.


10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on is in D1 where WW3 is heading our way. It started one fateful summer night at the outside bar. Tommy Emerson Hughes, Bro and the Klecky guy were kicking back with a few cocktails then "IT" happened. A war of words ensued which caused a quiet rivalry. This spilled into the bar after week 1 as a certain QB and a certain red headed pass rusher had a war of words. Well Saturday the time for talk will be over. It will be put up or shut up time. Are TEIM the new kids on the block? Or will Public Enemy once again thwart another challenger like they have for years? Tight Ends in Motion vs Public Enemy could be starting a glorious rivalry in D1. Will the game match the hype? That my friends is the question.....


2. He took out Burr, then he climbed Mount Olympus and he vanquished the Dragon Battaglia. This week's challenge is just as difficult, Bro must now face off with the Queen Bee.  HATBF has to be the story in D2 as they continue to shock. The Purge are really good but they just can’t seem to get their people to the fields. TP usually also has a huge girl edge but they won’t this week as a very under rated starlet is starting to make her presence know. HATBF will know by days end if they are title town material or not. If TP comes to town with everyone with them this will be a game if not the Queen Bee will suffer the same fate as the heroes before her.


3. Awesome battle looming in D3 this week when long time foes Cobblestone and Bullet Club have at it. Usually Joe K goes bonkers cus Darryl trots out his cyborg TE sent from the future to dust up Bullett Club but this game might be different. Joe K has thought ahead and might have out flanked CS by stacking his roster in anticipation of the cyborg from the future. I feel bad for the clock operator in this game and hope and pray it isn't Tim Dove.


4. I love feel good stories in this game. Look no further than D6 and take a gander at The Practice Squad. They were terrible in season #1. They made a nice run in last session’s playoffs now they seem to have arrived and could be the D6 front runner. They have a huge game looming vs CSR who got shocked last week by Tight End Zones. The winner of this game could take the #1 seed come playoff time. 


5. I am very interested to see how the rabbits of Matty's Angels do this week with the slow and lumbering mudders of THE. This game should be your classic size vs speed show down. In one corner are the quick Angels who seem to be clicking now. In the other corner are THE who seem to be cruising right along. Both teams knows the other well so this game should be a good one. Can anyone stop Hitman Hearn in the middle? He will be needed this week big time.


6. Vandalay Industries shocked D5 and more importantly Hung Buffalo last week when they laid the smacketh downeth on them. The Scinta/Walter safety buddy connection continues to pay dividends. I was shocked to hear Topper went long ball on HB with his girls no less. I wonder if other teams will try this tactic against Hung Buffalo moving forward. 


7. OK we now have this confirmed the NWO/Gyrffindor game has a bet that is now confirmed. Here are the details.....The loser of said game be it Joseph or Anthony Battaglia will have to put on a wrestling singlet ala Curt Hawkins the 0-160 wrestler in WWE. Then we will grab Emily Curry and put her in a chair. After that said brother must serenade her with the back street boy’s song of her choice. This will all happen at a later date this season when 5 Star Productions make their triumphant return to the fields later this season.


8. We have Battle of the Un-Beatens at 11:00 am on field #2 as Cintas have at it with Uncle Topper and Co. Yes both are 2-0 and yes they have both looked good but let’s look a tad closer at the stats. Team Topper has beaten the 8th and 10th place teams in the division while Cintas have beaten the 6th and 10th place teams in the division. So yes they are both 2-0 but this could be the first week each has a legit threat heading their way. I suspect this will be the week Team Topper will try to use their girl edge to their advantage. I would think Team Topper will also have a speed edge in this one as well. Obviously Cintas has more star power and the better QB. I see this game being close but Team Topper might get a gender TD or two that could sway things in their favor. 


9. So I spoke with an associate of mine and he said to make sure a special shout out is made to 2 very special long time readers of this article. Cash Kitty and Poppy Kitty, after all this time, are finally on their way to their new home this week. God Speed Mr. Kitty may the odds forever be in your favor.  Also, thanks for reading.


10. If I had to pick winners in Breakfast Club. I would say Chef Curry with the shots 36 Taminators 24 Peanut Butter Kelly Time 28 Angry Tailors 20 Val's Pals 27 Poppin Molly's 15. 


If you want a sub please email the request to before Friday at 10AM.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.

Week 4 thoughts, picks, insights, and stuff

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Enter Week #4.


If you tuned in last week things started to get a tad interesting. Joey Batts beat his brother in a glorious bet game. PE down by 12 beat TEIM on the last play and all was right with the universe. Team Topper after drinking some weird magical “spirit drink” blew out Cintas in the 2nd half and are on a collision course with Bullet Club for the D2 title. Yeah I know I just said D2 title.  Angry Buffalo and the Replacements finally won a football game. Best of all young Diana Bernal made her magical debut and staked her claim to fame.


