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Created: Tuesday, 16 May 2023 16:32
Published: Tuesday, 16 May 2023 16:32
Written by Jeff Krol
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Can anyone believe we are already through four weeks of the season? I certainly can’t! Week four brought us a lot of sun, little wind, and great vibes all around. The usual suspects were out there gracing the fields and the bar at the rose garden, and even Topper made his return! No, not to throw the football with his weird throwing motion, but it was good to see the old guy back and hanging out with all his good pals. Enough of that let’s take a look at the action!


Breakfast Club:

VaJennas 14, Komosexuals 9

What a barnburner to start the day! Komosexuals were missing Garrett Beesing, which may explain the 9 point output. VaJennas made great use of their girls, most notably sub Mackenzie. Although she jumped offsides which must be a league record 7 times, Komosexuals offense just couldn’t get going and their was a lack of chemistry. 



Sticky Bandits 34, Losing Streak 20

SB came into this game looking to make a statement against the only other undefeated team in D1, and they did. Sticky started off slow on offense, with a few incompletions followed by a punt on the first drive. Ralph Finney showed his all-pro defensive skill with a nice pick on the second drive. However, Sticky’s defense held the fort down until the offense could get going. Jordan Lawson had a very tough day, throwing picks to Adrian Cannon, Andrew Kicak and Kevin Zack, and being held to 8 first half points. Sticky held a late lead and as the clock ticked down, Mike Thomas threw a beauty of a TD to Dean Thompson to ice the game. 

Legends 43, TEIM 14

I would categorize this game as a case of a lot of missed opportunities for TEIM. Andy Smigera was back there delivering some beautiful passes, but drops were aplenty, as Eric Kleckler dropped one in the endzone, and revered nicest big guy in the league Derek Bongiovanni dropped a beautiful out-and-up down the sideline. Joey Batts was in complete control, methodically moving his team down the field. The Legends just flat out dominated, not a ton to say. They look ready to take another title. 



The Untouchaballs 22, Mavericks 18

Mavericks were short-handed, and Jordan Lawson was not his usual sharp self. I have a feeling the loss to Sticky in his D1 game really impacted him for this game. A lot of interceptions, but that will happen when you don’t have your usual cast of players. Mav’s were missing big Money Mike, so from a vibes standpoint, you know that made a difference. Jeremy Burr did enough to get his team to win, but I come away wanting more. Not quite as dominant as expected. 

No Punt Intended 44, Practice Squad 30

The score shows a 2 score win for NPI, but the game was much closer. Both teams went back and forth down the field, seemingly scoring at will. Travis was dialed in at QB, as was B. With the game on the line, needing to go down and score, B threw a very uncharacteristic pick that was returned not far from the goal line, where Travis put the final nail in the coffin. B may be upset at himself, but this is further proof PS is a team to watch out for as the season gets closer to playoff time. 



Let’s get Reccked 24, Bullet Club 22

LGR came in looking to make a statement, and that they did. BC was shackled with their backup qb and a short-handed roster, and LGR took advantage. Alex Buchilis threw the ball well, and Dave Baker was all over the place on defense. Langley looked sluggish and frustrated throwing his second game in a row, and LGR played pretty deep, taking away Pistol Pete’s ability to get behind them. 



Travis Henry’s Kids 42, Creekers 24

Creekers came in to this game as heavy underdogs, and showed well for themselves. Missy brought in another QB (he has been on roster, but missed the first couple weeks) and he performed well. As the game went on, Creekers found some chemistry and the new QB made a huge difference. I can see them improving steadily as the season goes on. THK had “good Langley” this week, who was precise and accurate and the offense scored at will. Pistol Pete continues to be unguardable, and the ladies got into the action, with Katie Garey and Jenna Blachura both catching some awesome touchdowns! Langley hasn’t complained about being in D4 this session, I guess some wins finally shut him up.

Puckett All-Stars 46, Cunning Stunts 17

Puckett seems to be the runaway favorite in D4, and we can see why. Vince Tanerva has been incredible behind center, and he has some of the best athletes in the division. CS has some of the best ladies in the division but this was a amtchup nightmare. PAS plays man and it was tough for the ladies to get much opening for Joey Batts. Vince took the offense down the field time and time again, making for a blowout victory. 



