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Created: Wednesday, 12 October 2022 14:32
Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2022 14:32
Written by Jeff Krol
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And just like that it is playoff time, it’s hard to believe that the season is almost over, just a couple weeks left of fun with our friends before we all take a little time off to rest our injuries. The weather reminded us that we live in Buffalo. With the wind bringing the cold, there were people bundled up in winter clothes and on the opposite side of the spectrum you have people who are still in shorts and a tank top, or even crazier, shirtless! With fall fest going on, attendance was light, people wanted to go watch leaves change colors and drive far to drink a lot. People need to remember that Angry Buffalo is a bar! Why drive far to drink when you can walk steps to the field and drink, you can even drink while you play!! I challenge people who do not normally stay at the bar after their game to stay to eat, drink and meet new people. With that let's get into it.


Breakfast Club:

BDSM, 40 vs. Messy Jessies 17. Kyle Conniff has no issues finding targets on this one. There isn’t a stud in this game as he spread the ball to everyone. Captain Becca Dominesey questioned the ref Stoner Dave multiple times on the calls he was making, she was upset that he seemed to be favoring the other team. Can you blame him? The Messy Jessies needed all the help they could get! They had a very rough game as their captain never showed and neither did anyone else on the team. Jessie Kieta being a first time Captain showed her inexperience in drafting a team that was not committed to play.  This game felt like BDSM had a bye week going into the championship week.


Division 1:

Sticky Bandits 31, vs. Grey Hair – Don’t care 31. This was a preview of what we are going to see in the first round of playoffs. Which team will make the right adjustments to come out on top? Sticky had zero answer for Amber Hay. While sticky offense seems a little tired after the beat down, they put on the game before playing Passed our Prime. I know that SB can score and play great defense, but can they put it all together to avoid a big upset or will Dave Eickhoff of GH choke in the playoffs as usual? My bet is on Dave Choking


Division 2:

Frodo Swaggins 21, vs. Tight ends in motion 20. Crossover Game. What a game it was. There was a ton of trash talking going on from both sides. We all thought that Tight ends were back to their old ways, but Frodo had something to say about it. Frodo has proven week after week that they are the team to beat. It seems adding new players, Sean Weisensel and Val Bernal, and dropping old ones, Blasé Leduca and Emily Schilling has helped the squad reach their potential. That and poor game management by TE’s will help you win. If they could have played better offense and made the extra point on a TD or had more time on the clock maybe, they would have had a chance to come back and win this one. Sorry Bro, looks like you aren’t turning out to be as good as everyone has hyped you up to be.


Division 3:

Itches and Ohs 41, vs. Practice Squad 31. Who is the better qb here? You can argue this both ways but It seems that Steve Moser continues to show that he has Practice Squads number. Is Brandon Ford starting to decline? Renee Lantz continues to show she is one of the best girls in her division. PS’s defense should start to listen to her. They need a change to even have a chance to win 1st round playoffs.

DILFS 42, vs. Buffalo Vice Retro 29. This one’s for the girls! On one side you have Katie KellerKelly Sabo, Kellie Mazur. And on the other you have the powerhouse duo of Rachel Parker and Caitlyn Mason. And they all showed up and balled out. But in the end. DILFS have Travis Cleavenger which is a step above Seth for BVR. He is smart and has Qbed a gender squad in the past. He knows how to utilize the girls talents and will always put his team in the position to win.


Division 4:

Puckett All-Stars 46, vs. Spinelli’s Plumbing 30. Puckett is a solid squad, even without their all star DeMario Rhodes they were methodical and calculated. They showed they can catch whatever comes their way. Spinelli’s was mad about it. The QB of SP had some choice words for the receivers on Puckett and was also caught yelling at his own team. Dude needs to chill out and have more fun. Hopefully he just gets really into the game and isn’t that intense all the time.

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 41 vs. Buffalo Vice 20. ILF came into this game ready to show that they can still win even though the great Joe Miano is on the IR. They come in with Derek Pew at the helm. The team with the longest name on earth scores fast and often. Is Alex Baker starting to outgrow his father’s shadow? Buffalo Vice fell behind quickly and never seemed to get anything rolling. Do they need to combine the rosters and make one team again? Or do they just need to drop down another division?