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out……………



NEW GODS VS RACKS AND SACKS +3: NG has been playing solid to date. If Good Ricky stays on point NG will be in the hunt the rest of the way. If Bad Ricky shows up anything is possible. NG goes about 4 deep so RAS will have to be careful this week. RAS have skill and should have the girl edge this week but will they be able to go guy for guy with NG? I am not convinced they can. RAS has beaten NG multiple times before so maybe they can pull this one off.  NEW GODS BY 7

TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS RACKS AND SACKS +1: TEIM impressed folks last week as they stayed with PE most of the day. They had blazing speed, played solid offense and their girls came to play. TEIM should have the edge at both the girl and guy positions but can Alex out duel Radon?  This one could be a back and forth roller coaster most of the day.  I expect a close one in this game. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 3

PUBLIC ENEMY +7 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: This is usually one of the better rivalries in the game today. It won’t be this week as PE is missing some key people. ED has been ho humming along and with a wounded PE coming to town should be able to carry rather easily in this one. I heard the PE back up QB isn’t half bad let’s see how he does. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 10

#XTC VS ANGRY BUFFALO+7: AB finally got a win that’s the good news. #XTC will be an enigma most of the season. We truly will never know who is coming to town each week and who will or won’t be in the lineup. If Dubey and Patterson show look out but both are getting older and both aren’t very reliable these days. If Hughes has to play QB they will be in trouble but if their stars show up anything is possible. The question is was and will be all season who shows up this week?  IF HUGHES PLAYS QB ANGRY BUFFALO BY 6 IF DUBEY DOES #XTC BY 6

#XTC +10 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: ED looks like the class of D1. They have speed and speed kills in this game. They also are battle tested and they check all the boxes. #XTC will give them a fight but I just don’t think #XTC has the horses to run with a team of this caliber. I expect ED to score a ton on the #XTC defense this week.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 8




NWO +7 VS HOOTIE AND THE BRO FISH: HATBF have it on cruise control. They beat Burr, they beat Joey Batts, they beat the Queen Bee next up is Brother Nero. Brother Nero is on tilt after his heart breaking loss to his brother I for one wonder if he will ever recover. HATBF are loaded and should run away with the division at this point. NWO got a girl injury last week and that could affect them this week. Brother Nero is on tilt and HATBF are on fire I just don’t see them being stopped this week or at all this session. HATBF BY 7




MIXXX VS COBBLESTONE +10: JZ told us all to “trust the process” and he was right. Mixxx is right in the thick of things in D3 while SITE is about to get a one way ticket to D4. Mixxx is just flat out playing well these days.  I hate to say it but the once mighty franchise known as Cobblestone might be better served in D4 as well. Obviously Darryl could probably play in D2 these days or on a low end D1 team but I am just not sold on his supporting cast. I look for Mixxx to win again this week against a team at a cross roads right now in D3. MIXXX BY 8

55-1 MORNING WOOD +8 VS PUCKETT ALL STARS: MW better pick their game up fast or they could be in trouble. Their season is on the line right here and right now. This is the game of the season for them.  If they win they hold out hope that they can somehow some way get back in the race. If they lose they go to 100-1 to one and you mine as well stick a fork in them as they will be done. RPAS are no slouch so MW better come ready to play.  PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 9

MORNING WOOD VS SLYTHEIN IN THE ENDZONE +11: What was SITE thinking? Why did they get rid of JZ? Did they have any clue that they were about to become the worst team in D3 history shortly after? Woe is SITE. They can’t score and they can’t stop anyone. Yet JZ is just ho humming along with Mixxx. MW probably comes to town and probably does what everyone else does they will score and score often. Maybe if SITE was nice they could ask JZ to come back as a consult and help them. Ever the classy guy I am sure JZ would oblige. SITE is trouble people it’s time to throw out the life rafts and shoot the flair guns. If they call will someone answer?  MORNING WOOD BY 10

A&A VS SLYTHERIN IN THE END ZONE +14: Oh my it will go from bad to worse. MW will beat SITE but A&A needs to make a statement to both D3 and themselves that they are back. A&A needs this game and they need it bad. Look for A&A to make it rain as they need a slump buster. A&A must get back on track and this is the game they do it. A&A will win a lot to a little. This is easily my lock of the week. A&A BY 17

COBBLESTONE +7 VS PUCKETT ALL STARS: The Icon is #upagainstit. But what is he to do? He easily is the best player in our league perhaps the best player of our generation but he can’t throw the ball to himself? I mean how does Darryl do it? If he gives 1000% but his supporting cast gives like -8.7% that means they can’t win. He is but one of 6. It just isn’t fair. CS might need a trip down to D4. Obviously Darryl should be in D1 but he can’t keep carrying all this baggage. It has to be hurting his back. The least his team could do is pick him up and win a  game for him this week. Easier said than done. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 1



UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS VS BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +8: URTT has been up and down this year. They are very solid and very balanced and they have won before. BSS are the prototypical .500 football team. One week they are good and one week they are bad. URTT should be your prototypical.750 team. Last time I checked .750 is better than .500 so I am taking Uncle Rico and the Godfather. URTT BY 7