ILF 34, TMA 7

The upset of the day! TMA has looked like the favorite to take D5 by storm, but it looks like their prototypical strong defense wasn’t ready for ILF! TMA struggled to get the ball in the endzone, while Andrew Kicak stepped up and delivered some strong passes to his team. Prim had to be furious after this performance (wherever he is), so I would expect a more focused TMA next week. 

Come From behind 34, Not So Sticky 23

Paul LoVullo was his usual unstoppable self as he repeatedly found his male receivers to carve out big play after big play.  Despite a nice early pick by Rags on defense, the normally stout Not So Sticky defense was not able to make enough plays to slow down a team that many consider to be the D5 favorites.  


Balls Deep 21, Southside 14

I guess Southside needed to get a loss out of the way, and they chose this week. Southside was missing some of their best players, and Tyler Cienmy missed some throws. Balls deep took advantage, attacking the weak point of Southside’s defense to move the ball down the field and put up just enough to top the early D6 favorite. Given the missing/injured players Saturday though, I don’t foresee any future issues for Southside. 



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Created: Tuesday, 09 May 2023 14:49
Published: Tuesday, 09 May 2023 14:49
Written by Jeff Krol
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Week 3 has come and gone, and the sun FINALLY graced the fields at the Rose Garden as the action kicked into high gear. The day was filled with a lot of competitive, high-scoring games with the adrenaline (and alcohol) flowing! By this point in the season, we start to see who the contenders are, who are the pretenders, and who needs some work down the line. Based on what we have seen so far, it looks like this may be the most competitive and tight TSL session yet. With all that, let’s get into the action!


Breakfast Club

Komosexuals 42, Liddle Dubs 38

No, the winning scores were not all 38 this week, but Komosexuals did better than that! Looks like Nina knows how to draft after a strong 2-0 start. Jeremy Streit was his usual consistent self, showing off his strong hands and play-making ability. The star of the day was Mackenzie though, as nobody could keep up with her. They tried changing defenders multiple times on her to no avail. Dave Baker was all over the field making plays, and we have to assume that he gave his all at 9am which impacted his play later in the day. 



TEIM 27, Frodo Swaggins 22

It hasn’t been the start to D1 Garrett hoped for with Frodo, but he has to be optimistic at how they have been coming along the last couple of weeks. TEIM is starting to gel a bit better with their new QB, Tall guy Derek is making plays out there, and it appears that Baker skipped this game to play his D3 game? Garrett played well, but made a big mistake that may have been the decider. I will be interested to see Frodo later this session, they seem to be improving. 

Losing Streak 39, Eyes Downtown 38

This was the game of the day, and it did not disappoint. Jordan Lawson was feeling disrespected in the rankings, and he proved himself right. Bobby McConnell appears to have cut Seth and replaced him with Jordan Neidig, which is not a bad move considering how good he is, but was a disappointment for the ladies because, well, it’s Seth we are talking about! Chris Nelson, Keyon, Ralph and John looked more dialed in than Lebron in the Bay Area, flying all over the field on both sides of the ball. Jordan Lawson claimed he had that cat in the bag from the coin toss. LS made the game-winning stop on ED two-point conversion attempt. 



Mavericks 41, Practice Squad 37

For all the questions surrounding whether or not B and his group of practice squad players could contend in D2, the answer is YES! If I am not mistaken, every game has been within one score so a stop here, or a score there could be the difference. Jordan Lawson is rocking with his D2 squad, and they are having fun. Jordan delivered the game-winning throw, pointed to the heavens and said “that’s my wife!” Anna Lawson is awesome and consistent, nobody has a better reach before being tagged than she does. 

Freeballers 50, Mavericks 41

It appears the Freeballers took a break from getting mad at each other enough to get a big win to get them back on track! Dylan was awesome, finding his open receivers all game and making plays. George Lombardo, Adrian Cannon and company were great. Freeballers have a couple of fast girls in Jesse and Talia, so good luck defending them. 