Division 5:

Woodpeckers 32, vs. Let’s Get Reccked 16. You can’t win football games when your quarterback shows up 20 mins late. And even when Denver was there, he did not perform well for Let’s Get Reccked. Probably should have sat this one out and let anyone else on the squad throw for them. At least they are still the fun team, well they were supposed to be. At the beginning of the session, we were all promised that they would be best at the bar every week… haven’t seen them up there once. It’s your time to shine, with only 2 weeks left in the session, you should go up the bar and drink ALOT to make up for all the weeks you were supposed to be there and were not!

Passing While Intoxicated 30, vs. Come from behind 16. Colorado Mike took a back seat and let Buddy Lee Qb for PWI in this one. Good things happen when you actually have your QB playing for you.  PWI looked fast and young. CFB couldn’t keep up with the speed and youth. Ryan Dombrowski is a difference maker and defense having a pick which took all the momentum CFB was building away from them. CFB just couldn’t keep up.


Division 6:

Two Tuddies 27 vs. Lenny’s Ladies 8. Is TT starting to find themselves at the right time? Coming into this week the only thing I knew about them is that they were all really nice people. I still don’t know much else except that their Qb finally learned to use his girls and isn’t always trying to hit them deep. I don’t know her name but a blonde girl on this squad dusted Stephanie Czaja on an out and got lost behind her while she covered grass to make a great catch on the sideline for a handful of yards. Hey blonde girl, I see you. Making great catches, diving on defense. Keep it up!


With week 8 wrapping up and only having 2 weeks left the question now is who will be the Fall 2022 champions? I hope to see many faces at the bar this week even with many teams having a bye. Most importantly, who will be best at bar this week? Hopefully it will be someone new that we haven’t got to meet yet. Or maybe it will be a regular contender, I’m talking to you Dave Walters. Until next week. Remember I’ll be watching.


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Created: Wednesday, 05 October 2022 21:12
Published: Wednesday, 05 October 2022 21:12
Written by Jeff Krol
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How about that comeback in Baltimore, huh?  GO BILLS!  That said, some games were played last weekend in Lancaster too:




Sticky Bandits 36 vs. Eyes Downtown 24: The Sticky Bandits must have been fired up from getting killed by Bobby just a couple weeks ago because the rematch was a completely different game.  Both teams traded leads throughout and Mike Thomas looked like the quarterback that led his team to a D1 championship game just a few months ago.  Although Bobby was his usual sharp self his team was just a bit off in big moments such as Nick Angelo catching a sixth down ball just inches shy of the goal-line.  Andrew Kicak finished the game with a pick for the Bandits who locked up their first win of the year against a top D1 opponent.




Frodo Swaggins 51 vs. No Punt Intended 12: Frodo Swaggins and No Punt Intended had an immediate rematch after NPI took the W last week. Both teams were missing key clientele which mad this game less than watch-worthy. Garrett Beesing did show off some spot-on deep balls that were nonexistent last week. Josh Schneider, in the words of the opposition, “comes outta nowhere” on several occasions to give Derek Pew headaches as he subbed in for Kyle Conniff. NPI had 3 people from their regular squad and while Amber Hay tried to put the team on her back, they got off to too much of a deficit to make it a game.


Buffalo Vice Retro 37 vs. Untouchaballs 36: Buffalo Vice Retro needs some serious help in the offense department, coming into the playoff stretch 3rd last in Points For. This week they put up some numbers but with a sub QB. Dave Baker is known for his intelligence on the field and they need him to take more of a commanding role. The Untouchaballs haven’t been the untouchable force they have been in seasons passed but they were able to make this a back-and-forth battle. Untouchaballs defense needs work and the other ladies need to step up when Melanie Linsmair is out. The Untouchaballs went for 2 in the closing minutes to take a 1-point lead on an out-route but the BVR defense was able to come up big.


Freeballers 34 vs. DILFS 32: Watching the DILFS versus Freeballers game was another assortment of substitute players. Both teams exchanged picks on their first series. Eric Stegmier made a phenomenal diving interception, looking 20 years younger, to give his team the ball only to pop it up on the next drive resulting in a pick the other way. Freeballers took an early lead before the DILFS were able to adjust. Freeballers took a double digit lead going into the second half when the DILFs failed to score in the waning seconds before halftime. Second half adjustments allowed the DILFS to get back into the game. Both teams continue to battle, leading to a last-minute drive for the win. The DILFs scored with seconds left, but from his own 5 yard line, Dylan Jaloza sailed a Hail Mary downfield. The DILFs defenders were in position but could not win the jump ball. FBs receiver tipped the ball up and came away with it to walk into the endzone for the win.