HK4 VS SHREDDERS +8: What the heck is wrong with Shredder’s. They used to be at the top of the division but right ow they couldn’t stop a beach ball. Their D flat out is terrible and an offensive juggernaut is coming to town. I have a feeling it will be bombs away and the Shredders secondary will indeed get shredded again. HK4 should be in prime position to be in the top 2-3 teams t is division. HK4 BY 10

HK4 +1 VS NO PUNT INTENDED: This one is for all the marbles. These could be your two best teams in D4 right now. Both are awesome on O and D. Both can score and both have won big games before. This game should be an instant classic. HK4 knows they can win it all but does NPI think the same? If they want to know if they have what it takes to win the title this is the week they find out. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 3

NO PUNT INTENDED VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +7: OMG IE teased us so bad 2 weeks ago. They came to town and waxed 2 opponents then last week they got beat. I don’t know what to       think anymore. NPI is at the top of the mountain and should carry this game. NPI is good but so is IE. IE is a very balanced squad top to bottom so they should give NPI a game this week. NO PUINT INTENDED BY 6

3RD AND SCHLONG VS BREW CREW +11: The 3AS is just killing it right now. All is well on the western front. The team is cruising and no in fighting is occurring. Katie Keller really hasn’t fallen in love a lot lately and all is well. I still can’t wait for the glorious nuptials between Katie Keller and 40 yr plan guy it will be magical when she comes to her senses. BTW this is the stuff you talk about when the opponent is about to get smoked. 3RD AND SCHLONG BY 10

3RD AND SCHLONG VS AXA+10:    The 3AS is just killing it right now. All is well on the western front. The team is cruising and no in fighting is occurring. Katie Keller really hasn’t fallen in love a lot lately and all is well. I still can’t wait for the glorious nuptials between Katie Keller and 40 yr plan guy it will be magical when she comes to her senses BTW this is the stuff you talk about when the opponent is about to get smoked.     AXA….JUST KIDDING…3RD AND SCHLONG BY 10

FULL THROTTLE VS BREW CREW +1: Both squads are flat our struggling this has clunker bowl written all over it. FT can’t score and Brew Crew is just meh. The winner of this game has the faintest glimmer of hope for good things that lie ahead while the other is flat out shot. I wonder who will be who this week? FULL THROTTLE BY 3




VANDALAY INDUSTRIES VS PASSLESS CHAPS +8: The Chaps are 0-3 and the surprise of D5 is heading their way. No one expected VI to be 2-1 right now. No one expected the Scinta/Walter safety buddy connection to will this team to great victories. PC is in trouble this week they know it, I know it and everyone on VI knows it. Look for VI to score early and often as they get a very big win this week. VANDALAY INDUSTIRES BY 7

ALL WE DO IS QWINN VS HUNG BUFFAO +7: Hung Buffalo hasn’t exactly looked normal this session. VI took them to task as they went bombs away on them. This week the quick mini mites of AWDIQ are up next. AWDIQ beat CFB and they can win games in this division. HB is a slower more methodical club and I just don’t see them running and gunning with a younger much quicker team in AWDIQ.  ALL WE DO IS QWINN BY 8

MATTYS ANGELS VS UFO +11: UFO is struggling and things will go from bad to worse when one of the better offenses in D5 is heading their way. UFO will score early but I just don’t see them going player of player with the quick rabbits of the Angels. MA continue to improve and they continue to score points. I don’t see UFO beating any one in a track meet. MA should take this one rather easily.  MATTYS ANGELS BY 10

WITTERS +8 VS MATTYS ANGELS[L1] [L2] : You can’t win if you can’t score and right now Witter’s is struggling. 18 a game isn’t going to cut it but this team is new and still learning. Most teams take 2-3 seasons to really “get it.” The Angles are flying high and if they face a team that struggles to score they usually beat them by 10-14. I see that happening again this week. Witter’s will improve but this week might not be the best match up for them.  MATTYS ANGELS BY 11

THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS UFO +13: UFO is a hot mess these days.  UFO lost the D6 title to THE last session so they will be looking for payback. THE could be in trouble as their fearless leader Tommy Hughes is on sabbatical. Who will be playing QB? Could this affect the outcome of the game?  THE should run away with this one still.  THE BY 11



NICE TDS +7 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: TMA is on fire as they continue to impress especially on offense. NTDS are doing just fine these days and should provide great competition this week. After a while things just click for a team and I think things are just starting to click for TMA. Ferger gets it, the offense is doing well, the defense is good and they obviously have the best Bernal. NTDS is about to face an offensive juggernaut this week. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 8

NICE TDS +10 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: TPS looks like the D6 favorite these days as they are clicking on all cylinders right now. They are just crushing it on both O and D.  TPS easily has the best girl in D6 and their team is just starting to get it. NTDS are a solid squad but I just don’t see them running and gunning with D6’s best right now. THE PRACTICE SQUAD BY 13