Itches and Ohs 22, Bullet Club 21

BC was a bit short-handed, with the guys running iron man, but they got off to a hot start scoring on their first couple of drives. Langley showed some rare speed catching a deep ball early (His ego didn’t need any more puffing). Itches was led by league villain Steve Moser, and teams still haven’t got the memo that he is absolutely going to throw to his girls 5 times a drive. The "best of the Mosers’" case was made by Rylee, who ended up catching the game-winner from midfield. 

Jabronies 41, Degeneration SeXy 28

Joe Miano looks happy again (getting away from Kicak will do that apparently) as he drove his team down the field time and time again. Bro kleckler continues to make his case as the superior Kleckler as he flashed on defense and offense, showing that Dad strength that he has. Degeneration SeXy (better known as the Keller clan) are still in search of a win, but they are competitive and you know Katie won’t let them down. 



BAADies 28, Creekers 21

We have a ladies team win! BAADies is so absolutely loaded with the lady talent that Garrett couldn’t mess up this time. Creekers is the new team on the block. They are looking to show off their skill, and their guys are intense and athletic. Garrett made the play of the day, snagging a one handed interception (he will be talking about that until the banquet, you can be assured of that) and ran endzone to endzone, only stopping once halfway through to take a puff of oxygen. Garrett claims he was perfectly sober, but I am not so sure of that. 

Cunning Stunts 35, Cobbletstone 26

Joey Batts was feeling the confidence after getting a Legends win earlier, and brought it right to his CS game. Joey B made use of the best girls in the league, leaving Cobblestone with their jaws on the floor as Renee, Brandy and Emily used feats of athleticism and skill that leaves anybody who knows them unsurprised, but those who don’t in awe. Taylor Pagano showed some sportsmanship for the first time in her life by getting the opponents ball for them. Daryl Carr Superstar didn’t seem to jive with his receivers until the second half. Perhaps if they clicked a bit sooner, they would have swept the stunts off the floor. 



Gucci 33, Goatsack! 27

Very close game here, with Gucci in control most of the game. QB Kelly Kane routinely delivered deep passes to her receivers and orders them to go get it. Chris Wolcott snagged a deep ball, without gloves, and immediately flexed on the field. Goatsack kept their spirits high and battled putting up 27 points and nearly coming away with their first win (which, to their credit, they DID get 60 minutes later).

Come from Behind 34, ILF 12

Paul Lovullo is a stud at QB, has better hair than Daryl, better arm than Mike Thomas, and the kindness of Steph. What a complete guy! CFB dropped 34 on ILF, taking mid-range shots to their tall guys and the ladies eating up chunks of yards on the outside. CFB made it look easy. Christina Nelson for ILF is becoming one of the best ladies out there, catching every wobbly pass from their very questionable QB. She was the lone saving grace for ILF. 



Southside 52, Blitzkrieg 6

Not a lot to say on this one, as Southside makes their case as the team to beat in D6 as many assumed this was a preview to the D6 championship. It was a tough go for Blitzkrieg with a lot of turnovers throughout the game. Tyler Cienmy found his girls all game, and put up a ton of points. The game got a little heated at the end with the teams needing to be separated, but by the sounds of it, cooler heads have prevailed and this should be a non-issue. Remember, we are all here to have fun, so let’s keep our heads and move on!

Two Tuddies 41, Balls Deep 14

It would appear by this point Two Tuddies has entered the upper echelon of D6 at this point, as they dismantled Balls Deep. Their QB is very good at finding the open receiver and his guys and girls make plays all over the field. Balls Deep is out there learning the ropes and having fun while doing it. They did earn a safety and had some incredible touchdowns, so keep an eye on them down the line!


That’s it for this week. The weather is warming up, the competition is going to kick into another gear, but most importantly, remember to have fun, hang out and meet some of the awesome people! Until next week, and remember, I will be watching!


