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As Week 3 wraps up I think we are all asking ourselves the same questions… How is it still this hot? And why didn’t I apply and, more importantly, reapply the sunscreen?!? I know I was wondering how I could be that sweaty and learning that I could sweat in places I didn’t think possible. I don’t know about everyone else, I could be alone in this, but I am ready for the fall weather. The crisp fall air, a slight breeze, and softer, less concrete, ground while we all play football is what I am looking forward to. I know it's early but looking ahead to next week it looks like another hot one is in the forecast, 84 degrees and Sunny. I will not forget the sunscreen and extra water next week that’s for sure! Now that I wasted entirely too much time ranting about all things not football let’s get into the good stuff, Shall we…


Breakfast Club:

Amber Alert vs. Special Kay’s, 41-8. Story of Breakfast club this fall, Amber’s Team is stacked. Dave Baker throws a great no-look pass to Taylor Pagano on the sideline is just one highlight from this one-sided game. I would be surprised if they didn’t end up taking the title this fall.


Division 1:

Passed Our Prime Vs. Scared Hitless33–44. Watching Hogan throw what felt like 4 picks in the first 5 mins of the game doesn’t fully capture what happened here. POP had many bright spots in their play even though they couldn’t capture the Win. Ralph Finney was showing off his skills, per usual, with a pick or two himself and Brandy Clarke was added to their already phenomenal girl line up. Before you go and complain, yes, she was added before the deadline. She made a great debut for the team with a couple great catches too.

Gray Hair vs. Eyes Downtown, 23-48. Bobby McConnell was showing his experience in this, finding, and exploiting the weak spot on GH’s defense. Nick Angelo was getting open for him on offense making it hard for GH to cover. Dave Eickoff threw a couple interceptions which won’t get the job done in D1.


Division 2:

Frodo vs. Untouchaballs24-22. The match up I was waiting to see, the D3 championship rematch. Frodo had something to prove, to prove they are the team to beat in D2, and they did it all without arguably their best player, Sean Weisansal. This was a team effort for FS as everyone played their role to keep get the win.

Freeballers vs. DILFS, 39-20. DILF’s were short handed, having all three girls play for them the entire game. Jessie Kieta came up big on defense for Freeballers sacking Travis Clevenger to prevent scores before half. Eric Stegmeier couldn’t cover Derew Pew and George Lombardo, as they both made plays on him that would lead to TD’s.


Division 3:

Bullet Club vs. Practice Squad35-17. Looks like BC has finally figured it out, adding new, better players and going down a division will help you win. All jokes aside Jeff Easton played Lights out in this game finding Jess McAndrews open multiple times in the middle of the field. John Langley was also showing off his receiving ability catching a tuddy or two and the new addition of Nick Bauer and Nick Buczek is paying off for the squad both contributing on both sides of the ball. Looking forward to them winning the Division and moving up to the Division they were in for so many sessions and couldn’t figure out. Maybe with this new squad the story will be different for them in D2, only time will tell, and whatever the football gods have in store for them…


Division 4:

Buffalo Vice vs. Puckett All-Stars,34-38. New Jerseys for BV is the biggest story here. Damn They look good in Pink!! Too bad the Jerseys didn’t give them the spark they needed to pull out the win.

Cobblestone vs. Cunning Stunts, 24-42. Cobblestone couldn’t figure it out against the all-girls squad. Like most co-ed teams who play a girls’ team for the first time they started out thinking that it would be an easy win and figuring out that it was actually very hard to beat a team who has a squad of people with great hands and a system that is designed to win. Is this the year the girls will win the division or will Joey Batts choke in the playoffs to have them lose, again???


Division 5:

TMA vs. Today’s Feast, 27-14. TMA is looking like a well-oiled machine while TF looks like they are still figuring it out. TF had a case of the drops in this game, multiple receivers had a hard time holding on to the ball. TMA’s Qb was continually finding theirs, Val Testa not there, no problem, he will hit Diana Bernal for huge catches and multiple yards. Ron Webber also a staple for the squad, so consistent in his catches, such an asset for his team.


Division 6:

Two Tuddies vs. Superior Moser Squad, 28-33. Two Tuddies Quarterback has an arm and he showed it off in this game. Going deep to his receiver’s multiple times, even hitting them a couple times for touchdowns.

Lenny’s Ladies vs. Not So Sticky, 16-50.  NSS had a new Qb throwing for the squad as Christine Krol was missing this week, and Rags was missing too. Jeff Krol took on this Role and nailed it. Watch out Rags and Christine, Jeff is coming for the starting role as he dominated against Lenny’s Ladies in this match.


One thing I noticed about this session is attendance issues with all teams. I know it's hard in the fall as everyone has other obligations, vacations, family things, birthdays, stags, bachelorettes, Bills games, trying to fit it all in before summer ends and it doesn’t go unnoticed. You are all missed at the fields, except Sean and Joey, and I can’t wait until you return to talk to more people and to see more people playing football! So, let’s encourage our friends to come play and stay and hang out at the bar! Let’s get B’s brother back out here. And I would love to see Ferger out at the fields once this year. Then football will feel like football again!

Until next time, I’ll be watching…

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