DILYL DILLY +4 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: What must it be like to be in the shadows while your “sister” gets all the pub, all the notoriety and all the love? Yes it must not be a very happy place but that’s OK . I swear Brother Nero, Bro and now Diana Bernal need to form some form of sibling support group.  Young Diana Bernal came to the fields last week and put on a performance for the ages. Armed with M and M’s and Elmo and a universe squarely behind her Diana crashed the party and let it be known that she could in fact be sister #1 and Best Bernal come week #11. Obviously the McKenzie Agency followed her lead as they went on to crush Dark Knights. It’s funny Diana is 2-0 while TMA is like .500 if they are lucky without her…co-incidence?  THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 3

COLLEGIATE BUILDERS +13 VS DARK KNIGHTS: CB is about where you would think. DK has been up and down. They continue to learn this game each and every Saturday. Do they have skill YES, can they compete in this division YES will they tho…I still am not sure yet. They need all their horses at the fields and they need to slow the game down and take each play one at a time. Simple gains boys and girls. This is the week they will be able to practice a few things as there is no way in the heavens above that CB will hang with them this week. DARK KNIGHTS BY 14

HOMETECH +1 VS JABRONIES: Jabronies got a big win and that is good. Hometech is an up and down bunch. You truly never know what you are going to get. One thing is certain it just seems like Hometech is missing B’s Brother. Hometech just doesn’t have the same confidence or skill they used to have. This can only be attributed to the loss of Mr Brother. Jabronies are settling in just fine and should be able to find some holes in the HT defense. HT does not have an overly quick team so if Jabronies have anyone that can run they might be able to make some solid gains this week. JABRONIES BY 3

DILYL DILLY  VS CELINO SEWER RATS +4: Dilly Dilly is the best 2-0 you have never heard of. I still am not sure if they even play in our league. CSR have been a roller coaster. One week they look solid then the next week they look like junk. CSR is battle tested they have won in this league before but can they beat the ghosts knows as Dilly Dilly?  I honestly have no clue. I mean which CSR shows up the good one or the bad one?    DILLY DILLY BY 3


5 Questions for Saturday

1. Why isn’t anyone talking about Dilly Dilly? They are 2-0. They have played awesome defense to date. Dilly Dilly will get their first big true test this week with the Mckenzie Agency. If Dilly Dilly pulls the upset will people finally start talking about them?

2. Have we lost Brother Nero or will he find a way to save NWO’s season? Brother Nero took last week’s heartbreaking loss to his brother very tough. Can he find a way to snap out of his slump or is NWO in trouble? HATBF comes to town this week and will look to make a statement against a wounded NWO.

3. So I have to know… after calling his shot and bringing back Public Enemy from down 6 with 22 seconds left to winning by 1 at the buzzer will Amy of TEIM ever forget Chris Cole’s name?  I didn’t think so either….

4. Can UFO pull the upset against a Tommy Hughes less THE? The league office will be monitoring THE very closely this week to watch who is playing QB. It better not be Jeff Easton……

5. Does anyone need a bye week this week more than the Purge? Seriously there are those that thought they could run the table in D2 yet they sit at 0-3. I for one hope they figure things out quickly as things are starting to look very dire.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D4 where we have battle of the un-beatens. No Punt Intended has at it with HK4. I know 3rd and Schlong might have something to say about this but this could be a preview of the D4 title game. Both teams are solid on both sides of the ball. I expect a classic between 2 very evenly matched squads.

2. I have to say I was quite impressed last week with both the play of TEIM and their QB Alex. Alex gets grief sometimes from this writer and others for his arm strength but TEIM gave Public Enemy a war last week. People can say what they want about mechanics and arm strength all    they want but Alex still is a very intelligent QB that scored 37 points on one of D1’s best teams last week. TEIM will fit in just fine in D1 if you ask me.

3. Racks and Sacks will be up against it this week. The will know without a shadow of any doubt whether they are contenders or pretenders by day’s end. They have 2 tough tests with both TEIM and New Gods. They have to at least split. If they don’t they could free fall into the bottom 1/3 of the division.

4. If the McKenzie Agency wants to know what they are made of they too will know by day’s end. 2 tough tests await in both Dilly Dilly and NICE TDS. TMA has been scoring at will and will face tough defenses this week.

5. If I was Morning Wood this is the week I would have circled on my calendar. If they are to get back into the D3 title chase they must go 2-0 this week. They should beat SITE as let’s be honest everyone beats SITE but RPAS will be a tough test for them. RPAS vs MW will be a good game. The winner will vault up the ranks while the other probably struggles the rest of the way.

6. Matty’s Angels, to some, were shocked last week when they got beat pretty good by THE. This week they have to very winnable games vs 1-2 Witter’s and 0-3 UFO. Matty’s Angels could be back on top if they hold serve in both games. MA will need to spread the field and get back to basics against 2 very beatable opponents.

7. 3rd and Schlong is 3-0 and could be 5-0 by days end if they hold serve in two very winnable games against both AXA and Brew Crew. 3AS has looked very solid on offense and has played very stingy defense letting up roughly 18ish a game. After this week the soft schedule will toughen up a tad as both HK4 and NPI are looming.