Week 1 Review

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Created: Tuesday, 25 April 2023 16:31
Published: Tuesday, 25 April 2023 16:31
Written by Jeff Krol
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April is here and you know what that means - Teams hit the fields once again at the Rose Garden after a very long offseason! The weather cooperated in the morning but by the second round of games, it turned nasty. Credit to everyone who braved the elements and played through it, and a huge thank you to the refs who had to stand out there!
There were a lot of the usual suspects gracing the fields once again, but the exciting part is all the NEW faces I saw out there! This league is truly the best because of all the unique teams and players that come to faceoff in the most competitive co-ed football league in Western New York, and by the looks of it, it added even more competition to the mix. At first glance, this seems to be the most wide-open session yet. With that, let’s get to it!
Losing Steak 22, TEIM 8
Jordan Lawson is back and he looks razor focused on bringing home the ultimate championship for his resume. He arguably assembled the best group of guys, and added to his female talent as well, bringing in Crystal Carlson and bringing Robin Makula back. The game was a bit sloppy, as most were with all the rain and wind, but a strong statement week one. TEIM has
the talent, but looks like they need a bit more time with a new QB to get things going. 
Eyes Downtown 27, Grey Hair 20
The Drill Sergeant Bobby McConnell had his team ready to go, which comes as no surprise. I am sure they had a lot of practices in in preparation for their run to a championship. Blase was rushing, which has become his role, but it didn’t seem to make too big of an impact. Ben Stack had a great touchdown after Bobby unleashed a deep ball right into the back of the endzone. Ben seemed a bit upset even though they were winning the entire game. To make things more fun, we even had a little QB-on-QB fun as Dave Eickhoff was rushing Bobby!
Division 2:
The Untouchaballs 21, Freeballers 15
Sacks galore in this one, as both quarterbacks got sacked on multiple occasions. Jeremy Burr got picked off a couple of times at the hands of Adrian Cannon and George Lombardo, which inevitably left Burr enraged and yelling. Derek Pew tried to buck the wind and throw deep quite a few times, and was unsuccessful each time. Star of the game here was Helm, who had the game-sealing interception. 
No Punt Intended 27, Mavericks 26
Mavericks dominated the start of this game with a fierce pass rush and fantastic play by their safeties to force multiple turnovers from Travis and build a 26-0 lead.  With 17 minutes left, Amber Hay rallied the troops (screaming that she doesn't want to play with quitters is how you rally the troops, right?) and then NPI mounted a comeback for the ages.  Despite blasting rain and wind, the girls of No Punt Intended scored three touchdowns after that to tie the game with 9 seconds left.  A successful extra point attempt completed the comeback and gave them the win to shock the Mavericks.
Division 3:
Bullet Club 38, Wanderers 34
Welcome to TSL, Wanderers! I would say they showed they can compete over here, and took Bullet Club to the wire. Frank Laudico was strategic, precise, and ran his offense the way he knows how. Nothing flashy, but he got his receivers open and they made plays. Big guy Sal is a machine. He is fast and strong and made his impact known. Sal vs Pete will be fun to watch when these teams meet again! Jeff Easton played well, but the play of the day had to be when he threw an interception to Tiffany Konstabel who was rushing! Steph Czaja had the game-winning touchdown when Frank smartly had his team let her walk in the endzone to preserve time. This game ended in what can only be described as chaos! From midfield, the Wanderers lined up and took their shot. The only problem was they had nobody lined on the right side, so an incredible diving touchdown by Sal was nullified by the illegal formation. I would say the Wanderers showed they belong. 