Bullet Club 39 vs. Can't Touch This 26: Can’t Touch This came into the day 3-2 and left 3-4. Needless to say, things did not go their way. Their rematch against Division Leader Bullet Club went about as well as the first game. Bullet Club scored early followed by a Zach Newberry pick that took the wind out of CTTs’ sails early. Jeff Easton had himself a day and his receiving core made it look easy. Pete Walbrandt was a stud on both sides of the ball while all the BC ladies held their own no matter who tried to cover them. Ryan Dougherty wasn’t afraid to use that arm of his. Unfortunately, they had no answers on defense and BC walked away with an easy win. Easily the play of the game goes to John Langley with a 1 handed leaping catch. Unfortunately, the game was all but over by then so don’t get too big a head, Langley. Can’t Touch This went on to play Get Schwifty where they suffered their second loss of the day, only putting up 8 points.




Woodpeckers 45 vs. Today's Feast 8: Woodpeckers beat Todays Feast by utilizing their ladies effectively in the short field situations and Joe Buscaglia proved he still has some left in the tank with 2 deep balls to his uber-athlete receivers. This gave WP an early lead. TF threw a couple early picks. They fell victim to relying on straight athleticism instead of making the smart plays and using their ladies effectively.


Passing While Intoxicated 24 vs. TMA 14: TMA took their second loss against Passing While Intoxicated. TMAs men had a case of the dropsies this past weekend with multiple should-have-been touchdowns ending up in the dirt. This team should have no problem winning games if they just played smart. Get those extra five yards to get close to the end zone instead of going for gold from the 15 four times in a row. Make adjustments on defense if what you are doing isn’t working. Have a girl throw it up to Nick or Rob for an easy 8 points. They have the talent and what seems like some of the best comradery in the league, don’t let football IQ be your Achilles heel. PWI took full advantage of the mistakes, despite a QB living up to their namesake. They are 1-1 against TMA this season, making the D5 race that much more intriguing.




Not So Sticky 27 vs. Punt Cakes 26: This may have been a battle between the top seed and one of the lowest seeds in D6 but you wouldn't have known from watching the game.  Punt Cakes looked great and led by 9 in the final minutes before Christine Krol threw a gender TD to Mike Thomas followed by a two point conversion to take the lead.  Punt Cakes couldn't score in the final minute and Not So Sticky pulled off another last minute win.



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We made it to week 5, and what a week it was. We are halfway through the session, some teams are in the hunt for a playoff spot, some teams have one solidified and some know this session is a wash and they need to pack it up and try again next session, perhaps in a lower division.  The temperatures were still HOT and there were far too many sunburnt faces for mid-September. It was great to see some faces this week we haven’t seen in a while, Welcome back Trisha Esposito! It was great to see you at the bar, your presence is missed on the fields. Tommy Hughes, nice to see you back at the bar and on the fields with your relentless banter and trash talking. Great to see Matty Ditullio out supporting Robin. But my favorite part of the day was seeing Jarvis, Matty’s dog. What a monster, in such a good way. Maybe we can convince Matty to come out of retirement for the Halloween Bowl. For those who don’t know the league is seeing how much interest there would be in playing a tournament the week after playoffs, requirements are you must be in costume, and you must have fun! So, if you are interested Let someone important know so we can make this thing a reality.  Let’s talk Football…

Breakfast Club:

Amber Alert vs. Team Jennacide, 36-32. Its hard not to talk about Amber Alert week after week as they keep coming out with the W. Team Jennacide almost had them in this one until the end when QB Jeff May threw a bomb to Anthony Deak for a Td to grab the win. Amber is trying to make a statement as Bclub captain for the first fall breakfast club in this league.