8. Kudos to Joe K to date on his podcast the past few weeks. Thrust into the driver’s seat for a few weeks Joe K has delivered as the TSL Podcast has been both entertaining and fun. It isn’t as easy as it looks people. You just can’t grab a microphone and produce a show out of no where. Go ask the other league that is trying to do it. It’s tougher than it looks and I for one commend Joe K and Co on their efforts. It isn’t easy entertaining the masses yet this league does it with such ease. Trust me it isn’t as easy as it looks. Incidentally if you want to be a guest just find Joe K or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will find a way to get you on a future show.

9. Who would win if Boccio played B’s Brother in a game of ping pong on the dark side of the moon?

10. If I had to pick breakfast club games I would say…Val’s Pals 29 Angry Tailors 27.  Chef Curry with the silly name 34 Poppin’ Molly’s 16. Peanut Butter Kelly Time 28 Taminator’s 23.

Week 2(really week 4 on the schedule) Thoughts, Picks and other Conspiracy Theories

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Week #1 has come and gone. Enter Week #2. What shall we do for an encore ? If you are Team Topper or HATBF or Joey Batts you are very happy. If you are Dark Knights or SITE or The Replacements you are very sad. Mother nature has finally arrived just in the nick of time. Good luck to all our players this week. 


And don't forget for the love of all that is decent and holy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday at 10am


Let's pick some games shall we......



ANGRY BUFFALO +7 VS PUBLIC ENEMY:  PE looked awful in week #1 but they were missing essentially their entire secondary. We found out Ryan Radke is really good. This is important as Delano is very good as well. AB gave New Gods a game but fell flat vs the Mayors. This game could be interesting. If I was PE I would rush a guy and dare AB to beat you with their girls. I also would man them up all day and force them to beat you to the ball. Nick Sooch is awesome and will keep his team in every game they play. I am hearing quiet grumbles one of the best female players in league history might be making her return this week.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 6

 #XTC +8 VS MARKETING MAYORS: MM did not look overly comfortable last week as they were missing one of their franchise players. This will cause havoc for them as you now can pick a side and attack it on defense. #XTC is a solid bunch with good players, good people and they have talent. What they don't have is a D1 QB. #XTC must find a QB. They tried Bartholomew Novak Cassius Igor Sheamus Michael Murray in the winter but that didn't work. If #XTC finds a QB they can win some games. The new mantra VS MM will simply be find Andy Smith then go the complete opposite way of Smith. Andy Smith should win D1 defensive MVP just because anyone smart just wont throw his way when there are better places to attack.   MARKETING MAYORS BY 7

EYES DOWNTOWN VS NEW GODS +3: New Gods burst onto the scene and shocked ED last season. They did it by being smart and manning ED which caused them fits. I'm still shocked more people don't do this. Bobby panics when he sees a man as he is a surgeon against a zone. There is no doubt in my mind and with an even more improved secondary that New Gods will man ED up. If they fluster them again then every team that doesn't man this team will be a dolt if you ask me. Bobby must understand that he is heading into a firestorm and be ready for it. You beat a man by spreading out the field laterally and using the width of the field to your advantage. This game should be a war but I cant help but think in a game like this that the team with the better QB wins late. I expect a close one here.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 1




NWO VS THE REPLACEMENTS +8: It just seems simple to me. If you have franchise player that is basically un-coverable just throw him the ball...right? Well tell the Replacements that. TR Jeremy Burr is really good throw him the damn ball. If you don't you will lose this week then the week after and the week after that. NWO is very good. They have some players and they have some very solid girls. NWO could be the D2 dark horse this session. Brother Nero has a chip on his shoulder. I expect a great game that is if TR quits being so damn stubborn and feeds Burr the damn ball. BTW I'm guessing in the next few weeks we will be talking more and more about the talented lady players on NWO.   NWO BY 10


HOOTIE AND THE BRO FISH VS GRYFFINDOR +3: HATBF took D2 by storm last week as they looked really good. This week the TSL MVP of everything shows up. This is a great test for HATBF. Gryffindor is solid everywhere and will pose a tough test. I am hearing HATBF have a very under rated girl that many will know about by seasons end. No I am not talking about Mary Poppins. If Bro wants to take his place amongst the immortals of this game and its rich history he must climb the mountain high and he must slay the Dragon Battagalia. It will not be easy but to be the best you must beat the best. When I see this match up I can't help but think of the brother battles on each side of the field. What must it be like to be held back by your brother? Poor Bro....Poor Brother Nero. This has to be the week both shine. It just has to....  HOOTIE AND THE BRO FISH BY 4



50-1 MORNING WOOD +4 VS BULLET CLUB: OK great you beat a team with 5 players Morning Wood well done. Test #2 shall be a bit more difficult. Bullett Club is a totally different beast. Their girls are flat out solid, their QB can sling and their supporting cast is very good. MW will need to bring it this week. Are they 50-1.? No ..no they are not but are they a threat to the D3 title? We will find out this week. Beating 5 players is one thing but if MW can walk out of town this week with a W they will start to get our attention. BULLET CLUB BY 6 