Let’s get Reccked 28, Jabronies 7 
Let’s Get Reccked has built on the team and made the jump to D3. They seemingly left the girls for Jabronies wide open over the middle all game, and Joe Miano took advantage. Even so, he only scored once. It would seem, to nobodies surprise, Dave Baker was the difference-maker. Alex Buchlis showed off his connection with Baker on his classic 15 yard outs. It seems like fine wine, Daddy Dave gets better with age. Word on the street is Eric Kleckler is already thinking about how to build his next team. 
Division 4:
Buffalo Vice 38, BAADies 33
Garrett has put together his own ladies team, and they are LOADED with talent. They had so many show up, but by all accounts, they had a ton of fun and were right in this game. Garrett threw some deep balls, some were successful while others were not. Did you think some wind was going to stop Gary Swag from trying it? When this team gets some more chemistry, look out!
Travis Henry’s Kids 39, Cobblestone 13
In typical Cobblestone fashion, Daryl only had just enough to play the game. Daryl managed to get Cobblestone off to a strong start, scoring on the first drive, but it was all THK from there. While Langley played well, we are not going to let him off the hook that easily as he threw a Pick-1 to Warren while trying to no-look a pass, and was picked off by Daryl on the last play of the game. Pete Walbrandt is still Pete Walbrandt, so we know how that went. Alex Corbelli showed great range defending a ton of passes and getting a pick. The ladies for THK all had a bunch of catches too. 
Division 5:
ILF20, Tater Tots 13
ILF is running Andy Kicak out at QB, which is an interesting choice all things considered. Kicak looked overwhelmed back there, and seemed to throw the ball at the ground more than he did his own players. Drunk Meg is back in action and notched two picks. Christina Nelson made the game-saving play on the goal line when she managed to intercept Derek. Tall guy from the Tots seems to be their best player, and would do anything to make plays. Alex Baker dominated on offense, wore no gloves, and the rumor is he is going to get a tattoo that will read “There is a new Daddy Baker in this league.” Wonder how the original Daddy baker will feel about that!
NSS 18, Long Balls 7
Not So Sticky is back after taking the D6 title last fall. Jeff Krol stepped up and had not one, but TWO interceptions! The terrible weather unsurprisingly made the offense look terrible, leading to this low scoring game. Buddy Lee looked to be Long Balls’ best receiver, but their inability to get the females involved really stalled things on offense for them. Bryan Gillespie made his TSL debut and capped it off with an interception. 
Division 6:
Southside 30, Two Tuddies 20
Southside is back after taking a session off, and Tyler Ciemny looks ready to lead his team to a title. Southside has girls with sure hands that catch just about everything Tyler throws to them. Two Tuddies talented and handsome tall guy Chris Wolcott who refuses to wear gloves had an unusually quiet game. Southside was in cruise control the whole game, leading by at least ten for much of the game even though they had no subs. 
Southside 43, Back That Pass Up 12
Back That Pass Up is a new team started by Alex Dutkiewicz of Passing While Intoxicated fame, and they had a rough start to their first game without QB Jeff May available.  Lots of inexperience here so far, but that's to be expected by a new team, and Southside was exactly the wrong opponent for them to make their debut against.  Tyler Ciemny picked them apart and their girls were dominant again (we should really find out more about these Southside girls, since everyone is talking about them).  Back That Pass Up has great uniforms though, and looking good is what it's all about!
That’s it for this week! Let’s hope the weather cooperates a little better next week. Remember, I will be watching so make some plays to stand out and get talked about!