Division 1:

Legends vs. Scared hitless, 50-42. This was a game full of female action. Both sides of the ball the ladies were making their Qb’s look good. Taylor Pagano had a couple catches for TD’s, Heather and Maddie Norton also shined in this one, having to adjust to poorly thrown balls by Joey Batts. On the other side of the ball both Jamie Warren and Mel Linsmair snag some catches and had a couple Tds. Legends were on fire and SH couldn’t match up to their persistent scoring.

Passed our Prime vs. Frodo Swaggins, 41-43 Cross over match D1/D2. Yes, you read that right POP lost to FS.  Frodo Swaggins…I am watching you! The league may have gotten this one wrong by putting you in D2. You are looking like a solid team in every category, even when you are short personnel you still find a way to ball out. No surprise Sean Weisansal had great plays, getting an interception or two against his former team. Amy Taylor was Jeremy Olson’s favorite target, as Ralph Finley was missing. FS is a favorite to win D2, I am sure I will be seeing you up in D1 next session to take on those teams, you were hiding in D3 for way too long…

Division 2:

Freeballers vs. No Punt intended, 29-54. Matt Newman threw for Freeballers as he is a free agent this session. He threw well and helped the Freeballers stay in it for a while but Freeballers struggled on defense. Both George Lombardo and Dave Baker were missing from the line up and their absence was felt. Amber Hay was running circles around their guys. Bryan Munro had an interception right before half which seemed to take any momentum the Freeballers were building away from them. It seemed to be the NPI show for a good majority of the game.

Division 3:

Practice Squad vs. Can’t touch this32-38.There is no doubt in my mind that Anthony Battaglia is the better Batts! He showed it today playing against PS. He came out strong on defense denying B’s receiver’s multiple times. On offense he jumped high to snag a ball in the corner of the endzone to get a score. PS had questionable defense giving up crucial yards. Covering grass instead of a person will not help you win.

Get Schwifty vs. Scott Seniors Starting29-14. GS has played 4 games and every week it seems like they have someone new try to Qb the squad. This time it looks like they may have found the best one yet, Nick Angelo found recievers, utilized his girls and made the plays he needed to win this one. Although he has never played Qb he took to it quickly and got the job. Alivia LaRue played outstanding football having at least one touchdown and a couple sacks. CJ also helped the team by being tall and catching balls only he could reach to help them get the win.

Division 4:

Travis Henry’s Kids vs. Spinelli’s, 30-54. THK’s used to be good, Spenellis is good, and they showed it today in this match. Ryan Rusin played good offense always getting open for his Qb for Spenellis but played even better defense denying Pete Walbrandt catch after catch, making John Langley have to go for long 6 down passes to try to make up yards. THK’s was HOT last session but they have been having a hard time keeping up with the new competition this fall. Maybe playing on two teams plus breakfast club is too much for Langley to handle.

Buffalo Vice vs. Cobblestone, 32-22. Cobblestone was winning before half and it looked like this was going to be the story we have seen all session for BV but they were able to find a bright spot on their squad and a weakness for cobblestone to come out with the win. Mark on BV was the difference maker for the team. He was making outstanding catches that looked like they were uncatchable, and probably would have been for other recievers. He scored at least two touchdowns for squad and ended up picking Darryl Carr off multiple times. He was everyone’s favorite target in the game. Exciting game to watch and love to see them get the win!

Division 5:

Come from Behind vs. Today’s Feast, 26-18. Although Today’s Feast is having trouble winning games, they are a fun squad to watch. They always look like they are giving it their all and the passion to make the plays comes through to the spectators. Come from behind looked more organized and made plays that TF didn’t have an answer for. I’m chalking this win up to the experienced veterans on CFB, Molly Mcdermid had a great rush and didn’t make it easy for TF qb to complete a clean pass.

Woodpeckers vs. Passing while Intoxicated, 24-24. Woodpeckers always seems to be short on players this session and Saturday was no different. They had Matt Newman rushing and the Lauren and Steve Mosier helping them as receivers which proved to be a good strategy, as they were running trick plays with Mosier throwing a couple times at Qb. PWI had Ryan Dombrowski throwing, he must take notes from his other teams QB, Jeremy Burr, as he scrambled far too much. PWI had a couple interceptions picking off both Joe and Steve but it just wasn’t enough to come out with the win.