SLYTHERIN IN THE END ZONE +10 VS CINTAS: It has become painfully obvious to this writer that JZ was in fact the brains of this operation. When he left SITE was scuhhhhhhrewed. It was bad last week but what happens this week when the TSL's bad boy and MVP comes to town? SITE without JZ's leader ship and mental prowess will be out matched, out classed, out gunned and obviously out JZ'd. Joey Batts will smell blood in the water and should make quick work of this rudderless ship.  CINTAS BY 13 

COBBLESTONE FEATURING DARRYL CARR QB SUPERSTAR VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY +38: Here we go again it's Battle of the Immortals Round #17. These two teams know each other and know each other well. Team Topper got a big win last week but many people think their team is loaded and quiet grumbles are being made that all 1TTM players are now taking performing enhancing drugs and Topper is on 4 different types of steroids. Drew (boooo) is really good. Darryl Carr QB Superstar knows his foe well. His team always comes to play in Topper week but who is in charge of their roster? You cant show up with 1 girl. C'mon man!!!! CS must circle the wagons and make sure all 6 people show up this week. I just fear that all the performance enhancing drugs Team Topper is on will propel them to great things this session.  TT has a big girl edge this week lets see if they attack Cobblestone with it.   1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 7

A&A VS MIXXX +3: A&A took an early season L last week. They didn't score a ton and looked sorta flat. Mixxx was in the same boat as they struggled to score. In match ups like this you always look at the QB's first. One has Matty Ice and one does not so who should we go with? I keep hearing the same thing over and over. Tammy could be the early season favorite for most improved. I keep hearing girl catches everything thrown at her. Mixxx needs to simplify this week. When you struggle to score dumb down the play book and everything will slow down with it. A&A is a fast squad and the weather is nice so Mixxx better be ready to run this week. A&A BY 6 

STICKY BANDITS VS PUCKETT ALL STARS +8: RPAS did not get off to a great start last week but who can fault them they had to take on Batman. SB got the W last week but 17 points isn't going to cut it if you want a D3 title. SB played stout defense but they need to get into the low mid 20s each week if they want to get to the top of the D3 mountain. RPAS will take some time to gel as the game in D3 is way faster than it was in D4. RPAS have talent, a strong armed QB and decent girls. They just need time to develop. This will be a solid test for them this week as SB is as systematic and methodical as they come. SB does not make a ton of mistakes. If you want to beat SB you need to bring it. Can RPAS bring it? I think they can but I don't think they will until week 4 or 5. They need more time... STICKY BANDITS BY 7



BREW CREW +10 VS UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS: URTT had a terrible week #1. They got pummeled by Team Keller then rumors continue to swirl that Jonn Senn is the God Father. I can't believe I just talked about myself in the 3rd person like that. BC better be ready to go as I am fearing URTT will come to town hopping mad this week and would like nothing better than to show all of D4 that last week a fluke and that they are D4 title material.BC appears to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  URTT BY 9

SHREDDERS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +7: Shredders looked good last week as they beat Full Throttle. IE is a very balanced very methodical team that probably wont beat you long. Shredders can get torched long and deep over the middle so this team is a great match for them as IE will not go long or deep over the middle. They will try to stay conservative with simple 6-10 yd routes and get gains that way. I see Shredders opening things up a but and just having a little more than IE has and taking this late.  SHREDDERS BY 6

BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +1 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE: BSS is the old AARP they should match up well this week with a team that plays very similar to themselves. Each team is solid on both sides of the ball. Each team has decent QBs and decent role players. each team has solid girls. I expect a good old fashioned slobberknocker in this one. I am only taking IE because I never take AARP slash BSS. IE should win this one as they will make less mistakes than their opponents.  INDECENT EXPOSURE BY 3

BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +6 VS 3RD AND SCHLONG : OMG 3rd and Schlong laid the smacketh downeth on URTT last week. They were firing on all cylinders. Sr was dealing, Jr was solid, 40 yr plan guy looked a step quicker hell even Kevin Freakin Keller was making plays. It appears the fair maiden Katie Keller only fell in love like 7x last week so even she kept things professional. 3AS looked awesome and they should win again this week. BSS is up and down but they don't have the horses to go with Team Keller. The Keller Nation will once again rise above and dismantle any/all challengers they face. That is unless Katie Keller falls in love with someone on BSS and is all like "OMG don't beat them because I love so and so on BSS." If you love him run to him Katie Keller.  3RD AND SCHLONG BY 7

FULL THROTTLE +7 VS HK4:  HK4 is always in the mix in D4. FT looked pretty solid last week but they must shore up the D. You can't give up 31 and expect to win more than you lose. FT is a very good team so HK4 better be ready to go. I always  say the team with the bye never comes to town in their first game and looks good so HK4 better beware of the upset. FT will score some points but HK4 has a ton of horses on offense and should carry late. HK4 BY 3