Week 2 Review

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Created: Tuesday, 02 May 2023 16:17
Published: Tuesday, 02 May 2023 16:17
Written by Jeff Krol
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Week 2 is already in the books, and the TSL universe managed to dodge the rain for most of the day. Breakfast club seemed to be the only slot of games to have to deal with it, while the rest of the day turned out to be quite pleasant. The fields were filled with action-packed games all day. A lot of cheering, yelling, and touchdowns were scored, so let's get into the action!
Breakfast club
Komosexuals 38, Ash Slinging Slashers 32
What a start to the day with this matchup going right down to the wire! Langley was throwing for Ash Slinging Slashers, and got down early but bounced back in the second half and utilized his girls well. Garrett struggled a bit to make some completions late, but his patented trick plays worked in the end as Brian O shifted to throw the final hail mary, and the ball got batted up into Andrew Kicak’s hands. If you are surprised that he actually caught it, you’re not alone!
Losing Streak 48, Scared Hitless 12
Another week, another Losing Streak win. Jordan Lawson looks dialed in and his weapons did not disappoint. The name many don’t know, but will soon enough is Kye. SH was not able to stop LS at all, and the score shows it. Robin was phenomenal in coverage all day, and Crystal was getting after Dylan Day as the rusher. LS was able to hold SH to 12 points even without ace defender Ralph Finney, so that bodes well for their outlook.
Sticky Bandits 29, Legends 22
A tight matchup as expected, Joey Batts marched the Legends offense down the field time and time again, utilizing Heather and Taylor very well. Sean was dominant as always even while nursing a pretty solid hangover. Joey uncharacteristically threw a pick to lightning quick Kevin Zack and again on the goal line to Andy Kicak (again, we are all surprised he actually held on to the ball, to make one of the TSL's best plays of the day). Adrian Cannon showed his speed, catching a deep post route from Mike Thomas, and the Sticky Bandits held firm on their last defensive stand to secure the win.
Mavericks 40, Freeballers 25
Mavericks is basically Losing Streaks’ AAA team, and they look like a force in D2. Big Money Mike was making spectacular plays all day, catching two very tough passes in the back corner of the endzone. Keep an eye out for this guy, he is also one of the funniest guys out there! Jordan was missing Ant Cordova, but it didn’t matter. Freeballers spent a lot of time frustrated and yelling at each other. Dylan Jaloza threw the ball well, but there seemed to be a lot of miscommunication on offense. Defensively, a lot of breakdowns which fueled even more frustration. A surprising result, considering they have George and Adrian out there. 
Untouchaballs 28, Practice Squad 23
The usually sure-handed Untouchaballs guys had a lot of drops out of the gate as Burr struggled early, but the team was locked in and looking in mid-season form already by the second half. Practice Squad's star girls Renee and Ashtin both made big plays offensively and defensively, but Mel (playing knight in shining armor by choosing her D2 team over her D1 team) was her usual fantastic self as she battled with Ashtin all game. Practice Squad had a few miscues with their play calling, but remember, this is a team that started slowly last season before winning it all in the playoffs.
Bullet Club 37, Vaspian 12
Vaspian made the move to D3 after adding Drew Colisimo, but he wasn’t there this week and it showed. A lot of turnovers by Vaspian set up BC with short field. BC was missing Pistol Pete and Langley, but that clearly didn’t matter. Jeff Easton is throwing the ball like he’s 25 again, can somebody get his secret to the fountain of youth? Joe K had a pick, so that tells you all you need to know on how things went for Vaspian. Don’t let Joe brag though, the ball went through the hands of a receiver and into his hands, so he didn’t have to work very hard for it. 
Jabronies 43, Can’t Touch this 28
No yelling from Eric Kleckler this week! Joe Miano was in complete command all game, making every throw needed to move the offense down the field. Word on the street is Bro Kleckler might even be a better receiver than he is a QB, and that is saying something! CTT got off to a very strong start, scoring on the first few drives but it dried up from there. Jabronies really locked it down in coverage. CTT has this short but very fast girl who seems to catch everything. She was all over the place. Jabronies are back, and look pretty good. 
Passing While Intoxicated 41, BAADies 36
BAADies got up early and looked like they were in cruise control, until they weren’t. Garrett has perhaps the best group of ladies assembled, he just needs to make the throws! Credit to Buddy Lee, Colorado Mike and their squad, they got a statement win in their first week against a very tough opponent! Maybe they were able to do this because Buddy only had 5 high noons before this game instead of the usual 10? He made some great throws and kept complete composure to lead his team to the big comeback win!
Buffalo Vice 48, Cunning Stunts 26
Buffalo Vice continues to look like a team poised to win a championship this session, as they stomped the Stunts for a three score win. #4 on Vice is a phenomenal athlete who higher divisions will be attempting to poach soon, and they had one 7'5" athlete (may be exaggerating a bit) who towered over Joey and the girls for a red zone jump ball. The Stunts are still debatably the best collection of female talent in the League, but they had some uncharacteristic drops and only scored three times.
Long Balls 35, Goatsack! 28
Buddy Lee stepped in at QB for Long Balls, and clearly doesn’t have arm issues throwing 3 times in one day (although he was heckled by his own team at one point for throwing a pick). Goatsack moved the ball down the field with ease, utilizing the girls. They have a ton of height on their team, and it was an advantage. They may have lost, but I think some wins are coming their way soon. 
Not So Sticky 15, Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 14
What a barnburner! The halftime score was a whopping 6-6 as neither team seemed very interested in scoring points and not turning the ball over. Both qb’s here threw a handful of picks, but Carly Reeb came down with what ultimately was the game-winning conversion from Rags. Mike Thomas showed off his deceptive blazing speed, burning past ILF defenders and making them look like fools. The highlight of the day: Jeff Krol (yes, that Jeff Krol) managed to pick Andy Kicak off, flip him the bird and demand his resignation from Sticky Bandits. Andy has never been so devastated. 
Back that pass up 34, Sausage McMuffins 38
Welcome back Jeff May! The wily vet moved BTPU down the field with precision and helped guide a lot of new players to their highest scoring output thus far. SM has a lot of athletes and speed, and have been awesome coming to the bar after. Maybe I will meet some of these ladies and gents? They seem to have a good shot in D6 this session. BTPU looks like as they grow, they will continue to improve and wins will come. 
Balls Deep 35, Pit Harade 23
Balls Deep rushed Baby Gronk to put pressure on Pit Harade QB Nick Hawes which resulted in several missed passes. Pig Harade has a budding star in "Tall Bearded Guy" and their ladies seem very capable on both sides of the ball. Payton Spinelli consistently found himself open down the middle of the field and torched the Pit defense, sending his former "Spinelli's Plumbing" QB to defeat