Division 6:

Not so Sticky vs. Two Tuddies, 38-27. It was a day for the ladies as NSS was short handed with guys it was no problem for the ladies of the team. Their experience and understanding of the game helped NSS get the win. Christine Krol was calling plays and directing the squad while Jenna Blachura caught a deep pass for a Td. Even with halftime Huggies they were sober enough to come out on top.


That wraps up week 5, the session is already half over. Hard to believe it’s already been this long, good thing there is 5 more weeks to go! Short and sweet this week. See you all next week and remember I’ll be watching…



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Many games were played at the Rose Garden on a beautiful weather weekend. Partly sunny skies and mid 60’s kept everyone from getting overly sunburnt, which is always a win. Although it was a beautiful day here in WNY many were missing Saturday. Most were traveling to Miami to cheer on our beloved Buffalo Bills. Even though attendance was light at the Angry Buffalo there was still plenty of action and games played and the best part is that B’s Brother is back, which always makes football feel right. Let’s get into the games, Shall we…


Breakfast Club


Special Kay’s 54 vs. Messy Jessies 45. This was an offensive showdown as neither team had an answer on how to stop the other. New Guy Nate showed for the first time for MJ and it showed to be a big pick me up for the squad. Jeff Easton was continually hitting Nate and George Lombardo to gain yards and get down the field. Steve Moser continued to show his intelligence, finding and exploiting the weak spot in MJ’s defense, scoring on every drive. SK’s scored on the last drive of the game having the first round draft pick for SK’s finally show up, Jeremy Streit, catch the game winning touchdown 


Division 1:


Tight Ends 44, vs. Scared Hitless 14. Tight ends are back and ready to take the title as D1 Champs. You may be wondering what happened to TEIM to have them get back to what seems to be their old dominating team… They made necessary cuts, Ben Stack, who takes the fun out of playing football, and they got a QB who can actually complete passes, David Kleckler. That mixed with what seems to be a weaker D1 than in past sessions will make your team look really good. When Emily Curry returns from IR they will be unstoppable making their solid stacked roster even better. 


Eyes Downtown 52, vs. Passed Our Prime 17. Do not let this score fool you. No, Bobby and company are not that good even though they want to believe they are. POP was missing a bunch of key players in their lineup this week. Jeremy Olson was out along with Ralph Finley and others. This match was not a fair fight. Derek Pew threw an awful game, missing his targets and unable to connect passes to anyone on his team. 


Division 2:


No Punt Intended 38, vs. Frodo Swaggins 12.  What happened to FS? Better question, how did NPT pull this one off? They were missing more than a couple of their better players Amber Hay, Jamie Warren, Carlton Coatworth all MIA for this one and they still managed to grab the win. One thing that they were consistent on was sending Schbend Betsa on that go route and NEVER throwing the ball to him. Dude can run but Kyle Coniff doesn't have the arm to get the ball that far. For anyone reading - you do not have to cover the deep ball, Kyle will only throw it underneath. Maybe someone should have told FS that before this game and they might still have an undefeated record. 


Division 3:


Can't touch this 30 vs. Itches and Ohs 24. Can’t touch this looks good every week, and now that they added Anthony Battaglia their offense and defense looks even better but the real story here is the brunette girl on their roster. I am not sure what her name is but week after week I watch her and she is quietly good, always open and catching passes and making plays for her team. This week was no exception, Laura Streeter was trying to cover her and couldn't keep up. She had multiple yards and even 2 Td’s on Laura. By the end of the game CTT had the Moser squad imploding, yelling at each other, and of course yelling at the refs. Here’s an idea for Itches- Instead of yelling at everyone, try changing the defense to cover the good girl to prevent the Td’s she's scoring.


716, 29 vs. Mountain Dew Me, 28. MDM looked like they were going to take this one easy, having the score at 28-7 by half. Everyone on this team is fast, blonde, and super athletic. There was no shortage of action by MDM. But 716 had an answer for them by Derek Pew once again benching himself. Dylan Jaloza comes in and takes over the game, finding his receivers and making the plays to help the team come back and win the game. Qb controversy for 716? Should Derek bench himself for the season to give his team a chance to win?…Probably


Division 4:


Spinelli’s Plumbing 62, vs. Cobblestone 34. Darryl Carr is a machine. He was not only slinging it and making plays on offense, but he made his debut this week on defense. Cobblestone called on him knowing what a presence he brings to the field, and I think they wanted to see his luscious hair flow in the wind for more than half the game. SP did not care who was on the field, after last week's beat down, they had a point to prove. Their QB was yelling and swearing the entire game at everyone on cobblestone but especially directing his anger and frustration at Darryl. Why was he so angry when he led his team to win by 30? I heard it was because Darryl has such better hair than he does. Even Though SP won this one I’m calling it a win for Cobblestone for having Darryl Carr play the entire match.