CUNNING STUNTS VS MATTY'S ANGELS PICK EM: You would think this will be a fun game between two solid squads. I am not so sure. I think one player is sitting in a dark room plotting and planning. This man has been held back for years. He could be the best player in D3 hell he could even be a solid guy in D1. Yet he stays in D3 and stays quiet. He always deep down has wanted to lead a team.  Now is his chance. Don't let him fool you. He will tell you he is here for fun but he's here for a different reason. He wants the fame, glory and notoriety that comes with being a successful QB in this league. It's eating him up inside he knows it and I know it. I haven't seen such a burning desire to be loved in this league since a young Mike Boccio graced us with his presence many moons ago. And if that means he has to grab a gender team and throw them on his back in D5 that is exactly what he will do. Will Drew (booooooo) fulfill his destiny and satisfy his hunger to be the best or will the Angels have something to say about that ?  MATTY'S ANGELS BY 3

HOPE N RUIN VS WITTERS +7: Witter's did not look good in week #1 but newbs usually don't.  It takes 3-5 weeks to gel. You need to learn the rules and the players and the refs. Most show up and think they can just chuck and duck and its all good. Well it doesn't work that way. It takes time, it takes practice. In due time Witters will improve. HNR is a very solid football team that will show up each and every week. Witter's will improve week after week. I am not so sure they are ready for this test.....yet.  HOPE N RUIN BY 6

COME FROM BEHIND VS THE BAMBS +1: I was all over the Bambs this season and all in but then I heard something startling. They aren't your same old Bambs. C'mon guys if this league can forgive B's Brother than you guys can forgive and forget. CFB is a finely tuned machine. They are the excellence of execution. They should take TB to school this week. Both teams are quite balanced but this game is won and lost at QB....Let he without sin cast the first stone Bambs. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind Bambs. If you choose not to decide you still have made  a choice Bambs.   Come from Behind BY 3

PASSLESS CHAPS +11 VS THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE: THE is off to another solid session. PC however is not. PC needs to score more. Yes THE is famously slow and they can be exploited by speed teams but does PC have the speed or the know how to get behind a very forgiving secondary? I didn't think so either. THE will probably do what they normally do. They will complete like 50 passes for like an average of like 6 yards per and they will win by 10-14 points. THE BY 10

UFO +10 VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN: So it looks like AWDIQ are trying to be the 'bad boys of D5." I am sure Hung Buffalo will have something to say about that. UFO should not be in D5. I don't think they are ready. Yes UFO are a great bunch and yes it will pain this writer to have to sit through this season with them but I fear UFO will have a very long session. AWDIQ is very quick and very chippy. This game could get interesting. If AWDIQ tried to run a girl team last week I can't even imagine what they have planned this week. ALL WE DO IS QWINN BY 8

HUNG BUFFALO VS VANDALAY INDUSTRIES +13: Umm yeah well VI played last week. I liked the Walter/Scinta Safety Buddy Connection last week. VI will not win many games but oh will they have fun. HB will try to thug it up but VI is so much fun they will have no choice but to succumb to their charisma and love for this game. This game will be a route but it will be a fun route. I hope HB plays attention and sees how much fun VI has as HB need a reboot. They need to get back to having fun not trying to bring hell fire and brimstone with them each and every week. Maybe Pauly Scinta can bring them some cheese and show them the way.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 14



DARK KNIGHTS +4 VS NICE TDS: DK struggled in week #1. I do see talent. What I do not see is a team that understand this game yet. You must not get caught in 4th and 2 DK did this like 7x in 2 games last week. You need to get your girls the ball DK last week did not do this. Most importantly DK needs to throw out their playbook and their arm bands and simplify. Go run 6-9 yard routes and just go play pitch and catch. This team has no clue what they are looking at or what they are playing against until they do those plays on their wrists mean nothing. Go find a mismatch and exploit it. Stop the long ball crap and go get 6-9 yards. Until they do that they will lose more games than they win. NICE TDS BY 7

COLLEGIATE BUILDERS +8 VS DILLY DILLY: I have no clue who Dilly Dilly is. Even though I have no clue who Dilly Dilly is I am still going with them over Collegiate Builders. CB is struggling and a win would be so nice for their franchise but until I see steps forward I just can't go with them. That's why I am going with a team I have never ever seen before. DILLY DILLY BY 7

HOMETECH +6 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: Hometech won and that was good. This is season 3 of TPS. They did bad in season 1 took a huge step season 2 and I think they have arrived season 3. They have now learned the game and continue to get better and better week after week. TPSD will have a huge girl advantage this week and will be able to exploit it. HT is a decent team but lacks top shelpf speed. TPS has some burners so they should be able to take this one. I don't expect a blow out but I do see TPS taking this one. THE PRACTICE SQUAD 7

CELINO SEWER RATS VS TIGHT END ZONES +7: TEZ got a big week #1 win but they did not look fast or sharp at all. CSR looked to be in mid season form. They were all over Hometech last week and should be all over TEZ this week. CSR has some speed and should be able to exploit a very slow secondary. TEZ will not be able to run with CSR and this will be a big issue. I expect CSR to put at least 30 up this week. I am starting to think CSR is the D6 favorite right now. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 10