That’s it for week 2! Let’s hope the weather continues to cooperate next week. I will be watching with intent, so go make some plays!


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This was a day of upsets! It felt like on Saturday almost every team that wasn’t supposed to win came out on top. It was the first rainy day at the Rose Garden all session and I can’t help but wonder if that had anything to do with disappointments. Cold, rainy weather may have leveled the playing field for some teams and helped others to unleash their inner monster to get the victory and be able to move on to the final week of the greatest coed touch football league, not only in Western NY, but in the entire universe! The Bar had the fire pits going and it seemed like more people that normal were hanging out at the bar and inside than in previous weeks. That’s all it took was some cooler temps and a little rain to get people to cancel plans and stay and drink with their friends. Maybe pushing the session up wasn’t such a good idea as the colder weather seems to be better for the social aspect. If Topper ever returns I may suggest that to him. Now let’s talk about the good stuff, Shall we…


Breakfast Club:


Team Jennacide 28, vs. Amber Alert 20. This was the first of many upsets of the day. We all predicted for Amber’s monster roster to blow everyone out of the park and win the first ever fall Breakfast club session but Jenna and her team had something to say about it. To all of our surprise Garrett Bessing actually turned out to be the better QB in this one. He was so elusive in his play. No matter who rushed him he constantly maneuvered around them to make the throw to his wide open receivers down field. But let’s not talk too much about Garrett, don’t want his ego to get bigger than it already is. Jeff May couldn’t complete a pass and Amber Hay had many dropped passes, not the game to not play well in. Those combinations all helped bring Jenna’s team to victory, at least for this week. I wonder what their bet was… Maybe Amber is showing up this week as Cookie Monster or something?!?!?!


Division 1:

Scared Hitless 37, vs. Tight Ends 25. The next upset on the list to talk about is how the underdog of the division came into this game with something to prove. Scared Hitless must have been studying how to beat Tight ends because they came into this game and looked like the team to beat. The Mighty Cat Peters made an appearance and balled out. She seemed uncoverable. Tight Ends had Robin Makula cover her and she could not keep up. Cat had multiple catches for multiple yards and a touchdown. Cat was on fire and Robin looked like she’s been out of the game for too long.  SH had Jeff Reynolds at rush, Bro could not see over him and did not have time to run around. All around Scared Hitless had better play. Seems bringing Bro back did not make them the team they once were like we all thought.