Puckett All Stars 50, vs. Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 35. PAS is a solid squad full of smart players who play hard and with passion. They have added DeMario Roads back to the squad after a couple years off from playing. His presence didn’t go unnoticed on the field. He was PAS biggest target on offense. He is fast and can jump really high. Andrew Kicak’s worst nightmare. He got beat hard playing safety and instead of trying to recover and make a play he threw his hat in the air to knock the ball down to prevent DeMario from catching the ball. Weird way to stop a pass, especially in a game that wasn't even close. DeMario Roads handled business in this one.


Buffalo Vice, 31 vs. Zak Attack 0. Yes, this game was actually played, no that score is not a typo. ZA was missing arguably their best receiver, Sam Lattuca, which hurt the squad and the score reflects it. They got down to the endline multiple times but couldn't convert to get a single point. When you are missing a girl who can throw far, hard, and accurately to get girl Td’s you have to find a way, and Zak Attack just couldn't. Only a couple weeks left to adjust your offensive strategy, or just hope Sam shows up the remainder of the season. Caitlin Mason, on BV, had so many uncharacteristic drops during this game but it doesn't matter when you have really tall Mark on your squad to throw the ball up to. He also had multiple picks again this week to help them win. 


Division 5:


Woodpeckers 35, vs. TMA 24. Although the Woodpeckers still looked a little short handed it did appear that they had almost everyone on their roster this week. WP’s were utilizing their girls really well in this game and Joe was on fire! TMA on the other had looked off, Their Qb couldn't connect passes, throwing awkward passes even the solid Ron Webber couldn't hang on to. Their defense looked shaking, Prim was covering grass and couldn't keep up with Lauren Moser, who was subbing for Woodpeckers. Everyone has off weeks, hopefully what has overcome TMA they can shake by next week and not lose the momentum they were building all season.


Today’s Feast 29 vs. Passing While Intoxicated 16.  Colorado Mike was throwing for PWI this week, and he was throwing to the other team…a lot. Today's Feast made them pay for the missed passes, running one of the many interceptions into the endzone almost full field for a Td. Stanley Szumigala on PWI tried to dive a couple of times to adjust to the low throws Mike was slinging and couldn't come up with the ball. He even hurt his shoulder on one of the plays and had to pull himself from the game, giving PWI absolutely no chance to come back and win this one. 


Division 6:


Punt Cakes 56, vs. Two Tuddies 20. Punt cakes has a great offense when the young kid with the Mullet shows up. I hate to see when he doesn’t. I think he had every touchdown and every catch for Punt cakes during this game. Two Tuddie’s Qb loves the deep ball, every play he was trying to go for the entire field instead using his receivers underneath. This game was painful to watch, both of these teams need Lenny’s football school for dummies to help them improve asap.


That’s a wrap, Until Next week…

Week 4 Review

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Welcome to Week 4 in the greatest co-ed football league of all time. Although the week may have been light on players due to everyone traveling to LA to support the greatest football team of all time, GO BILLS!!!, there was no shortage of football being played and fun at the fields and at the bar with some amazing people. There were even some faces we didn’t expect to see at the fields…Scotty Dro welcome back. Seems like an eternity that we haven’t heard your infectious laugh and trash talking on the fields. Scott Keller Senior also made it out to support the Keller Squad.  After his amazing performance at the wine tournament, he decided to let his kids take the stage this week and just watch the games. Hopefully he will dust off his cleats this session and come out and play. Now that I have talked enough nonsense let's get into the games, Shall we…..