THE MCKEZNIE AGENCY VS JABRONIES +8: TMA is back and that's a good thing for the TSL. Brent's smile should return, Ferger's moon shine should return as TMA is easily one of our favorite teams in this league.  Jabronies didn't look to bad last week as they lost 36-28. They got the offensive side of it down they just need to get the defensive side under wraps. Ferger is a gun slinger so this one should be interesting. I always think the team with the week off is at a disadvantage but TMA are now seasoned vets as they know this game and know it well. They should carry. THE MCKENZIE AGNECY BY 8




1. Seriously what kind of coaching techniques is Coach Jay using with all these brunette girls? I keep hearing Coach Jay is using these top secret Eastern European coaching methods and any/all girls with brown hair are improving their football technique by leaps and bounds. Well proof is in the pudding as we will finally get to answer the simplest of questions Saturday who is better the blonde or the brunette? I mean yeah you could have a charity football game and stuff orrrrrrrrrr you could just have Emily fight Shari in a steel cage and answer the same darn question. I obviously am not one to talk so you didn't hear that from me :)

2.  So who will win this week Bobby or the man defense? Bobby is up against it as he will be put to the test early and often by New Gods as they will force him to beat them.  Eyes Down Town for the first time in a while will be feeling some pressure this week. 

3. Does Slytherin in the End Zone fatally regret getting rid of the brains of the operation when they fired JZ? It sure looks like they could use him right now. 

4. Could a passing of the torch be happening this week at 2:00 on field #1 when HATBF face Gryffidnor? Is Joey Batts going to hand his title to Bro? Not without a fight if you ask me. You must thinking the same thing I am.....brother tag team Texas tornado match. Bro and Brother Nero vs Joey Batts and the Klecky Guy. This game could be alot of fun to watch this week. 

5. Will The Replacements quit fooling around and just throw Burr the damn ball? I mean seriously if you have a Ferrari in the garage you don't throw a cover over it you take that shit out and you drive it. C'mon TR get with the program and get Burr the damn ball. 



10 final thoughts before game day

1. The game I have my eye on is in D5 at 10 AM when we have our female battle for all the marbles. In one corner we have Matty's Angel's former D6 champs that have been together for a while now. In the other corner we have Cunning Stunts who are anchored by...Drew (boooo). Wait who? Yes Drew (booo) from Team Topper. I have heard he is meh at QB but killing it on defense. This game should be awesome as each team is evenly matched. MA has a better QB but CS has a better defense. This game could go either way.  

2.  We could be looking at a preview of the D5 title game this week when Come From Behind and The Bambs have at it. TB were awesome last week but they did dismantle a very bad team In Vandalay Industries. CFB beat a very bad UFO team. Its definitely test time as the winner of this one easily could get the #1 seed in this division. Each squad is as balanced as they come.  

3. Morning Wood was hopping mad at this writer last week as we had them at 50-1 to take D3. Last week was an easy test but this week the real test comes. MW must face Bullett Club. If MW wants to know what they are made of this is the week they will find out.  

4. Now that teams keep heading to D5 could this finally be the time once again for Celino Sewer Rats in D6? They looked very solid in a big week #1 win VS Hometech. This week they have a very winnable game vs Tight End Zones. D6 looks to be up for grabs as like 3 different teams could lay claim to the title. 

5.  I am dying to know who is playing QB for #XTC. If ever there was a team in dire need of a gunslinger it's these guys. The Rolando Ceasar Enrique Michael Murray experiment failed now its time for Plan B.  

6. I will have a keen eye on 3rd and Schlong this week to make sure week #1 was not a fluke.They looked very solid last week against a tough URTT. This week they get a battle tested BSS. If 3rd and Schlong is to take the next step they must win this game this week. You have to beat the teams you are supposed to. 

7. I love rivalry week and is there no bigger rivalry than Team Topper against the Icon Darryl Carr QB Super Star. This game should be awesome. Both squads are loaded on each side of the ball. One has a fantastic QB the other has Topper. I am very curious to see how Drew (booo) does this week as I am beginning to think he might be your D3 MVP.  Kudos to Team Topper for seeing we have no "official" performance enhancing drug policy in this league so they decided to take full advantage of this "loop hole. " 

8.  If Indecent Exposure wants to know if they are contender or pretender this session in D4 they will know by days end as they have two stiff tests in both Shredder's and Buffalo Solar Solutions. Both squads have seasoned vets and each will be a tough test. IE will not have an easy week this Saturday but they will know what they are made of by days end. 

9.  For those of you counting at home, this will be week #2 of B's Brother return and to date he still has no job. He assured us he would be in the program and have a job in 2-3 weeks of his podcast. If B's Brother does not have a job in hand by May 18th we will once again suspend him with no chance at appeal. C'mon B's Brother lets go clock is ticking. 

10.  If I had to pick winners in Breakfast Club. I would say Val's Pals 31 Taminators 23. Chef Curry and the shots 34 Peanut Butter Kelley Time 27. Angry Tailors 21 Poppin Molly's 13.


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CYA Saturday......



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