Division 2:


Dilfs 43, vs. Untouchaballs 37.  This one did not go how I expected. Jeremy Burr, of Untouchaballs, throws a pick the first play of the game. And I thought, damn this game is over. But then they crawled their way back to winning by half. Ryan Dombrowski and Matt Helm having a major impact to bring them back from the disaster Burr created for them. They had incredible catches and were not letting Dooby make the throws he wanted to complete passes. After halftime, DILFS just seemed to click. Dooby was out of his funk and Travis Cleavenger proved to be the receiver they were missing all session when Dooby was MIA making him play QB.


Division 3:


Practice Squad 30, vs. Mountain Dew me 14. Glasses made his return to the field for the first time this session and did not play well for MDM. They would have fared better if he sat this one out. They tried to have him cover PS girls and he couldn’t keep up with any of them. On offense he had numerous drops, two drops were for touchdowns. I guess PS’s game plan of not covering him because he cannot catch and cover everyone else worked well for them. The weather clearly helped PS by slowing down the numerous blonde brothers on MDM and Brandon Ford came to win. I do not think I saw any incomplete passes from him. He hit the second best Lance, Kenny for major gains down the field and Ashtin Fiegel made a diving catch in the end zone for a td. Has PS found their way in D3 or was this a fluke? Next week is the test!


Bullet Club 29, vs Get Schwifty 15. Nick Angelo stepped up to play QB for GS a couple weeks ago and it proved to be the wrong choice. The only move he has as QB is to scramble, a lot, and throw cross body to try to complete a very hard pass for minimal yards. GS should have started in a lower division or actually get a qb to show up and play. Let’s not forget that they also have Carlton Coatsworth on  their roster who can play qb but they choose to go with the lesser option in Nick. I guess when you have Blasé Deluda as your second best receiver on the team it’s not going to win you many games especially going up against a team like Bullet Club, who is arguably a little too good for the division with the addition of Pete Walbrandt and the always solid when he’s not hurt, Anthony Deak. John Langley ended up throwing for the team which I thought was going to be bad but turned out to be a good surprise. He has good vision and a strong arm to make major plays and get the win for his squad. Surprised I said he had a strong arm, yeah me too. I blame it on him actually throwing correctly in this game and not doing the side arm pass he normally throws.


Division 4:


Zak Attack 55, vs. Vaspian 18. Vaspian has struggled all season to get things going. With a mixture of no one showing up, not having a Qb almost all session and them not having any girls they have not done well this time around. Brian O is their actual Qb and was there playing yesterday but he couldn’t complete a pass. ZA had their full roster and they were on fire. They finally looked like they are a D4 title contender in this game. Andrew Piatek on ZA provided the rush which contributed to the beat down they handed Vaspian. He had a couple Sacs which were detrimental to Vaspian’s game plan of trying to throw the ball up as high and far as possible for Twain Crosby to catch it.


Division 5:


Today’s Feast 14, vs. Woodpeckers 13.  Woodpeckers tried to bring out the big guns by inviting big wrestler Dan back to play. It did not work in their favor however as Todays feast has been showing improvement all season. Dan did not do their team any favors and should have stayed home. Bring back the Mosers to play as they seem to have the most success when they are playing for the team. Dan was slow and couldn’t cover the very fast and shifty TF bunch. I don’t even think WP got down to the red zone more than twice to take advantage of big wrestler Dan’s height. Maybe they should stack their roster with the Monstars again for a chance to win, or just get more reliable people.


Division 6:


Punt Cakes 24, vs. Superior Moser Squad 18. After so many failed games and failed sessions it looks like Punt cakes has finally figured out the game. I do have to consider this one an upset though, I was really routing for Lauren Moser to dominate in playoffs as Qb. That girl has been on fire all session. She is a force to be reckoned with and I hope she and Rylee stick around and play next session. They have figured out how to play Qb and are doing better than most men in this division. Now if that team could get better more coordinated receivers they would be all set!



Only one more week of football to go! Then Saturday’s will become boring and unenjoyable for a while, so even if you do not play you should come out to support your friends, heckle your enemies and drink lots of beers. I hear it’s supposed to be the last nice day on record for fall at a HOT 67 degrees. Wear sunscreen and expect to stay all day and night to drink at the bar, we all know the Angry Buffalo needs our business!


See you all for one last Saturday!


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