Breakfast club:

 The Special Kays vs. Team Jennacide,28-75. Steve Moser was missing at Qb so Derek Pew stepped in to play. It was no match for Garrett Bessing and his receivers as they took the game early and ran with it. He was making the plays he needed to make, utilizing his females, and having his receivers in the right spot to come up with the win. SK didn’t have an answer for them on offense or defense as they weren’t connecting passes and they didn’t have an answer for them on defense.

Division 1/ Division2:

Eyes Downtown vs. Scared Hitless, 36-26. Bobby McConnell seemed to have a handle on his offense and got the win over SH. He understands the game and how to win but one area he is lacking is utilizing and trusting his girls to make plays. It was painful watching this game having Mackenzie be wide open in the endzone and he chose to hit Cody S instead. Why make things easier for yourself and get 8 points when you can grab 6? Am I right?!?!?! In the great words of Bobby McConnell himself - Be Better.

Tight Ends vs. Untouchaballs, 49-25. Crossover game. Robin Makula made her return to the TSL. But is she legal to play is the question? At this point I still think it's up for debate. I hope the debate is settled by playoffs. She played well and made an impact in the game making great catches and having a strong defensive presence. Welcome back Robin! I hope you are legal, and I hope we will continue to see you week to week.

Gray Hair Don’t care vs. DILFs, 51-35. Crossover game. The DILFs have been short handed all session and Saturday was no exception. They had enough to field but played iron man for the game. Travis Cleavenger played Qb again this week. Kelly and Katie Keller were on fire catching passes for major gains, but the team came up short losing to GH.

Division 3:

Itches and Ohs vs. Scott Seniors Starting, 39-36. Welcome back Scott Seniors Starting, haven’t seen you since week 1 and it's good to see you back and playing. Scotty Dro looked a little rusty even with receivers as good as the Kellers. Kaite Keller and Nicole Keller both had to adjust to his throws and make the catches even though they were way off their frame and nowhere near their body. Good job ladies making Dro look like a good Qb. Overthrowing his receivers in the endzone, missing out on the extra points proved costly as this was a close match

Division 4:

Cunning Stunts vs. Spinelli’s Plumbing, 44-40.  Looks like the Stunts organized offense was no match for Spinelli’s as the ladies made the plays they needed to grab the win. Jill Battaglia stood out in this game scoring multiple touchdowns. It didn’t matter who was covering her she dusted them and made the catches she needed. SP could score but had a hard time scoring with their females. Getting guy touchdowns won’t win you a game against a gender team. Good try Fellas, maybe next time you will have a better game plan playing a gender team

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons vs. Spinelli’s Plumbing, 24-38. Looks like Spinelli’s was fired up from losing to the ladies, in their second game of the day they were able to pull out the win. They were more organized and called better plays during this match, they even decided to use their ladies more effectively. Good job figuring it out and not losing your cool playing ILF.

Division 5:

Woodpeckers vs. Today’s feast, 22-51. Today’s Feast looks like they are starting to figure out how to win. This match was a fun one to watch if you were routing for TF, Which I was. Such a good group of people and to see them succeed is fun. The guys really took over on defense, not letting WP make the plays they wanted by breaking up their passes, time after time. I hope they keep the momentum going for the rest of the session!

Division 6:

Lennie’s Ladies vs. Punt Cakes, 34-22 Punt cakes did not have a great game plan for this one by putting their best receiver,  young kid with awesome Mullet, at Qb… He had NO ONE to throw to and the drops were infectious, dropping the ball numerous times. When you have a squad of Ladies who can play and A Qb who is experienced its not going to end well for you. Nice try PC, bring back your Qb so you have the receiver you need on the field!

Lennie’s Ladies vs. Blitzkrieg, 41-30. It didn’t matter who was throwing for Lennie’s Ladies this week, they were on fire! Grabbing two big wins against teams that looked like favorites in the division. Light Red Hoodie guy on Blitzkrieg has been slinging all session, getting the wins but today he just couldn’t get it done. Perhaps it was because Alex seemed to be missing this week cheering his squad on.

With that, that ends week 4. Hard to believe we are almost halfway through the session. At this point teams should have already figured out what it takes for their team to win, or know you are not that team and just go out and have the best time on the field with your friends. I look forward to watching you all next week. The weather looks like it will be a perfect football day, 76 and partly cloudy. Stay hydrated and get some rest, Week 5 is approaching, and it should be a good one! Until next time…

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